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"My mother always said that we needed to protect people from their own prejudices. It was the price of getting me where I wanted to be to do the most good. But now I wonder if maybe... my parents had all these people murdered... simply because they... they were ashamed of me. Didn't want anything about me... hurting their legacy. That's all they really cared about."
―David Schultz to Curtis Hoyle[src]

David Schultz is a United States Senator from the state of Georgia and the son of Eliza and Anderson Schultz.


Political Career

"Impressive young man. All his life, his parents have been grooming him to become the next president. There's only one problem. David prefers the company of men."
Nikolai Poloznev to Punisher[src]

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Meeting with Father

"When was the last time we had a conversation about my life that didn't sound like campaign strategy? When was the last time you just asked me if I was happy?"
"Happy? What the hell is happy? Son, we are in a position to change this country for the better. People take a look at you, and they see an example they want to follow."
―David Schultz and Anderson Schultz[src]

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Kidnapped by the Punisher

"You burst into my home, you punch me in the face, you keep yelling about murders and... and some man and then some girl, and I don't know what the hell all this is! I don't! Please. I'm scared. Okay? You're... you're... you're terrifying!"
―David Schultz to Frank Castle[src]

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"Senator, do you want me to arrest this man?"
"No, I don't. He's just trying to fix someone else's mistakes. And for what it's worth, Officer, I think that Curtis is just trying to find a way to do the right thing."
Brett Mahoney and David Schultz[src]

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"That son of yours, he's got decency, he cares about the world, about people. He knows right from wrong."
Frank Castle to Anderson Schultz[src]

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