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The '''Dark Elf Conflict''' could refer to:
|previous = (before second phase) [[Aldrich Killian's Revenge]]
*[[First Dark Elf Conflict]] - A conflict that lasted for thousands of years, dating back to 2987 B.C.
|next = (after first phase) [[Asgardian War]]
*[[Second Dark Elf Conflict]] - The 2nd conflict after the return of [[Malekith]].
|imageBG = Dark Elves at War.jpg
|image = [[File:Dark Elves at War.jpg|300px]]
|begin = 2987 BC
|end = November 4, 2013
|place = [[Nine Realms]]
|result = Dark Elves are defeated and driven extinct.
|battles = [[Convergence]] <br> [[Battle of Greenwich]]
|side1 =
<center>[[Asgardians]]</center><center>[[Humans]]</center>|side2 =<center>[[Dark Elves]]</center>
|commanders1 = [[Bor]]<br />[[Odin]]<br />[[Thor]]
|commanders2 = [[Malekith]]}}
The '''Dark Elf conflict''' is a conflict that lasted for thousands of years. Dating back to 2987 BC, the crisis was instigated when [[Malekith]], the insane, genocidal leader of the [[Dark Elves]], attempted to use the [[Infinity Stones|Infinity Stone]] known as the [[Aether]] to eradicate the [[Nine Realms]]. The Dark Elves were defeated and nearly exterminated by a opposing army of [[Asgardians]] led by the then-king [[Bor]], and Malekith and several others of his species went into hibernation. In 2013, during the [[Convergence]], [[Jane Foster]] located the Aether and unintentionally attracted the attention of Malekith. A series of confrontations followed, spanning across all the Nine Realms, ending with [[Thor]] defeating Malekith at the [[Battle of Greenwich]].

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The Dark Elf Conflict could refer to:

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