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"He gave his life, right here in this church, protecting others. Standing up to a man who used fear as a tool to set neighbors against one another. If Father Lantom had an enemy, I would say it was fear. For me, personally, he spent many years trying to get me to face my own fears. To understand how they enslaved me, how they divided me from the people that I love. He counseled me to transcend my fears, to be brave enough to forgive... and see the possibilities of being a man without fear."
―Matt Murdock[src]

Matthew Michael "Matt" Murdock is a man who had been blinded as a young boy by a radioactive substance that fell into his eyes from a crashed vehicle, and even though he lost his sight, his other four remaining senses were heightened to superhuman levels. After his father was killed by mobsters, Murdock was trained by Stick to become a warrior, using his disability as an advantage to fight for the Chaste. However, Murdock's compassion with Elektra led him to be rejected by Stick, as he then returned to Columbia University with Foggy Nelson to gain his law degree and dedicated his life to fight injustice where he could find it in New York City as a lawyer by day with his law firm Nelson and Murdock, and by night as a vigilante known as Daredevil. Murdock's actions as a crime fighter had eventually put him into conflict with a crime lord named Wilson Fisk. Murdock used his skills to expose Fisk's criminal activities and then have him taken to prison.

Daredevil's actions in New York City and his strict moral code soon put him into conflict with the Punisher, a vigilante who believed that death was the only punishment for crime as he caused chaos across the city. While dealing with the Punisher, Daredevil was also thrown into more personal turmoil by the sudden return of Elektra as well as Stick, who had both attempted to recruit Daredevil to join into their conflict against the Hand. Murdock eventually managed to find a middle ground with the Punisher while also defeating the Hand's member Nobu Yoshioka, although losing Elektra in the process and watching Nelson and Murdock fall apart as Foggy Nelson still struggled to cope with Murdock's double life as both a lawyer and a crime-fighting vigilante.

Following the demise of Elektra and his Law Firm falling apart, Murdock then retired from his vigilante activities as Daredevil and attempted to live a normal life as a lawyer, while telling Karen Page his own true secret identity in the hope of repairing their relationship. However, once the Hand began their attack on New York City and successfully managed to resurrect Elektra, Murdock began investigating, becoming the lawyer of Jessica Jones in order to find out whatever she knew. Murdock and Jones had then joined forces with Luke Cage and Iron Fist to destroy the Hand, while Murdock also reclaimed his Daredevil identity. However, the conflict with the Hand claimed the life of Stick and, in a final effort to redeem Elektra, Daredevil had stayed behind with her while the Midland Circle collapsed around them.

Murdock managed to survive the building collapse and was taken to the care of Paul Lantom and Maggie Grace, although his body was broken and his mind disillusioned as he vowed to abandon his civilian life and be only Daredevil. During his recuperation at Saint Agnes Orphanage, Murdock had learned of Wilson Fisk being released early from prison and once again made it his mission to defeat him. This time, Murdock turned away his friends and family and also made his time as a vigilante his one and only priority, putting his life as Matt Murdock behind him. Although Fisk had thought of many of the contingencies to his plans, blackmailing Ray Nadeem and using Benjamin Poindexter to impersonate and frame the Daredevil, Murdock eventually managed to gain the upper hand over Fisk and defeated him, blackmailing Fisk with his threats to Vanessa Marianna if Fisk revealed Murdock's true identity or targeted his friends. Afterwards, he, Karen and Foggy created a new law firm to continue fighting injustice.



Early Life

Raised by Jack Murdock

Matt Murdock was born in the 1980s to Maggie Grace, a nun, and Jack Murdock, a washed-up boxer. Shortly after Matt’s birth Maggie returned to the church after being unable to properly care for Matthew with her Post-Partum Depression and as a result, Matt was raised solely by his father. Jack consistently urged his young son to study hard and make something of himself, so Matt would not end up like him. When Jack returned from boxing matches, Matt would stitch his injuries. During one of these sessions, Jack allowed Matthew to have a drink of scotch, to keep a steady hand.[4] Matthew stayed awake at night listening to sirens, trying to know what they were, creating stories for them.[5]

Accidentally Blinded

Murdock at the age of nine is blinded

"I can't see! I can't see!"
―Matt Murdock to Jack Murdock[src]

When he was nine years old, Murdock saved an elderly man from being hit by a RAND Oil & Chemicals truck, causing an accident. Hazardous chemicals from the flipped truck splashed on his face and came in contact with his eyes, and Murdock was blinded. The last sight he had was of his father trying to comfort him. He screamed in pain and fear when he realized he would never see again.

He woke up in the hospital where he found he could hear every sound in the nearby area, which caused him pain. His father tried desperately to comfort him. He let his son touch his face so he could recognize that it was him, which seemed to calm him down.[1]

Murdock touches his father's face

Over the next few months, Murdock learned to read Braille and began to control his heightened senses, although he kept them a secret from everyone, even his father. His father continued to work as a boxer despite losing almost all his fights. One day, he returned home while Murdock was reading in Braille with severe bruises on his face. He let Matt touch his face and made him promise not to be a boxer like him. One day, while Matt was reading in Fogwell's Gym, he overheard his father being offered money to lose his upcoming fight with Carl Creel.

Murdock finds his murdered father

Matt listened to his father's fight with Carl Creel on the television and cheered when his father overcame the odds and won the match. He waited at home for his father's return, but became worried when he did not arrive. Murdock ran to Fogwell's Gym and was stopped by a police officer. Murdock managed to push his way past the officer and found his father lying on the street, having been murdered by local mobsters. Murdock fell to his knees and begged his father to wake up before crying over his father's lifeless body.[4]

Living at the Orphanage

"He came to us right after he lost his father. His only family. He was alone in the world. In his private darkness. Surrounded by strangers. Yet he seemed fine during the day. He'd eat with the others attend his classes, go to mass. But he was plagued by awful nightmares."
Maggie Grace to Karen Page[src]

Following the demise of his father, Murdock moved into Saint Agnes Orphanage, where he experienced terrible nightmares, causing him to wake up in his sweat screaming. To help him deal with this, Maggie Grace would sit and hold his hand until he fell back asleep. This had worked until one night, after he called for help after another nightmare, nobody came, due to Grace tending to other children. It was this event that caused Murdock to never ask for help again. At some point, Murdock held the record for the most Hail Mary's for five years in a row.[30]

Trained by Stick

Murdock has an ice-cream with Stick

"Connection, mind, body."
"The mind controls the body, the body controls our enemies, our enemies control jack shit by the time we're done with them."
Stick and Matt Murdock[src]

When his mother failed to take care of him after his father's death, Murdock was moved to Saint Agnes Orphanage, although she tended to him there as a nun while Murdock was unaware of her identity. While there, he continued to suffer from his enhanced senses. While still at the orphanage, Murdock was visited by an old blind man named Stick. Stick knew that Murdock's other senses had been heightened and took him outside for ice cream. While they sat together, Stick asked Murdock what he could understand about nearby people just from listening to them. Stick promised to train Murdock to control and master his "gift." Murdock kept the wrapper from his ice cream, planning on giving it to Stick as a present.

Murdock is trained to fight by Stick

Stick began a harsh training regime with Murdock, often pushing an emotional response from him to teach him to control his anger. Over the next few months and years, Murdock became a powerful fighter with almost complete control of his blindness. During one of their training sessions, Murdock gave Stick the wrapper from his ice cream, having made it into a bracelet. Stick crushed it in his hand and told him he could no longer train him. Stick left and Murdock would not see him again for many years.[31]

Conversations with Paul Lantom

Murdock being greeted by Paul Lantom

"How many fights have you been in this week?"
"How many guys complained?"
"None. 'Cause no one wants to admit they got their butt kicked by a blind kid."
"So you can't prove that I did anything."
Paul Lantom and Matt Murdock[src]

One day while practicing twirling his cane, Paul Lantom approached him, commenting on his "fancy moves." Matt asked if Sister Dora had informed Lantom of Matt fighting again, he explained that he's supposed to be studying the Catechism for his confirmation in the Spring, and fought because he felt Sister Dora couldn't defend original sin. Lantom sat and asked Matt how many fights he had been in that week, Matt asked how many people complained, Lantom informed him nobody had because they embarrassed about being beaten by a blind kid. Lantom explained that Matt being so argumentative was a sign that he's angry.

Murdock and Paul Lantom discuss fighting

Matt tried to avoid his statement by retorting that Sister Dora should stick to teaching math. Lantom responded by telling him that arguing and denying that he's angry at others was something he would one day have to deal with, to find a way to harness it. Matt replied that if that's God's plan for him, then maybe that's just how it's supposed happen. Lantom explained that Adam and Eve weren't puppets and neither were Human beings and God gave them free will. Matthew explained that God doesn't talk to him, despite praying all the time. Lantom asked if he was upset because he felt that he was being neglected by God. He explained that if he wanted to hear God, then he would have to listen more carefully because he speaks in whispers.[32]

Law School

Meeting Foggy Nelson

Murdock's first encounter with Foggy Nelson

"Most people dance around me like I'm made of glass. I hate that."
"Yeah you're just a guy, right? A really, really good-looking guy. I mean girls must love that, the whole wounded handsome duck thing, am I right?"
"Yeah, it's been known to happen."
―Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

As a young adult, Murdock gained a place at Columbia University Law School. He arrived in his room and introduced himself to his new roommate, Foggy Nelson. Nelson had heard of Murdock, as he remembered what had happened to him as a child. Murdock and Nelson immediately formed a strong friendship and Nelson often joked about his blindness while Murdock would tease Nelson about many of his poor life choices, such as his decision to take a course in Punjabi simply to get close to a girl.[5]

Escapades with Elektra

Murdock and Elektra Natchios' first meeting

"I think the games just beginning, because despite your tequilas and charm school manners, despite being richer than God and having the whole world at your fingertips, you're just bored."
"Bored enough to spend your time studying a stranger's shoes."
―Matt Murdock and Elektra[src]

Murdock and Foggy Nelson decided to crash the debutante's ball, through the kitchen, where they were welcomed by the disgruntled waiters. Later, Murdock decided to check out the party, where he sensed a very attractive woman. Before he could meet her, he was approached by one of the bodyguards, who discovered that he was a crasher. However, before he could kick Murdock out, the woman, Elektra Natchios, declared that he was with her.

Murdock and Elektra Natchios steal a car

During their conversation, Elektra assumed Murdock to be weak and foolish, by judging him by his wing-tipped shoes, whereas Murdock countered her assumptions by detecting that she was a bored, rich girl who wanted excitement, all by perceiving why she stopped the bodyguard from kicking him out. Impressed that Murdock was able to deduce all of this, Elektra invited him to spend more time with her, noting he was not as stupid as she had initially assumed he would be. Stepping outside the building, she then stole an expensive car before she and Murdock left the party.

Murdock and Elektra break in Fogwell's Gym

Elektra and Murdock broke into Fogwell's Gym, where Murdock complained that they would likely get arrested and he would have to pay for the damages, much to Natchios' amusement as she promised to pay the fines. As Elektra began asking questions about his past, Murdock explained, without going into detail, that he was not born blind and that his father was a boxer who had died many years earlier at the hands of Roscoe Sweeney, noting that although he did not know if Sweeney himself killed his father, he did know that Sweeney had at least given the order to kill him.

Murdock having passionate sex with Elektra

As Murdock continued to discuss his one time attempt to find and confront Sweeney, Elektra jokingly fought him to figure out that Murdock was not exactly blind. Murdock admitted that his blindness was a little more complicated than it first seemed. They had first a small fight, in which they proved themselves equally matched. As the fight continued the sexual tension between them grew until they could not help themselves and pulled off each other's clothes and made passionate love in the ring, with Murdock gently wrapping his hand around Elektra's throat much to her delight.[19]

Confronting Roscoe Sweeney

Murdock and Elektra break into another house

"You don't remember me? You killed my father."
"Well, I hate to break it to you, son, but I killed a lot of guys' dads."
"Then let me help you... he hit hard, like this."
―Matt Murdock and Roscoe Sweeney[src]

As they strengthened their relationship, Elektra Natchios led Murdock to a mansion that she claimed belonged to an associate of her father. Once they arrived Elektra joked that she should let Murdock drive despite his blindness. As Elektra explained her father's associate was overseas, Murdock picked her up before realizing she did not actually have the keys and therefore, they had to break the window in order to get inside, much to their amusement as Murdock carried her inside.

Murdock and Elektra discuss their future

Once inside, Murdock lay down on the kitchen counter while Elektra cut cheese on his chest and discussed their future once they were married and had houses across the country. Murdock then asked Elektra if she really enjoyed the lifestyle of being a rich woman, to which she explained that while it was fantastic, she would happily trade it all in for a lifetime with just him and smelling his sex during sex, demonstrating this by smashing the expensive glasses which contained expensive champagne that they had poured for themselves, claiming that she did not care about this damage at all.

Murdock finally confronts Roscoe Sweeney

However, they were interrupted when Murdock heard the sound of a car pulling up outside which Elektra claimed was the owner of the house and promised to speak to him herself so he would not be mad about them breaking in. But when Murdock went to investigate, he discovered the entire trip to the house had been a setup by Elektra to make Murdock confront Roscoe Sweeney, the man responsible for his father's murder years earlier and the owner of this house, who was now pinned under Elektra's heel much to Murdock's confusion and horror as this surprise took him completely off-guard.

Murdock refuses to murder Roscoe Sweeney

Elektra explained that she had finally tracked down Sweeney within Monte Carlo where he had been living under several different aliases. Under the advice of Elektra, Murdock revealed his own identity to Sweeney and proceeded to beat him to a bloody pulp in revenge for his father's murder, but he then refused Elektra's proposal to kill Sweeney by cutting his throat. Elektra expressed her own sudden disappointment in Murdock and, while Murdock called the police to report Sweeney as a wanted felon, Elektra then vanished, leaving Murdock, and not seeing him again for ten years.[19]

Avocados at Law

Murdock and Foggy Nelson joke at night

"Me and you, pal... We're gonna do this. We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen."
"Best damn avocados."
Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]

After a beer run, Murdock and Foggy Nelson swore to work together for many more years once they had finally graduated from Columbia University. Nelson asked about Elektra but didn't remember her name and Murdock declared that their relationship ended because "it did not work out." Nelson and Murdock then joked about their future as lawyers, with Nelson mistakenly saying they'd be "avocados" rather than saying the correct Spanish word leading Murdock to tease him, using the same word.

Murdock and Foggy Nelson discuss the future

When Murdock revealed to Nelson that he had his first alcoholic drink when he was nine, because he had to stitch his dad up after a fight, Nelson comforted him, saying that if he could see him now, his father would be proud of the man he had become while Nelson noted his whole family were coming to his graduation. They then continued to talk about their future as Murdock noted that they should call their future law firm Nelson and Murdock as it sounded better that way, joking that while he was blind his hearing was still excellent before they then got up to continue their night of drinking together and discussing a future of working together.[5]

Landman and Zack

Murdock working for Landman and Zack

"Is this what you want? To be a part of that? Protecting corporations from people who need help?"
"It doesn't have to be like that, we get a toll hold, make partner..."
"And then in ten, fifteen years we what? Change the system from the inside? On our way to work in our Bentleys?"
―Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

Both Murdock and Foggy Nelson were able to work as interns at the successful and powerful law firm, Landman and Zack, during which time they found themselves being forced to defend many large and highly profitable corporations, such as the Roxxon Corporation, against innocent people whose lives were being destroyed under the orders of Parish Landman who ran the company, something which had disgusted Murdock personally, as he watched while an older man who had been poisoned by Roxxon lost his case to them.

Murdock decides to quit Landman and Zack

Eventually, the pair were both offered permanent jobs inside the firm, which Nelson showed great enthusiasm about, but believing that working for such a soulless company was not the right direction for them to go in, Murdock managed to convince the skeptical Nelson not to take the job offer and instead start up their own law firm, Nelson and Murdock where they could really help innocent people and make a difference to New York City. Although he was highly unsure, Nelson eventually agreed and quit Landman and Zack with Murdock in order to pursue their dream of working together.[5]

No Sleep for the Devil

Murdock as a vigilante for the first time

"He spent the next month in a hospital, eating through a straw. And I never slept better."
―Matt Murdock[src]

The night after he and Foggy Nelson quit Landman and Zack, Murdock would have trouble sleeping because he kept hearing his neighbor's daughter crying at night, as her father was abusing her while the neighbor's wife was asleep. Murdock contacted child services to have him arrested. However, the man was able to get away with the crime, being smart enough not to leave a mark. Seeing that the man would not face justice, Murdock donned an eyeless mask and hoodie and ambushed him at a train yard where he worked. Murdock beat him up severely and threatened that if the man ever touched his daughter again, he would know about it. Murdock then left him bloody and unconscious.

Murdock and Foggy Nelson share a drink

Murdock later joined Nelson for a drink at Josie's Bar where Nelson expressed his concern as Murdock had claimed to have tripped causing his cut on the lip. Nelson meanwhile invited Murdock to feel the drawing he had done of Nelson and Murdock's sign which would go outside of their Law Office in the future. Although Nelson made it clear that he was highly nervous about what their future held, he claimed that because he trusted in Murdock's judgement, he was with him for whatever came next and believed that they make Nelson and Murdock a success by working together.[5]

The Masked Vigilante

Confession to Paul Lantom

Murdock speaks to Paul Lantom in confession

"Perhaps this would be easier if you told me what you've done."
"I'm not seeking penance for what I've done, Father. I'm asking forgiveness, for what I'm about to do."
"That's not how this works. What exactly are you going to do?"
Paul Lantom and Matt Murdock[src]

Years later, Murdock chose to take his vigilante career to the next level in order to protect the people of New York City. He bought a black outfit online, including a new black eyeless mask, which covered the top half of his face, and wore it when fighting crime. Later, Murdock went to confession, telling stories about growing up with his father before claiming he was not there to seek forgiveness for what he had done, but was asking forgiveness for what he was about to do. He would not tell Father Paul Lantom his intentions.[1]

Rescue of Kidnapped Women

Murdock goes out as the Masked Man

"Head towards 48th. Stay in the lights. Flag down the first officer you see. Now!"
―Masked Man[src]

The same night, Murdock tracked Turk Barrett who was now leading a group of Russian Mafia gangsters who were engaged in both kidnapping and sex trafficking under the orders of Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov. They planned on transporting a group of young women into a shipping container and threatening to torture them if they resisted in any way. Seeing this terrible act, Murdock snuck up behind Barrett's men and attacked, knocking down many of the guards and avoiding Barrett as he attempted to shoot him, having heard the gun clicking before it was fired, before subduing him by throwing a steel beam at his head which knocked Barrett to the ground and knocked him out.

Murdock rescues Turk Barrett's sex slaves

With all the gangsters now defeated, including one who was just sitting and watching the fight who Murdock threw a steel beam at and knocked into the river, Murdock then focused his efforts on the hostages. He freed the women and ordered them to head towards New York City in the light and flag down the first police officer they found, banging on the container door to make them leave faster. As the women ran to freedom, Murdock dodged out of the way of Barrett's gunshot before beating him senseless and leaving him to be found and arrested by the police when they arrived.[1]

Renting the Law Office

Murdock getting woken up by Foggy Nelson

"This office was barely touched by the incident, which is why it's on the market already. The neighbors weren't so lucky."
""The incident"? Is that what we're calling it now?"
"It sounds so much better than death and destruction raining from the sky, nearly wiping Hell's Kitchen off the map."
Susan Harris and Matt Murdock[src]

The very next morning, Murdock was awoken in the early hours by a phone call from Foggy Nelson who ordered him to get out of bed so they could view the new offices ready to finally open their own law practice Nelson and Murdock, while teasing him about Murdock having possibly spent the night with a woman. Before they went, Nelson joked that he was going to bribe the New York City Police Department Officer Brett Mahoney, much to Murdock's frustration despite Nelson claiming that he was only joking in case the NSA were listening into their conversation.

Murdock takes a tour of their new law office

The pair teased real estate agent Susan Harris about which one of them would get the room with a view, with Nelson laughing when Harris awkwardly curtsied which he then had to explain. Harris told Murdock that the building had been barely damaged at all during the devastating Battle of New York involving the Avengers which was why it was on the market for such a low price. Murdock made her an offer on the office which was soon accepted and they both agreed to move in, despite Nelson's protests as he felt they were not making enough profit as a law firm to even consider buying office spaces like these, although Murdock insisted it was the right move.[1]

Defending Karen Page

Murdock and Nelson meet Karen Page

"I am telling you we met at the bar, we had a few drinks, and I don't know what happened after that. It wasn't me, please, please you have to believe me. I didn't kill him."
"I believe you, Miss Page."
Karen Page and Matt Murdock[src]

Shortly after moving into their new offices, Foggy Nelson received a call from Brett Mahoney who informed him that Karen Page had been found in her apartment having seemingly murdered a workmate with a knife. Nelson and Murdock met Page and offered to represent her; when she asked how long the pair had been practicing law, Murdock told her it had been seven hours. Murdock listened to her heartbeat while she told them what had occurred; knowing that her heartbeat was not changing, Murdock knew she was telling the truth.

Murdock and Foggy Nelson discuss the case

Murdock convinced Nelson that they should take on her case, but quickly told Nelson that he believed that Page was innocent of her crime which Nelson was highly skeptical of. Murdock, however, noted that it was strange that the police were not taking her straight to trial as the evidence seemed so obvious, therefore he felt that there was something wrong with this case. Nelson proceeded to tease Murdock about his history with beautiful and dangerous women. However, Nelson agreed to back Murdock's theory and they began work on finding who had actually committed the violent murder.

Murdock threatens to sue Blake and Hoffman

Later that night, they learned that Page was almost assassinated in her prison cell by officer Clyde Farnum, so they managed to have her freed. Murdock and Nelson personally confronted the Detectives Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman to ensure that Page was freed from their custody, much to their annoyance. Blake agreed to free Page but made a point to threaten Murdock, noting that he did not care that he was blind as if he used the same tone with him again, he would be willing to beat him senseless. While Blake and Hoffman were gone Murdock noted that this case made no logical sense.

Murdock listens to Karen Page's confession

Back in their own offices, Nelson stole some tea without any milk to make Page feel comfortable as he and Murdock began to question her about who would try to kill her and why; she eventually revealed that she had discovered an illegal money laundering scheme inside Union Allied Construction who she had worked for and had been discovered by her boss McClintock. As it was clear that she should not stay in her own apartment, Murdock allowed her to stay at his apartment in order to keep her safe as she was clearly terrified for her own safety and the safety of anyone close to her.

Murdock speaks to Karen Page

Once there, Murdock explained that he would be sleeping on the couch as a large sign outside his window caused the living room to be constantly filled with light, so Page would only get a good night's sleep in his bed. Murdock then gave her new clothes, and Page briefly asked him if he had always been blind, and he explained his story before Murdock asked her more questions about what had happened to her. When he asked if she still had the incriminating files she had discovered, she lied and told him she did not. However, he could hear her heart racing and secretly knew she was lying.[1]

Attack on Karen Page

Murdock finds Rance attacking Karen Page

"I'll get this into the right hands."
"You can't, you can't take it to the police. You can't trust anyone!"
"Then we tell everyone."
―Masked Man and Karen Page[src]

During the rainy night, Karen Page sneaked out of Matt Murdock's Apartment, unaware that Murdock was still awake and had followed her to her home where she was collecting the hard-drive she had stolen from Union Allied Construction. He discovered her moments before she was attacked by an assassin named Rance who slammed her head against a wall and prepared to cut her throat. Murdock engaged the assassin in a fight, throwing himself and his enemy out the window.

Murdock protects Karen Page from Rance

Although Rance proved to be a highly dangerous enemy, using his knife to attempt to cut Murdock's flesh and kill him, Murdock was able to use his heightened senses to predict when the attacks were coming and fight back against Rance. Murdock eventually used his strength and determination to defeat the assassin, wrapping a chain around his neck and knocking him out with a final kick in front of the horrified Page. Murdock first promised to take the hard-drive to the New York City Police Department, but Page told him that this would not work as the police were clearly far too corrupt.

Murdock happily agrees to hire Karen Page

Believing that Page was correct, Murdock took the assassin to the offices of the New York Bulletin along with the hard-drive in order to expose Union Allied Construction's corruption to all of New York City in one go. This caused Page to be set free and all charges against her to be dropped, for which she thanked Nelson and Murdock by cooking them a meal that was her mother's secret recipe. Both Nelson and Murdock then happily agreed to hire Page to work as a secretary for their new law firm as she promised she would work for free, to begin with at least which please them all greatly.[1]

Meeting Claire Temple

Murdock awakes inside of a dumpster

"I tracked the Russians to a warehouse not far from here. Thought I was being smart, how fast I found them. Turns out, I wasn't."
"They were waiting for you."
"And I walked right into it."
―Masked Man and Claire Temple[src]

Having trained at Fogwell's Gym for a while, Murdock put on his suit and stood on his rooftop, where he heard the cries of a kidnapped boy.[1] However, Murdock was surprised by an ambush arranged by Russian Mafia, who had tricked Murdock into coming into a building where they attacked him. Despite putting up his best fight while escaping, Murdock still came out with several knife wounds and ended up falling unconscious into a dumpster, unable to move from his injuries sustained in their fight.

Murdock attempts to leave but quickly fails

Murdock remained hidden inside a dumpster, bleeding out from his wounds, until he was found by Santino, who called on his neighbor Claire Temple for help. Temple took him upstairs into her apartment and treated his injuries. Being trained as a nurse at Metro-General Hospital, Temple quickly established all of Murdock's knife wounds and treated while she quickly discovered that he was blind by shining a light in his eye. Murdock woke and tried to leave, claiming the Ranskahovs would kill everyone to get to him, but Temple still insisted that he had to stay as his wounds were too severe.

Murdock is treated by Claire Temple

Before he could leave, however, Murdock collapsed on the floor and lost consciousness, recalling memories of his own father as he slept. Eventually, Murdock awoke on the sofa to find Temple watching over him, who introduced herself as the lucky girl who had pulled him out of the garbage. While Murdock was horrified that Temple had seen his face, she questioned how a blind man had now ended up in this condition. Noting that most people would have called the New York City Police Department upon finding him, Murdock questioned why Temple had helped him, which she did not answer.

Murdock awakes while unable to breathe

As Murdock refused to give her his name, Temple called him Mike before advising that he got some sleep to try and recover from his wounds. While dreaming of the night he had been blinded, Murdock suddenly awoke to find himself unable to breathe. Desperately calling on Temple to help him, she discovered he had air in his chest and solved the situation, saving Murdock's own life. Temple demanded a reason to keep Murdock there, so he explained how Veles Taxi had kidnapped a boy whom he had just failed to save, admitting he had walked into the Ranskahovs' trap, calling himself stupid.

Murdock prepares to defend Claire Temple

After a while, Murdock smelled a Russian mobster wearing strong aftershave and cologne coming up the stairs looking for him. While Murdock got a kitchen knife, Temple told him to not attack the man coming and let her talk to him, as he was not strong enough to even stand right, let alone fight. Temple answered the door while Murdock hid against the wall, and the man claimed to be an New York City Police Department officer looking for the suspect of a robbery while he claimed a masked man was responsible; Temple, however, told the man that she had not seen anything like that.

Murdock drops a fire extinguisher on Semyon

The mobster left, but Murdock heard him on the phone and knew that he had not believed her and was currently informing the Ranskahovs of where he believed the Masked Man was hiding. Seeking to stop the mobster as soon as he could to ensure Temple's safety, Murdock chased him down and used his enhanced senses to calmly drop a fire extinguisher down onto his head, knocking him out without killing him. Murdock noticed that Santino had witnessed the attack and ran away back into his own apartment. Together, both Murdock and Temple dragged the unconscious mobster up to the roof.[4]

Questioning Semyon

Murdock waits for Semyon to wake back up

"You're right what you said before. I kill you, somebody takes your place, but they'll end up back here just like you, and sooner or later, one of you is gonna tell me what I need to know. This is important. Listen, I need you to know why I'm hurting you. It's not just the boy. I'm doing this 'cause I enjoy it."
―Masked Man to Semyon[src]

Once onto the roof, Murdock tied up Semyon ready for interrogation while asking Claire Temple if she had found anything on his phone, while she claimed the phone had been smashed when Semyon had been hit with the extinguisher. Murdock and Temple debated while she had ever helped him, with Temple noting that she had tried to help a man in need and found a man clearly capable of much more than a normal man, with Murdock noting that his ability to take punishment without complaining was more likely due to his Catholicism.

Murdock and Temple discuss all his actions

When Murdock noted that nobody would take in somebody like him purely out of faith, Temple admitted that while working at Metro-General Hospital as a nurse, she had been hearing even more stories recently of the New York City Police Department bringing in criminals who had been stopped by a masked man as well as a nineteen year old waitress who had also been saved from being raped. While Temple claimed to want to believe in Murdock's mission, he confessed to knowing that she was afraid, to which he claimed that she must not give into the fear that she was feeling or the men like Semyon and those he worked for would win against them.

Murdock begins interrogating Semyon

Murdock provided Temple with a mask and began questioning the mobster on the location of the missing boy, telling him that he would hurt him when he lied. Murdock demanded to know where Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov were keeping the kidnapped boy, to which Semyon claimed the boy was dead. Murdock then hit Semyon for lying but still failed to get the truth from him, with Semyon mocking Murdock for falling for his plan. Desperate to get the truth from him, Temple suggested that Murdock should stab Semyon just above his eye-socket, causing Semyon some incredible pain.

Murdock threatens Semyon's own life

When that still did not work, Murdock admitting that Semyon was right that if he killed him, then another Russian thug would take his place, but promised that sooner or later, one of them would talk. Cutting Semyon free, Murdock then dragged him across the roof and threatened to throw him off the edge. As Murdock claimed to enjoy the fear this put in him, this eventually made Semyon tell him exactly where the boy was: underneath a restaurant in New York City which was controlled by the Russians. Semyon claimed the Ranskahovs would kill Murdock as soon as he arrived at the restaurant.

Murdock walks away from Claire Temple

Sick of hearing his mockeries, Murdock still threw Semyon off the roof, letting him fall into the same dumpster he had been pulled from earlier by Santino. When Temple asked if he was alive, Murdock assured her he was, having heard his faint heartbeat. Murdock told Temple that it would be wise for her to relocate from her apartment, as when he awoke he would be back with more enemies. As Temple admitted she had somewhere to go, Murdock requested the address in case he needed her help later on. As he prepared to leave, Temple claimed she did not believe Murdock enjoyed what he did.[4]

Rescue of the Kidnapped Boy

Murdock arrives at the Russian's hideout

"Hi. I know you're scared. But I'm here to help you. Okay? You don't have to be scared anymore. Okay. Okay. Let's get you home to your dad."
―Masked Man to Kidnapped Boy[src]

Murdock then went to Troika Restaurant where the boy was being held hostage, silently getting past any guards and preparing to fight to protect the boy from any harm. He arrived and immediately began walking down the hallways and began listening closely to get a sense of where all the Veles Taxi mobsters were positioned, ensuring that he had the best tactical position to try and help the boy however he could, hearing multiple men in two different rooms who were within the hallway.

Murdock fights against the Russian mobsters

Despite all of the pain he was still in, Murdock gathered all of the strength he had left and began fighting the mobsters hired by Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov, while using the element of surprise to his advantage. Charging into the room, Murdock was sure to disarm the men from the guns first, forcing them to fight with their fists where Murdock was at a clear advantage, easily subduing the men during the brawl. Even when the other room came out to help in the fight, Murdock heard them coming and then threw a large safe at one man, knocking him unconscious as the fight continued in the hall.

Murdock rescues the young kidnapped boy

Despite more mobsters coming out and trying to stop his attack, Murdock continued fighting with all of his might against the criminals, determined to beat them back so that he could rescue the child Semyon had told him they were planning on selling. Murdock came out as the winner with all the mobsters lying unconscious on the floor or in too much pain to move as Murdock got to his feet and unlocked the kidnapped boy's door. Murdock then removed his mask and freed the boy, telling him that he was now safe. Murdock carried him from the restaurant and later returned him to his family.[4]

Conversation with Father Lantom

Murdock speaking with Father Paul Lantom

The next morning, Murdock had visited Clinton Church and spoke to Father Paul Lantom. Lantom told him that he was aware he was Jack Murdock's son but assured him that through the seal of confession he could not tell anyone what they had spoken about. He asked if Murdock was there for confession, but he told him he was not. Lantom then suggested that Murdock should join him for a cup of coffee, but Murdock said they would do it another time.[8]

Meeting James Wesley

Murdock and Nelson speak to James Wesley

Back at the Law Office, Murdock and Foggy Nelson were visited by James Wesley, who asked them to represent his client John Healy, who had just brutally murdered a gangster called Prohaszka. When Wesley left the office, having insulted Karen Page, Murdock followed him, tracking him by the tick of his watch. Murdock heard Wesley enter a limo, where he spoke to his employer, before being driven away. Murdock considered following him, but had felt a pain in his side and felt blood running from an open wound. Although he showed initial uncertainty towards the case, Murdock decided to take the case in an attempt to learn who was behind the criminal activity in Hell's Kitchen.[8]

Defending John Healy

Murdock defending John Healy in courthouse

"A man is dead, a man is dead and my client, John Healy, took his life, this is not in dispute, it is a matter of record, of fact and facts have no moral judgement they merely state what is, not what we think of them, not what we feel, they just are. What was in my client's heart when he took Mr. Prohaszka's life, whether he is a good man or something else entirely is irrelevant."
―Matt Murdock[src]

Meeting him at the 15th Precinct Police Station, Murdock and Foggy Nelson had cross-examined John Healy, who clearly was experienced in court proceedings. They began working out a strategy to get Healy off by claiming self-defense. During the trial, Murdock noticed a female juror's heart begin to beat faster when James Wesley entered, Murdock tracked down the man threatening her and forced him to leave her alone. Murdock later gave a speech during the trial claiming that there was not enough evidence to convict Healy. As the result was being read out, Murdock noticed that another juryman's heart raced as Wesley entered; the jury announced a hung jury, resulting in Healy's freedom.[8]

John Healy's Suicide

Murdock asks John Healy about his employer

Murdock later tracked down and confronted John Healy. The pair began to fight, Healy using objects around him to attack Murdock. After an exhausting fight, Murdock came out as the victor and began questioning Healy on who his employer was. Eventually, Healy claimed it was Wilson Fisk. Healy told Murdock that now that he had revealed Fisk's name, he, his family and his friends would all become targets. Seeing no alternative, Healy called Murdock a coward for not killing him before he slammed his own face into an iron spike, killing him instantly. Murdock could only listen in horror.[8]

Pursuing the Russians

Murdock throws a Russian out of a window

"You really need to get some kind of body armor or something."
"It would slow me down too much."
"So will a bullet."
Claire Temple and Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock later attacked Anatoly Ranskahov and his men. Although Ranskahov escaped with only minor injuries, Murdock was able to throw one of his men out of a window and onto his car. After escaping, Murdock went to Claire Temple to treat his injuries. Later, he received a phone call from Temple just as she was being kidnapped by Russian Mafia. Murdock ran to her aid but was too late. He spoke to Santino who was able to reveal that she had been taken away in a taxi driven by the Russians.

Murdock searches for Claire Temple

Murdock arrived at the taxi's firm where he found Temple being beaten and tortured by the Russians. Murdock switched off the lights in the room and managed to fight off the Russians in the dark and rescued Temple. He took her back to his apartment and tried to comfort her. Temple asked him to feel her heart and tell her how she was feeling; Murdock knew then that she was terribly afraid for her life. However, Temple assured him that he could do something about that fear. Murdock then revealed to her his real first name.[7]

Murdock tending Claire Temple's wound

Murdock tended to Temple's wounds and explained that his other senses, such as balance and direction, were enhanced, allowing him to detect micro-changes in air density, vibrations and temperature, which made his impressionistic radar/sonar-like sense. He asked her to stay at his apartment for her safety and they ended up sharing a kiss. The next night, Murdock followed a taxi carrying a blind man to a warehouse. Once there, he attacked the Russians guarding the man, although the blind man was killed after being shot in the cross-fire, Murdock was able to catch one of the gangsters, Piotr.

Murdock questions a Russian mobster

Now confronting Piotr and closely picked him up while he was on the ground, Murdock tried to learn the location of Vladimir Ranskahov, who Temple had heard about when she was captured, but Piotr begged him not to cut off his head. Confused on the remark of killing him, Murdock asked what Piotr meant for having his head decapitated and was told that everyone knows that the masked man had took the head of Ranskahov's brother, Anatoly. Before he could learn any more, Murdock threatens Piotr on the accusation of cutting heads before the police arrived, leading Murdock to make his escape and leaving Piotr to be arrested.

Murdock listening to Elena Cardenas' problem

Back at the office, Murdock began to ask Foggy Nelson and Karen Page whether they had heard about a Russian gangster having his head cut off before they were interrupted by the arrival of Elena Cardenas. Cardenas explained that she needed legal help as her landlord was attempting to kick her out of her property and demolish her home after failing to finish repair work to the property. They agreed to take the case and Murdock told Cardenas that Nelson would speak to her landlord's lawyer while he went to the NYPD. Nelson complained, knowing that the landlord was represented by their former employers Landman and Zack.

Murdock speaking to Brett Mahoney

Murdock arrived at the 15th Precinct Police Station and spoke to Brett Mahoney. Murdock explained the situation to Mahoney and asked to see the complaint files against Armand Tully, who owned Cardenas' home. Mahoney agreed and asked Murdock to wait. While he was waiting, Murdock overheard the questioning of Piotr, the mobster he had attacked the night before. Using his enhanced hearing, Murdock heard Piotr asking for a deal in exchange for information on his employer, Wilson Fisk. Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman revealed be under Fisk's pay and pretended to be attacked by Piotr, killing him before Murdock could do anything.

Murdock speaks to Claire Temple

Knowing that the detectives were working for Fisk, Murdock tracked down and attacked detective Christian Blake. Blake tried to stick to his story that Piotr had attacked his partner, until Murdock began breaking his arm. Murdock asked him why Fisk had Prohaszka murdered; he refused to answer, so Murdock knocked him out and stole his phone. Murdock later called Claire Temple and had her help him look at the phone. Temple told Murdock the phone had a list of four locations which Murdock recognized the addresses as locations under the control of the Russian Mafia. Murdock went to go after the locations, but Temple told him that she could not fall in love with someone who puts his life in danger.[6]

Final Days of the Russians

Murdock fighting against Vladimir Ranskahov

"That sounds bad but I don't speak asshole."
―Matt Murdock to Vladimir Ranskahov[src]

Murdock traveled to a location from the list on Blake's phone and found a pair of mobsters standing by the door. Murdock began fighting them. During the fight he overheard panic inside the building and knew a bomb was about to be set off. Murdock was shielded by his opponent as the door was blown off towards them as the building exploded, killing the Russians inside. When he awoke, Murdock caught Vladimir Ranskahov attempting to escape the wreckage. He attacked him and knocked him out, but before he could do anything, the police arrived and attempted to arrest him. Murdock was able to fight off the police, who mentioned killing them as they were "told" to leave "no witnesses," meaning that they were corrupt. He was unable to stop Ranskahov from being shot in the side, although he managed to escape with Ranskahov's unconscious body.[6]

Murdock speaking with Vladimir Ranskahov

Murdock carried Ranskahov to an Abandoned Building and began questioning him. Ranskahov claimed that Murdock was responsible for the murder of his brother Anatoly Ranskahov and that he had been working with Wilson Fisk. Murdock told him that he had been played by Fisk, who was responsible for Anatoly's murder and the destruction of his warehouses. Murdock offered to help him escape from Fisk's men, in exchange for information that would help him make Fisk pay for everything he had done, Ranskahov crudely refused before losing consciousness.

Murdock ready to burn Ranskahov's wound

Knowing that Vladimir Ranskahov would die without medical attention, Murdock called Claire Temple for assistance. Murdock explained the situation to Temple and asked her to walk him through saving Ranskahov's life, but when he explained who it was they were helping, Temple was furious. Temple agreed to help and asked Murdock to tell her what tools he had available. Murdock used his heightened senses to detect a flare in the warehouse. Under Temple's instruction, Murdock lit the flare and used it to burn Ranskahov's open wound, sealing it. Ranskahov screamed in agony until he lost consciousness again.[9]

Questioning Ranskahov

Murdock questioning Vladimir Ranskahov

Murdock heard a police officer arriving in the warehouse, after hearing Ranskahov's screams. Murdock attacked him and began questioning him. Murdock realized that the officer was a new cop who had not been paid off by Fisk. Murdock ordered the man to call off backup, but instead, the officer told them that he had been taken hostage. Murdock was unable to knock him out in time to stop him. Murdock tied up the officer before pulling the officer's gun apart and throwing it away. Murdock began questioning Ranskahov again, who asked him about his morals on not killing people but being willing to let people die.

Murdock saves Vladimir Ranskahov's life

Murdock reminded Ranskahov that Fisk had taken down his operation and had enough police in his pocket to ensure that Ranskahov was killed before he could leak information. Ranskahov agreed and told the man about his first encounter with Fisk and how their operation first came about. Murdock learned that Fisk was working with the Chinese. Ranskahov told him there was one name he needed to know, the name of Fisk's money man. When Murdock leaned in to hear it, Ranskahov attacked him, causing them to fall through the floorboards.[9]

Wilson Fisk's Threat

Murdock hears the sounds of a voice on radio

"You're feeding off this city like a cancer."
"I want to save this city, like you only on a scale that matters."
"Now tell that to the people you've hurt."
"Young man life is not a fairy tale. Not everyone deserves a happy ending."
―Daredevil and Wilson Fisk[src]

The pair survived the fall and Murdock told him that it was not a smart thing to do. Vladimir Ranskahov then lost consciousness again, and this time, he went into cardiac arrest, before Murdock performed CPR and saved his life. Afterwards Murdock began to look for a way out, finding a sewage manhole cover but finding it was too hard to lift alone. He was interrupted when Wilson Fisk used Sullivan's radio to contact them. Murdock picked up the radio and spoke to his enemy for the first time. Fisk told him that they had a lot in common, but Murdock assured him that they did not and would brought down.

Murdock speaks to Wilson Fisk on the radio

Fisk told Murdock that his part in the drama would end that night, as he would be blamed for the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen. Fisk had then offered Murdock the chance to kill Ranskahov and go free, noting all of the crimes Ranskahov was guilty of. When Murdock refused, Fisk ordered his men to open fire at the New York City Police Department and release footage of Murdock attacking police. Fisk then hung up his radio contact, believing Murdock to be killed that night. Murdock called Claire Temple to say goodbye and began searching for a way out. However, Ranskahov helped Murdock to show him the way through the sewer.

Murdock leaves Vladimir Ranskahov behind

Once in the sewer, they were attacked by a small team of ESU officers, Murdock was able to beat them but found the wounded Ranskahov had taken one of their guns and was aiming it at him. Ranskahov told him that he planned on staying behind and fighting to the death, as his testimony would not lead to Fisk's arrest and only death would stop Fisk. Murdock insisted that he was not a killer. Ranskahov told him that Fisk would destroy his life and his family. He then told him that Fisk's money man's name was Leland Owlsley. Murdock then escaped as Ranskahov fought until his death.[9]

Discussing the Masked Man

Murdock discusses the Masked Man's actions

In the offices of Nelson and Murdock, Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page discussed the recent events in Hell's Kitchen, including the footage of the masked man seemingly attacking the New York City Police Department and helping Vladimir Ranskahov during the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen. Nelson had become convinced that the masked man was a terrorist while Page insisted he was not and while Murdock claimed to not have much of an opinion on the matter, he noted that while he was angry about Nelson and Elena Cardenas being hurt, he did not wish to condemn the actions of vigilantes straight away, keeping quiet about his own secret identity.[31]

Reunion with Stick

Murdock confronts Leland Owlsley

"You wanted a father and I wanted a soldier."
"Then I guess we were both disappointed."
Stick and Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock later tracked down and attacked Leland Owlsley who had just had a meeting with Nobu Yoshioka about transporting something secret that night. Murdock pinned Owlsley against his own car and demanded to know for whom he worked; when Owlsley lied and claimed he worked for Silver & Brent, Murdock punched him and explained that he knew he worked for Wilson Fisk and demanded to know what Fisk's upcoming plans were for New York City. Before he could get any more information from him, however, he was distracted by the sound of a man with a stick approaching; Owlsley used this moment to stun Murdock with a taser before escaping.

Murdock is reunited with his mentor Stick

As Murdock lay on the ground and recovered from the shock of the taser, the man with the walking stick revealed himself to be Murdock's own former mentor Stick, who arrived and berated him for being beaten by an old man despite all the training they had done when Murdock was a child. Murdock rose to his feet and questioned what Stick was doing in Hell's Kitchen to which he claimed that he was there to save Murdock and everyone else in New York City from a horrible death, although Murdock remained somewhat skeptical of his true motives for returning to the city and seeking him out.

Murdock speaks to Stick about the Black Sky

Murdock brought Stick back to his apartment, where Stick began to immediately insult his comfortable lifestyle. Murdock argued that Stick was just pissed off he had made something of his life without his help. Stick told him he should abandon his life and live as a warrior, but when he insulted Jack Murdock's legacy, Murdock attacked him but was only able to break his hold. Stick revealed he was there to continue his war by fighting the Japanese and wanted the weapon Nobu Yoshioka was transporting, known as the Black Sky. Murdock agreed to help if Stick promised not to kill anyone.[31]

Attack on Black Sky

Murdock and Stick hunt down Nobu Yoshioka

The pair arrived at the dock that same night and soon discovered Yoshioka and his soldiers moving a large container from a cargo ship. Stick had Murdock identify how many soldiers were there and if they were armed with guns or not, which Murdock quickly confirmed that they were by listening and smelling all the senses around the area. Having worked out the situation, Stick sent Murdock down to the docks in order to silently subdue as many of Yoshioka's guards as he could as swiftly as he could while Stick remained on the rooftop and awaited his signal to move down and join him there.

Murdock fights against Nobu Yoshioka's men

Stick sent Murdock down to fight off Yoshioka's soldiers; he went down and silently knocked out a few of the guards without raising the alarm. When the container was opened, Murdock realized that Black Sky was, in fact, a young child. Sensing that Stick was preparing to shoot the child with an arrow, Murdock then leaped into action and deflected the arrow, alerting the guards to his presence. Yoshioka escaped with Black Sky and Murdock fought off the guards. When the guards were defeated, Murdock realized Stick was gone.[31]

Confrontation with Stick

Murdock fights and eventually defeats Stick

Returning to his apartment, Murdock found Stick waiting for him there. Upon being confronted about lying about what was hidden inside the container, Stick revealed that he had hunted down and murdered the Black Sky. Furious at the realization, Murdock attacked his former mentor; during the fight, most of Murdock's apartment was damaged or destroyed. Stick was able to maintain the upper hand during the majority of their fight as he even began kicking Murdock as he lay wounded on the floor, but in the end, Murdock managed to defeat him. Murdock threw Stick's bag at him and demanded that he leave his home and never return to New York City again.

Murdock considers his relationship with Stick

As Stick collected his belongings and got to his feet, he mockingly claimed that there was hope for Murdock yet to join the Chaste and that it had been nice to catch up with him. Once Stick had gone, Murdock was cleaning up his apartment when he found the bracelet he had made for Stick as a child, which he believed Stick had destroyed when he had left him as a child during their training together. Upon finding his token of his love for his mentor, Murdock sat in silence and tried to consider what Stick's motive's were for tracking him down after so many years being apart.[31]

Exposing Fisk

Meeting Ben Urich

Murdock argues with Nelson and Page

"I didn't blow the hell out of the Russians. And I didn't shoot those cops."
"So, what? You want me to write your side of this?"
"No, I want you to expose the man responsible. The man who's tearing this city apart, piece by piece."
"You got a name?"
"Wilson Fisk."
―Matt Murdock and Ben Urich[src]

The next morning, Murdock awoke in his wrecked apartment and went to work. Arriving, Murdock overheard Foggy Nelson and Karen Page discussing their secret investigation of Union Allied Construction. Murdock tried to convince them to leave it alone for their own good, but Page was insistent. They told him they were working with Ben Urich, who would break the story for them. Murdock agreed to help them, as long as they promised, they would bring down Union Allied through the legal system. While they investigated the case, Page told them Detective Christian Blake had just woken up in hospital after being shot.

Murdock speaking to Christian Blake

When Murdock arrived at Blake's hospital ward, he found Carl Hoffman injecting him with poison. Murdock put Hoffman in a chokehold and knocked him out before turning his attention to Blake. He locked the door and informed Blake the poison had already reached his heart; there was nothing anyone could do to save his life. The vigilante told Blake to tell him everything he knew about Wilson Fisk. Once Blake had given him the information he needed, Murdock escaped the room moments before the police kicked down the door and found Blake lying dead.

Murdock secretly encounters Ben Urich

Murdock tracked down Ben Urich, the journalist that Page had been speaking to. Murdock insisted he was not the one responsible for the explosions in Hell's Kitchen and wanted Urich to expose Wilson Fisk. Urich was initially unsure about this claim and pressed Murdock for proof, but was unable to provide any. However, Murdock did reveal to Urich the details of Fisk's operation, including Leland Owlsley's involvement and Fisk's part in the murder of Detective Blake. Urich ultimately agreed to write the article. However, Fisk made a public announcement which contradicted everything Urich would have said.[12]

Questioning Morality

Murdock and Paul Lantom discuss the Devil

"Do you believe in the Devil, Father?"
"You mean as a concept?"
"No, do you believe he exists, in this world, among us?"
―Matt Murdock and Paul Lantom[src]

Considering the recent events, Murdock went to Father Paul Lantom for counsel and accepted his offer for a latte. Once Lantom had poured his coffee, Murdock asked him if he believed in the Devil and if it walked among them. Lantom told Murdock the tale of a holy man he had met while working overseas; Lantom had witnessed the man and his entire family murdered by a military commander. Lantom claimed that he had seen the Devil in the eyes of the man who had murdered his friend.

Murdock and Ben Urich discuss their case

Murdock arrived back at the offices of Nelson and Murdock to find Ben Urich was having a meeting with Karen Page and Foggy Nelson about what to do about bringing down Fisk. Murdock joined the debate, agreeing with most of Urich's points as they both wanted to keep everyone as safe as possible; they discussed tracking down Armand Tully who was responsible for moving tenants from their homes under Fisk's orders. When Page commented on how "bad ass" the man in the mask was, Murdock could not help but smile, despite Nelson still claiming that the man was a terrorist.

Murdock speaks with Elena Cardenas

As their leads proved more and more fruitless, they were visited by Elena Cardenas, who revealed that Wilson Fisk had doubled the offer to get the tenants to move from their homes. They agreed to refuse the offer and to continue to fight back. After she had gone, however, Murdock argued that it was too dangerous to fight Fisk this way as he was sure to win. He told them to continue digging as he believed they would find some lost document somewhere. Murdock then went out to look for the woman who appeared with Fisk at his press event; Page confirmed which art gallery she worked and Murdock left.[33]

Meeting Wilson Fisk

Murdock and Vanessa Marianna discuss art

"This city and its future, seeing Hell's Kitchen to its fullest potential is very important to me."
"I feel the same way."
Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock arrived at the Scene Contempo Gallery where he was soon approached by Vanessa Marianna. Murdock jokingly explained the reasons for a blind man looking to purchase art as he claimed his guests would often state his home was a bit stark and he wished to warm it up. Marianna began describing some of the pieces of artwork for Murdock to imagine. He then asked her if she was seeing anyone, claiming to wish to know what a man who won her heart appreciated in art.

Murdock meets Wilson Fisk at the art gallery

Just as they were speaking, Wilson Fisk then arrived in the building; although he had to control his anger, Murdock greeted him warmly. Fisk claimed that if he wished to purchase art, he should buy whatever Marianna suggested; Murdock, however, then reminded him that they should not be speaking as they were on opposing sides of a law case involving Elena Cardenas and Armand Tully. The pair then briefly discussed their own hopes for the future of New York City, with Fisk claiming that its future meant a great deal to him, until Murdock left claiming he needed to consider the cost of the art work.

Murdock seeks guidance from Paul Lantom

Seeking moral guidance, Murdock went to visit Paul Lantom again. Murdock told Lantom that he had been to visit someone close to the devil and had only learned that Fisk now had someone he loved, who loved him. Lantom tried to convince Murdock to leave the judgment to God, as he did not wish for Murdock to commit murder. Murdock and Lantom discussed if it was better to commit murder or allow someone to cause harm without being stopped. Lantom then posed the question if Murdock was struggling that he had to kill the Devil but did not want to, or that he did not have to but wanted to.[33]

Losing Elena Cardenas

Murdock shares a joke with Foggy Nelson

"Just doesn't feel right does it? Think it was a coincidence? Elena decides to stay and fight, to rally what's left of her neighbours, and this happens."
"You think Fisk had something to do with this?"
―Matt Murdock and Karen Page[src]

Returning to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office the next morning, Murdock informed Karen Page that he had not gotten the information he had wanted from Marianna while Page revealed that they had identified Stewart Schmidt and Joseph Pike as her attackers from the other night. Foggy Nelson then arrived and changing the subject, presented Murdock with an official sign for Nelson and Murdock that they had designed years earlier when the firm was just a dream of theirs and they shared a laugh as they teased each other. While they were celebrating, however, Page received a call that Elena Cardenas had been murdered.

Murdock learns that Elena Cardenas is dead

They went together to identify the body and Brett Mahoney revealed that a junkie had stabbed Cardenas multiple times while stealing her purse outside her apartment door and she had died at the scene. As Mahoney noted that his mother who had been a friend of Cardenas' had informed him that her family were all dead, Murdock and Nelson promised that they would take charge of all funeral arrangements. While Nelson comforted the heartbroken Page, Murdock stood in silence and gripped his blind stick tighter as he planned his own revenge against those responsible for his friend's senseless murder.

Murdock drinks away his sorrow at Josie's

The group went to Josie's Bar to drown their sorrows with alcohol, with Josie giving them the drinks for free; there they discussed the idea that Cardenas' death was not a random act of violence but a planned assassination. While they were talking, Wilson Fisk appeared on the Television claiming to be mourning Cardenas' death. Murdock and Page then discussed religion where Murdock revealed his own Catholic beliefs and how they helped him cope with emotional pain. Murdock then claimed to have had enough and left the bar to head back home, promising Fisk would get what he deserved.[33]

Hunting the Junkie

Murdock puts down his outfit to seek justice

"I've hurt a lot of people tonight to get what I need know, the asshole who killed Mrs. Cardenas shoots up at this address, likes cheap mentos, thinks it covers the stench of his rotting teeth, it doesn't. Who paid who? Was it Fisk? Was it Wilson Fisk?"
"I don't know! Please stop! I don't know their names!"
―Masked Man and Junkie Jake[src]

Returning to his apartment, Murdock pulled out the box containing his black suit and prepared himself to go out into New York City in his search for justice. Pausing for a while to consider what he was willing to do and what it would mean for his own soul, Murdock decided this was the right thing for him to do and, putting on his black suit, Murdock hunted down the junkie who had murdered Elena Cardenas. Finding all those with the Steel Serpent heroin, Murdock demanded to know where the man was who had killed her was living, threatening to break a man's arm.

Murdock confronts Elena Cardenas's killer

Eventually, Murdock's interrogation skills paid off and he found the man who kills Cardenas high on drugs before he violently questioned him, throwing him into broken glass which cut both of his hands. As Junkie Jake claimed not to know the names of the men who hired him, stating he had been taken to Pier 81 Warehouse and given his orders by a man in a suit and that he did not want to commit the murder but he was sick from his need for drugs. Having gained the information he needed, Murdock then ordered the man to go and surrender himself to Brett Mahoney at the police station.[33]

Duel at Pier 81

Murdock is confronted by Nobu Yoshioka

"I'm gonna kill you."
"Take your shot."
―Masked Man and Wilson Fisk[src]

Arriving at the Pier 81 Warehouse, armed with his escrima sticks, Murdock was confronted by Nobu Yoshioka, who was wearing an all red ninja suit. Murdock complimented Yoshioka on his ability to slow his heartbeat and reduce his own body temperature to ensure the encounter was a surprise. Murdock noted he remembered Yoshioka from the sale of the Black Sky which he and Stick had stopped, although Murdock insisted he was not a part of the war between the Chaste and the Hand while Yoshioka noted his displeasure at what had occurred.

Murdock is nearly killed by Nobu Yoshioka

As the two fought a violent battle, Murdock was vastly outmatched and was cut and stabbed repeatedly by Yoshioka's Kyoketsu-Shoge. As it appeared that Murdock would not be able to fight anymore and was close to death, Yoshioka commented that Murdock was a worthy opponent and that he considered it to be an honor to claim his life. Eventually, Murdock, barely able to stand, managed to kick Yoshioka, which caused a damaged fuel tank to leak onto Yoshioka's feet, which got ignited and immolated him when Murdock deflected his blade into a lamp that showered sparks down upon Yoshioka.

Murdock threatens to kill Wilson Fisk

The sparks ignited causing Yoshioka to burst into flames and, despite still attempting to continue the fight, the ninja quickly died from his wounds, falling to the ground as his body continued to burn. However, before he could escape, Murdock was confronted by Wilson Fisk, who was accompanied by James Wesley and one of his guards. Fisk claimed he had used Murdock to murder Yoshioka, although he had wished that they had killed each other as he also wanted Yoshioka dead, and admitted to organizing the death of Elena Cardenas in order to draw him to this location for this final battle.

Murdock is attacked by Wilson Fisk

Murdock told him he would kill him for everything he had done and although his men threatened to shoot Murdock, Fisk confidently ordered them to stand down and invited him to take his shot. As the two began fighting, but the wounded Murdock was no match for Fisk and was brutally beaten. During the fight, he tried to cut Fisk using Yoshioka's Kyoketsu-shoge and learned he was wearing Melvin Potter's body armor within his suit which protected him. This close encounter only enraged Fisk further as he proceeded to violently beat Murdock into submission, smashing his body against a table.

Murdock manages to escape James Wesley

As Murdock lay wounded and the fight finally over as it appeared that the Masked Man had no more energy to defend himself, Fisk noted that he was disappointed at the fight's conclusion before he ordered both James Wesley and Francis to shoot him and put an end to his vigilante activities. Refusing to give up, however, Murdock threw one of his sticks to block Wesley's gun and then managed to dodge the bullets before he leapt from the window into the water and swim back to New York City and to safety before Fisk and his men could find him and finish the job of finally killing him as was planned.

Murdock is discovered by Foggy Nelson

Despite his many life threatening injuries, Murdock eventually made it back to his apartment where he crashed into several items which alerted Foggy Nelson who was at the door. Nelson managed to break inside the apartment to check on his close friend's well being and discovered Murdock stood in the suit before he collapsed from his wounds. As Murdock lay on the ground, he was unmasked by Nelson who first suspected that the Masked Man had kidnapped his friend but then was mortified to discover his friend was actually the vigilante of Hell's Kitchen the whole time without him knowing.[33]

Nelson vs Murdock

Murdock recovers from his injures

"If you weren't half dead I would kick your ass, Murdock; am I lying about that?"
Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]

Needing some help, Foggy Nelson called Claire Temple who arrived and treated all Murdock's injuries from Nobu Yoshioka's Kyoketsu-Shoge. When he regained consciousness, Murdock found Nelson still in his apartment, furious about having been lied to for all the years of their friendship. Nelson questioned if Murdock was the one responsible for the bombing and shooting police officers. Murdock told him that Fisk was responsible for everything. When Karen Page called Murdock's phone, Nelson turned the phone off. When Page called Nelson, he answered and told her that Murdock was in a car accident. He then demanded that Murdock tell him everything about his abilities and his history.

Murdock tells Foggy Nelson the truth

Murdock told him how he was trained by Stick and how he had been taught to use his blindness as an advantage. Later, Nelson received a call from Brett Mahoney informing him that the junkie who killed Elena Cardenas had seemingly committed suicide by jumping off a roof. Murdock told Nelson that he had never killed anyone but wanted to after Cardenas' death, telling him how he had gone to the warehouse with the intention of killing Wilson Fisk. Murdock then told Nelson how his abilities actually developed as he was a child and how he tried not to become a fighter to make his father proud, but was left with no choice when he heard about a little girl being abused by her father, leading him to attack the father, putting him on the path to wearing the mask. During their continued arguments, Nelson compared Murdock to Fisk and told him he would not have kept this a secret from him before storming out.[5]

Mental and Physical Recovery

Seeking Friendship and Guidance

Murdock is given a balloon

"Why do I feel it in my heart and my soul clawing to be let out if that's not all part of God's plan?"
"Maybe you're being called to summon the better angels of your nature."
―Matt Murdock and Paul Lantom[src]

Karen Page arrived the next morning to check on Murdock, believing him to have been in a car accident. Murdock opened a bottle of beer for himself and skirted around the questions Page threw at him. Page started to suspect there was not a car accident and Murdock had endangered himself, making an enemy of Wilson Fisk after meeting Vanessa Marianna. She asked him if someone had broken in and beaten him up and Murdock said nothing. Page then told him that they had discovered that Fisk's mother was still alive and living under the name Marlene Vistain and Fisk had murdered his father as a young boy. Murdock reminded skeptical as he did not believe it would make a difference. Page left after giving Murdock a balloon.

Claire Temple treats Murdock's wounds

When Murdock tried to move too much he pulled out his stitches, so he called Claire Temple, who returned to stitch up is wounds again. They spoke about how Murdock used meditation to help heal his wounds gained from Nobu Yoshioka's Kyoketsu-Shoge. Temple suggested that Murdock should invest in body armor to protect himself. He told her how he had sensed that Wilson Fisk wore a special light body armor. Temple then announced that she was planning on leaving the city for a few months. She told him that she believed he had been killed the night the Russian Mafia members were blown up and they knew that they could only be together if Murdock stopped wearing the mask, which he never would. She left after telling him she would always be there to patch him up and comparing him to a martyr.

Murdock speaks to Paul Lantom

With little confidence, Murdock returned to the church to seek guidance from Father Paul Lantom. Murdock told him that he did not kill the man he had told him about, but that he had wanted to. He explained how Claire Temple had told him that if he continued what he was doing, he would end up bloody and alone. Lantom revealed that he knew that Murdock was indeed the man in the mask who was attacking criminals at night, although he did not know how he did it. Murdock asked why God had put the Devil within him and they discussed what the Devil actually represented.[34]

Designing the Red Suit

Murdock meditates inside of his apartment

"What do you want me to make?"
"A symbol."
Melvin Potter and Masked Man[src]

Murdock returned home and tried to meditate to calm his mind and recover his body, but he continued to suffer from the memories of his violent fights with Nobu Yoshioka and Wilson Fisk. Putting his suit back on, he tracked down and chased Turk Barrett and disarmed him. He threatened that if he went for any of his backup weapons, he would throw him off the roof. Murdock demanded to know where Fisk got his armored suits from. Barrett initially claimed to not know but quickly revealed that it was Melvin Potter when Murdock nearly threw him off the roof.

Murdock arrives in Melvin Potter's Workshop

Arriving at Melvin Potter's Workshop, Murdock explored the Workshop and noticed the designs and blueprints on the tables. Murdock was soon interrupted by the arrival of Melvin Potter, appeared as confused and frightened. Claiming that no one should be there, Potter then attacked Murdock with his brute strength and used various items around the workshop including chains and buzzsaws. Eventually, Murdock managed to overpower Potter with a strangle hold and spoke to him. Murdock quickly realized that Potter was a mentally unstable man who was being forced to work for Wilson Fisk under the threat that his caregiver Betsy Beatty would be killed. Murdock promised he would protect Potter and Beatty if he designed a suit for him.[34]

Murdock silently encounters Foggy Nelson

Murdock arrived back at the Nelson and Murdock Law Office and found Foggy Nelson and Karen Page speaking to each other. After an awkward encounter with Nelson as he was leaving in which neither said a word, Murdock spoke to Page. Page told him that Nelson believed that he was responsible for the death of Elena Cardenas. Page tried to convince Murdock to repair his relationship with his friend. Murdock suspected that Page was hiding something. When he asked if something had happened, she told him that the world had fallen apart.[35]

Bringing Down the Drug Trade

Murdock gets information from Ben Urich

"They blinded themselves."
"Why would they do that?"
"Because they have faith."
"In you and your drugs?"
"In something beyond the distractions of your world. You have taken that from them. Now, they will have nothing."
―Matt Murdock and Madame Gao[src]

Murdock met with Ben Urich outside his office and asked him for information regarding the heroin he had taken from the junkie who had killed Elena Cardenas. He told Urich that he believed since the Russians had been wiped out, Wilson Fisk would have likely taken over distribution of the heroin and he wanted to disrupt that trade to throw Fisk off balance. When Urich revealed he was working on something he believed could help, Murdock told him to keep his head down, using Anatoly Ranskahov's death as an example. Urich told him it was a woman running the Chinese drug trade and they were using blind men and women to deliver the heroin. Urich jokingly told Murdock he needed a new outfit and Murdock assured him he was working on it.

Murdock searches for the blind drug movers

Waiting on the street where Ben Urich told him he had seen the blind men delivering the drugs, Murdock used his heightened hearing. He waited to hear the taps of a cane. Murdock followed a blind woman until she was picked up by a car. Murdock followed the car using the classical music it was playing to keep track of its location, running and using acrobatics to move across rooftops until it stopped outside a warehouse. Murdock listened and memorized the secret knock to gain entry and returned home. While stitching up his wounds again he called Karen Page to tell her he would not be coming into the office as he claimed he was working on something that could help the case.

Murdock attacks the Chinese base

Murdock used the secret knock to gain entry into the Chinese drug den. Once inside, he took out the guards. He noticed that the workers did not take any notice of him, and he realized they all been blinded. He was spotted by the woman in charge, Madame Gao, who ordered the workers to attack him, resulting in them grouping up on him while he said he was trying to help them. Murdock survived the attack, however, and confronted Gao. Gao revealed that all her workers had blinded themselves rather than her blinding them because they had faith in her. When Murdock tried to ask her about Wilson Fisk, she pushed him to the floor and sent him sliding a few feet.

Murdock quickly apprehends Brett Mahoney

When he looked up, Murdock discovered that Gao was nowhere to be seen, much to his confusion. With the building burning down, Murdock ordered one of the guards to help the blind workers escape. Once the police had arrived, Murdock hid away from their observation and moved on from an alleyway. As Murdock was leaving he was confronted by Brett Mahoney who attempted to arrest him. Murdock knocked him down and told him that Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman were dirty cops before escaping.

Murdock opens up to Karen Page

Murdock returned to his office and found Karen Page had locked the door. Page asked him if the company had become three people who never speak to each other. In response Murdock quoted Stick's speech that he should push the people he cared about away, and told her that although he tried to ignore that advice, he clearly had listened to those words and taken them to heart. Murdock told Page that he had a terrible night in which he seen the worst of humanity and learned that he couldn't do what he did alone anymore. As Murdock broke down crying, Page hugged him, telling him that he was not alone and never was.[35]

Personal Loss

Murdock attends to Ben Urich's funeral

"How are you holding up?"
"Like a good Catholic boy."
"That bad huh?"
Paul Lantom and Matt Murdock[src]

After Ben Urich was found murdered in his home, Murdock and Karen Page attended his funeral, led by Father Paul Lantom. He listened as Page spoke to Ben's widow Doris Urich. Lantom approached Murdock to ask how he was holding up after the death of his friend. Murdock told him he felt that it was his fault that Urich had died, as he had not stopped Fisk. Back at the office, Page expressed her anger that Urich's former boss Mitchell Ellison had attended, as she believed he had been taking money from Wilson Fisk. They then discussed Foggy Nelson, who had failed to turn up to the funeral. Page told Murdock she was too afraid to return home in case Fisk ever found out she was with Urich when they spoke to his mother. Murdock swore to protect her.

Murdock speaks to Foggy Nelson

Murdock attempted to question Ben Urich's former boss Mitchell Ellison but failed. While training at Fogwell's Gym, Murdock was visited by Foggy Nelson. When Murdock asked how he had found him, Nelson told him he had always known about the gym but assumed it was something to do with Murdock's father so he had never questioned it. They spoke about Karen Page's reactions to Nelson not attending the funeral and their own relationship. Nelson revealed that he had been working with Marci Stahl, who had been copying files concerning Landman and Zack's dealings with Wilson Fisk and Leland Owlsley, Murdock told him to leave it alone as this is what killed Urich. Nelson desperately tried to convince him not to go after Fisk in the mask again, and to use the law instead. They agreed to work together again.[2]

Bringing Down Fisk

Murdock and Nelson speak to Brett Mahoney

"Where are you with the investigation? Any leads?"
"You know I can't be talking to you about that."
"Story Ben was working on was about Wilson Fisk."
"Yeah, the man in the mask talked about him. He said half the cops in the 15th are in his pocket."
―Matt Murdock and Brett Mahoney[src]

The pair met with Brett Mahoney who spoke about the warehouse fire at Madame Gao's base. He told them about his encounter with the masked man and how he was starting to believe that Wilson Fisk was the enemy, mentioning that there was not a single fingerprint at the scene of Ben Urich's death. During their conversation, Murdock overheard two officers talking about hunting down Carl Hoffman. They continued their research back at the Nelson and Murdock offices where Karen Page commented on how nice it was to be back together. They looked through the files given to them by Marci Stahl to try and find anything in the money movements that could lead them to where Leland Owlsley could be keeping Hoffman. Eventually Page worked out that there was a property missing from the record and there was no profit from selling it, meaning it was being hidden from the records.

Murdock finds and threatens Carl Hoffman

Murdock went down to the building and found a team of corrupt police officers had killed Owlsley's guards and were preparing to shoot Hoffman. Murdock was able to save Hoffman and take out the corrupt officers. He sat opposite Hoffman and convinced him to give evidence against Fisk rather than sit and wait for someone to kill him. He told him to turn himself in to Brett Mahoney and use Nelson and Murdock as his lawyers. Murdock followed him to ensure he did as instructed and watched as Hoffman arrived at the 15th Precinct Police Station and gave himself up to Mahoney. Nelson and Murdock were hired as his lawyers and sat with him as he gave evidence against Fisk, exposing his entire operation and leading to the arrests of Turk Barrett, the corrupt cops, Senator Randolph Cherryh and Fisk himself.

Murdock, Nelson and Page celebrate

With Fisk being taken to prison, Murdock celebrated with Foggy Nelson and Page. They raised their glasses in tribute to everyone Fisk had hurt, including Elena Cardenas and Urich. However, during their celebrations, a news report came on the television showing that the armored van carrying Fisk was being hijacked. They decided to get home quickly before they became endangered, but Murdock decided to leave them and get his own taxi. Nelson tried to convince him not to endanger himself, but Murdock convinced him that he knew what he was doing. He took a cab to Melvin Potter's Workshop where he collected his new armored suit. Standing on a rooftop, Murdock listened to the police sirens to try and locate Fisk.[2]

Duel of Hell's Kitchen

Daredevil confronts Wilson Fisk

"You were right. What you told me over the radio that night. Not everyone deserves a happy ending."
―Daredevil to Wilson Fisk[src]

Finding the van transporting Wilson Fisk, Murdock threw one of his batons at the window, causing the driver to crash. Murdock then confronted Fisk and told him that not everyone deserved a happy ending. While Murdock fought his guards, Fisk attempted to escape on foot. After knocking out the guard with his batons, Murdock cornered his enemy. Fisk roared at Daredevil, telling him that he was going to kill him; Murdock repeated what Fisk had told him after his fight with Nobu Yoshioka and confidently told him to take his shot at killing him.

Daredevil almost defeated by Wilson Fisk

The pair engaged in a fierce and brutal fight, where Fisk's own brute strength and determination was equally matched with Murdock's speed and agility. Although Murdock's new armored suit offered extra protection, Fisk was still able to beat him nearly to death by throwing him at walls and hard onto the ground before beating him repeatedly with a metal pole, all the while ranting about how the city did not deserve heroes but deserved people like himself and his father and should be burned to the ground and rebuilt in his image as the people in it were scum who deserved to drown and die.

Daredevil finally knocks out Wilson Fisk

Determined to bring Fisk down once and for all, Murdock disarmed Fisk and used his own batons to beat him into submission, telling him that New York City was his home and he would not allow Fisk to destroy it. Barely able to stand due to the beating he had received, Fisk mocked Murdock's attempts to make a difference to the city all on his own while wearing what he had called a silly little costume. However, Murdock used these insults to fuel his rage and launched himself through the air and, with a final hard punch to the face, Daredevil knocked out Fisk and left him on the ground.

Daredevil helps Brett Mahoney arrest Fisk

However, before Daredevil could leave the area without being caught, Officer Brett Mahoney then arrived on the scene and even threatened Daredevil, confused by seeing a man in a red suit in the middle of a dark alleyway. Daredevil, however, remained perfectly calm despite being threatened and explained the situation to Mahoney, who called the rest of the New York City Police Department to inform them that the fugitive Wilson Fisk had been found. While Mahoney arrested Fisk, he asked what he should now call Daredevil, who escaped by climbing up various fire escapes to the rooftop.[2]


Protecting New York

Murdock and Karen Page discuss Daredevil

"That is a serious upgrade."
"I don't know, I think the horns are a little much."
Karen Page and Foggy Nelson[src]

The next morning, Karen Page read the newspaper article regarding Wilson Fisk's arrest at the hands of Daredevil and joked about the name and the costume. Foggy Nelson finished attaching a sign to the outside of the Nelson and Murdock offices. They discussed how long it could take for Fisk to go to trial. Murdock then spoke to Page alone, commenting that there was still something in her voice that told him she was still frightened; she told him that putting Fisk behind bars would not bring back Ben Urich or Elena Cardenas or erase the trauma they had been through. He told her all they could do was move forward.

Daredevil overlooking all of New York City

That same night, Murdock put on his new suit again, overlooking his beloved city. Hearing the screams of a women in danger, Daredevil readied his batons and ran off the roof to save them.[2] During the next few months, Daredevil continued fighting crime, tracking down and ambushed Turk Barrett who had now escaped Seagate Prison.[13] Daredevil also helped Zuly Almeida, a client of Nelson and Murdock, whose husband attempted to kill her. Daredevil brutally assaulted him, which resulted in Almeida sustaining two broken arms and waking up in Metro-General Hospital with a restraining ordered safety pinned to his chest by Murdock himself, ending the abuse.[11]

Guardian Devil

Daredevil looking for a robber in a church

"Mr. Almeida walked out of his apartment with the intention to hack Mrs. Almeida into many bloody pieces, starting by taking off her head. Guess what, it never happened, instead he woke up in a hospital with two broken arms and a restraining order safety pinned to his chest. If I take a night off, people get hurt."
―Matt Murdock to Foggy Nelson[src]

Daredevil chased down four robbers in New York City. He subdued the first one who was about to kill a police officer. The second one, he cornered and brutally beat in the kitchen of a restaurant; the third one, who was interrupted by a man who nearly drove him over and whose car he was about to steal, he knocked out and told the driver to call 9-1-1. The final one took a teenage girl hostage and held himself up in a church.

Daredevil watches criminals being arrested

Daredevil soon tracked the criminal down and cornered him where he threw his billy club in such a way that he managed to knock out all of the lights in the room, causing the criminal to panic. Daredevil then revealed himself in the darkness of the church and, after a brief stand off, he managed to subdue the robber and secure the girl's safety as officers arrived, while Daredevil took his position on the roof of the church where he could not be discovered. As he watched from above, more officers arrived to the scene, Daredevil smiled happily, having now fully immersed himself in his vigilante lifestyle.[11]

The "Devil" Problem

Murdock and Foggy Nelson discuss quitting

"We'll manage, I don't know how but I know we will."
"Great, well in the meantime I guess we have lots of pastries and fruit."
"Yeah, and fans."
―Matt Murdock and Karen Page[src]

The next morning, Murdock and Foggy Nelson walked towards the Nelson and Murdock Law Office together with Nelson telling him about his date the previous night. As the two joked, Nelson noticed blood coming from the back of Murdock's head from his latest outing as Daredevil. While Murdock insisted they didn't have to talk about it, Nelson insisted, and told Murdock that he was having a hard time making excuses for his injuries, and pointed out that he would be arrested, or at the very least, disbarred from practicing law, only for Murdock to claim that Nelson would just continue to run the firm without him if it came to it.

Murdock learns of their financial problems

Murdock then proceeded to tell him the story of Zuly Almeida and insisted that if he took a night off as Daredevil people would get hurt. Nelson told Murdock that he didn't want to lose him and Murdock assured him he wouldn't. Arriving at the office, the two met up with Karen Page, who proceeded to lay out the cases they had today, including Jacinto, Marino and Maxwell before telling them in private that while they had more clients then ever, they were broke. Murdock insisted they would get by somehow, noting he did not know how, and they moved on to focus on their current clients.[11]

Punisher Hunt

A New Criminal Client

Murdock plays pool with Karen Page

"If you're the only one who survived your good fortune is going to rub some powerful people the wrong way."
"No shit! I got a pack of killers gunning for my men, my people think I'm a traitor or a rat."
―Matt Murdock and Grotto[src]

Later, Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page went to Josie's Bar where they shot pool. When Nelson went to get some more drinks, Page helped Murdock try to shoot. He then heard her heart racing. Murdock picked up another rapid heartbeat as well, mentioning it to Nelson along with the fact that the man had his finger on the trigger of a gun. Murdock went to confront the man named Grotto, a low member of the Kitchen Irish, who was actually looking for both him and Nelson.

Murdock listens to Grotto's horrific story

Taking a seat at their table with Nelson, Murdock, and Page, Grotto described a massacre in which every Irish member was killed by some kind of army. After listening to his heart beat, Murdock knew he was telling the truth and warned that he would become a target for going to them for help. Grotto then claimed that he only wanted to be placed in witness protection. Grotto then told them he would give the police anything if he could get out of New York City, and he told them all he wanted was a second chance to do right. He then collapsed, from a wound he had sustained during the gunfire.

Murdock and Nelson are told of a massacre

Murdock and Nelson went to the scene of the massacre which was now being investigated by the New York City Police Department. Meeting up with Brett Mahoney, who refused to tell them anything, Murdock used his superhuman hearing to listen in on the cops who revealed that the gangsters were wearing body armor. Mahoney relented and told the lawyers that this wasn’t the first huge gang hit, and that the police thought a paramilitary outfit of some sort was behind the attacks. Mahoney then warned them to keep their witness away. Murdock decided to investigate further, as Daredevil.[11]

Confronting Turk Barrett

Daredevil interrogates Turk Barrett

"The Irish had a whole squad massacred tonight."
"That's a damn shame cause I'm fresh outta sympathy cards."
"There's talk about an army in town, military grade firepower, high volume, whose the supplier, Turk?"
"You think I know? Shit like that's so high above my pay grade. I'm telling you the truth. That tin in my trunk couldn't kill a rabbit."
―Daredevil and Turk Barrett[src]

Daredevil disrupted the deal going on between Turk Barrett involving firearms. After defeating the thugs and Barrett, Daredevil interrogated Barrett, asking about who had supplied the weapons that had caused the Massacre at the Burren Club. When Daredevil literally twisted his arm, Barrett told Daredevil that the Mexican Cartel might be behind the attack before he was then knocked out by Daredevil and left for the police to arrive and arrest him once again.

Daredevil finds the massacred Mexican Cartel

Daredevil then went to the location given to him by Barrett where the Mexican Cartel were hiding out, only to discover most of them dead and hung on meat hooks. As he sensed over the scene, Daredevil discovered that only one person was still being alive, clinging to life despite being injured horrifically and left to die on the hook. Daredevil carefully took the man off the meat hook and then asked what had happened. As the tried to stay alive while slowly bleeding to death from his injuries, the gang member eventually revealed that it was not a whole army targeting the gangs, but only one man.[11]

Finding the Punisher

Daredevil is shot in the head by the Punisher

"Blood is being shed, Foggy."
"And you've donated more than your fair share to the cause."
―Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

Daredevil located the culprit who was about to kill Grotto with a sniper rifle outside Metro-General Hospital. The two engaged in a brutal fight where Daredevil found himself surprised by the man's brutal savagery and strength. Daredevil eventually seemed to finally gain the upper hand, only for the shooter to take out a pistol and shoot Daredevil in the head, knocking him off the building.[11]

Murdock recovers with Foggy Nelson's help

The gunshot knocked Murdock unconscious, but did not penetrate his helmet, which was damaged. Murdock remained unconscious until the following morning, when Foggy Nelson found him. Nelson managed to get back to Murdock's home without being noticed. Nelson once again expressed anger and exasperation at Murdock's vigilantism, but Murdock made it clear that he did not trust the New York City Police Department to handle the shooter. Although he was suffering from a headache and clearly still recovering from the gunshot wound, Murdock wanted to join Nelson and Karen Page at the 15th Precinct Police Station to help get a witness protection agreement for Grotto. However, Nelson insisted that Murdock stay home and recover, and asked him to trust him to do his job.

Murdock suffers a horrific headache attack

Some time later, Murdock attempted to get a glass of water from his sink when his hearing became distorted. Sounds were so loud that they were painful. The sound of an aspirin hitting the tabletop disturbed him so much that he dropped his glass of water. To his shock, he realized that the glass made no sound when it shattered on the floor. He panicked, realizing that he now could no longer hear nor see. After some time, he meditated, and his hearing returned in time for him to hear someone knocking at the door.

Murdock speaks in private with Karen Page

He opened the door to let in Karen Page, who was still shaky after fleeing the shooter the night before. Seeing the broken glass on the floor, she assumed that Murdock had been drinking. When she questioned him about his injuries, he jokingly reminded her that he was blind. She sarcastically replied that she was not an idiot. Backing off, she told him that she would be there for him whenever he felt comfortable telling her what is going on.

Page tells Murdock the shooters name is the Punisher

She then changed the subject, filling him in about Grotto's case, including the fact that DA Samantha Reyes personally met them at the precinct. She also told him that the shooter was being called "The Punisher" and mused if the people of the city had helped create him by cheering on Daredevil. Murdock quickly pointed out that Daredevil had never killed anyone, but she replied that they simply never heard about him killing anyone. Before leaving, she told Murdock that she and Nelson cared about him and that he was worth keeping around.

Murdock visits Potter to fix the suit

As soon as Page left, Murdock brought the damaged helmet to Melvin Potter in his workshop and asked him if he could repair it. Potter was not optimistic, saying that it would be best if he could construct an entire new helmet, as the damage was severe. Murdock convinced him to repair the damaged helmet as best he could so he could go after the Punisher as soon as possible, and then create a new one later.

Murdock enters and inspects the Burren Club

Wearing a black hoodie, Murdock clandestinely inspected the Burren Club where the Kitchen Irish had been massacred. Outside the club, he found a dog's chain and picked up the scent of the dog, who had been injured. He was able to track the dog's movements until he came across a stretch of pavement that was being washed, eliminating the scent. Standing on the street, he picked up the sound of a police radio, and traced the sound back to a small apartment, where a chained dog began barking at him. Murdock calmed the dog with a handful of nearby dog food and listened to the police radio. He overheard plans to draw out The Punisher using Grotto as bait.[36]

Round Two with Punisher

Daredevil stops the Punisher from shooting Grotto

Murdock returned to Melvin Potter's Workshop and donned his newly repaired helmet and suit. He went to the location where the New York City Police Department had set their trap for the Punisher. However, Punisher discovered the trap and attempted to kill several Dogs of Hell members so as to distract the Police Department, he then aim at Grotto in order to kill him. Fortunately, Daredevil found him on the nearby roof and attacked him; the two brawled while the police shot at the Punisher. After a lengthy fight between the two combatants, they crashed through a skylight into the building below. Arising, Daredevil's hearing began to fail him again and he became disoriented. Punisher used this to his advantage, knocking Daredevil unconscious.[36]

Debating with Punisher

Daredevil finds himself as Punisher's hostage

"I'm guessing you've done this, what ten, maybe 20 times? How long's it been? Six months, a year or your whole life? Something tells me you don't take breaks. You know, no one else has to die. You could stop now. Walk away."
"Walk away? Could you do that? Could you walk away?"
―Daredevil and Punisher[src]

Daredevil awoke from a dream in which a nun was tending to him while he was a boy. Upon awakening, he discovered that he was chained to a chimney on a rooftop. As he struggled against the chains and tried to free himself, the Punisher wished him a good morning. When Daredevil asked him why he didn't remove his mask, he responded that he didn't care about his identity. Daredevil deduced that the man was a soldier and tried to get him to reveal information about himself, asking if he was a Catholic and if he was from New York City but the man warned him not to dig.

Daredevil hears the conversation between Jerry and The Punisher

Daredevil heard someone approaching the roof from inside the building, and asked the Punisher not to hurt him. The Punisher warned Daredevil that if he called attention to himself again, the person approaching the roof was going to get hurt. Daredevil overheard the Punisher speaking to an older man, introducing himself as Frank. The old man and Frank bonded over being veterans in the United States Armed Forces, with Frank revealing he had served as a marine in both Iraq and Afghanistan, while the older man served in Vietnam years earlier.

Daredevil rattles chains, getting Jerry's attention

During the conversation, Daredevil strained against his chains, attracting the veteran's attention, but Frank simply told the old man the noise was a rat and pressed a gun to the door leading inside the building in a way that the old man couldn't see it. Satisfied that Frank was just on the roof to have a smoke, the old man left and returned to his apartment, sharing one last joke with Frank as he walked away. Alone with the man who called himself Frank, Daredevil accused him of threatening an innocent man, but the Punisher replied that the gun was for Daredevil's benefit.

Daredevil and the Punisher argue about justice

The two began to argue about their differing methods of justice. Daredevil argued that all human beings had a spark of goodness in them and that there was always hope they would find redemption and change their ways to become better people, while the Punisher argued that the criminals Daredevil put away always got out of prison again, and continued to hurt innocents, therefore, Daredevil's methods were worthless. The Punisher claimed that the only way to stop the cycle was to kill them. Daredevil then told the Punisher that he would never stop coming after him, because he was insane and needed to be stopped, so the Punisher knocked Daredevil unconscious by hitting him with his gun.[3]

A Fatal Test

Daredevil finds a gun taped to his hand

"You don't do it, his death's on you. Either way, you're a killer."
"What kind of choice is that?!"
"The kind I make every time I pull the trigger."
Punisher and Daredevil[src]

When Daredevil regained consciousness, he was horrified to find that the Punisher had duct-taped a gun to his hand. Frank informed him that there was only one round in the chamber and that he was wearing body armor, so the only way to stop him was to shoot him in the head. The Punisher then dragged Grotto into Daredevil's view, explaining that he was going to kill him, and the only way Daredevil could stop him was to shoot the Punisher.

Daredevil frees himself and charges after the Punisher

The Punisher coerced Grotto into telling Daredevil that he had performed hits for the Kitchen Irish while he was working for Nesbitt, while being beaten, Grotto finally admitted to killing an old woman who had witnessed one of the hits. Despite hearing all this, Daredevil refused to shoot Grotto. The Punisher said that he would do it himself, and the only way for Daredevil to stop that from happening would be for him to shoot the Punisher. Murdock, however, found another way - he used the one bullet in the gun to shoot through his chains and free himself.

Daredevil fights and subdues the Punisher

Now free, Daredevil charged forward and attacked the Punisher, but was unable to stop him from fatally shooting Grotto. As Daredevil tried to comfort the dying Grotto, the Punisher took aim at motorcycles parked outside the Dogs of Hell headquarters. With Grotto now dead having bled out from his fatal wound, Daredevil launched himself at the Punisher, but he was still able to take the shot, causing a large explosion, alerting Jimmy the Bear and his men. Daredevil fought and eventually subdued the Punisher, taking him inside the building and placing him in a freight elevator to make their escape quickly.[3]

Fighting the Dogs of Hell

Daredevil fights Jimmy the Bear's soldiers

"Get in your apartment, lock the door."
"What about you?"
"I'm good."
―Daredevil and Jerry[src]

Just as Daredevil was about to leave the building in the elevator with the still unconscious Punisher, bikers from the Dogs of Hell arrived led by their leader Jimmy the Bear, angry at the destruction of their bikes. The old man from the rooftop emerged from his apartment. Daredevil, knowing the man was in danger, left Frank inside the elevator and grabbed Jimmy, threatening him with the empty gun. Once the man was safe, Daredevil pulled the trigger and chuckled before beginning the fight.

Daredevil fights against the Dogs of Hell

This began a long, protracted fight between Daredevil and the Dogs of Hell, in which Murdock used his superior fighting skills along with the chain he was still trailing to defeat them, smashing out the ceiling lights to force the bikers to fight in the darkness where he had the clear advantage over them as Daredevil did not require light to see. Going down the stairway, Daredevil fought seemingly endless waves of the bikers but kept using his chain as a long-range weapon while he fought hand to hand while always ensuring that he never fatally wounded anybody during his brutal takedowns of the bikers.

Daredevil is strangled by a final biker

Despite the seemingly endless wave of Dogs of Hell fighters attacking him with whatever weapons they had in their hands, Daredevil eventually made it down the stairs having knocked out almost all of his attackers. As he entered the ground floor lobby, Daredevil discovered only three bikers remained, keeping him from freedom. As he was so exhausted, Daredevil was unable to dodge one punch to the head which dazed him and allowed his enemies to gang up and beat him repeatedly in the chest and head, but he quickly recovered and knocked out all but one of the bikers remaining.

Daredevil defeats all the Dogs of Hell soldiers

In the end, one final biker remained, the largest of the group, who used his strength to throw Daredevil across the long hallway and attempted to strange him to death and even came close to breaking the exhausted Daredevil's back, but he was able to free himself and knocked him out by slamming his head repeatedly against the hard concrete floor before performing a flip and landing one final hard kick against his skull. However, once he returned to the freight elevator, he noticed that Frank had escaped into New York City during the chaos of the fight without Daredevil noticing.[3]

Grotto's Funeral

Murdock and Page dress for Grotto's funeral

"I did everything I could to protect my client."
"That work is done, Matthew."
"Because I failed."
"At least you tried."
―Matt Murdock and Paul Lantom[src]

Back at his apartment, Murdock put on his suit and got ready for the funeral for Grotto. He was visited by Karen Page who helped him with his tie and asked if he was better after taking days off sick, while he had actually been out as Daredevil. They flirted with each other and Page revealed that she had a brother who she had never mentioned before. Once he was ready, Murdock and Page left for the funeral.

Murdock attends Grotto's quiet funeral

Meeting Foggy Nelson, the group went to Clinton Church and listened as Father Paul Lantom explained that was Grotto was a deeply flawed person who had made many mistakes throughout his life while working for the Kitchen Irish. Lantom also revealed, however, that Grotto had spent his every Sunday coming to the church and praying while on his own before handing over all of his money, and once a Rolex watch, into the donation plate in the hopes of finding redemption for his many sins, despite knowing redemption would never come for him, with Lantom pointing out that there was nobody to mourn his death, but the three of them who sat alone.

Murdock speaking privately with Paul Lantom

As they left, Murdock noted that Grotto had not, in fact, died alone, with Nelson adding that he was surrounded by the Dogs of Hell. Murdock let everybody leave while he spoke alone with Lantom, complimenting him on his service. Murdock insisted that Grotto's death was not his fault, explaining about the Punisher's violent actions and asked for forgiveness for not saving him, asking why he felt such guilt for failing Grotto. Lantom explained however that guilt could be a good thing as it could bring him to action, noting that while he likely could not have done more, the guilt meant his work was not finished.

Murdock discusses evidence on the Punisher

Back at Nelson and Murdock Law Office, Murdock and Nelson listened as Page explained that she had found evidence that Frank Castle had been shot in the head during the Massacre at Central Park and that Samantha Reyes had this evidence that Blake Tower had given to Page, explaining that they should try and find Castle. As Nelson left to answer the phone, Page then asked Murdock if she was insane while Murdock was distracted considering this new information before Murdock asked her if she really cared about what happened to Castle.

Murdock and Karen Page sharing a moment

Murdock teased Page, claiming that she was insane before laughing and noting that he loved her compassion which he told her was a great quality to have. However, Murdock was pulled away by Nelson who reminded him that Nelson and Murdock still had clients they had to deal with, noting DiPesta was being sued by his landlord for damaging an elevator and advised that they take the case. When they called out to Page, they discovered she had left and taken the Punisher files, Murdock left to look for her while Nelson told him to find Castle first.[14]

Hunting the Punisher

Daredevil visits Melvin Potter for his helmet

"Was this the Punisher?"
"Jesus, the Irish okay, to find the Punisher. They put a bounty on his head now all over the Kitchen people are getting hurt. It's the goddamn Wild West out there."
―Daredevil and Brett Mahoney[src]

Donning his Daredevil's Suit, Murdock traveled to Melvin Potter's Workshop and requested his new helmet, which Melvin Potter noted was basically indestructible and would easily withstand a bullet to the head. Potter noted that he had been getting requests from criminals for new body armor ever since the Punisher had begun his massacres, which he had refused to provide as he was only protecting Betsy Beatty, Daredevil and himself from now onwards.

Daredevil discusses the Kitchen Irish's attacks

Daredevil traveled to the Burren Club where he caught the attention of Brett Mahoney who was gathering evidence from the massacre. Daredevil questioned what had happened there, but Mahoney refused to help, noting that although he had helped them catch Wilson Fisk they were not allies, although he eventually admitted that it involved the Kitchen Irish. Mahoney then accused Daredevil of causing them problems with the police's respect in New York City before getting a call about a shootout in Central Park, so Daredevil quietly left the club to investigate on his own.

Daredevil begins violently questioning Rory

Daredevil traveled to Central Park where he found several members of the Kitchen Irish had been shot and killed during a violent clash, with the exception of Rory, who was now attempting to cruel away despite several bullet wounds in his gut. Rory attempted to shoot Daredevil, however, he missed his shot and had his arm twisted the wrong way as Daredevil demanded to know what had happened. As he was in agony and slowly bleeding out due to his wounds, Rory finally revealed that Finn Cooley had taken found and kidnapped the Punisher and, upon hearing police cars coming his way, eventually gave up where Cooley and his men had taken the Punisher.[14]

Saving the Punisher

Daredevil fights members of the Kitchen Irish

"Sometimes I think you just might really be the devil."
"Sometimes I think I might be, too."
Punisher and Daredevil[src]

Traveling to the Kitchen Irish's hideout, Daredevil ambushed several of the thugs sent by Finn Cooley. Using the darkness and his own speed to his advantage, Daredevil knocked out one guard and used the moment of confusion to take out the second. When more thugs were called to investigate, Daredevil attacked and easily subdued them all using his body armor and billy club before continuing his search.

Daredevil stops the Punisher from killing

Daredevil soon found Frank Castle engaged in a shoot out with the Irish having killed Cooley and survived being tortured by Cooley's Irish mobsters. Daredevil saved Castle and promised that the Irish would pay for everything that they had done, although he insisted that they not kill anyone there. As they fought more thugs, Daredevil constantly had to ensure that Castle did not use any weapons to kill the Irish, knocking a gun and a hammer out of his hands, with Castle insulting him for this. Once all the thugs were defeated and knocked unconscious, Daredevil then helped the exhausted Castle to his feet and they escaped into New York City from the hideout.

Daredevil listens to Frank Castle's past

They soon made it to Saint Michael's Cemetery, however, Castle found himself unable to keep walking due to his many injuries and sat down by a grave. Although Castle insisted he was dying, Daredevil stayed by his side and listened as Castle explained his time with the United States Armed Forces and his incredible joy at finally being reunited with his beloved family upon returning to New York City. However, Castle also explained the emotional agony he had felt on the day that his family were brutally murdered at the hands of criminals during a gunfight.

Daredevil watches as the Punisher is arrested

Eventually, members of the New York City Police Department arrived to arrest Castle, with Brett Mahoney aiming his gun at Daredevil while his partner put Castle in handcuffs. As he was being arrested, Daredevil recommended to Mahoney that he take the credit for Castle's capture in order to give the people of New York faith in the police department again. Mahoney reluctantly accepted this idea as his best move and let Daredevil go free, with Daredevil later watching from a safe distance as Castle was loaded into an ambulance to recover from his wounds in hospital.[14]

Night with Karen Page

Murdock joins Foggy Nelson and Karen Page

"Can I take you to dinner?"
―Matt Murdock and Karen Page[src]

Murdock joined Foggy Nelson and Karen Page for a drink at Josie's Bar as they watched a news report on the capture of the Punisher, celebrating the fact that Officer Brett Mahoney was getting all of the credit for the arrest. Page noted that now Castle was in custody, Samantha Reyes would find it easy to use him for her gain. Nelson went to get more drinks to distract them while Murdock and Page discussed her brother.

Murdock and Karen Page share a kiss

As they left Josie's Bar, Nelson teased Murdock that if he continued with Page then he might end up actually being happy which he joked would be terrible for someone Catholic like him. While Nelson left to get a taxi, Murdock offered to walk Page home in the rain. Once the rain died down, Murdock stopped and used his finger to gently wipe away a single drop of water from Page's arm. The pair then kissed each other before Murdock offered to take Page to dinner the next day. She eagerly agreed before Murdock wished her good night and let her catch a taxi while he then walked home.[14]

Elektra's Return

The Surprise Visit

Murdock is greeted with the return of Elektra

Once Murdock stepped into his apartment, he got himself a drink and smiled thinking about his kiss with Karen Page. However, just as he relaxed, Murdock heard a noise that alerted him that somebody else was there. Drawing a knife, Murdock realized the other person was Elektra, who greeted him with an amused smile.[14]

Murdock refuses to accept Elektra's offering

Murdock scolded her, asking her what she was doing in his apartment. At first, she stated that she missed him. She apologized for leaving him all those years ago, but told him she was in New York to be at a meeting. She revealed that her late father invested a lot of money in the Roxxon Corporation and requested that Murdock represent her for an upcoming meeting with the board of directors. Murdock mocked her and refused the offer, even when she went as far as to pay him. He then ordered her to leave.[19]

Karen Page's Updates

Murdock learning about Karen Page's actions

The next day, Murdock went to his office and Nelson offered him a piece of peach pie, calling it their last payment. Murdock apologized, blaming himself for the firm doing poorly and being too distracted as Daredevil. Nelson stated that he was just glad to be safe and was relieved that Castle was behind bars. When Page arrived, she began to talk about the Punisher. She showed them newspaper articles that did not report on Castle's military service nor the tragic death of his family. Murdock asked how she knew all this, and she confessed that she broke into Castle's house, much to Murdock and Nelson's disapproval.

Murdock confirming the date with Karen Page

After Nelson suggested forgetting about Castle and finding actual clients, Page apologized to Murdock about not letting go of the Punisher case and Murdock reassured her that he just wanted her safe. Page began to talk about the night after Josie's Bar, but Murdock joked that he didn't remember anything happening. He confirmed that they were still on for a dinner date, later. Then, Nelson came out of his office, informing them that they received a huge deposit in their account. Murdock knew it was from Elektra, but stated that it was from a potential client, then he left.[19]

Spying on Elektra

Murdock arrives outside the Yakatomi Building

Murdock went to the Yakatomi Building as Elektra entered and met with the Roxxon Corporation's board of Directors. He snuck up on the rooftops and began to listen. However, he was unaware that Elektra saw him during her meeting.

Murdock listens to Elektra during her meeting

While Elektra talked to the board, she pulled out a pen, placing it on the table. Murdock, however, heard a low sound emanating from it. Suddenly, the phones began to ring and a few members of Roxxon claimed that the servers were hacked. As the members began to reschedule their meeting with Elektra, Murdock left.[19]

Dinner with Karen Page

Murdock and Karen Page start their first date

Later, Murdock joined Karen Page at a restaurant for their date. He was trying to decide what kind of wine to get and tried to ask how her day went. When Page had to excuse herself from the table, the waiter approached him stating that he had a phone call. When he picked up, he found out it was Elektra, revealing that she knew he was at the Yakatomi Building. She told him that he was fired; she then hung up.

Murdock takes Page to a different restaurant

Later, Page returned, wondering why Murdock had left their table, but he claimed that he didn't like the restaurant. They went to a more low-budget Indian restaurant instead, toasting to "the cheap stuff." They started talking about what they loved about New York City. Then, Murdock and Page walked to her home, where they began to kiss. She invited him inside, but he declined the offer, telling her that he wanted to keep the night perfect. They said goodnight and Murdock left.[19]

Ambush at Elektra's Penthouse

Murdock questions Elektra's true intentions

"Someone's coming. The elevator's moving. There's a silencer in the lobby. Who is it, Elektra?"
"If I had to guess, Yakuza."
"No. No, that's impossible. I took care of the Yakuza."
"Clearly, you didn't."
―Matt Murdock and Elektra[src]

Later that evening, Murdock went to Elektra's Penthouse, as he had begun questioning her about why she took him to Roscoe Sweeney's house when they were in college. She stated that she saw inside of him "glorious darkness" and she wanted to see if he could kill Sweeney.

Murdock learns that Elektra manipulated him

Then, Murdock heard someone's footsteps, Elektra stated that it was the Yakuza, as she went into another room and changed clothes. Murdock realized that she tricked him into fighting with her, telling her that she didn't know him. In response, she opened a bag that contained his Daredevil's Suit inside. Elektra then pulled up her cowl, getting ready to fight.[19]

Daredevil attacks all of the Yakuza by surprise

Murdock suited up, then hid. Later, the assassins broke in, looking for Elektra. Later, Daredevil and Elektra revealed themselves and then began to fight. After a long battle, they easily knocked out all the supposed Yakuza soldiers. As Elektra caught her breath, she pulled down her cowl and asked if Murdock was hungry, but Murdock was still furious.[15]

Breakfast with Elektra

Murdock questioning Elektra inside the diner

The next morning, Murdock and Elektra began to eat at a diner. He demanded to know why the Yakuza was after her and she told him that she hacked into Asano Robotics's servers, and they had connections to the Yakuza organization. She stated that even though he took down Wilson Fisk, the Yakuza merely hid and bid their time. He then asked her how she knew he was Daredevil. She answered that she recognized his ass on the news, even with the costume on.

Murdock telling Elektra that he has no feelings

Elektra asked Murdock to help her figure out the connection between the Yakuza and the Roxxon. He reluctantly agreed to help, on the condition that she won't kill anyone and that she leave New York as soon as they were finished. He then told Elektra that he was dating someone else, and had no desire to rekindle their past relationship.[15]

Discussing the Punisher

Murdock learning of Frank Castle's sentence

Murdock arrived the office late, in time to hear Castle's public defender, Christopher Roth, explain to Foggy Nelson and Karen Page that Samantha Reyes was trying to extradite Frank Castle into Delaware, a state which had the death sentence. After that, Roth left the office, leaving Page and Murdock trying to convince Nelson to take on Castle as their client.

Murdock telling Foggy Nelson to set up a plea

Furiously, Page informed both Nelson and Murdock how frustrated she was with how Reyes was handling Castle's case. Murdock told Nelson that they didn't have to defend his actions, but merely negotiate a plea bargain that took extradition off the table. Nelson refused. When Page left so that Nelson and Murdock could talk in private, Nelson made it known that he was surprised that Murdock would want to help Castle after he held him hostage. Murdock told Nelson that he felt his actions were not worth the death penalty. Reluctantly, Nelson finally agreed, telling Page to pack her things as the three left to meet Castle in the hospital.[15]

Meeting with Frank Castle

Murdock, Nelson and Page find heavy security

When they entered Metro-General Hospital, they found the entire place filled with security guards and police. Having shown their IDs, they were allowed to pass through. Brett Mahoney, now appointed as Detective Sergeant for his actions, informed them that Castle already got a lawyer and was against them from speaking to Frank Castle, knowing it would be against Samantha Reyes' wishes. Murdock, Karen Page, and Foggy Nelson convinced him that they had a right to interview a prospective client, and he sent them into Castle's room. When they entered, Mahoney warned them to not cross the tape that surrounded his bed.

Murdock speaks with Frank Castle in hospital

Murdock was the first to confront Castle, introducing himself, but Castle stated that he knew who they were, and criticized how they defended scumbags that deserved to die. Murdock talked to Castle about possibly negotiating a plea, but Castle rejected his offer. However, Page, ignoring Mahoney's rule about the tape, stormed towards Castle and showed him the photo of his wife and two children, telling him that if he got the death penalty, then he would be unable to find answers to his family's murder.

Murdock calmly argues with Samantha Reyes

However, Reyes then arrived in Castle's room, angry that Nelson and Murdock were talking to Castle without Christopher Roth, accusing them of breaching of ethics. However, Murdock chimed in, stating that they had a right to find potential clients. Reyes found it odd, noting that they represented Grotto before, causing a conflict of interest. Then, Mahoney came out of Castle's room and delivered the news that that Castle had asked to have Nelson and Murdock represent him in court.

Murdock gets approached by Elektra's driver

The three entered an empty room and began to strategize the case, feeling the need to use all their files on Castle, until a chauffeur arrived, asking for Murdock. Murdock knew that the chauffeur had been sent by Elektra, but told Nelson and Page that he had scheduled a meeting with a wealthy client and, with that, he left.[15]

Spying on the Yakuza

Murdock being given his new tux by Elektra

Murdock entered a car with Elektra, who then presented him with a new tuxedo, much to his annoyance. As he put on the tuxedo, she revealed that they were heading to a gala being held by the Roxxon Corporation in order to steal a key card from Stan Gibson and enter a secret room that should contain a ledger that describes the Yakuza's activities with Roxxon.

Murdock and Elektra enter the gala together

As they entered the gala, Murdock took note that Elektra was turning many heads and raising many heartbeats. They were met by a mysterious man named Hirochi, who greeted them both. They finally located Gibson, but when Elektra was about to steal the key, Murdock stopped her, noting that Gibson was being watched.

Murdock takes the key card from Stan Gibson

Instead, Murdock spilled red wine on Gibson's white suit, which caused Gibson to be angry. Gibson calmed down when he saw that Murdock was blind. He walked to the men's room to clean up. Murdock followed him, attacking both Gibson and his bodyguards, knocking them out and stealing his key card. He went back to Elektra and they both went to the thirteenth floor.

Murdock and Elektra locate the secret ledger

Murdock and Elektra went past security and got to the secure room. Murdock used his enhanced senses to crack a safe, however, the ledger was not inside. Then, Murdock used his senses to locate a secret room and Elektra found a way to open it. Finally, they found the ledger. However, the building went on lockdown. As they left, they fought the security that got in their way.

Murdock and Elektra find the ledger is coded

Once they hit a room on the 11th floor, they pretended to be a couple looking for a private room. The security guards saw that Murdock was blind and allowed both of them to leave. Murdock and Elektra got back into the car and began to read the ledger. However, Elektra became confused, stating that part of the ledger was written in code, making it impossible to read. Murdock, being glad that it was over, left the vehicle and went to his apartment.[15]

The People vs The Punisher

Murdock learns they will defend Frank Castle

As Murdock settled in, Foggy Nelson stopped by, annoyed that he missed his calls. He informed Murdock that Frank Castle had pleaded not guilty, with Samantha Reyes requesting a fast track for the trial. Murdock thought it best if they filed for an extension, however, Nelson told him that Castle agreed to the fast-tracked trial. With that, Nelson told Murdock to clear his calendar, because the trial of the People vs. Frank Castle would begin the following week.[15]

Murdock strategizes their Frank Castle case

Back at their Law Office, Murdock strategized with Karen Page and Nelson about Castle's defense. Nelson believed the best way to go about the case was to a plea that Castle had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, causing him to commit the crimes. Murdock stated that as long as Castle agreed, he would make an opening statement based on PTSD. Page decided to visit Castle to see if he would agree.

Murdock receives his phone call from Elektra

Later, in his office, Murdock started practicing his opening statement, but then he received a call from Elektra. She informed Murdock that she found out who decrypted the ledger of the Yakuza, but he informed her that he was too busy with the trial on Castle. Then, Nelson came into his office and asked Murdock to look up witnesses from the Dogs of Hell. Murdock informed him that he would as soon as he was done with his call. After that, he reluctantly agreed to help Elektra.[37]

Reconnecting with Elektra

Daredevil begins threatening Philip Cabroni

Daredevil and Elektra entered the apartment of Philip Cabroni, who was dealing with two Korean prostitutes. After they left his room, Daredevil and Elektra revealed themselves, shocking Cabroni. They demanded that he decipher the codes in the ledger, which, after a few threats, he agreed to. He revealed that the ledger detailed a list of shipments coming into Hell's Kitchen. One, in particular, was arriving later in the evening. Daredevil threatened Cabroni, telling him to end his dealings with the Yakuza, and Elektra mocked his decorator, then knocked him out. After that, they left.

Daredevil and Elektra open up the railcar door

Daredevil and Elektra arrived at a railroad station, where they found the railcar that Cabroni mentioned in the ledger. They opened the door and dirt rushed out of it, confusing the both of them. Then, the Yakuza attacked them both.

Daredevil fighting against the Yakuza soldiers

Daredevil and Elektra fought together in a warehouse, but they eventually split up. Daredevil and Elektra both managed to fight off the Yakuza easily and eventually, they found each other. Once they finished of the Yakuza, Daredevil saw that Elektra was injured and took her to get stitched.[37]

Catching up with Elektra

Murdock stitches up all of Elektra's wounds

They went to Murdock's Apartment, where he stitched up Elektra's neck. Elektra, looking at Murdock's scars, asked him people said about them, considering that he has seen a bunch of women. He joked that the women would be too busy enjoying themselves.

Murdock and Elektra comparing all their scars

As they began to show each other their scars, he pointed out one given to him by a man named Nobu, using his Kyoketsu-Shoge. Elektra pointed out that his name was Nobu Yoshioka. Murdock asked Elektra what happened to her the night after they went to Roscoe Sweeney's house, she stated that she went as far away from him as possible, stating that he deserved better. They both, then, went to sleep in the living room.[37]

Testing Friendships

Murdock panics due to him having overslept

The next morning, Murdock started to panic, noting that he overslept and had to be at Frank Castle's case. As he was getting dressed, Elektra told him that she would figure out why the rail car was full of dirt, wishing him good luck in court as he left. Murdock finally arrived at the court, just in time to hear the middle of Foggy Nelson's opening statement.

Murdock apologizes to both Page and Nelson

Murdock caught up with Nelson and Karen Page in the hallway and apologized to both of them. They were both frustrated that he was so late, but he complimented Nelson on his opening statement. To make it up to them both, he agreed to question Gregory Tepper about the autopsy the next day. Nelson reluctantly agreed to this. Murdock requested that Page get him caught up on everything he's missed in court, later that night.[37]

Talk with Karen Page

Murdock and Page going over the Tepper files

Later that evening, Murdock and Karen Page went to his apartment, looking through the autopsy files from Gregory Tepper, trying to figure out a way to get Tepper to confess that the reports were false. While they did that, they began to talk about the first time they met, talking about Page being saved by Daredevil that one night. However, she began to connect Daredevil's vigilante activity to the actions of Frank Castle's. However, Page confessed that she felt that Castle was doing the right thing, causing silence between the both of them. Murdock decided to end the session and promised Page a real date, as she left.

Murdock learns Elektra was eavesdropping

Murdock went upstairs, where Elektra was and scolded her for eavesdropping on their conversation. He told her how much Page and his job meant to him. She explained that she complied with a list of construction sites in Hell's Kitchen that could account for the mysterious rail car full of dirt. Murdock remembered one of the sites as the one which Nobu Yoshioka had blueprints for. He assumed that Yoshioka used that site for Wilson Fisk's personal use, but now realized that Yoshioka might have an alternative motive. However, Murdock told Elektra that he had to be in court for the Castle trial the following morning, then she left.[37]

Gregory Tepper's Testimony

Murdock asks Gregory Tepper about his work

Later, during the court case, Gregory Tepper was questioned by Murdock about the autopsies of the victims that Frank Castle killed. During cross-examination, Murdock asked him how many autopsies he has filled out in the past. However, Tepper then asked if he could make a statement about something he did in the past. Judge Cynthia Batzer asked the jury and spectators to clear the room.

Murdock realizes Elektra threatened Tepper

Once all was clear, Tepper confessed that the autopsy of Castle's family and the John Doe were false. He revealed that he was coerced into falsifying the reports. He then revealed that the previous night, a woman with a foreign accent and a mask threatened to kill him if he did not tell them the truth, which shocked Murdock. Samantha Reyes had then accused Nelson and Murdock of threatening the witness. With that, the judge ordered Tepper's testimony stricken from the record.

Murdock telling Foggy Nelson about Elektra

Murdock followed Foggy Nelson into the bathroom as Nelson was angry, filled with disbelief that Reyes would threaten a witness like that. However, Murdock confessed that it was not Reyes, and that Elektra was the culprit. Nelson did not understand, as he only remembered Elektra as a debutante, while Murdock told Nelson that she came back to Hell's Kitchen and had become dangerous.

Murdock and Nelson argue about the situation

Murdock, then, confessed that he and Elektra were now spying on the Yakuza and trying to figure out why they were back, confessing that she was the wealthy client that he was talking about and that she was the one who deposited money into their account. Before he could tell Nelson more about what was going on, Nelson lashed out angrily at Murdock, pointing out that he has lied to him again. He angrily claimed that he would no longer trust him, telling Murdock to tell Karen Page about Elektra, and left.

Murdock being asked about all the shouting

Page, curious about the yelling, asked Nelson what was going on. He ignored her and then she asked Murdock, but he told her that he has to leave. However, he promised to talk to her the next day, although she muttered under her breath that she doubted it.[37]

Stick Returns

Daredevil furiously confronts Elektra

Daredevil met Elektra outside of the Midland Circle construction site and let her know that she ruined Frank Castle's case by threatening Gregory Tepper. She responded that she was following his own rules: you don't get what you want by day, you take it by force at night. Furious, he warned her to stay out of his normal life and, stating that Matt Murdock's life was boring, she agreed. Daredevil fought guards at the entry site, then she arrived after the battle, sarcastically remarking that he didn't want her help.

Daredevil and Elektra find the Hand's pit

They went inside the construction site, where he confirmed that they were alone. However, he was shocked to find a large hole. He took her flashlight and dropped it down the hole. After a long pause, she asked if it had hit the bottom. When he responded that it hadn't, she asked him to tell her when it did.[37]

Daredevil is confronted by the Hand

After another long pause, Daredevil heard the flashlight hit the bottom and told this to Elektra. They were then ambushed by mysterious ninjas. Daredevil tried to find them but discovered that he couldn't because they were somehow hiding their heartbeats. Elektra warned Daredevil that they were using swords, and he found he could track the sounds of their weapons.

Daredevil and Elektra are saved by Stick

The two of them fought off the ninjas and during the battle, Elektra was badly injured. Before one of the ninjas could attack, they were saved by Stick, who finished off the others, telling Murdock that they should get out. They got in a car driven by a man named Quinn. They were followed and attacked by the ninjas, with Stick using a crossbow to take them out. Murdock claimed that he could sense Elektra dying. Stick ordered Quinn to drive them to Murdock's apartment.[38]

Learning of The Hand

Murdock helps Stick to heal Elektra

"When you were hurt, when I thought I might lose you, I felt hollow. Now, I have no reason to trust you. You've lied to me more times than I can count. But if you leave Stick be with me. Fight this war by my side. My way. Our way."
―Matt Murdock to Elektra[src]

When they finally arrived, Stick asked for a few items to use to heal Elektra. Murdock does as he is instructed, gathering the items and praying for Elektra to heal, as Stick combines the items. Finally, Murdock begins to hear a heartbeat from Elektra, relieved by her speedy recovery.

Daredevil discovers that Stick knows Elektra

Later, in the living room, Murdock and Stick discussed Elektra as she is recovering in the bedroom. Stick casually mentioned that he's known her to recover from worse things. This surprised Murdock, and he demanded that Stick explain how he knew her.

Murdock learns about the Hand from Stick

Stick talked about an organization of ninja warriors called the Hand, whom he described as an ancient evil. He explained that they were plotting their evil work in New York City. Then, he described their enemy organization called the Chaste, of which Stick and Elektra were both members. Murdock, annoyed, was ashamed that Stick would bring up a ridiculous fairy tale. Stick told him that this was all really happening, warning that the Hand would bring chaos to New York.

Murdock checks in on Elektra's slow recovery

Later, Murdock checked on Elektra while she recovered in bed, and she confirmed everything that Stick had said. When he asked her if the two of them meeting was planned by Stick, she admitted it was. Although she said regardless of her orders, she really did fall in love with Murdock. Murdock admitted that he feared to lose her while she was dying, and suggested she leave Stick and fight the Hand with him instead.

Murdock and Elektra are seen by Karen Page

Then, Murdock realized that someone came into his apartment, and Stick came in and told him that he had a visitor. Karen Page came in and was shocked to see Elektra in Murdock's bed. Murdock told Page that he could explain everything, but she became distant from him as she told Murdock that Foggy Nelson needed his help for the Castle case. Although Murdock suggested they go somewhere to talk, she left quickly, with Stick sardonically calling after her that it was nice to meet her.[38]

Murdock Discusses Heroes

Murdock and Foggy Nelson discuss the case

" This city been sick and the cops, they can't fix it alone, they need, we all need men and women who are willing to take the fight themselves, the kind of people who risk their lives so we can walk safe at night in our own neighborhoods, the ones our esteemed District Attorney here is trying so hard to destroy. New York needs these people, we need heroes."
―Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock went to the courtroom as Karen Page had requested. He tried speaking to Page, but she ignored him. He spoke to Foggy Nelson, who, still angry and demanded that Murdock get Frank Castle to retell his story. Castle came to the stand and Murdock heard a guard whisper to him, asking him to think about what he wanted. Murdock tried to get Castle to describe the day his family was killed, but Castle did not respond. Murdock asked Cynthia Batzer for permission to treat Castle as hostile.

Murdock discusses heroes with the jury

Murdock claimed that Castle was just the kind of man his city needed in the wake of Wilson Fisk and then went to the jury and told them about heroes and how New York City needed more men and woman like Castle who were willing to find justice themselves; describing how Castle took it too far by murdering the crooks, noting that Samantha Reyes was trying to stop heroes from taking action. He argued that Castle needed help and not punishment. Despite that, Castle asked to speak and told everyone that he knew what he did and was glad, embracing his title as the Punisher as he was dragged away.

Outside the courtroom, Murdock claimed that someone influenced Castle, but both Page and Nelson ignored Murdock. Nelson angrily exclaimed that he was glad that they lost the case, and Page told Murdock that while she agreed with Murdock about heroes, he was not one of them. She told him she was done with him before storming off.[38]

Choosing Elektra

Murdock has chosen to fight alongside Elektra

Murdock returned to his apartment, noticing that Stick had left, but was relieved to find Elektra in bed and that she had decided to fight the Hand by his side. She guessed correctly that he lost the case and Karen Page, but he told Elektra that he was glad he did not lose her, making his decision to spend his life with her. As Murdock left to give Elektra some rest, he was attacked by a Hand ninja.

Murdock fights a young Hand ninja

The fight was long and Murdock was, later, hit by a poisoned arrow. Murdock was able to subdue and confront the ninja. He took off his hood and realized that he was young, hearing his heartbeat. Elektra came behind the ninja and slit his throat with a kitchen knife, much to Murdock's horror. He shuddered as Elektra told him that this was who she was, asking if he still wanted her. Murdock began to shake from the poison, and Elektra embraced him as she prepares to save him.[38]

A Change of Heart

Murdock recovers from his wounds

Later, Elektra tended to Murdock's wounds. When Murdock recovered, he looked around and found no evidence of the fight from the previous night. He asked Elektra what she did to the boy's corpse Elektra responded that she took care of everything, implying that she disposed of the body.

Murdock asks Elektra to leave

Murdock, still in shock from Elektra's kill, noted that her adrenaline spiked when she killed him, just like at Roscoe Sweeney's house those many years ago. She told Murdock about the first person she killed when she was 12, not for self-defense, but through pure enjoyment. He told Elektra that there was a time when he was in love with her, but he would have no more of her killings. He demanded that she leave, stating that he would fight the Hand by himself. With that, she left.

Murdock tells Nelson that he is through apologizing

Later that day, Nelson arrived to visit Murdock, taking note of his injuries. He thought it best that Nelson and Murdock shut down, to which Murdock reluctantly agreed. However, Nelson begged Murdock to quit being a hero, but Murdock told Nelson that he would no longer apologize for who he was and that he would resume the mantle of Daredevil. With that, Nelson left him.[16]

Fighting the Hand

The Return of Nobu

Stan Gibson tells Daredevil about the Farm

"Wait... you're dead!"
"There is no such thing."
―Daredevil and Nobu Yoshioka[src]

Later in the Yakatomi Building parking lot, Daredevil located Stan Gibson, taking out his bodyguards. Having knocked out and subdued his guards with ease, Daredevil revealed to Gibson that he found out that the Hand had infiltrated the Roxxon Corporation and told Gibson to tell him what they are doing. Gibson revealed that the Hand was keeping his son, Daniel Gibson, hostage. Gibson revealed that the Hand had a heavily guarded facility that they called The Farm. Daredevil then demanded that the clearly terrified Gibson take him to that place.

Daredevil orders Hirochi show him the Farm

Gibson took Daredevil to the Farm, leaving him outside. Daredevil knocked out the guards and found Hirochi. Daredevil could hear the blood dripping in another room and he demanded Hirochi take him to the source.

Daredevil witnesses the Farm in horror

When Hirochi showed him the inner workings of the farm, Daredevil was horrified to find young kids caged like animals and being drained of their blood through a tube. The tubes went into a huge stone Sarcophagus. Daredevil went to free the children and Hirochi escaped. Gibson entered the Farm and was horrified to see his son in one of the cages. Then, one of the ninjas ambushed Daredevil, letting him know that the draining wasn't complete, as he took out an all too familiar Kyoketsu-Shoge.

Daredevil finds out that Nobu Yoshioka is alive

Daredevil fought the ninja as long as he could, but the ninja became victorious. The ninja pushed the sarcophagus into an elevator; then, Daredevil figured out who the ninja was: Nobu Yoshioka. Daredevil was shocked, stating that he should be dead, however, Yoshioka took off his mask and replied that there was no such thing.[16]

Daredevil offers Brett Mahoney an update

Daredevil went outside of the building and called Brett Mahoney. As soon as he arrived, he told him about the caged children and that they needed medical attention, warning him about the Hand trying to get them. Daredevil told him to take them to Metro-General Hospital and to put them under the care of Temple.

Murdock tells Claire Temple about the Hand

As soon as Mahoney took the kids to Metro General, Murdock met Claire Temple in the hallway. He warned her that their blood was drained by a ninja named Nobu Yoshioka, who, somehow, came back to life after he burned to death. He warns her that she may be in trouble from the Hand ninjas, but promised to protect her and the hospital from them. Suddenly, using his enhanced hearing, Murdock listened to a police radio warning that Frank Castle escaped from prison.[18]

The Punisher Escapes

Murdock speaks with Karen Page

"I have to find him, Foggy. I know where to start."
"You always know where to start. You just never know when to stop, Matt."
"I'm not asking for your permission."
―Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

Following Frank Castle's escape from Ryker's Island, Murdock was summoned to meet Samantha Reyes along with Karen Page and Foggy Nelson. Upon arriving at the courthouse, Murdock was soon greeted by Page who commented on the amount of security now present there, as Murdock apologized for getting Nelson and Murdock involved with the case in the first place. While Murdock attempted to make small talk with Page, she was called away for security reasons, leaving just standing Murdock alone outside.

Murdock discusses Frank Castle's escape

They were taken through security and then entered Reyes' office. While they walked in they discussed Castle's escape from Ryker's with Murdock asking Page if he had said anything at all to her, but Page insisted he had not mentioned any escape plan. Nelson took note that Castle escaped Cell Block D. Murdock remembered this as the same cell block in which Wilson Fisk was incarcerated, noting that he liked to track of anyone who may want them dead. He then soberly told Page and Nelson that this was not a coincidence, telling them that he believed Fisk orchestrated Castle's escape.

Murdock arrives at Samantha Reyes' office

As they sat down in Reyes' office, she and Blake Tower requested their help in locating Castle. Murdock told her that they would only help if she told them what happened between her and Castle. Reyes confessed that the Massacre at Central Park that killed Castle's family was a sting operation that went south. The District Attorney's office had been trying to convict a mysterious drug dealer known as the Blacksmith. Reyes and Tower explained that while they were tracking him they learned of a deal involving the Blacksmith, Dogs of Hell, Kitchen Irish and Mexican Cartel and decided to act.

Murdock learns about the Punisher's threats

Reyes then revealed that she chose to not clear the park of civilians to make it look less suspicious and risk the Blacksmith getting away, but it resulted in multiple civilian deaths, due to a shootout that broke out between the gangs, with victims including Castle's own wife and children. Then, Reyes showed them an X-ray of a skull that she took from her daughter's backpack, worried Castle had now chosen her own daughter as his next victim. She informed them that although her daughter was safe in a secret location in upstate New York, the Punisher must be found before he could harm anyone else.

Murdock protects Karen Page from gunshots

While Reyes begged them to tell her if Castle ever contacted them, Murdock heard a gun being cocked from across the street, in an instant Murdock then demanded that everyone got down, covering Page with his own body as an unknown assassin began shooting at them. The bullets destroyed everything in sight, wounding Nelson in the arm. Once the bullets stopped hitting the room, everyone slowly raised to their feet. Although almost everyone had survived, they discovered that Reyes had been hit multiple times in the back and was killed, much to Tower's utter shock and horror.

Murdock promises he will find Frank Castle

As a result, the New York City Police Department and the FBI all then swarmed the courthouse, desperately searching for the Punisher who they blamed for the murder. Murdock, Nelson, Page and Tower left the courthouse; as Nelson was being treated by an Emergency Medical Technician, Murdock let him know that he would go after the Punisher and get to the bottom of all this, although Nelson was still skeptical that he would ever be able to find him. Murdock, however, insisted he knew where to start looking, before Nelson noted he may know where to start, but not how to ever stop.[18]

Kingpin's Threat

Murdock is greeted by Benjamin Donovan

"I can break you without breaking a single law. You may have expensive lawyers, but with one envelope and $6 postage I can make sure Vanessa never sets foot on American soil again. One letter to the right office and I get her visa pulled. I can prove she was an accomplice to every one of your crimes."
―Matt Murdock to Wilson Fisk[src]

Seeking answer directly from his chief suspect, Murdock visited Ryker's Island, where he was greeted by Benjamin Donovan who gave him a contract written in out Braille for Murdock's convenience, stating the terms of the meeting between him and Wilson Fisk. Donovan warned that if Murdock came into physical contact with Fisk or discussed their meeting with the media then he would be sued, Murdock signed the contract and was brought to Fisk.

Murdock meets with Wilson Fisk in prison

Fisk noted how he and Murdock had met once before at the Scene Contempo Gallery before they went to court, but Murdock ignored this and commented on the shooting at the New York State Supreme Court Building which had killed Samantha Reyes. Murdock accused Fisk of setting up Frank Castle's escape, but Fisk told him that it never happened while Murdock argued that Fisk's seeming lack of motive kept the suspicion away from him and allowed him to unleash Castle upon New York City to cause chaos. Fisk decided that enough was enough and called over Donovan to end their meeting.

Murdock is violently attacked by Wilson Fisk

Instead of back down, Murdock threatened to make sure that Fisk's beloved fiancée, Vanessa Marianna, could never come back to New York, for acting as his accomplice, ensuring Fisk would never see her again, apart from the odd trip to Morocco but he would never be able to live with her again. Upon hearing that, the now enraged Fisk released himself from his chains attacked Murdock, slamming him into the table. Defending himself, Murdock managed to punch Fisk's mouth, but the still furious Fisk kept ahold of his suit and remembered how Murdock was the son of a boxer.

Murdock leaves the Fisk meeting horrified

Murdock realized that Fisk had taken control of Ryker's Island and had indeed orchestrated Castle's escape, which Fisk then confessed to but noted that nobody would back up Murdock's story. Fisk threatened to get revenge on Nelson and Murdock by destroying the lives and loved ones of Murdock and Foggy Nelson, as soon as he got out. Fisk threw Murdock back onto his seat and promised that his wrath would be worse than anything the Punisher was going to do to the city. Murdock was escorted out of the prison by Donovan, horrified and shaken from what just transpired.[18]

The Invasion of Metro-General

Murdock and Claire Temple the Hand's plans

Murdock went to the rooftop of Metro-General Hospital. Claire Temple met up with him, wondering why he wasn't visiting Foggy Nelson. Murdock said that he sensed Nelson and that he was fine, blaming himself for getting Nelson shot in the arm. Temple updated Murdock about the patients, noting that a mysterious organic substance was coursing through their bloodstream, which led her to believe that the Hand were incubating a substance that was then drained.

Daredevil prepares to battle the Hand

Murdock, forlorn, told Temple that he felt everything he did got undone. He told her he was quitting the law and his friends. He let her know that he felt that they were a distraction and that he would put them in harm's way. Temple tried to make him change his mind, but he ignored her and still refused to visit Nelson. After she left, Hand ninjas began to scale the side of the hospital. Murdock heard this and put on his helmet.[18]

Daredevil fights the Hand in Metro-General

Just after the ninjas killed Louisa Delgado, Daredevil arrived, saving Temple and fighting the ninjas. The battle was long, as the ninjas tried to reclaim their victims. Temple tried her best to fight, but one of the ninjas knocked her out of a window. Daredevil jumped out and saved her, using one of the ropes from the Hand had used to scale the building. The Hand, unfortunately, escaped with Daniel Gibson and the others.

Murdock explains the Hand to Temple

Afterwards, Murdock got changed into his street clothes and explained to Temple about the Hand and what they wanted. Temple was against Murdock going after the Hand alone, saying this might be his downfall, but he he stated that he had it handled. Then, Brett Mahoney called Murdock, explaining that Karen Page was attacked and was at the 15th Precinct Police Station.[39]

Figuring Out the Blacksmith

Murdock is rejected by Karen Page

Murdock, outside the 15th Precinct Police Station, waited for Karen Page. When she saw him, she revealed that Frank Castle saved her when someone shot up her apartment. She revealed that she may be the Blacksmith's target, because she was researching the Massacre at Central Park. Murdock wanted to follow her when she was about to leave, but she told him, coldly, that she was not his to protect.

Daredevil confronts Blake Tower

Later in the evening, Daredevil confronted Blake Tower, who was trying to leave town. Daredevil demanded that Tower tell him all that he knows about the Blacksmith, but Tower revealed that he had very little information, except a code name. Tower then suggested that the one person who might know more would be the Blacksmith's rival: a drug dealer in Chinatown.

Daredevil infiltrates the dry cleaners

Daredevil infiltrated a dry cleaner that was serving as the drug lord's lair. He fought and knocked out the guards before going to the basement. There he found Madame Gao, who was busy painting. Daredevil warner her to call off her men or he would break their legs, and she she stated that once he was satisfied that they were alone, they would talk.

Daredevil is informed about the Blacksmith

Daredevil demanded information about the Blacksmith. She told him that his identity and very nature was a mystery. However, she knew that he sold pure heroin that was brought in by ship.

Daredevil stops Frank Castle from killing

Daredevil arrived at the pier and stopped Castle from killing a man whom Castle thought was the Blacksmith. After that, the two began to fight. Castle was furious at Daredevil, blaming him for ruining his moment of peace. However, Daredevil warned him that killing the wrong man would mean his revenge would be false and that, on some level, he knew that.

Daredevil allows Punisher to do things his way

Again, Castle stated that Daredevil's way of justice didn't help end crime and killing the Blacksmith was the best solution. Daredevil admitted that his way wasn't working and suggested that just this once, they do things Castle's way. Castle then stated that once someone kills another person, they can never go back from what they did. Daredevil warned Castle about men he heard approaching. He told Castle they needed to get off the ship, and in response, Castle pushed Daredevil into the water. The men shot at the boat, which exploded from the gunpowder held below decks. Daredevil, later that evening, went back to dry land, hearing both Brett Mahoney and Karen Page arrives on the scene with the police.

Murdock learns that Elektra plans to kill Stick

Murdock went back into his apartment and heard a car screeching out of control. He walked outside, noticing a car crashed into the side of the street. He found out that the driver was one of Stick's soldiers of the Chaste, who informed Murdock that Elektra planned to kill Stick. [39]

The New Black Sky

Daredevil stops Elektra from killing Stick

Daredevil found Stick's hiding place, and before the fight between him and Elektra continued, Daredevil steps in and breaks it up. Then, Hand ninjas ambush the three, who fight Daredevil and Elektra, vanish and take Stick with them. Daredevil is confused, not being able to locate a trail, but still plans on saving Stick. Elektra chimed in that she will kill Stick, and threatens to kill him if he stands in her way. With that, she kissed him and left.

Murdock and Nelson end their firm

Later, Murdock entered his office, reading a Braille subway map. Foggy Nelson was inside, as well, packing his things from his office. Murdock told Nelson that he thinks the Hand are using subway tunnels to secretly move throughout Hell's Kitchen without being detected. Nelson had an idea, referring to his bootlegging grandfather during Prohibition, that it may be abandoned railway tunnels, encouraging Murdock to look through them. Nelson and Murdock pause in there office for the last time, feeling a sense of sadness and relief that Nelson and Murdock was over.

Daredevil is ambushed by Hand ninjas

Later, Daredevil went inside the abandoned railway tunnel and, no sooner as he enters, is ambushed by Hand ninjas. He is easily able to fight them off, listening to the metal of their swords weapons, but the ninjas caught on and sheathed their weapons, while attacking him with their fists. Daredevil became helpless, Not being able to defend himself from the ninjas.

Daredevil listens to all Stick's instructions

Then, suddenly, Daredevil heard the soft whispering voice of Stick, being tortured by Hirochi, instructing him to listen to the ninjas' exhalations. Daredevil does as instructed and, as a result, is able to knock out all of them. After that, he continued down the tunnel for Stick.

Daredevil rescues Stick from the Hand

Daredevil finally finds him and is attacked by Hand ninjas, who were guarding Hirochi. Hirochi thought he was safe, but Stick bites Hirochi on the neck. Daredevil freed him, then Stick told him how proud he is. However, Elektra arrived, wanting to kill Stick. Then, Nobu Yoshioka appeared, demanding that Stick tell them why they are all here.

Daredevil learns that Elektra is the Black Sky

Daredevil demanded that Yoshioka take him instead of Stick and Elektra, but Yoshioka states that he just wants Elektra, revealing that she is the Black Sky, the weapon of the Hand. Stick is aggravated that she found out about the truth, but Daredevil denies it as true, pleading with Elektra she must be the one to define herself. Yoshioka and the Hand knelt down and offers his sword to her; she accepts and demands Daredevil to leave.

Daredevil gives Elektra one final chance

She continued to recall how she fought her violence nature her entire life, but now as the Black Sky, she can embrace it. Then, heartbroken, Daredevil tells her that it would mean killing him, for he is the Hand's enemy. She puts her sword to his neck, but she hesitates. He, then, grabbed Elektra's sword and held it up to her neck, giving her one last chance to fight off the Hand with him and Stick. He releases her and they both fight them off.

Daredevil fights against Nobu Yoshioka

In the middle of the battle, Elektra stops fighting and grabs Stick so they can both escape. He states he still wants her dead, but he won't for Murdock's sake, revealing that Murdock was trying to save Elektra from a line that she'd never come back from. Daredevil, then, fought with Yoshioka for a while and then escapes with Elektra and Stick while the ninjas watched. [20]

Questioning Stick

Daredevil cleaning the blood off Stick's face

Back at his apartment, Murdock tied Stick to a chair, stating that he and Elektra will be the only ones fighting the Hand, stating that he still does not have a plan. Before Stick could make a snarky comment, Murdock taped his mouth. Then, he met Elektra on the rooftops. The both of them decided the best course of action was to expose Nobu Yoshioka as a fraud to his followers.[40]

Melvin Potter's Upgrades

Daredevil is given upgrades by Melvin Potter

"Melvin, I... I don't know what to say."
"Don't say anything. I mean, the papers might not report it, but some of us in Hell's Kitchen, we know who's really looking out for us."
―Daredevil and Melvin Potter[src]

Then, Daredevil took Elektra to Melvin Potter, where he fitted her in special body armor. He, then, gave Daredevil a new billy club made of a special design. Daredevil told Potter that he could not thank him enough, but Potter simply stated that he is glad that there are some people in Hell's Kitchen who was looking out for them.[40]

Brett Mahoney's Update

Murdock receiving the call from Foggy Nelson

Daredevil and Elektra then went back to his Apartment, as they began to look for the whereabouts of Nobu Yoshioka. Then, Foggy Nelson called him from the 15th Precinct Police Station. He told him that Brett Mahoney had been forced to give men information about Daredevil. He hung up and left.

Daredevil getting updated by Brett Mahoney

Murdock met up with Mahoney near the fire escape at the precinct, as he was quick to joke that, at this point, he can only trust the vigilante. He informed him that he was forced to give mysterious people the files on Daredevil's actions or they would kill his mother. Mahoney told him that the files had the names of all the people he has saved, Murdock put the pieces together and left for Karen Page's Apartment, only to find it completely empty.[40]

Tracking Down the Hand

Daredevil getting helped to refocus by Elektra

Daredevil was on the rooftop, trying really hard to hear the location of the Hand's hostages, but becomes incredibly frustrated. Daredevil informed Elektra that he unable to listen through all the other noises going on. Elektra suggested blocking all other noises and to listen for the hostages. Daredevil does just that and, finally, hears the bus that is transporting them.

Daredevil and Elektra discuss their attack plan

Daredevil and Elektra finally arrives at the Hand's hideout. They are about to enter, but Elektra thought it was best to stay behind, thinking it a trap and stating that it would be best that the Hand did not retrieve the Black Sky, especially if it meant complete destruction to thousands, compared to a few. With that, Daredevil descends to the hideout.[40]

Attack on the Hand

Daredevil saving the hostages from the Hand

Before the Hand could cut off Turk Barrett's ankle, Daredevil crashed inside and knocked them out. He frees all the hostages and asks Karen Page if she is all right. After Page answered, he freed her.

Daredevil is from the Hand saved by Elektra

However, more Hand ninjas appeared and began to fight him. As one was about to attack, Elektra stabbed the ninja in the back, claiming she got bored waiting for him. They found out that the only way out was on the roof, as they head upstairs. They stopped near a door, where Daredevil claimed that he could sense an army of Hand ninjas; they both took a moment, acknowledging that this might be their last fight.

Daredevil and Elektra imagine a life together

Elektra states that she is ready to meet her fate, but Daredevil removed his Helmet, stating if they get out alive, he wants to leave New York City with her. She states that he belongs in New York, but he responds by saying she made him feel more alive than the city.

Daredevil witnesses Elektra dying in his arms

Daredevil and Elektra finally make it to the top and battle Hand ninjas. A lot of the Ninjas were easily defeated, but Nobu Yoshioka was much more a superior fighter, able to knock Daredevil's helmet off. Yoshioka was about to stab Daredevil with his Kyoketsu-Shoge, but Elektra attacked him, which caused Yoshioka to stabs her by accident with her own Twin Sai. She gave her final farewell to Daredevil and died in his arms, claiming that this was not the end.

Daredevil furiously battling Nobu Yoshioka

Yoshioka was enraged that he lost the Black Sky and he ordered his men to finish him off. Daredevil, filled with anger, fights then, but finds out that the ninjas were being shot down. He senses the Punisher, who was sniping the Ninjas down for him.

Daredevil flinging Nobu Yoshioka off the roof

Daredevil walked away, letting the Punisher finish off the rest of the ninjas, and battled Yoshioka. After a bit of a struggle, he used his new billy club to fling him off the roof and win the battle. The Punisher looked at Daredevil and said "see you around, red," then left. Now alone, Daredevil could only walk over to Elektra's lifeless body, take her hand and mourn her demise.[40]

Truth Revealed

Confession to Karen Page

Murdock visits Elektra's grave with Stick

"I have... I have something..."
"No, I don't want it."
"I have something that I need you to see... I'm Daredevil."
―Matt Murdock and Karen Page[src]

With the threat of the Hand seemingly dealt with for the time being, Murdock and Stick visited Elektra's grave. Filled with too much grief, Murdock could not find any words to say, so Stick wondered if Murdock thought it worth it to love her, to which Murdock said that even though Stick opposed it, it was. Stick smiled and called Murdock the toughest person he knew, then they left, with Stick returning to the Chaste while Murdock remained in New York City to continue his own fight.

Murdock tells Karen Page that he is Daredevil

Making his mind up about what was best for the people around him, Murdock asked Karen Page to meet him at the old Nelson and Murdock Law Office, which she reluctantly agreed to. As Murdock walked down the streets of New York and entered the building, he found Page waiting there for him. Murdock nervously told her that he had something to show her, though Page told him that she did not want whatever it was. Murdock, however, insisted and eventually pulled out his Daredevil helmet. Page looked at the new revelation in shock and Murdock revealed that he is Daredevil.[40]

Murdock agrees to talk with Karen Page

After reeling from the revelation, Murdock was introduced by Page again back in his apartment. Murdock invited Page in his guest room and was asked if he can see Page for her curiosity. Murdock told Page that he can not see Page and that it was different and maybe better. As Page further questioned Murdock's abilities, he explained that could sense people before meeting them, such as knowing where Page was in an Indian restaurant when they first dated due to the curry he smells off her clothes and the drink under her breathe, noting that it well made Page uncomfortable.

Murdock apologizes to Karen Page for his lies

After Murdock explained his abilities to Page and proved it by stating her recent activities simply through his senses, he told Page that she had every right to be angry and should of told her from the very start of their relationship. While Page still felt angry about Murdock's activities and recent behavior, she admitted that she couldn't stay angry at someone who saved her. Understanding Page's statement, Murdock agreed her justification on her anger for breaking the trust of a friend who saved her life twice. Murdock then offered Page if wanted a drink and was accepted, much to her surprise.

Murdock promises to not be Daredevil again

Getting Page a drink from his kitchen and offering her upfront, Murdock was told that his act of being blind was fake, agreeing with the statement and apologizing afterwards. Page then asked for where the suit was, pointing at his closet. While Page looked at Murdock's suit, he expressed that he'll leave Daredevil behind for good and that he didn't need Daredevil in his life anymore. As Page was in disbelief in Murdock's statement, he placed Page's hand on to his chest where his heart was beating and told that he doesn't Daredevil to be apart of him, but Page was not sure Daredevil was the problem.[41]

Return to Normality

Murdock defending Aaron James inside court

"Maybe you will walk again. I hope so. But maybe you won't. But your ability to get through it, as this gets harder, that is a hundred times more powerful than just slapping a smile on your face and pretending like everything is just fine. Do you understand?"
―Matt Murdock to Aaron James[src]

Mourning Elektra and blaming himself for her death, Murdock quit being Daredevil and decided to refocus his efforts of helping people through the justice system as a lawyer. Months after his conflict against the Hand, Murdock worked on a case for Aaron James a boy paralyzed by the the chemicals used in Berkowitz's companies subway. Murdock won the case and gained the family an eleven million dollars settlement.

Murdock talks to Aaron James' predicament

Before going to meet the press, Murdock had a talk with James about his well being. As he accepted that he was fine, Murdock told James how much the money would help his parents, telling him that it will only get harder once he realized everybody's going to tell him how to feel. Wanting to have his life back, Murdock told James that the people around him would not help him regain what he already lost. Telling him the possibility of walking, Murdock told James that having the strength from his recovery is a hundred times more powerful than just putting up a smile.

Murdock accepts Karen Page's invite to lunch

After advising to get James' life back together, Murdock was then greeted by Karen Page who had came to congratulate him on the case. Once Murdock was happily accepting the gratitude, Murdock was stunned by the sight to see her again. Being told it was okay to feel proud, Murdock took it as pride in his work and was later asked if he could be joined for lunch for a statement. Stuttering his words, Murdock gladly accepted Page's offer to interview him as well as conversant each other during their feast. Upon accepting his invitation, Murdock went over to the press for an interview.[42]

Catch up with Karen Page

Murdock talking about his life as Daredevil

"You know, as complicated as I feel about all this stuff, I just I feel like you should know. The NYPD is prevailing. I report on it every day, and the crime rate's down. I really think that Daredevil may have made the city a safer place."
"He might have. But right now, the city's better off without him."
Karen Page and Matt Murdock[src]

Getting lunch, Murdock told Karen Page how much of a great story about the school board scandal, agreeing how much her job as a reporter at the New York Bulletin was doing well for her. Murdock then told Page about what he has been doing as a pro bono lawyer was making him feel happy. After the waitress pours coffee for them and left the table, Page asked Murdock if he regretted telling her about his Daredevil Suit, to which he declined and stated that he couldn't lie to her anymore. Page then asked Murdock if he missed being Daredevil which he declined, telling her it was a chapter in his life that was closed.

Murdock accepting Karen Page's statement

Although he claimed that he didn't regret being Daredevil, Murdock expressed how he was unable to figure things out with his friends, despite Page's assurance of their relationship couldn't affect her and Foggy Nelson. Page then told Murdock that despite the complications, Daredevil might have made New York City safer due the amount of New York City Police Department's inference in crime; while Murdock agreed, he claimed that the city was better off without him. Murdock was then offered about his statement for the New York Bulletin about the court case of Aaron James, accepting it afterwards.[42]

Confession with Paul Lantom

Murdock makes a confession to Paul Lantom

"This other life you led, is your heart still with it or is your heart with one who walked through it by your side?"
"Elektra. Yeah. I do miss her. But how do I know that the things she brought out of me were wrong?"
"From what you told me about her, I think she'd be happy about how well your doing."
Paul Lantom and Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock went for a confession at Clinton Church and told Paul Lantom that he lied to someone he cared about. Murdock admitted that he missed the other life that he left behind. Lantom reasoned that Murdock's lie could lead him to the truth and that it might be a sign of Murdock's indecision. Lantom further asked if he felt guilty due to his longing for his other life or because of Elektra's death. Murdock admitted that he greatly missed her, despite knowing that the things she brought out of him were wrong. Lantom told Murdock that he must move on and find peace within him.[42]

War for New York

Tremor and Chaos

Murdock feeling an incoming earthquake

"Don't do it, they're just kids."
―Matt Murdock[src]

Murdock returned home after a day of work. He went to grab a beer when he sensed an approaching wave of chaos in the city. Not long after, an earthquake began shaking over the entire city. Murdock braced himself in his apartment and waited for the tremor to pass. Once it passed, Murdock listened and heard all of the suffering and chaos that the earthquake had caused over the city. Unable to ignore it, Murdock went out of his apartment to see if he can help.[42]

Murdock overlooks the city from the rooftop

On the rooftop, Murdock began listening to the city. Eventually, Murdock heard a group of youths who went to steal a television screen from a store. They were discovered by the shop owner who then pulled a gun. Hearing the noise, Murdock was going to leave but decided to go rescue the children before things could escalate. Murdock jump onto rooftop to rooftop, until he made his way to where they were. Murdock managed to reach them in time to witness the shop owner begin shooting at them.

Murdock defeats all the armed store owners

Upon arriving, Murdock quickly threw a pipe at a light source to confuse the store owner and let the kids quickly escape. Murdock responded quickly and dispatched the shop owner. When his armed assistant arrived, Murdock pleaded him to let the youth go. When the assistant began firing at him, Murdock dispatched and disarmed him as well. Murdock was questioned by the assistant about who he was but quickly left the area. Murdock returned home in the morning and took a deep breath after entering the apartment.

Murdock finding his Daredevil Suit in his closet

Murdock went to the kitchen to wash the blood on his hand that he received from the fight that he had. Murdock then equipped himself a medkit in order to treat his bruises on his hand until he then pushes it to the side with anger and frustration. Murdock took a deep breath again and hopes to clear his mind for this incident of what happened. Murdock felt conflicted about his vigilante act and looked at an old briefcase that had not opened in while. Murdock opened the case and briefly contemplated to put on the suit once again before he was called by Foggy Nelson.[25]

Reunion with Foggy Nelson

Murdock and Foggy Nelson reunite at Josie's

Murdock met to have a drink with his old friend at Josie's Bar, as they talked about their work. Foggy Nelson congratulated Murdock on winning the case and asked if he intended to remain pro bono, to which Murdock replied that he intended, too. Nelson was doing well working at Hogarth and Associates, and having a relationship with Marci Stahl. Their conversation soon turned to Murdock's vigilantism because Nelson had noticed the bruises on his hands. Nelson offered files of cases that could keep Murdock busy from doing his vigilantism again, as Murdock accepted the files and thanked his friend.[25]

Representing Jessica Jones

Murdock introduces himself to Jessica Jones

"Jessica Jones, stop talking. Hi. This is over."
"Who the hell are you?"
"I'm Matthew Murdock, your attorney."
―Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones[src]

Murdock was contacted by Foggy Nelson to be an attorney for Jessica Jones. During the evening, Murdock arrived in time to stop Misty Knight's interrogation and introduced himself as Jones' attorney. Once Knight left the room, Murdock set his bag down and took off his jacket before he had to have a talk with Jones. Asked by Jones if she was a public defender, Murdock told her that a friend of Jeri Hogarth had recommended her in case of any trouble.

Murdock attempting to talk to Jessica Jones

Not knowing that Hogarth did diversity hires, Murdock told Jones that he was independent and does not work for Hogarth's firm. Jones told Murdock that she would not be paying him but Murdock would then express that she doesn't have to. As Jones assumed that Hogarth had already paid him, Murdock accepted that idea and told her that he was a Catholic and had a soft spot for hopeless causes. Murdock asked Jones about how long she was a private investigator but she rejected to expose that information, proving to be uncooperative. Murdock began telling Jones if she was always rude towards the people trying to help her, irritating Jones afterwards.

Murdock attempts to question Jessica Jones

Being told that she would find her own lawyer, Murdock claims that she doesn't need one since after talking to Knight about the mess she has been in the way of, the New York City Police Department doesn't have anything to hold her on, further explaining that Jones was part of an active crime scene, resulting into follow up questions. Murdock then started bring himself closer and started to stumbling tell her about Kilgrave, abruptly being told that it has nothing to do with the incident. Murdock then proceeded to ask if there is anything out of the ordinary, but Jones dismisses his question.

Murdock attempts lose Jessica Jones' tracks

As the conversion became apparent, Murdock told Jones that she was free to leave the station. Once Jones got out of the room, Murdock heard her phone with Malcolm about what happened last night. Murdock began following Jones to learn about what she knew but during his following in the streets, he lost track of her, resulting into Jones following Murdock. Realizing that he was being followed, Murdock headed to an alley and promptly made his escape, leaping up the side of the building and climbing up the fire escape that allowed him up onto the roof, believing that he had not been seen doing so.[43]

Escape from Midland Circle

Murdock telling Jones to leave the building

"In the penthouse."
"How do you know?"
"I just do. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid. I need that."
―Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones[src]

Eventually, Murdock managed to resume following Jones when she was entering Midland Circle. Grabbing her arm and pulling her to the side, Murdock told her to leave the building, being told afterwards that she'll harm him for touching her, Murdock told Jones that he has been in Midland Circle before and is in serious danger, knowing that her case had lead to her into something really sinister. Having her in disbelief, Murdock told her talk somewhere else but Jones refused and revealed that she had witnessed and photographed him escaping from the alley, leading Murdock to smash her camera.

Daredevil walks with Jessica Jones into battle

Before they could continue, Murdock heard a gunshot fired off from the penthouse, being asked about how he could hear that by Jones. Answering her question, Murdock told Jones that he can hear danger from far away and took her scarf as a makeshift mask. Going inside at the back of the building, Murdock avoided the obstacles in the stairways with workers doing their jobs, going as fast as he could upstairs. Finally reaching up on the floor she's going through, Murdock reached into the location with Jones using an elevator. As they walk together, Murdock was told that he looked like an asshole which he responded that it was her scarf.

Daredevil furiously fighting against Black Sky

Soon after, Luke Cage smashed through a nearby wall and was followed closely behind by Danny Rand. As both cage and Jones introduced each other and Rand advised them to escape the building, Murdock warned them that someone was coming, revealing to be Elektra. Once she arrived, Jones advised them to leave only for more Hand fighters appear from behind and began attacking them. Daredevil began fighting against one of the Hand fighters and aggressively subdued him. Not long after, Daredevil began fighting against Elektra after she snuck up behind him.

Daredevil being saved from Elektra by Iron Fist

During the fight, Daredevil kicked Elektra and dodged her attacks but was punched into another room with glass windows, where he continued his fight. As the fight began, Elektra used her sword against Daredevil but was fast enough to dodge the many swing she can try to kill him. As they damaged the many objects surrounding the room, Daredevil began to avoid her attacks for so long that her sword had revealed to be in two. Dodging the many attempts to slice up him up, Daredevil was eventually subdued and was forced to the floor by his adversary.

Daredevil escaping with the other Defenders

While lying on the ground, Daredevil then heard Elektra's breathing patterns and to his shock, he had realized that it was Elektra who was fighting him. Looking confused of this revelation before she could kill him, Daredevil was rescued by Rand who came to check up on anyone else in the building and smashed through Elektra's swords, blowing her out away with the Iron Fist. With her out of the way, Daredevil was given a hand by Rand, getting up on his feet after a fight. Moving on from the scene, Daredevil ran through the hallway with Rand and retreated back onto an elevator in order to escape Midland Circle building.[43]

Defenders Unite

Murdock hides inside the Royal Dragon

"I know who you are."
"No, you don't. Trust me."
"Yes, I do. You're the Devil of Hell's Kitchen."
Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock[src]

During the nighttime, Murdock escaped Midland Circle and entered into the Royal Dragon restaurant with the others. After Danny Rand convinced the owner to let them stay, in return for paying for six months of rent and ordering food, Murdock listened on how the Hand had gained influence on certain groups around the world, as Luke Cage and Jessica Jones began to ask questions, Murdock explained that they are up to something more secret and evil. Once Rand expressed that they needed to find him because of his Chi, Murdock asked him again about it to which the group began to dismiss his identity.

Murdock being interrupted by Luke Cage

Once Cage asked Rand about Elektra was, Rand expressed that he had no idea but had fought her in Cambodia and Jones told him that person went after her client. Having raised any suspicions, Murdock asked about what had happened to her client, Jones accepted and asked if he knows the killer, to which Murdock lied about not knowing her. Realizing he doesn't want to be apart of the situation, Murdock attempted to leave, but was stopped by Cage who demanded to reveal more information but dismisses his request.

Murdock being asked to join in on the group

Murdock was then threatened by Cage to take off the mask, but decided to threaten him back for fight. When Jones demanded to have a word with Murdock, he took Cage's hand off his shoulder before things got physical and started privately talk. As he was getting ready to leave, Murdock told Jones to lose his card and has been through the same road before. Jones told Murdock that she knows who he is and before he moved on, she told him that he was the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Rejecting her accusation, Jones told him that it was her job to realize that and had photographic evidence that was destroyed.

Murdock revealing his identity to the others

Asking what she wanted, Murdock listened on about how she needed to complete her case and have nothing to do with the Hand, giving him the choice to fight with the group. Contemplating, Murdock then he took off Jones' scarf, as he walked over to the group, giving the scarf back, and revealed his identity. Once they were settled down, the team decided have a meal together. Murdock was asked how he was Daredevil to which he responded that it was a long story and rather not tell but he needed to keep it a secret to protect the people he cares about.

Murdock chatting and talking with the others

As Rand expressed that he had the urge to fight back, Murdock remained adamant that they couldn't fight the Hand. As Rand had to further explain that he needed to fight them together, Murdock was surprised at the revelation and expressed that he means well, but needed to be rational about they proceed towards them. They were soon greeted by the arrival of Stick. Murdock was hostile when his old master arrived and warned his allies that they shouldn't trust him. Stick revealed that he was now the last member of the Chaste and the only one who could stop the Hand were the four of them. Stick aggravated Jones and made her leave. Murdock chose to remain to listen to what Stick had to say.

Murdock and Luke Cage spy on their enemies

Once Stick finished his tale, the Defenders began preparing themselves for the Hand's arrival. Murdock talked to his old mentor about Elektra's resurrection. Stick warned him that Elektra was no longer the woman he knew. She was only Black Sky now. Eventually, the Defenders were interrupted by the arrival of Alexandra Reid. Reid tried to convince Rand to join her only to be refused. Reid summoned Elektra but before they could fight, she was interrupted by the return of Jones who smashed a car through the restaurant and hit Elektra. Jones rejoined the Defenders as they all prepared themselves to fight.[22]

Murdock and Iron Fist fighting Murakami

Once Murdock and the Defenders were prepared to fight against Elektra, they were soon met with the arrival of the Hand reinforcement led by Murakami, Madame Gao and Sowande. During the fight, Murdock and Rand personally fought against Murakami and swiftly dodged his attacks that resulted into defeating him in close combat. When more reinforcements arrived to surround them, Murdock had to think closely and fought the closer to him. Once Murdock subdued one the reinforcements, he broke away from the group to personally fight against Elektra. After a swift tackle, Murdock spoke to Elektra about having to talk to her but taken out from his grasp and began to kick him out of the restaurant.

Murdock attempting to reconnect with Elektra

Now outside of the diner, Murdock tried to make Elektra return to her senses by fighting against her by using grappling techniques to get her to think. As he explained how she died, Murdock was closely defeated until he managed to make her hesitate when he spoke her name, asking what had the Hand had done to her. Once Murakami began confronting him, Murdock moved out the way as Elektra escaped after she punched the man aside. Murdock rejoined his allies and retreated to Chikara Dojo. The group was soon joined by Cage, who had been separated during the battle and captured Sowande.[24]

Questioning of Sowande

Murdock and the others surrounding Sowande

"You know nothing of the power of the Hand. You are mice who fell into a well. Believe me, this will drown you."
"What do you want with our city?"
"Your city? This place belongs to the Hand. It always has."
Sowande and Matt Murdock[src]

Now that Sowande had been blindfolded and strapped to a chair, Murdock and the others took him to an abandoned theater where he was tied up as they waited for him to regain consciousness. Once Jessica Jones had woken Sowande up with a slap, Sowande was questioned about why the Hand were now in New York City, only for Stick to confirm about the information won't be given up so easily due to being trained in K'un-Lun to never give out any secrets.

Murdock and the others interrogate Sowande

Demanding any answers, Murdock asked Sowande what he wanted with New York, only for Sowande to tell him that the city had always belonged to the Hand for centuries, with Jones noting that she had traced them over back to 1820. When Danny Rand questioned what the Hand wanted with him, Sowande mocked Rand for his refusal to ever serve them. As they listened to him, Sowande told the group that the Hand wanted the Iron Fist, not Rand himself before proceeding to mock all the group and threatened to kill all their friends, leading to Jones knocking him out.[24]

Protecting his Allies

Murdock tells Karen Page about the Hand

"It's after midnight."
"Yeah. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important."
"I'm gonna need a little more than that."
"It's the Hand. They came for you before, Karen. I can't let that happen again."
Karen Page and Matt Murdock[src]

Once the Defenders left Stick to guard Sowande, Murdock managed to find Karen Page inside of the New York Bulletin Building and proceeded to talk to her about something important about the Hand, noting that they came before her and can't let that happen again. Having Page in disbelief of what he is doing, Murdock had to express his concerns with her and had decided to return as Daredevil, with Page understanding his decision but not his reasoning. Once Page tries to not be apart of Daredevil's life, Murdock told her that the Hand will come after his and needed Page to be protected. As Page decided to go along with him, Murdock grabbed and dressed Page's jacket and told her that she deserves better.

Murdock catches up with Stick's antics

Eventually, Murdock was joined by Stick who had returned from taking Page into the 29th Precinct Police Station where she would be safe alongside the rest of their friends. As Stick claimed to be trying to protect him from his two worlds colliding, Murdock told him that this was merely Stick's latest attempt to manipulate him into joining the Chaste and get into the fight which he had no desire to be a part of despite his manipulation. Stick then told Murdock to lead the Defenders, claiming that the Iron Fist was not a suitable leader for them.

Murdock tells Stick that he will not be a leader

With Stick's attempt to persuade his view, Murdock claimed that he had no desire to lead anybody into any kind of fight, but Stick noted that he should have more faith in God's plan for him, annoying Murdock over his faith being used against him. Noticing that Stick was trying to manipulate him by reminding of his duty to protect New York City, Murdock decided to leave and demanded that Stick to not try and tell him who he was, already knowing what he's fully aware of the kind of man he really was.[24]

Rescue of Trish Walker

Daredevil saves Jessica Jones from a fight

"Scarf looked better... Nice ears."
"They're horns."
Jessica Jones and Daredevil[src]

After having his brief talk with Stick, Daredevil donned on his suit once again and managed to follow Jones to a location where she retrieved her adoptive sister, Trish Walker, who was talking about the recent New York City Earthquake with a team of producers on her show. As Jones tried to escort Walker out of the building, they were ambushed by Murakami. As Jones was confronted by Murakami, the two dueled each other, with Murakami gaining the advantage before pulling a dagger out from his jacket, Jones was saved by Daredevil used his billy club to disarm the dagger out of his hand.

Daredevil being insulted by Jessica Jones

Having taken the advantage, Daredevil was discovered by Murakami and both he and Jones worked together to defeat their opponent. Murakami was then overpowered by the combination of Daredevil's speed and agility combined with Jones' remarkable strength. Before Murakami was beaten down, Daredevil witness him getting knocked over the railing by Jones, only to vanish. Once they were done fighting, Daredevil was then told by Jones that scarf was better looking and sarcastically complimented his horns before correcting her.[24]

Secrets Revealed

Daredevil furiously interrogating Sowande

"Her name is Elektra. She was raised by him. Trained to fight the Hand. Which she did, with me. Until they convinced themselves she could serve another purpose and killed her."
"She looked pretty alive back there."
"I know, but I was there when they... I was holding her when she died."
―Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones[src]

Eventually, the Defenders returned to the abandoned building, Daredevil used his billy club to wrap a wire tightly around Sowande's neck as he began questioning the Hand's schemes while Sowande struggled to breath. Sowande continued to taunt Murdock, calling him by his commonly used name of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, while claiming that he could not kill him, and even if he did, he would still come back fighting, promising that the Hand would still win. When Sowande briefly mentioned Elektra, Daredevil tightened his grip around Sowande's throat, demanding to know why they had dug up her grave and wanting to know what they had turned her into.

Daredevil knocks Sowande unconscious

As Sowande claimed that Elektra was dead and that she was the Hand's own weapon now as the Black Sky, Daredevil then asked Sowande about the Black Sky, demanding to know what they had done to her and tightening the wire when Sowande refused to answer. Daredevil then told Sowande that Elektra had been given a chance to kill him and refused, calling her a defective weapon; however, Sowande claimed that if this was the case, then the Hand would be forced to execute her, which enraged Daredevil. As the group check on Sowande, Murdock was forced to tell the truth about Elektra.

Daredevil explains his relations toward Elektra

As the group decided to ask for what had happened between him and Elektra, Murdock explained that she was raised by Stick and taught her how to fight just like himself but soon left the Chaste to assume another purpose. Unfortunately, once Elektra had rejected being the Black Sky, Daredevil witness her being killed. Just as Stick insisted that on killing Elektra, Murdock decided to spare her. As Luke Cage argued with Murdock, Sowande woke up and held Rand hostage. Sowande revealed that now that they had the Iron Fist, they could complete their goal, only for Stick to behead him, freeing Rand.[24]

Fighting Iron Fist

Murdock tells Stick about not killing Sowande

"Fine. I'll go back to doing this without you if I have to. I've already lost one city. I'm not losing another."
"Me neither."
"Really? You're gonna try and keep me here against my will?"
"I hear what you're saying, Danny, and no one loves this city more than I do, but you can't leave this room."
Danny Rand and Matt Murdock[src]

After Stick decapitated Sowande with his sword, Murdock insisted that he didn't need to kill him but Stick told him that it was better than them to capture the Iron Fist. As Stick now believes that Rand's Chi could be some kind of key to giving the Hand what they need, Rand remained unconvinced that he is a weapon and not a key; however, Murdock began to believe that this could be what the Hand was in New York City. Rand then tried to argue that Sowande was likely lying to them but Murdock told him that his heartbeat didn't waver for a second, leading to Rand to become greatly angry at the team.

Murdock telling Danny Rand to calm down

As Rand kept arguing against the team about how the Hand is letting them fall for their trap, the team decided to think about hiding Rand from them, causing him frustratingly decided to fight the Hand on his own. Murdock then insisted Rand stay against his will, knowing what he was arguing about but won't lose New York. As Rand tried to leave the theater, Murdock stepped in his tracks, letting Rand to furiously threaten the team as they went closer to him. Once he told Rand that he will be safe away from the Hand, Rand swiftly punched him in the face before he threatened him for being told to calm down.

Daredevil furiously fighting against Iron Fist

Becoming angry after getting hit in the face, Murdock landed a blowback towards Rand's face and pushed him across the room. As the fight started, Murdock tried to land a punch on Rand, dodging and blocking his attempts on harming him until Luke Cage tried to grab him. Recovering from his attempt upon Cage's grasp, Murdock went for flipping back kick on Rand, furthering their conflict with continuing to fight with each other. As Rand kept trying to gain the upper hand, Murdock countered his attacks and punched him across the face, causing Jessica Jones to intervene and stopping Murdock.

Murdock tying up Danny Rand to a chair

Once Jones attempted to calm him down, Murdock was kicked down by Rand before he recovered and pushed Jones out of the way. As the fight took a turn at Jones harming Rand, the fight resulted in Rand using his Chi against his team only for a concussive shockwave to erupt the theater's area, causing Murdock's hearing to go temporarily haywire. Once Rand attempted to use the opportunity to escape, Murdock stopped him by grabbing his leg and tripping on the ground, resulting into Jones to punch Rand in the face and letting him become unconscious before the team tied him up.[23]

Taking Down Midland Circle

Murdock explains happened in Midland Circle

"So you wanna tell me how a pro bono lawyer can afford a loft like this in New York City?"
"You can't tell now, but there's a neon billboard across the street. Keeps most people up at night. Not me."
"Got it."
"Plus, I occasionally help the landlord out. Not proud of it, but I put on the suit and rough up people late on rent."
"I hope that's a joke."
Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock[src]

Once Danny Rand was tied up, Murdock noted the group that the rope is a constrictor knot so that he couldn't escape so easily. Stick talked to the others about Midland Circle's involvement with Hand as it's headquarters, leading to Murdock to explain that he had been there with Elektra while it was being constructed and found a large hole in the center of it. As the remaining Defenders accused him of keeping vital information from them, Murdock insisted that the information he provided wasn't important but as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage kept stammering him, he understood that it was a mistake.

Murdock talking about his mundane life

As Murdock argued against Jones about opening up their past, Stick insisted on focusing on the mission before time runs out. As Stick wonders about going back to Midland Circle, Jones suggested that her client's husband designed the building, leading to both agreeing to arrive at Raymond Residence. Moving into Matt Murdock's Apartment, Jones waited for him to remove his Daredevil Suit. As Jones questioned his lifestyle's financial gain, Murdock commented on the neon billboard across the street and even helped his landlord by beating people up for not paying rent.

Murdock realizes his bookmark was removed

Having Jones to sarcastically hoping that his comment about beating people was a joke, Murdock apologized for the mess he made upon the New York City Earthquake, leading Jones to be accepting of his messy room compared to her home. Jones then asked Murdock about what he worked for, as Murdock replied that he used to have a partner and an office but now he doesn't. As he began putting away his suit, Murdock noticed that his book was left on the ground without his bookmark intact, leading into suspicions. Once Jones asked if he was ready to leave, Murdock told her that he was finally prepared, gathering his walking stick and jacket.[23]

Discovering the Construction

Murdock asking about Jessica Jones's client

"This isn't for the building. No, this is something else. This is something below the building.
"The hole?"
"No. Whatever this is, it's at the bottom of the hole."
Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock[src]

As Murdock and Jessica Jones walked into the streets of the city, Murdock was told if they reached they're location but was told that all the buildings look the same before she realized that he was blind. Accepting her apology, Murdock asks Jones about the architect, being told that his wife hired her to find John Raymond despite not knowing that a hole was present in Midland Circle. Jones noted that Raymond had said the Hand was going to take down the city, leading to Murdock ask if he worked for the Hand to which she was unsure since he told her that Raymond was one of the good guys.

Murdock and Jessica Jones meeting Lexi

Arriving at the Residence, Murdock and Jones introduced themselves to Lexi Raymond before she told them that her mom isn't home. Once Jones told Lexi that she needed to talk to her, Murdock told Lexi that her father was working for something and that there's more to her father's story. Asking if she could answer a couple of questions, Murdock and Jones enter the apartment and sat down in the guest room. Settling down, Murdock and Jones asked a question about what happened to his father upon killing himself, as Lexi was unsure what happened.

Murdock asking Lexi about her father's work

As Jones kept telling Lexi about what happened to her father wasn't her fault, Murdock listened to her about how her mother cries herself to sleep every night. Murdock asked Lexi about her father having an office in her house and was told that he kept his work and life separate. Leading to Jones to personally talk to Lexi, Murdock listened to Jones about a friend's dad was a boxer who got himself killed and her friend thought his father abandoned him until he learned the truth that his father was killed because he wanted his son to be proud of him, trying to say that Lexi's father was a good guy.

Murdock discovering the map inside the piano

Being told that her father was nice to the point where he was boring, Murdock laughed at Lexi's joke, much to Jones' discreet taste for his chuckle. As Lexi further told them that her father had changed from acting normal to acting strange, Murdock asks Lexi if she played piano before being told that her father did at some point. Murdock told Lexi that he used to play piano at church and asked if he could play to which she accepts. Stumbling upon the instrument, Murdock played a tone that was played but hit a note that was rustling on the strings, leading to Jones to open the top of the piano and looked at the plans to Midland Circle.[23]

Kidnapping of Iron Fist

Murdock asking Jessica Jones about his past

"You don't have to do this. All right? You don't belong to them. This is not who you are."
"It's good to see you."
Elektra and Matt Murdock[src]

Once Jessica Jones realized that a plan to blow up Midland Circle, Murdock was noted that a hole was below the building and something buried underneath. After knowing the structure of Midland Circle, Murdock and Jones left the Raymond Residence, knowing that John Raymond wanted the building to collapse. After being told about how deep the hole in the building was, Murdock asked Jones about how she knew about his father, to which she discover his background as a crime fighter, thinking if they work together, they would trust each other. Murdock told Jones that it was the nicest thing she said to him before being told to not get used to it.

Murdock telling Elektra to stop killing Stick

As they went back into their hideout, Murdock heard something was wrong inside, causing him to run after the noise before the situation could get worse. Getting close to their location, Murdock used his acrobatic skills to jump onto many boxes that reached over to the ceiling floor. Murdock hastily ran inside the room and found Elektra fighting against Stick and both Danny Rand and Luke Cage was unconscious. Noticing Elektra was near his presence, Murdock told her to stop whatever she was doing, telling her that she doesn't belong to the Hand and wasn't who she was before.

Murdock being defeated by Elektra

Despite Murdock's attempts, Elektra told him that she was happy to see him before Jones entered into the room. Murdock witnessed Elektra murdering Stick with her katana, landing into his heart. Feeling completely remorseful, Murdock tried to stop Elektra but was kicked across the room, leaving him unconscious. Once Murdock was knocked down, Elektra defeated Jones with her superior fighting skills as well as Luke Cage, leading Rand to be kidnapped and taken into the Hand's custody.[23]

Getting Cooperative

Murdock wakes up from being unconscious

"Look, Jess and I have been talking, and no matter what it takes no matter what we have to tell these cops, we gotta get to Midland Circle."
"Okay. So long as we're on the same page. Here is my official legal advice."
Luke Cage and Matt Murdock[src]

Once the New York City Police Department had been reported into the abandoned theater, Murdock was captured and changed clothing for evidence of any blood they find. After being unconscious for hours, Murdock woke up to find himself at the 29th Precinct Police Station and was freaked out from the blunt trauma he endured. As he settled down, Murdock was greeted by Foggy Nelson arrived and was told where he was and how he looked horrid, further explaining that the police took his shirt for blood samples.

Murdock talks to Foggy Nelson about Elektra

Sitting down to think about the situation, Murdock told Nelson that he needed to go so that the Hand won't use Danny Rand for something they've been planning. Taking a moment to mourn the loss of Stick, Murdock took his jacket to leave but was stopped by Nelson, claiming that he had no position to save anyone. Murdock then noted that Elektra had kidnapped Rand, much to Nelson's disbelief that his ex was still alive. Not caring of Nelson's beliefs, Murdock expressed that he needed to stop the Hand in order to figure out what their plans to do with New York City.

Murdock talking on behalf of Misty Knight

Just as he was done expressing what he was doing with the Hand, Murdock was introduced to Misty Knight who came to ask the many questions from their clients being past out and two of them dead. As Knight told them about the murders, she told him if he was accountable, letting Murdock joke describing how they sounded, much to Knight's discreetness. Despite that Knight wanted to ask what he witnessed, Murdock noted that he wanted to help, but can't disclose any information despite telling that Rand was way over his head.

Murdock listening to all Strieber's demands

Once Knight was told Murdock that he needed to figure out his situation, Murdock was then taken into a private office with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and asked them if they were okay from the incident. Being told by Jones if they had a flask on them, Murdock chuckled at her sense of humor before asking how the group was getting out of the station. The group was met with Strieber and Knight and had told them that they should give out any information as witnesses.

Murdock asks to privately talk with his clients

Murdock proposed that his two clients needed to go home due to emotional distress but Strieber had decided to lead on and asked them if there any gaps between what the Hand was doing. As Cage told them that they kidnapped Rand and can protect him, Strieber proceeded that the police have jurisdiction and was ready to call Blake Tower before Murdock told him that he needed to privately talk to his clients. Letting him proceed to do what does, Murdock was warned by Strieber to not intervene with his clients but Knight had persuaded him to let him talk with his clients.

Murdock speaks to Karen Page about his life

Once they were escorted out of the office and into another room, Karen Page told Knight to have a moment with Murdock, to which she agreed. Murdock was privately asked what he was doing and noted that it is hard to explain. Page told Murdock that soon the police will know of his Daredevil identity, much to his disagreement. Page noted that Murdock was rebuilding his life but told her that the situation he had brought himself into is his life and left her in the room. Murdock entered a room with his clients just before Cage had a brief moment to talk with Knight.

Murdock informing the group about the Hand

As the group had settled down to talk, Murdock told them that they don't have enough time, being told that Elektra almost had them killed and had no idea what she did with Rand. Noting what Stick has said, Murdock proposed that Rand may still be alive and had suspicions of what John Raymond had known what to do with what the Hand was planning to do. As Cage asked Murdock about where the Hand took Rand, Murdock proposed that they would take him to Midland Circle and as Jones was asked what Raymond was doing, she expressed that there was a hole.

Murdock privately talking with Foggy Nelson

Once Cage told the group that they needed to do something without getting arrested, Murdock heard Nelson knocking down the door and opened it, being told that they needed to talk privately. Murdock then hastily agreed to talk to Nelson from across the hallway and was told that his life and his vigilante lifestyle are close to colliding. Being aware of it, Murdock was noted that he needed to be safe before the police could press charges along with Nelson. As Murdock told him that he'll leave something important, Nelson gave him his bag of clothing before telling him to aware of being seen as a lawyer.

Murdock making a plan to escape the station

Once the two friends hugged each other, Murdock was curious enough to look at what's under his bag and realized there was his Daredevil Suit, giving him an idea for his escape. Going inside the other room, Cage and Jones had come up with the idea to agree on getting into Midland Circle, letting Murdock know that they were on the same page, he decided to tell their official legal advice. Murdock assisted the group to escape the room by breaking the walls, leaving the precinct.[44]

Traveling to Midland Circle

Murdock quickly hiding away from the police

"We're here for Danny Rand."
"The Iron Fist belongs to us."
"Well, we're not leaving here without him."
"Then I guess you're not leaving."
―Daredevil, Madame Gao, Jessica Jones, and Bakuto[src]

Once they had left the precinct and walk down the streets, Murdock had heard the sirens of the police and prompted the group to hide beside a container as one of the cars drove by. Remained undetected, Murdock overheard from afar that the police think that Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had kidnapped him, much to their passive anger. Letting them know they should avoid walking in the streets, Murdock was asked by Jones had told them if they should take a cab, but as he and Cage looked for their wallets, they realized that the police had took it all. As Jones looked inside Murdock's bag, she proposes to use her MetroCard for a ride on the train.

Murdock and the other Defenders on a train

Once they agreed on using the card for getting a ride on the public train, Murdock, Jones, and Cage went inside the train and waited for their destination. As Murdock was waiting, Jones had noticed a case of beer from a homeless man while he was sleeping. Taking an opportunity, to take on of his beer and drink it, Murdock had listened to her as she made an excuse for it. Once they arrived at Midland Circle, Murdock had to secretly don his Daredevil Suit before they had entered inside. As Jones and Cage had talked about the recent few days they had endured, Murdock finally wore his Suit and prepared to confront the Hand from the back ally.

Daredevil engaging into battle with the Hand

As they went inside the entrance of a parking lot, Daredevil had warned the group of anything that could threaten them. As he noticed that another group of three had waited for their arrival, Daredevil and his team had confronted Madame Gao, Murakami, and Bakuto and told them that they're in the building to retrieve Danny Rand. Gao, however, informed them that the Iron Fist now belonged to them, leading to a standoff as both teams prepared all of their weapons for their battle.

Daredevil fighting against the Hand leaders

As the battle began, Gao launched a container of concrete blocks at the Defenders which Daredevil jumped over and engaged in battle with Murakami and Bakuto, using his billy club to block and counter their moves. Despite being two of the Hand's greatest warriors, both Bakuto and Murakami both struggled to fight with Daredevil, using both his strong strikes and remarkable speed to avoid their deadly strikes and kept knocking them back, all while Gao fought against Jones and Cage alone. Being briefly outmatched by Bakuto, Daredevil dodged the many attacks being thrown.

Daredevil witnesses the Hand leaders escape

Daredevil managed to regain control as he threw Bakuto away from him, smashing him into yet another sheet of glass before they continued the fight, managing to knock Murakami away as he then engaged in a fight against Cage, leaving him to fight Bakuto alone. As Colleen Wing appeared at the scene, Daredevil engaged in battle with her as they fought against him, managing to land painful strikes against Bakuto in quick succession. Once Daredevil kicked Bakuto toward bricks and others were losing the battle, the Hand ignited sparks that hit a gas pipe, retreating from the fight.

Daredevil witnessing Misty Knight's arrival

Once Cage took care of the gas leakage and crush the pipe to extinguish it, Daredevil witnessed the Hand members who escaped before Wing was gaining suspicion over the bag she was carrying. Just as Misty Knight had driven her car to Midland Circle with Claire Temple, Daredevil and the group were told what they're doing around the building until she suggested how long she'll have to stall the approaching authorities that are after them. Once they know the police are coming, Daredevil went over to the back entrance of the building and told the group to follow him. Entering in the front of the Midland Circle building, Daredevil took his time to rest and focus.

Daredevil suggests to destroy Midland Circle

Once they grew concerns over Rand's location, Daredevil hears the ground floor and noticed that there was a structure underground, knowing he could be there. As Jones asked him how to get under the structure, Daredevil was unsure of what to do yet only to figure out what they need to go inside the elevators to reach beneath the ground. Wing then proposed an idea by opening her bag full of C4 explosives from the Police Station, knowing that John Raymond had a plan to bring the Hand down. Daredevil informed their suspicions of being the only ones to fight their leaders and not anyone else. Despite not agreeing with the plan, Daredevil suggested on bringing down the building.[44]

Destruction of Midland Circle

Daredevil settles the plan to defeat the Hand

"This is what we get, isn't it? For ever thinking we could make it work."
"Who says we didn't? We're together. Something I've wanted since I first laid eyes on you."
―Daredevil and Elektra[src]

As the group had settled in a circle, Daredevil tells Luke Cage about how Colleen Wing's plan to destroy Midland Circle was right, noting that it will shut down the Hand for good. Once Cage disagreed with the idea of bringing the building down, Daredevil told Cage that more people had suffered from the Hand such as Jessica Jones and Cole Miller. Despite being told that those people had nothing to do with the Hand, Daredevil pointed out that it will help the people in the future.

Daredevil agreeing on ending the Hand

As Cage still refused to go along with the plan, Claire Temple decided to agree with Daredevil on his point about ending the Hand. Knowing that the situation was insane, Temple noted that the group had been affected in some way due to their violent attacks. Daredevil then noted if they don't destroy the Hand the more people will perish, as Wing told Temple that if they take down the Hand, they're actions won't take down New York City. With Jones persuading Cage to go along the plan, Daredevil went along with a plan which Cage's agreement of not hurting any innocent civilian in the process.

Daredevil instructing the plan with the group

Moving around to the front counter, Daredevil had noted that the building's hole is located in the structural center. As Wing had pointed out where the whole was with John Raymond's map, Cage handed out one of the explosives as a remote detonator to Temple, prompting Daredevil to tell Wing that once the group is done fighting the Hand, they will detonate once the team gets out of the building. Despite Wing not wanting to stay behind, Temple persuaded her that they should stay behind. As the plan settled, Daredevil prompted to tell the team to follow him before the police could catch up.

Daredevil finds the secret passage of the Hand

As the team went along with him to check up on where the place had access of the hole, Daredevil had found that the place completely empty, guessing their was activity below the building. Finding any odd structure inside the walls, Daredevil used his sense of touch to detect the thin walls that activates as a door. Telling Cage to open the door, Daredevil and the team had discovered the elevator shaft that Hand had been closely working on. Knowing well how deep the hole was, Daredevil commented upon the group by saying that he's glad to find them before the awkward talk had ended.

Daredevil hearing multiple Hand members

Despite their unpreparation of fighting the Hand, Daredevil and the team walked inside the elevator and waited upon arrival. Hearing any sort of motion, Daredevil noted the team that they're ten stories far before they arrived. With Cage asking who were waiting for them, Daredevil told them that thirty henchmen are inside the hole, including Madame Gao, Murakami, and even Elektra before Jones had negatively asked. Daredevil noted that this battle was a bigger threat then they faced before, leading Jones to ask the group about how to handle the situation.

Daredevil attacks the members of the Hand

With Cage now thinking of a plan, the team had decided to leave behind Jones alone and have Cage and Daredevil hide before the Hand had been surprised. Once Jones had arrived inside the hole, she kept them distracted long enough for Daredevil to use his billy club to grapple the ceiling and kicked two goons with firearms. Once a fight had broken out, Daredevil began to fight against a henchman and switched over to fighting two other goons simultaneously. Running over the room, Daredevil defeated multiple henchmen before they could attack.

Daredevil and the team confront the Hand

As the other Defenders kept fighting against multiple men, Daredevil used his skills and enhanced senses to get through many henchmen as they kept running into him. As the team defeated multiple henchmen, Daredevil was confronted by many of them as they keep walking towards them. With Danny Rand now out the Hand's grasp, Daredevil asked him where was Alexandra Reid, being told that Elektra killed her. Expediently being asked by Jones if the elevator was the only way out, Daredevil told her that it was. Knowing the only way out of the building is together, Rand used his Chi to punch the Hand out of the way.

Daredevil fighting against the Hand's goons

As multiple Hand members were charging at the team, Daredevil fought them before they land a single blow at him. With one goon using a blunt weapon against him, Daredevil swiftly fought him and switched over to other two goons with knives, proceeding to front kick them in the face. As Rand began to lose the upper hand, Daredevil began charging against the goon and defeated him quickly. As two goons began shooting their guns at Cage and Jones, Daredevil and Rand knocked them out. As soon as Cage and Jones were battling Elektra, Daredevil attacked her but was proven to be a challenge.

Daredevil tells the team to leave the building

As Elektra tried to hold on her own, Daredevil would eventually gain the upper hand only to hear a loud beep from the detonator, causing him to get swept under his feet by Elektra. Trying to trade blows with her, Daredevil was enduring her punches until her landed onto her before being letting Jones take her off her feet and threw her across the room, temporarily knocking her out. Daredevil then told the team to get back into the surface, noting he will stay with Elektra. As the group had disagreed, Daredevil told them that they should bring Rand back as they already promised.

Daredevil being confronted by Elektra

As the team agreed to leave, Daredevil stopped Rand from moving and whispered in his ear, telling him to protect his city. Once the team was gone, Daredevil was confronted with Elektra and was asked if he was done hiding behind his team, responding that only she was hiding behind herself. Knowing that he lost her once, Daredevil remained composed before Elektra began attacking him. Daredevil grappled her and told her that he loved her only to be thrown across and onto the ground. Daredevil told Elektra that he doesn't want to hurt her but was told that his love will be his downfall.

Daredevil attempting to get through Elektra

As Daredevil holds his own, he was thrown down once again by Elektra to the point before spitting out blood. As he endured the pain, Daredevil tried to reconnect with Elektra and touched her face, telling her that they could walk out of the building. As Elektra was telling him that before she'll be able to die, Daredevil was caught off guard and had been sliced by one of her Twin Sais. As he laid on the ground, Daredevil told Elektra that the Hand took her life away and how she was not the Black Sky. Despite Elektra's disagreement, Daredevil told her that there was goodness in her when she was alive.

Daredevil exhaustively fighting against Elektra

With Elektra telling him that she never been so whole, Daredevil told her that they can still manage to get out of the building. Once Elektra threw her sword into the elevator shuttle, the team was temporarily stuck. Just as his team survived, Daredevil continued to fight against Elektra, trying to keep her from using her weapons. As soon as he used his Billy Club against Elektra, Daredevil asked her about killing him already only to get an answer of being fun but as soon as he gain the upper hand she taunted him for being alongside him when she'll died.

Daredevil passionately kissing Elektra

Becoming tired with throwing Elektra around, Daredevil was soon been grabbed by her from behind and as they grew fatigued, he commented on how they tried to make their relationship work being responded with having to be together forever. Removing himself out of her grasp, Daredevil attacked Elektra and once he was grabbed by her, she apologize about the way she handled their relationship but Daredevil retorted that they're going to die. Being told that their death is what leaving feels like, they both shared a kiss before the building had collapsed above the hole.[45]

Waking Up in St. Agnes

Daredevil unconscious after the explosion

"Get Maggie. Tell her he's awake."

In the aftermath of the fiery collapse of Midland Circle, Murdock managed to survive the cave-in when his unconscious body was swept by the waters of an underground sewer. Heavily injured and his suit destroyed by the damage it sustained, he found himself at one of New York's docks having been swept out there via sewer drain. Briefly regaining consciousness, Murdock began crawling away from the site before he lost consciousness again due to his injuries. The following morning, a man in a taxi discovered Murdock. Briefly waking up to grab the man, Murdock pleaded him to take him to Father Lantom. The driver managed to get into contact with Lantom who then brought Murdock to Clinton Church.

Murdock waking up inside Clinton Church

Briefly regaining his consciousness, Murdock overheard Lantom arguing with Maggie Grace about bringing the injured Murdock to the orphanage. Grace wanted to call the hospital, but Lantom urged her not to do so because Murdock would get arrested for being a vigilante. Lantom managed to convince her not to call the hospital by revealing him to be Jack Murdock's son. Murdock lost his consciousness again and entered into a coma.[41] Spending weeks unconscious due to his wounds, eventually, Murdock woke up and heard the nuns, who were watching over him, say to inform Grace that he was awake.[45]

Born Again

Losing Faith

Murdock awakening to find Paul Lantom

"I'd rather die as the Devil than live as Matt Murdock."
―Matt Murdock to Maggie Grace[src]

Murdock woke up with Grace and Lantom by his bedside when he asked about Elektra, Lantom reminded him that they had a funeral for her only for Murdock to reveal that Elektra was alive and by his side when Midland Circle collapsed but Lantom told him that he was the only one to escape the rubble. Murdock was asked by Lantom for this confession which Murdock refused.

Murdock is helped by Paul Lantom and Maggie Grace

During his recovery, some children found Murdock and asked him questions before Grace interrupted telling them to leave so she could clean his wounds. One day, Murdock, who was slowly regaining his enhanced abilities, was taken in a wheelchair by Paul Lantom to meet with Maggie Grace as they wanted to put Murdock to bed. Murdock requested to stay up for a bit, he would then be wheeled by Grace to his bed. The two would have a discussion which ended with Grace giving Murdock her cross necklace.

Murdock fighting against a professional boxer

Time later, Murdock would regain his enhanced abilities, which drove him to start training again in the basement of the church. Murdock would work out by punching a bag. Grace asked Lantom to bring a boxer in for training, something that Murdock appreciated. Although getting the upper hand on the boxer his senses were still dueled heavily and ceased completely once the boxer managed to land a devastating blow which led to Murdock being defeated by the boxer. After the fight, Murdock decided to take some clothes for the basement and return to the streets as Daredevil again.[41]

Return of the Devil

Daredevil returning back into Hell's Kitchen

"Thank God for you!"
"He didn't help you. I did."
Neda Kazemi and Daredevil[src]

That night, Daredevil would return to the streets where he would save Rostam Kazemi and his daughter Neda Kazemi from kidnappers. As Daredevil was battling one of the kidnappers, the other kidnappers tried to strangle him but were beaten out of the truck. Getting up after the beating as the kidnappers tried to abduct Kazemis again Daredevil then shut the truck and fought the kidnappers again as the Kazemis managed to escape.

Daredevil is defeated by the kidnappers

The kidnappers were able to beat Daredevil severely down due to him having yet recovered from his injuries. While Daredevil laid on the ground, The kidnappers decided to leave him instead of killing him. Then Daredevil threw them a stick and got down on his knees and waited for them to beat him, wanting to die. Before they could do something, New York City Police Department arrived and they decided to run away. Daredevil then did the same.[41]

Murdock finds out that Wilson Fisk is out of Ryker's Island

Murdock would return to the church where he was met by Grace, who tried to get through to him about being Daredevil again but Murdock refuses her help and goes back on the streets to find the kidnappers that tried to kidnap Rostam Kazemi. Murdock managed to track down the kidnappers to Chris French Cleaners, where they were located. Murdock would then return with his black mask and managed to successfully beat them.

Murdock then called the NYPD to let them know about the attempted kidnapping of Rostam. Murdock would then head to the hospital to tell her to testify against them at the 15th Precinct Police Station. Murdock would then change from his Daredevil costume to his street clothes and left the hospital where he would hear polices and ambulances say that they had let Wilson Fisk is out of Ryker's Island having finally gained his senses back completely.[32]

Reuniting with Nelson

Murdock talking with an imaginary Wilson Fisk

"I've had a rough couple of months, Foggy. Questioning a lot of the point of it all. And last night, everything became clear. I'm going after him, Foggy. I'm gonna find a way to bring Fisk down. But I can only do that if I know you and Karen are safe."
―Matt Murdock to Foggy Nelson[src]

Murdock arrived at the Presidential Hotel where there were many protesters, who want Wilson Fisk to go back to prison. Murdock began imagining Fisk who taunted him. Murdock decided he would have to find a discreet way in the hotel, avoiding the FBI agents. Murdock would disguise himself as an employee of the hotel where he would head to the cafe where he is met by the imagine Fisk which continued taunted Murdock. Leaving the Cafe, Murdock encountered Benjamin Poindexter who asked for ID, Murdock then decided to leave to avoid a confrontation.

Daredevil defeating several FBI agents

Donning his suit, Daredevil attacked Benjamin Donovan to get information on why the Albanian Syndicate wanted to kill Fisk. Before he can get the info he needs, the FBI agents arrived in the parking lot where Donovan called out for help which caused the FBI to shoot at Daredevil. He managed to defeat the FBI and escape back to the church to talk with Grace where they had another anger laced philosophical discussion on God, paths are chosen in life and whether human beings do really change.