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"Light fills a dark room"
―David Ellerh's quote in the Book of Gibborim[src]

David Ellerh was the founder and the first head of the Church of Gibborim, and Leslie Ellerh's father. He fell under the influence of Jonah, who had taken an interest in his daughter, causing him to cast away his own wife Susan.


Cult Leader

"Many years ago, I fell in love with a man named David. He was handsome and he was passionate, and he preached these wild ideas about energy and light and elevated consciousness, and everything was beautiful."
Susan Ellerh to Karolina Dean[src]

David Ellerh married a woman named Susan and had a daughter, Leslie.[1] He had a particular view on the world which heavily relied on the notions of energy and life[2], believing in the existence of what he called "Beings of Light" and even writing prophecies in his journals, including one mentioning a great love that would one day save the universe.[3]

Ellerh founded the group that would soon become the Church of Gibborim, which began as a spiritual group in the wave of the hippie movement. Although he was married and had a daughter, Ellerh would sometimes sleep with other women, such as Aura and Frances.[4]

Jonah's Influence

"It's in the scripture. She's been chosen."
"She's just a child."
"He'll wait till she's of age."
"You can't stop us from leaving, David."
"You don't understand, do you? Leslie's not going anywhere. You are."
―David Ellerh and Susan Ellerh[src]

Ellerh was eventually approached by Jonah, a Gibborim that had been stranded on Earth from millennia. Upon witnessing Jonah's light-based powers, Ellerh took Jonah for the first Ultra, a being he had theorized about in his writings, most notably in the text that was later known as the Book of Gibborim, the worship text of the Church of Gibborim.[4]

Ellerh felt honoured when Jonah took an interest in his daughter Leslie, and was manipulated by Jonah into believing that she had been chosen for a higher purpose, which involved a special relationship with Jonah. As his wife Susan attempted to stop this by leaving with Leslie, Ellerh learned about her plans and prevented her from doing so. He then decided to send his wife to the Crater, where she forgot everything about her former family.

In 1998, Ellerh died due to testicular cancer, and Leslie became the new leader of the Church of Gibborim, with Jonah offering her guidance to perpetuate her father's legacy.[1]


"Ever since I found out about this child, I knew in my heart that it would be very different than having Karolina. That somehow she wasn't going to be completely mine. That if my father was right, this baby has a greater destiny elsewhere. With you. Your prophecy and my father's prophecy, they're the same."
Leslie Dean to Xavin[src]

Under the influence of his daughter Leslie Dean, the organization he had founded, known as the Church of Gibborim, acquired significant influence in Los Angeles, being publicly known as a famous charity that helped many people in the area.[5]

Upon meeting Xavin, a Xartan who believed to be destined to marry Leslie's daughter Karolina so that their love would bring peace to the universe, Leslie could not help but notice that the story Xavin believed him strangely resembled a prophecy written by Ellerh in one of his journals, which she had obtained through Ellerh's wife Susan. In honor of his father's beliefs and the man he had been before he met Jonah, Leslie thus decided to trust the prophecy and entrusted Xavin with the life of her second daughter, Elle.[3]





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