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"Well, that is quite the entourage. You got a mixtape coming out?"
"Oh, yeah. Yeah, actually, there is one. I'll send you the SoundCloud link, if you like. Hey, Dave, can you get the link to the tape?"
Everett Ross and Ulysses Klaue[src]

Dave is a henchman of Ulysses Klaue who had accompanied Klaue to a weapons deal.


Working for Klaue

Korean Casino Exchange

Dave accompanied Ulysses Klaue and his other henchmen to the Jagalchi Market Casino where they planned on secretly meeting with Everett Ross of the CIA to sell him a Vibranium weapon in exchange for expensive diamonds. Upon arriving, Dave stood behind Klaue while he spoke with Ross, as Klaue jokingly asked Dave to get a SoundCloud link for his music to give to Ross.

However, when Okoye started a fight, Dave and Klaue realized the Wakandans were there, resulting in a shoot out. Dave attempted to attack Nakia, but was struck in the face with her high heeled shoe, knocking him out.[1]






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