"You are broke. Let me rephrase. You got your real estate. Mama Mabel left you the club. You and Mariah share the deed on her old brownstone. I know you got some cash, right?"
"...I got at least 250 laying around."
"Well, Fort Knox is what hurts, baby. You lost seven figures, seven times over. All of your cash profits from the corners, stash houses, drops."
―Darrell Mitchell and Cornell Stokes[src]

Darrell Mitchell is the accountant of Cornell Stokes.



Advising Cottonmouth

Darrell Mitchell was told to come to Harlem's Paradise for a so-called "State of the Union". Cornell Stokes was asked to tell the financial situation after what happened at Fort Knox. According to Mitchell, Stokes was nearly broke, he still had real estate, some money of his own, the profit of the club and stocks, but he had lost seven million at Fort Knox. He also warned Stokes that the street is talking and that Luke Cage is still running around. Mitchell left the meeting with the others.[1]





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