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"The Dark Aster must not reach the ground!"
Irani Rael[src]

The Dark Aster was a three mile wide Accuser Warship that served as a flagship under Ronan the Accuser's command.


Used by Ronan

"Ronan's located the Power Stone. I'm dispatching you to his ship."
Thanos to Gamora and Nebula[src]

The Dark Aster is a huge 9509 year old ship in the Kree Accusers fleet[1], given to Ronan for his personal use.[2] Upon rejecting the treaty between the Kree Empire and Nova Empire, Ronan embarked on a campaign to destroy Xandar, traveling the galaxy and butchering many Xandarians. Shortly after, Ronan struck a deal with the Mad Titan Thanos, who offered to destroy Xandar if Ronan located and retrieved an object known as the Orb.[3] Upon locating the Orb on Morag, Ronan informed Thanos, who in turn dispatched his daughters Gamora and Nebula to the Dark Aster to provide Ronan assistance. [4] Ultimately, Gamora would betray Thanos and Ronan, which commenced a galaxy-wide hunt for her and the Orb. Following one of The Other's leads, Ronan and Nebula used the Dark Aster to get to the Kyln , only to discover that Gamora escaped from the prison. After the Skirmish on Knowhere, however, Nebula managed to obtain the Orb. Ronan then contacted Thanos on the Dark Aster, informing him that he knew the true strength of the Power Stone, and swore to destroy Xandar with the Infinity Stone and personally kill the Mad Titan should he succeed.[3]

Battle of Xandar

The Dark Aster crashing at Xandar

"Ronan does not make the surface. Rocket will lead a team to blow a hole in the Dark Aster's starboard hull. Then, our craft and Yondu's will enter."

Ronan, in possession of the Power Stone, attacked Xandar in order to destroy the planet, using the Dark Aster to land on the planet's surface. In a fierce battle against the Nova Corps and Yondu’s Ravager Clan, the ship was trapped by an energy field created by the ships of the Nova Corps, blocking Ronan from reaching the surface. However, Ronan used the power stone’s raw energy to destroy many of the ships, and using the Dark Aster, pressed forwards into the rest, crushing them and collapsing the barrier they created. In the ensuing battle aboard the ship between the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ronan's forces, Korath was killed, and the Dark Aster’s bridge was severely damaged when Rocket crashed the M-ship Warbird directly into the bridge, causing it to plummet towards the surface of Xandar, where it was destroyed.[3]

The Void

In an alternate timeline, the Dark Aster was reset by the Time Variance Authority, and sent to the Void.[5]


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