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"I got my moms and two brothers. You think I could cover that with what I make pushing a broom?"
"I get it, but those private fights are illegal."
"All the shit I could've got into, you want to bust me for making a dollar fighting?"
―Darryl and Colleen Wing[src]

Darryl is a former student to Colleen Wing who was trained and prepared to become a loyal soldier of the Hand.


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Attacked by Cops

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Fighting Colleen Wing

"You guys are no good! Like a fat duck, Darryl. I could hear those feet slapping on the sidewalk a block away."
"Yes, sensei. My shoes are too big."
Colleen Wing and Darryl[src]

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Danny Rand's Awkward Antics

Arriving one morning at Chikara Dojo to perform his routine janitorial duties, Darryl watched as Danny Rand meditated to loud music.

Later that day, Darryl was given teaching duties over the class. Upon Rand's arrival and the display of foolishness in the dojo, he gave Rand the floor, where he made attempts to teach the students similarly to his experience in K'un-Lun. Darryl witnessed as Caleb continued to goof off, Rand striking his ankle with the sheath of the katana.[1]

Graduating the Dojo

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Meeting Danny Rand Again

Darryl and his friends managed to find and introduced themselves to Danny Rand. Since being there, Darryl expressed that he could spar with the warrior, briefly showcasing what he learned before returning back to their conversation. When Rand asked about their experiences on campus, they told that they enjoyed their time at the Hand Compound, feeling as though they were in a family. Darryl also answered that the students do not ever feel like leaving and added that there were a couple of areas that were off-limits to them.[2]

Escape from the Hand Compound

After the alarms are sounded, Darryl tries to prevent Rand from leaving. Without warning, Davos knocked his leg down, breaking the bone.[2]


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Darryl is a bright spirit and often optimistic of himself and those around him. He is also ambitious in his goals and mature.


  • Expert Martial Artist: Brought in through series of training from Colleen Wing at the Chikara Dojo, Darryl managed to grasp some forms of martial art fighting; receiving further training at the Hand Compound, he thought his skills could match those of Danny Rand.



  • Mother
  • Two Brothers




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