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"My mother always said that we needed to protect people from their own prejudices. It was the price of getting me where I wanted to be to do the most good. But now I wonder if maybe... my parents had all these people murdered... simply because they... they were ashamed of me. Didn't want anything about me... hurting their legacy. That's all they really cared about."
―David Schultz to Curtis Hoyle[src]

David Schultz is a United States Senator from the state of Georgia and the son of Eliza and Anderson Schultz. Groomed by his parents to run for the presidency, Schultz was forced to keep his sexuality in secret, as they feared that it might damage his political career. However, the supposed evidence of Schultz's sexuality would kickstart a massive conspiracy and result in numerous deaths, as well as Schultz's run-in with the Punisher.


Early Life

Political Career

"Impressive young man. All his life, his parents have been grooming him to become the next President. There's only one problem. David prefers the company of men."
Nikolai Poloznev to Punisher[src]

The son of Eliza and Anderson Schultz, David Schultz was groomed by his parents to become a politician. Eventually, Schultz became the United States Senator from the state of Georgia and moved to New York City. Anderson and Eliza used their financial resources to support their son's political career, hoping that he will become the next President of the United States which would increase the political influence of the Testament Industries.

However, Schultz later came out to his parents about his sexuality, which did not please them, as they were worrying that Schultz's sexual preferences could negatively affect his political career and the reputation of their company. Anderson and Eliza made a decision to keep it a secret, restricting Schultz's public presence and suppressing any possible attempts to make Schultz's homosexuality public. Although Eliza told her son that they are doing it for his own sake and protection, both Anderson and Eliza were estranged from Schultz. One day, Schultz attended the private funeral event in Chicago where he kissed another man, unaware that he was photographed by Fiona's Crew which made them targets to Anderson and Eliza who ordered John Pilgrim to ensure that no one could discover the truth.[2]

Schultz Conspiracy

Meeting with his Father

Schultz playing a game of golf with his father

"When was the last time we had a conversation about my life that didn't sound like campaign strategy? When was the last time you just asked me if I was happy?"
"Happy? What the hell is happy? Son, we are in a position to change this country for the better. People take a look at you, and they see an example they want to follow."
―David Schultz and Anderson Schultz[src]

Schultz learned that his father traveled to New York City and joined him at a golf driving range. Playing a game, Anderson had commented that Schultz improved his skills, noting that he could come home to Georgia to play golf since he had not been back home in quite some time. Schultz simply ignored this comment, so Anderson said that he and Eliza Schultz had discussed whether Schultz moved into New York for his job or he took the job to move away from them, as Schultz claimed that both reasons are legit.

Schultz and his father discussing blasphemy

As Anderson cursed as his shot proved poor, Schultz jokingly commented that he should not be blaspheming, only for Anderson to reply that there was the kind of blasphemy that the church could forgive, and the kind that they could not, making clear reference to his hatred of his son's homosexuality. Schultz attempted to dismiss this comment by claiming that times had changed and people could surprise him, however, Anderson insisted that changes meant surprises, which he want to be prepared to and keep it in control.

Having hit another golf ball, Schultz asked Anderson why he had come to visit him, guessing that it was to find him a wife or discuss his career in the United States Congress. Noting that his parents were estranged from him and more cares about the politics, Schultz questioned when was the last time they actually had a conversation about his personal life. Anderson insisted that they were in a position where they could change the country for the better by presenting themselves as examples of how they could be better, claiming he was proof that faith could be rewarding.[3]

Kidnapped by the Punisher

Schultz hearing someone at the door

"You burst into my home, you punch me in the face, you keep yelling about murders and... and some man and then some girl, and I don't know what the hell all this is! I don't! Please. I'm scared. Okay? You're... you're... you're terrifying!"
―David Schultz to Punisher[src]

Working at his apartment, Schultz was interrupted by the knock at the door and went to open. Schultz looked in the peephole and saw the NYPD officer, opening the door for him. However, the officer turned to be Frank Castle who punched Schultz and burst into his apartment, pushing him on the couch.

Schultz being confronted by the Punisher

Terrified, Schultz decided that Castle was a robber and told him to take whatever he wants. Castle replied with his disrespect to Schultz, saying that he can kill anyone who gets in the way as long as he had the money and resources to cover it. Schultz did not get what Castle was talking about and said that their situation is just a mistake. However, Castle told him about the recent murders of Fiona's crew, and the members of Russian Mafia, as well as the assault on the Larkville County Sheriff Station what confused Schultz. He argued with Castle, saying that he is a US Senator of Georgia and never was involved with any criminal activity.

Castle did not believe Schultz, as John Pilgrim recently attacked the highway, in order to eliminate him. Castle told Schultz that the only reason why he is still alive, is Schultz could be used to find Pilgrim. Before Schultz could argue, Castle grabbed him and took him away from his apartment. Castle took Schultz to the Campervan Hideout where they were greeted by Curtis Hoyle who informed Castle that Pilgrim attempted to kidnap Amy Bendix, so she ran away.[4]

Schultz being captured by Frank Castle

Castle then used Schultz's phone to get in touch with his parents and showed them that their son was in their captivity, while Schultz told his parents that he is not hurt. Schultz then listened Castle talking to them about the killings in Chicago, Larkville and New York City that they were behind, to which Anderson threatened to kill Castle and everyone close to him. Schultz was terrified, realizing that his parents were actually responsible for all those deaths, but Castle then punched Schultz in the face, in response to Anderson's threats. Castle then told Eliza that he wants Bendix back in harmed in exchange for Schultz, and if they try to trace them, her son will die. When he hung up, Schultz asked Castle if what he told to his parents was a threat or a fact, but Castle's responded by asking what does Schultz himself thinks.[1]

Liberated by Curtis Hoyle

Schultz speaks with Curtis Hoyle

"Senator, do you want me to arrest this man?"
"No, I don't. He's just trying to fix someone else's mistakes. And for what it's worth, Officer, I think that Curtis is just trying to find a way to do the right thing."
Brett Mahoney and David Schultz[src]

When Frank Castle left to go after John Pilgrim, Schultz was left in the Campervan Hideout with Curtis Hoyle who stayed to guard him. Schultz recalled how his parents admitted to all killings they commited, while Schultz did not know about any of this and never wanted that, which Hoyle could understand. Hoyle told Schultz that Anderson and Eliza were obssessed with keeping his political image clean, but Schultz found it horrible regardless, saying that nothing justifies what his parents commited. Schultz then recalled his mother saying that they should protect people from their own prejudies, but in reality Anderson and Eliza were ashamed of their son and his sexuality, and simply did not want him to hurt their legacy.

Schultz asks Brett Mahoney to let Hoyle go

Turning back to Hoyle, Schultz said that he is nothing like Castle and asked why is Hoyle keeping him hostage at that point. Hoyle replied that he wanted to do what is right but now he only wants to go home, which Schultz wholeheartedly understood, as he wanted all the same. Hoyle then made a decision to liberate Schultz and brought him to the stadium, where they both met with Brett Mahoney. Schultz assured Mahoney that he had been treated very well, all things considered, while Hoyle informed Mahoney that Castle kidnapped Schultz, although it had nothing to do with Billy Russo. Mahoney then asked Schultz if he wants Hoyle arrested as Castle's accomplice, but Schultz replied that Hoyle was just trying to fix Castle's mistakes. Mahoney confirmed that Hoyle is a good man and agreed to let him go, before taking Schultz back to his home.[1]


"That son of yours, he's got decency, he cares about the world, about people. He knows right from wrong."
Punisher to Anderson Schultz[src]

David Schultz was raised by his parents who wanted to see their son a future President of the United States. Schultz wanted to use his position to help people in need, as according to Frank Castle, Schultz is a decent man who knows right from wrong. Schultz was rather upset that his parents did not support him when he came out about his sexuality but agreed to keep it a secret. Although Anderson and Eliza claimed that they only wanted to protect Schultz from people's prejudies, Schultz knew that in reality, they were ashamed of him and cared only about their legacy, but not their son. Although Schultz was terrified of Castle when he kidnapped him, he was even more horrifed when he found out about the atrocities his parents commited to "protect his image", and found a solidarity with Curtis Hoyle, who also was not approving of Castle's actions.


  • David Schultz's Apartment: Schultz resided in his apartment in New York City, from where he also worked as a United States Senator. Pretending to be a police officer, Frank Castle broke inside Schultz's apartment and abducted him to get a leverage on his parents.
  • Campervan Hideout: Schultz was taken by Frank Castle to the hideout at the campervan, where he was being held hostage by Castle and Curtis Hoyle. Castle used Schultz's phone to contact Anderson and Eliza, showing their son in his captivity and demanded them to return Amy Bendix unharmed. Schultz was later liberated by Hoyle who did not want to be Castle's accomplice and brought Schultz to Brett Mahoney.






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