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"You know, it's kind of hard to trust someone when you don't know who that someone really is."
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Darryl Jacobson is Thor's former roommate and reluctant teammate, who was also the roommate of the Grandmaster following Thor's departure.


Meeting Thor

After the Battle of Sokovia, Thor decided to take some time off and went to Australia, where he and Darryl began rooming together. Darryl and Thor had a mostly amicable relationship, however, was often annoyed or inconvenienced by things such as Thor leaving his hammer in the middle of a room, making it impossible for Darryl to sweep or Thor showing up at his place of work.[1]

Darryl also helped Thor send emails to Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, learning of secrets Thor was keeping for Rogers.[1]

Jacobson with Thor

When the time to pay rent came around, Thor attempted to pay with Asgardian currency, but Darryl said it was worthless, despite Thor insisting that each coin is worth "a bazillion human dollars." Darryl suggests that Thor gets a job, but Thor simply laughs it off, saying that saving the world is his job.[2]

Meeting the Grandmaster

Darryl began working in Los Angeles and needed another roommate. The Grandmaster, who had been exiled from Sakaar, was the only one who answered Darryl's Craiglist ad. At first Darryl thought the Grandmaster was some eccentric Hollywood type, but soon realized the Grandmaster was an alien. The Grandmaster began making Darryl his new assistant, having Darryl dress in Topaz's armor and make him do all the chores. At first, Darryl thought he was charming, though he was also nervous about the Grandmaster's temper. He's also been trying to help him build a following, in a long-term plan for world domination starting with a video he helped upload onto Youtube. Constant fear of being melted had Darryl begin to miss having Thor as his roommate. [3]

Surviving "The Snap"

Darryl Happy Birthday Thor.jpg

Darryl survived Thanos's culling of half of all life in the universe, but many of his co-workers died, resulting in Darryl working overtime in their place. He sent his former roommate Thor a birthday video detailing the dysfunction that followed in his workplace.[4]





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