"One night, I took Luanne home, and I held her. She started to scream, and I got angry. So I held her tighter. And the next thing I know, Luanne's in the bathtub and she isn't screaming anymore."
―David Kawecki to Jessica Jones[src]

David Kawecki was a formerly employed janitor that worked for IGH and was framed for the murder of Luanne McClure.


Work at IGH

"She was pretty. And she was nice to me. She was the reason I liked going to work every day."
"And where did you work?"
"At a hospital. I emptied trash cans, I cleaned the floors."
―David Kawecki to Jessica Jones[src]

During his time working at IGH, Kawecki befriended Karl Malus. The two would often converse with one another and have lunch by the octopi at an aquarium. He also sought a romantic interest in Luanne McClure, though she rejected his offer to become more than friends.[1]


"That's David Kawecki. He was the janitor at IGH. Luanne's body was found in his apartment. He confessed to the murder. But Inez says that he wasn't even there when it happened."
Malcolm Ducasse to Jessica Jones[src]

After the death of Luanne McClure, Kawecki became the scapegoat for the murder. He was rehearsed into the story that during one night, he hugged McClure, experienced a dissociative episode, and placed her corpse in the bathtub. Though he was deemed mentally inconfident to stand trial, Kawecki spent the rest of his time in a psychiatric hospital.

He was visited by a new physician whom identified herself as Anne.[1]


"It says here he has the IQ of a ten-year-old. Court found him mentally incompetent."
"He's doing life in Birch Psych Hospital."
"It's horseshit. Dave was harmless."
Jessica Jones, Malcolm Ducasse and Inez Green[src]

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