Darius Davis' House is a house owned by Darius Davis's family.


"I thought I could help you guys out with your moving."
"Yeah? You just thought, "Hey, I guess I'll take the day off from bein' homeless so I can help Darius move into his new crib"."
Alex Wilder and Darius Davis[src]

Darius Davis and his family moved into this house about two weeks before the birth of Xerxes. Since the baby was soon to be born, Davis enlisted Alex Wilder's assistance to repaint the room for the baby, although Davis and his wife Tamar disagreed on his choice of colors. When Tamar returned home with her sister Livvie, she was heavily displeased to see that Davis was associated with Wilder and had brought him into the house since Wilder was a wanted fugitive.[1]

R202 Alex and Darius Family

Alex Wilder shares a meal with Darius Davis' family

Having noticed a computer in the garage he hoped to salvage for parts, Wilder later returned to the house and offered his help to assist Davis and his family moving in, hoping that he could get more time with Livvie as he felt attracted to her. In the evening, despite Tamar's earlier reluctance, Wilder was invited to share their dinner. His time in the house, which showed him that life in Compton had good in it unlike what his father had told him, was further improved when Livvie invited him in her bedroom and, after looking after his hair, kissed him.[2]

R203 Livvie and Alex making out

Livvie and Alex Wilder make out

Wilder began spending more time in the house to be with Livvie, playing dominos in the house's yard with Davis. He later accompanied Livvie to pick up some arnica plants she needed for her moisterizing cream she had been developing. Alone in the house, Wilder and Livvie discussed about their respective future and how Wilder being a fugitive made their relationship complicated. Enjoying their time alone in the house, they then began to passionately make out before Wilder left as he had been asked by Davis to come with him for another run.[3]



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