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"What shape was Kilgrave in? How badly hurt?"
"One of his kidneys had been destroyed in an accident. The other one started to break down. It's known as crush syndrome."
Jessica Jones and David Kurata[src]

David Kurata is a former surgeon at Metro-General Hospital whose patient, Kilgrave, forced him to save his life by removing Jack Denton's kidneys and giving them to him. Years later, Kurata was working as a lecturer when he was questioned by Jessica Jones about how to defeat Kilgrave before he quit and went on the run to India in order to get away from Kilgrave.


Saving Kilgrave

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Questioned by Jessica Jones

Kurata, one day, performed his usual lectures with a class of students. However, he noticed Jessica Jones glaring at him from the back of the room and sensed trouble. Gradually, he walked towards a door and bolted away, being chased back and forth by Jones. Eventually, he escaped into the basement of the building and hid in the shadows from Jones, calling out to her as she questioned him about Kilgrave.

Reaching a level of comfortability, Kurata questioned if Kilgrave was alongside her; he then answered Jones' questions about Kilgrave, informing her that he was compelled to perform surgery to replace both kidneys, despite one damaged in the crash, and that he willingly endured the procedure awake and aware. The two concluded that the man's weakness was anaesthesia.[1]


  • Master Physician: Kurata has studied and practiced in the field of health and medicine. Alongside working as a college professor, he performed surgery on Kilgrave some time after the bus crash, though under enthrallment; Kurata had performed the first two kidney transfusions, using the organs from victim Jack Denton.