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|previous = [[Killian's War]] <small>(before second phase)</small>
The '''Dark Elf Conflict''' could refer to:
|next = [[Asgardian War]] <small>(after first phase)</small><br>[[S.H.I.E.L.D. Civil War]] <small>(after second phase)<small>
*[[First Dark Elf Conflict]] - A conflict that lasted for thousands of years, dating back to 2987 B.C.
|imageBG = Dark Elves at War.jpg
*[[Second Dark Elf Conflict]] - The 2nd conflict after the return of [[Malekith]].
|image = [[File:Dark Elves at War.jpg|300px]]
|begin = 2987 BC
|end = November 4, 2013
|place = [[Nine Realms]]
|result = Dark Elves are defeated and driven extinct.
|battles = [[Convergence]] <br> [[Battle of Greenwich]]
|side1 =
<center>[[Asgardians]]</center><center>[[Humans]]</center>|side2 =<center>[[Dark Elves]]</center>
|commanders1 = [[Bor]]<br />[[Odin]]<br />[[Thor]]
|commanders2 = [[Malekith]]}}
The '''Dark Elf conflict''' is a conflict that lasted for thousands of years. Dating back to 2987 BC, the crisis was instigated when [[Malekith]], the insane, genocidal leader of the [[Dark Elves]], attempted to use the [[Infinity Stones|Infinity Stone]] known as the [[Aether]] to eradicate the [[Nine Realms]]. The Dark Elves were defeated and nearly exterminated by a opposing army of [[Asgardians]] led by the then-king [[Bor]], and Malekith and several others of his species went into hibernation. In 2013, during the [[Convergence]], [[Jane Foster]] located the Aether and unintentionally attracted the attention of Malekith. A series of confrontations followed, spanning across all the Nine Realms, ending with [[Thor]] defeating Malekith at the [[Battle of Greenwich]].
===First Phase===
====The War on Svartalfheim====
In 2987 BC, the [[Convergence]] took place, opening various portals that connected each of the [[Nine Realms]]. [[Malekith]], a sorcerer and leader of the [[Dark Elves]] from [[Svartalfheim]], attempted to use the Convergence as a means of spreading the [[Aether]]. The Aether was one of the six [[Infinity Stones]], possessing the power to convert matter into dark matter; if used at full potential, the Aether could cause the destruction of an entire planet. The Dark Elves came dangerously close to using it to simultaneously destroy the Nine Realms under the belief that they could recreate it in their own image.
Fortunately, [[Bor]], who was [[Asgard]]'s king at the time, found out about Malekith's plan and led an army of [[Asgardians|Asgardian]] warriors to Svartalfheim, and a major battle ensued. While the Dark Elves proved to be worthy foes, the Asgardians were able to push back the Dark Elves, annihilating a good portion of their forces until only a handful of soldiers were left. By the end of the battle, it was presumed that the Dark Elves were driven extinct by the battle, and Bor placed the Aether in a secluded area so that no one would ever find it again. Unknown to him, Malekith was actually aliive, having fled the battle with his servant [[Algrim]] and various other Dark Elf warriors. The Dark Elves placed themselves in stasis to await the day where the Aether would reveal itself, and they could put their plans into effect once again.
===Second Phase===
====Hunt for Jane Foster====
Nearly five-thousand years later, the Convergence once again took place. [[Jane Foster]], a [[Humans|human]] astrophysicist, came across a portal while studying the event, and accidentally warped herself to the Aether's hiding place. Jane unintentionally awakened the Aether, which possessed her body, using her as a host. Alerted by the Aether's activity, Malekith and his brethren immediately woke from their ancient slumber and followed the Aether's signal to [[Asgard]], where Jane had been brought by [[Thor]] in an attempt to remove the Aether from her body.
====Invasion of Asgard====
To recover the Aether, Malekith turned Algrim into a Kursed, a Dark Elf super-soldier, and had him infultrate Asgard. There, he posed as a prisoner and released various prisoners from Asgard's dungeons, and while the Asgardians were distracted by the prisoners, Malekith led a full-scale invasion of the realm. The Asgardians attempted to halt the Dark Elves' advance by placing a force field around the royal palace, but Algrim lowered the field, and the Dark Elves swarmed the palace.
Malekith tracked Jane Foster to [[Odin]]'s chambers, where he was confronted by [[Frigga]], Asgard's queen. Frigga attempted to fight Malekith, but was restrained and subsequently murdered by Algrim. Enraged, Thor fired a blast of lightning the physically scarred Malekith's face, forcing him to retreat.
====Return to Svartalfheim====
Determined to avenge his mother's death, Thor disobeyed the orders of his father and, with help from [[Sif]], [[Fandral]], [[Volstagg]], and [[Heimdall]], released his war criminal brother [[Loki]] from his imprisonment so that he could help Thor and Jane escape and lure Malekith away from Asgard. Hijacking a Dark Elf ship, the three fled Asgard and eventually found their way to Svartalfheim, where they were almost immediately confronted by the Dark Elves.
Despite their best efforts, Thor and Malekith were unable to stop Malekith from taking the Aether from Jane's body, and were helpless to stop him from leaving the planet. Algrim stayed behind to deal with the Asgardians, and appeared to mortally wound Loki before being killed by one of his own [[Black Hole Grenade]]. After mourning Loki's apparant loss, Thor and Jane made their way back to Earth via another portal.
===End of Malekith===
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Jane and Thor returned to Jane's flat in [[London]], where they met with [[Darcy Lewis]], [[Erik Selvig]], and [[Ian Boothby]]. The group theorized that Malekith intended to unleash the Aether once again, and used a map left by early human civilizations pinpointing the peak of the Convergence to track the Dark Elf's location in Greenwich.
The group confronted Malekith in Greenwich, where he and Thor engaged in a brutal duel while Thor's human companions dealt with Malekith's minions using teleporation devices created by Selvig. Malekith, empowered by the Aether, proved to be more than a match for Thor. Their battle led them through various portals, transporting them to different locations like Svartalfheim and [[Jotunheim]]; the latter resulted in a [[Jotunheim Beast]] being transported to Earth.
The two combatants were eventually separated, and Malekith prepared to unleash the Aether unhindered. Fortunately, Thor arrived just in time to use Selvig's devices to transport Malekith away from the battlefield. Selvig used the devices on Malekith's damaged ship, teleporting it to Malekith's location on Svartalfheim; the leader of the Dark Elves was subsequently crushed and killed.

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The Dark Elf Conflict could refer to:

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