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"Wait, everybody just kick back and relax a little bit, man. We know our business."

Dave is a friend of Scott Lang and Luis who works as Lang's getaway driver during heists.


Meeting Scott Lang

Pitching the Robbery

"Technically, I didn’t rob them. Robbery involves threat. I hate violence. I burgled them, I’m a cat-burglar."
"You mean you’re a pussy?"
Scott Lang and Dave[src]

Dave meets Scott Lang

In 2015, Dave joined Kurt Goreshter at Luis' apartment when Scott Lang was welcomed back after serving three year sentence in San Quentin State Prison for breaking into the Vistacorp Headquarters and returning the money they stole. Luis introduced Lang to Dave and Kurt and hinted to him that they wanted his help for their upcoming heist, but Lang insisted that he was not interested as he intended to go straight, getting an honest job.[1]

Robbing Hank Pym

Dave plans with Scott Lang, Luis, and Kurt Goreshter

"It’s so on right now!"
"Look who grew a pair!"
Luis and Dave[src]

When Lang's attempt at getting a job at Baskin-Robbins resulted in him getting fired, he reluctantly agreed to assist the team in the heist. They had a meeting where they discussed the details of the plan to rob Hank Pym's home as Luis had received important information about the layout of the house, including the safe which potentially housed millions of dollars.

Dave and Luis on the heist

The heist went underway and Dave sat in the driver's seat of their van with Luis and Kurt Goreshter while Lang broke into the Pym Residence and looked for the safe. Lang continued to update the team as he found and destroyed the safe, only to find what appeared to be a strange Motorcycle Suit inside. Disappointed, Lang made it back to the van with the suit and Dave drove them back to Luis' apartment.[1]

Recruited by Hank Pym

Dave speaks with Hank Pym

"We broke into this spooky-ass house, didn't we?"
"I let you."
"Well, one could say that I let you let me."
―Dave and Hank Pym[src]

A few days after their initial heist, Dave, Kurt Goreshter and Luis were invited back to the Pym Residence for coffee. There they learned that Lang had been working with Hank Pym and his daughter Hope van Dyne with the intention of breaking into Pym Technologies and stealing the weaponized Yellowjacket Suit from the insane CEO Darren Cross. Pym discussed their professionalism and chances of succeeding in their mission, with Dave and Pym arguing over who let who break into the mansion. Shortly after their coffee, Lang stepped back into the room wearing the Ant-Man Suit they had once stolen. Everyone was initially impressed by the look of the suit, and were then amazed when Lang demonstrated the suit's shrinking abilities.

Dave listens to the plan

The night before the heist, Dave and the rest of the team got together to finalize the details of the plan, which would have Dave once again working as the getaway driver for Lang was the mission was complete, although Hank Pym continued to question the likelihood of them succeeding.[1]

Infiltration into Pym Technologies Headquarters

Dave on the lookout

"Got a Crown Vic right outside over there."
"This is problem?"
"Considering the Crown Vic’s the most commonly used car for under-cover cops, man, yes. This is a problem."
―Dave and Kurt Goreshter[src]

The plan went underway. While Luis posed as a security guard, Scott Lang snuck into Pym Technologies via the water line while Dave and Kurt Goreshter stayed in the van so Kurt could hack into the security systems with Dave prepared to drive them away. However, Dave spotted Hank Pym being stopped from entering by police officers Jim Paxton and Gale and went to help. Dave jumped into the police car and drove it away before crashing it into a tree, distracting Paxton and Gale long enough for Pym to go inside. He then ran back to the van and hopped inside.

Dave and Kurt Goreshter are found by Jim Paxton

While Dave and Kurt celebrated their distraction of the police, they accidentally pressed their van's "La Cucaracha" horn, which Paxton recognized. While they attempted to hide so Kurt could finish his hack, they were soon pulled from the van and were nearly handcuffed. They managed to escape when explosions and gunfire were heard which distracted the police, allowing Dave and Kurt to pick up Luis and escape.

Dave, Luis, and Kurt Goreshter make their escape

When Dave heard that Lang was fighting Darren Cross at his ex-wife's house and his daughter was in danger, he drove Luis and Kurt to the location, intending to help as best they could. When they arrived, however, they discovered the house was surrounded by police; not wishing to be arrested, Dave drove the van backwards and made an awkward retreat.[1]

X-Con Security Consultants

Assisting Scott Lang

Dave at the X-Con Security Consultants office

In 2018, Dave began working at X-Con Security Consultants alongside Luis, Kurt Goreshter, and Scott Lang. One day, he, Kurt, and Luis assisted Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne when Lang brought them to the office.

Dave, Kurt Goreshter, and Luis interrogated by Sonny Burch

That same evening, Dave witnessed Sonny Burch and his men arrive at their office. He, Luis, and Kurt were then tied up as Burch and Uzman interrogated Luis about Lang's location. Luis eventually revealed that Lang was in the Muir Woods, but much to everyone's surprise, Ghost appeared in front of them, having heard the entire conversation, spooking Dave and Kurt.

Dave and Kurt Goreshter leave to help

Afterwards, Dave, Kurt, and Luis were then freed and Luis informed Lang about giving away his location. The next day, Luis left to help Lang, leaving Dave and Kurt behind at the office. However, Dave and Kurt decided to join them later.[2]

Chase for the Mobile Laboratory

Dave and Kurt Goreshter arrive to help Luis

"No. No. No. We're doing our jobs. You see, we see these guys they trying to shoot people."
"So we apprehended them. For you. You're welcome."
Kurt Goreshter and Dave[src]

Dave and Kurt arrived at Pier 39 to help Luis out and ended up tazing Sonny Burch's men, allowing the police to take them into custody. Later, Dave is seen on television with Kurt after having helped apprehend Burch.

Dave hears the news of the business deal

Following the apprehension of Burch and his men, X-Con Security Consultants received public positive attention. Dave was present when Luis got the call from Mr. Karapetyan who offered them business cooperation. Dave, along with Lang, Luis, and Kurt then celebrated.[2]


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