"The Dark Aster must not reach the ground!"
Irani Rael[src]

The Dark Aster was a three mile wide Accuser Warship that served as a flagship under Ronan the Accuser's command.


Battle of Xandar

After becoming a bitter terrorist that refused to honor the treaty between the Kree Empire and Nova Empire, Ronan embarked on a campaign of his twisted version of "judgment", traveling the galaxy and butchering many Nova citizens with the help of his soldiers and ships. Among its targets was the Kyln, the high-security prison of the Nova Corps.

Dark Aster crashing

The Dark Aster crashing at Xandar

Eventually, Ronan, in possession of the Power Stone, attacked Xandar in order to destroy the planet. In a fierce battle involving the Nova Corps and Yondu Ravager Clan, the ship was trapped by an energy field, which Ronan destroyed, and eventually brought down to the planet's surface, where it was destroyed.[1]


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