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"What do you want me to make?"
"A symbol."
Melvin Potter and Daredevil[src]

Daredevil's Suit is the protective body armor formerly worn by Matt Murdock in his vigilantism as Daredevil. Developed by Melvin Potter, the suit is a red uniform with reinforced plating lined over a durable material that allowed for greater mobility. The cowl of the suit is a separate component, with design cues depicted to resemble the Christian Devil, and red lenses to protect the wearer's eyes.

Murdock took up the suit first during his early activities in New York City, which caused him to clash with Wilson Fisk. After he was branded as a heroic vigilante by the New York Bulletin, the suit received frequent protective upgrades. The suit was abandoned by Murdock once Benjamin Poindexter used it to impersonate Daredevil in order to turn the public against him, before he adopted an upgraded replica of the suit also developed by Potter.


First Suit


"You really need to get some kind of body armor or something."
"It will only slow me down too much."
"So will a bullet."
Claire Temple and Matt Murdock[src]

Matt Murdock refused to wear body armor during his vigilante activities in New York City, despite Claire Temple's warnings that he should wear some kind of protective suit, as the injuries he continuously sustained would end up killing him. Murdock felt that body armor would slow him down too much, making his skills ineffective.[1]

During his first encounter with Wilson Fisk, Murdock attempted to kill him to avenge Elena Cardenas, an elderly woman whom Fisk ordered killed just to lure Murdock into a trap. Daredevil had sustained severe injuries in a battle against Nobu Yoshioka, but he was able to attack Fisk with Yoshioka's weapon. However, Fisk was wearing a suit made of a durable material that was able to withstand being cut and stabbed, while being as light and flexible as clothing.[2]

Once he recovered from his injuries, and inspired by Father Paul Lantom's words that the devil was maybe a symbol to be feared, created by God to warn humanity to tread the path of the righteous, Daredevil sought Turk Barrett and obtained the name of the man that created Fisk's suit, Melvin Potter.

Melvin Potter gives Matt Murdock his suit

Potter battled Daredevil inside his workshop, claiming he should not be there. Daredevil managed to defeat him despite still being weakened by the injuries sustained during his fight against Yoshioka, and realized that Potter worked for Fisk only because he was threatening a woman named Betsy Beatty whom Potter cared about.

Daredevil asked Potter for his help in stopping Fisk from hurting anyone else, by making something for him using the same material he used in Fisk's suits. Potter asked him if he wanted him to make another suit, but Daredevil asked him to make something very special, a symbol.[3]

Devil of Hell's Kitchen

Daredevil about to fight Wilson Fisk

"You really think that this will change anything? You think one man in a silly little costume will make a difference?"
Wilson Fisk to Daredevil[src]

Matt Murdock heard on the news that Wilson Fisk had escaped custody during his transport to jail, and intended to return him to the New York City Police Department, so he went to retrieve the armor that he had asked Melvin Potter to create for him. Potter explained that he had not enough time to get every part through the process, and the black parts would give him the most protection, and the red ones might deflect a knife depending on the angle. Potter asked Daredevil if Betsy Beatty would now be safe from Fisk, and Daredevil answered that he made Potter a promise, and he was intending to keep it.

Daredevil watching over New York City

Daredevil went on to look for Fisk, wearing the armor, and confronted him on an alley. The suit had offered enough protection to withstand Fisk's blows, which had allowed Daredevil to regain the upper hand and finally defeat Fisk and knocked him unconscious. Once Fisk had been defeated, Brett Mahoney had arrived on the scene and put Fisk back their into custody. Due to the new suit, Mahoney initially did not recognise Daredevil, before questioning what he should call him from now on. Following this, Mahoney gave a statement and a story was picked up by the New York Bulletin, officially naming Daredevil, who continued his mission to protect the people of New York City.[4]


The cracked helmet following a gunshot

"Maybe it was a warning shot. He could've finished you off, but didn't. Talk about getting your bell rung."
"Can you fix it or not?"
"I promised Betsy I wouldn't do anything illegal anymore."
Melvin Potter and Daredevil[src]

After his first encounter with Frank Castle, Daredevil visited Melvin Potter again, seeking repairs for his cracked helmet. Potter agreed to make the repair, but warned that it would only be temporary and would lessen Murdock's chances of survival, if he repeated the same type of encounter with Castle.[5]

Melvin Potter gives Daredevil his new upgraded suit

While Potter was busy working by his desk, Daredevil quietly arrived at Melvin Potter's Workshop a few days later, earlier than Potter expected him which he complained about as he did not like being rushed. Daredevil however explained that he needed the Daredevil suit so that he could go after and finally stop the Punisher and stop his rampage which was now endangering the lives of innocent civilians. Potter insisted that an entire new suit should be made instead, which Daredevil begrudgingly agreed towards. Several days later, Daredevil returned to Potter's workshop for the promised upgrades. Potter, expecting Daredevil to come earlier than the agreed completion time, had the suit made early.[6]

Noting that Hell's Kitchen seemed to making another turn for the worst, Potter decided to add several additional upgrades to the suit. In addition, he also began to work on a upgrade for Daredevil's Billy Club, with a steel fiber composite cable, which he proudly declared was near indestructible. Potter would later reveal to the vigilante when he returned asking for a new suit for Elektra.[7]

Joining the Defenders

"Nice ears."
"They're horns."
Jessica Jones and Daredevil[src]
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Second Suit

Attack on the New York Bulletin

Benjamin Poindexter wearing Daredevil's suit

"Fisk made me make the suit. Did that man hurt you? I'm sorry."
"Who was he?"
"He didn't tell me his name. But I can make you a new one to protect you against him. It'd be a fair fight."
Melvin Potter and Daredevil[src]

Although Melvin Potter burned down his workshop, he was approached by Felix Manning, who represented Wilson Fisk. Manning provided Potter with a new workshop and ordered to create a replica of Daredevil's suit, threatening to kill Betsy Beatty if he disobeys. Potter had no choice but to make a suit that Manning handed over to Benjamin Poindexter, so he could impersonate Daredevil and attack New York Bulletin to frame him.[8]

Daredevil finds a suit's replica

Potter was also ordered to make another copy of a suit and keep it inside the workshop as a bait, in case real Daredevil would approach him to find out about the impersonator. Potter brought Daredevil to the workshop and locked him with the suit, as the FBI agents organized a trap to catch him. Daredevil managed to escape, despite Potter's resistance and the FBI's assault, but also found out that the impostor was an FBI agent.[9]

Duel at Clinton Church

Benjamin Poindexter arrives at Clinton Church

As Kingpin ordered Benjamin Poindexter to kill Karen Page, Poindexter wore a suit and impersonated Daredevil, attacking the Clinton Church. Poindexter murdered Paul Lantom with his Billy Club and prepared to kill Page as well, but he was stopped by a real Daredevil. In the subsequent fight, Poindexter was forced to retreat and took off the suit to apprehend Daredevil and Page, together with the FBI agents.[10]

Battle at Presidential Hotel

Benjamin Poindexter crashes Kingpin's wedding

Realizing that Kingpin was responsible for the death of Julie Barnes, Benjamin Poindexter wore a suit and arrived to the Presidential Hotel, with Barnes' corpse. Revealing himself in front of the wedding guests, Poindexter attempted to kill both Kingpin and Vanessa Marianna, however, he was stopped by Daredevil and the FBI agents on Kingpin's payroll. Poindexter fought both Kingpin and Daredevil, however, he was incapcitated by Kingpin who brought his spine and was arrested by the New York City Police Department. As the police officers noticed that Poindexter wore a devil suit, Brett Mahoney said that he was not a real Daredevil, pointing at the real one, leaving the hotel.[11]


"Haven’t had enough time to get all of it through the process. Black parts will give the most protection. Red might deflect a knife depending on the angle… might not."
Melvin Potter to Daredevil[src]
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Daredevil's suit was made from the same material Melvin Potter used to line both Wilson Fisk and Leland Owlsley's suits. The material was light yet at the same time, it was extremely durable. It was unlike anything Murdock had ever felt.[3] Drawing from Murdock's devout Catholicism, the suit is designed to resemble the Devil, complete with horns on the cowl helmet. This was accentuated by the red color scheme, and contributed to the name given to him by the media: Daredevil.

The suit provided Daredevil with enhanced protection, however the original prototype was incomplete and not properly refined. The red areas on the suit could only protect against knives depending on the angle, while the black parts which were bullet resistant and would offer significantly more protection.[4] After Daredevil's first meeting with Punisher, Potter increased the durability of the suit by adding extra plating and reinforcing the red regions of the suit. Per his recommendation, Potter also incorporated a new carbon nanotube-based alloy which he said was "near indestructible" into a new helmet that included red lenses in the eye holes. He also added advanced alloy gauntlets to the suit's gloves as a bonus. [6]

The suit also included a pocket located on the left hip of the suit to allow Daredevil to store his twin batons. It would later be outfitted to sport his Billy Club.


Appearances for Daredevil's Suit

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Behind the Scenes

  • Ryan Meinerding, the Head of Visual Development of Marvel Studios, took a more tactical approach to the costume, rather than aesthetic. While the suit is meant to be original, it does resemble the costume Matt Murdock dons in the 2004-2005 Secret War storyline in the comics.
  • In the comics, Murdock makes his first suit out of his father's boxing robes.


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