"Where's your dog?"
"The barn. The dog is in the barn."
Audrey and Dave[src]

Dave's Ranch is a ranch located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu where Dave lives and where Lockjaw was transported after being hurt by Dave's quad bike.


Dave was driving his quad bike at night and suddenly hit the Inhuman dog Lockjaw, who had teleported from the Moon with Crystal.[1]. As Lockjaw was hurt, Dave decided to help him and Crystal and transported the dog to his barn.


Audrey examines Lockjaw

The day after the accident, Dave called his ex-girlfriend Audrey, who happened to be a vet. Audrey reluctantly agreed to come to Dave's Ranch and examined Lockjaw despite being impressed by the dog's size. She declared that his wounds were not too severe and that he would recover within a few days.[2] Audrey came back some days later and told Crystal that Lockjaw was feeling better, prompting Crystal and Dave to teleport away from the barn with the dog, much to Audrey's surprise and although she advised them against it.[3]

When Dave, Crystal and Lockjaw returned, Audrey examined Lockjaw once again and told them that the trip had exhausted the dog who needed absolute rest. Before leaving the ranch, Audrey tried to take a picture of Crystal to report her to the authorities, but Crystal used her powers to burn down her phone, prompting Audrey to angrily depart.


The police comes to Dave's Ranch

Audrey ultimately called the police and led them to Dave's Ranch so that they could see Lockjaw and Crystal. However, Crystal, who had been reunited with Black Bolt and Medusa, escaped the barn with them and Lockjaw before they could be found by the policemen. Only Louise Fisher, who had accompanied Medusa, remained in the barn. Fisher pretended to be Dave's new girlfriend and that he was hiding her from Audrey, which the policemen believed and they left the barn.[4]


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