"I am not dying for six college credits!"
―Darcy Lewis[src]

Doctor Darcy Lewis is a former student of political science at Culver University who became an intern for Erik Selvig and Jane Foster's assistant. While working with the scientists, Lewis came into contact with Asgard when Thor arrived on Earth, only to be followed by the Warriors Three, Lady Sif, and the Destroyer. Lewis and Foster became focused on understanding the Bifrost Bridge and when Thor returned to Earth, Lewis assisted him in his war against Malekith and the Dark Elves. Returning to school, Lewis eventually graduated with a doctorate in astrophysics.

Years later, in the aftermath of the Blip, Lewis was recruited to take part in a government operation headed by S.W.O.R.D. to investigate a mysterious supernatural phenomenon occurring in Westview. Lewis herself discovered that the town was actually trapped in an illusion reminiscent of past sitcoms, and that Wanda Maximoff was the culprit.


Discovery in New Mexico

Working with Scientists

"She was the only applicant."
Jane Foster[src]

Darcy Lewis became a political science student at Culver University. She went to work with Jane Foster and Erik Selvig as an intern for college credits. The group traveled to New Mexico, where a series of spatial anomalies that Foster believed to be precursors to a wormhole were taking place.[2]

Meeting Thor

"You know, for a homeless guy, he is pretty cut."
―Darcy Lewis[src]

Lewis in her van with Jane Foster

Lewis was traveling in a van with Jane Foster and Erik Selvig, when the mysterious weather event subject of Foster's research unexpectedly turned into a powerful vortex before them. As they struggled with the zero-visibility conditions, the van collided with a man who had stumbled out of the dust into their path. The man, who only announced himself as Thor, began raving on about a hammer and the Bifrost, prompting Lewis to tazer the supposedly delusional stranger. With the man knocked out, the group took him to the hospital.[2]

Learning about Thor

Lewis works with Jane Foster and Erik Selvig

The following day, Lewis made a surprise discovery when she noticed the figure of a man in one of the photographic images captured from the atmospheric event. While Jane Foster realized that the newcomer might be able to shed some light on the event, Erik Selvig was more skeptical, sparking a lengthy disagreement that Lewis only rarely weighed in on to support the more fanciful elements of Foster's theories.

Lewis continued to tag along with the scientists, providing numerous observations about their rapidly changing situation that were helpful to them.[2]

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Arrival

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Battle of Puente Antiguo

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Search for Thor

Assisting Jane Foster

Lewis tried to help Jane Foster find a way to bring Thor back to Earth. They built a device to open a wormhole, but it failed. Lewis told Foster to wait since Thor promised to return. However, one year passed and Lewis began to doubt that Thor would return at all. When Thor's brother Loki came to Earth, S.H.I.E.L.D. contacted Foster and sent her to Tromsø, Norway to an Astrophysics Lab.

Once arrived in Norway, nobody in the lab had any idea why she and Foster were sent there. Lewis hacked into the computer and found live footage of Thor in New York City, and she showed the video to Foster. Discovering from Erik Selvig that Thor had left Earth, Lewis comforted her friend, telling her that Thor would return again, but Foster disagreed and gave up.[3]


Lewis and Ian Boothby arriving at the site

"I am not getting stabbed in the name of science. It's okay, we're Americans!"
"Is that supposed to make them like us?"
―Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster[src]

A few years after the events in New Mexico, Lewis and Jane Foster were called to London by Erik Selvig, who had been there for several weeks researching a new series of anomalies. When they got there, they found Selvig missing and took up residence in his flat. During this time, Lewis hired Ian Boothby as her own intern. After several days without any word from Selvig, Lewis discovered that Selvig's scientific equipment was acting up, and brought this information to Foster, interrupting her date with a man named Richard Madison. The pair, accompanied by Boothby, followed the signals to an abandoned warehouse where the laws of physics were going haywire and various portals had opened up. While Lewis and Boothby were distracted by the events, Foster disappeared.[4]

Return of Thor

Lewis witness Thor taking away Jane Foster

"Look at you, still all muscly and everything. How's space?"
"Space is fine."
―Darcy Lewis and Thor[src]

Having not being able to locate Jane Foster for five hours, Lewis called the Metropolitan Police, only for Foster to appear as suddenly as she vanished. When the police were about to arrest the group for trespassing on private property, Thor suddenly appeared, having been alerted by Heimdall to Foster's disappearance. While Foster was speaking with Thor, Lewis confirmed that they were likely going to be arrested, as she warned Foster about this, before commenting that Thor was still muscly, and questioning how Asgard was, to which Thor confirmed that it was fine. When one of the officers tried to forcefully arrest Foster, her body reacted by unleashing a mysterious energy that forced everyone away from her. Before the police could react, Thor left with Foster via Bifrost Bridge, leaving a stupefied Lewis behind.[4]

Search for Erik Selvig

In Foster's absence, Lewis was left with Boothby to try to locate Selvig and to make sense of the situation. After failing to page S.H.I.E.L.D. for assistance, Lewis saw a newscast of Selvig running around naked at Stonehenge, and together they traced him to a local sanitarium. After bailing Selvig out and nearly being pummeled by birds affected by portals, Lewis and her friends returned to Foster's flat and studied Selvig's research over the strange anomalies, which were revealed to be echoes of the Convergence.[4]

Return of Thor

Lewis listening to the Convergence discussion

Jane Foster and Thor eventually returned, having traveled to Asgard, then to Svartalfheim, where they discovered a portal that returned them safely to Earth. Foster revealed that Malekith sought to use the Aether to obliterate the Nine Realms through the Convergence.[4]

Battle of Greenwich

Lewis and Ian Boothby see the Dark Elves

"You saved my life."
―Darcy Lewis to Ian Boothby[src]

Together, the group confronted Malekith at Greenwich, where, while Thor fought him, Lewis and her friends dealt with his minions via teleportation devices created by Erik Selvig.

Lewis and Ian Boothby were separated from the others and were nearly killed by a platoon of Dark Elf soldiers. Fortunately, a Frost Beast was teleported to their exact location and killed the Dark Elves, inadvertently saving the pair. However, they were teleported away accidentally by Foster, mostly to her indifference, where the bemused pair were attacked by two Dark Elves.

Lewis fell on the ground but Boothby saved Lewis from their assailants by picking up a floating car and slamming it onto the elves, fatally crushing them. After acknowledging he had saved her life, Lewis passionately embraced him in a kiss, which Foster and Selvig witnessed when they used the teleporter. Lewis awkwardly dropped Boothby just as Mjølnir sailed past them intent on reaching its owner.

Lewis and Boothby later arrived to see Foster and Thor nearly been crushed by the dark elves ship. Fortunately, Selvig used the device to teleport it elsewhere where it crushed Malekith to death. Relieved her friends were alright, an overjoyed Lewis kissed Boothby even more passionately.[4]

Aftermath of the Battle

After the battle, Lewis returned to the flat with her friends, where she witnessed Thor returning from Asgard to stay on Earth with Foster.[5]

Lewis eventually completed her university studies and gained a doctorate.[6] In 2018, she survived the Snap.[7]

Westview Anomaly

Arrival at the S.W.O.R.D. Base

Lewis upon arriving at the S.W.O.R.D. base

"Astrophysics. We got the full clown car. It means whatever the threat is, S.W.O.R.D. clearly has no idea what they're dealing with."
―Darcy Lewis[src]
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In 2023, a few weeks after the Blip, Lewis was called in by S.W.O.R.D. to help find out what was happening in Westview, New Jersey. In a van with several other scientists, Lewis inquired about what they all specialised in. Upon arriving at the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base, she was greeted by a S.W.O.R.D agent and was taken to her workspace. [6]

Discovering the Show

Lewis discovers the show

"Entwined was a broadcast frequency. So I had your goons pick me up a sweet vintage TV. And when I plug this bad boy in, voilà, sound and picture."
"So you're saying the universe created a sitcom starring two Avengers?"
―Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo[src]

Upon monitoring the levels of radiation coming from Westview, Lewis picked up high levels of CMBR and saw that there were longer waves imposed amongst it. Afterwards, she pulled out a device and tuned it which revealed the WandaVision show. Jimmy Woo, Tyler Hayward, and a few of his agents came over and saw the show also.[6]

Finding Monica Rambeau

Lewis works with Jimmy Woo

"One second, Monica is standing there, and the next she isn't. Someone is censoring the broadcast."
"But where's Rambeau?"
―Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo[src]

Once Lewis had discovered the broadcast, she and Jimmy Woo worked together in attempt to identify all the victims of the Westview Anomaly. One by one they identified most victims in order of appearance on the show. During it Lewis spotted Monica Rambeau and she asked Woo if he thought Rambeau was okay. They discussed what was going on and Lewis wished to experiment to see if they could reach inside Westview.

Lewis at the S.W.O.R.D Base

Lewis planned when Wanda Maximoff was washing the dishes Woo would try and contact Maximoff by radio. During the test it looked as though it was working only for the broadcast to buffer. Lewis told Woo that the attempt failed and that he needed to head back to her. Woo and Lewis watched the broadcast in which Rambeau had a larger role. When Rambeau mentioned Ultron killing Quicksilver, Lewis asked Woo if their reality had ever been mentioned. The broadcast buffered again and the alarms went off. Lewis and Woo rushed out of the base to find out what had happened when they saw Rambeau being thrown out of Westview.[6]

Working with Rambeau and Woo

Some time later, Lewis alongside Jimmy Woo visited Monica Rambeau, catching her up on what she had missed. Lewis gave Rambeau some clothes to wear and told her about an upcoming briefing with Tyler Hayward. In said briefing, Lewis watched as Hayward displayed a video of Wanda Maximoff stealing Vision's corpse from the S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters, as Lewis commented on how it was all very confusing.

Lewis with her co-workers

Later, Rambeau said that she wanted to go back into Westview, but Lewis pointed out the Hex could wipe her mind again. Rambeau explained to Lewis that everything in the Hex was real, to which Lewis replied stating that Maximoff must have a lot of power. They then discussed Captain Marvel, the Battle of Earth, and how Maximoff could have killed Thanos. During the discussion, Rambeau had an idea and they went to where Rambaeu's clothing was being stored. Rambaeu shot at the clothing in which they discovered the clothing was her Bulletproof Vest. The discovery lead them to the conclusion that everything in Westview was rewritten which lead Rambeau into the idea that if they sent something from the time period in it would not need to be changed.

Lewis seeing Wanda Maximoff's confrontation

Sometime later, Lewis and Woo rushed out of the base after the alarms had gone off. Wanda Maximoff had left Westview to confront S.W.O.R.D. and Lewis watched her interaction with them.[8]

Ejected from the Base

Lewis reacting to the sudden fight

"Hey, there he is. The guy who almost got murdered by his own murder squad."
"You work for me?"
"I actually don't know."
―Darcy Lewis and Tyler Hayward[src]

Following Wanda Maximoff's confrontation with S.W.O.R.D., Lewis was angry with Tyler Hayward, and how he had acted, as Lewis remarked about how he was nearly murdered by his own men. As Hayward questioned if Lewis worked for him, Lewis confessed that she was not actually sure about the chain of current command. Once their conversation had ended, Lewis, alongside Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau, were ordered to leave the Response Base. While they were being transported out of the base, Woo and Rambeau fought back and disarmed the S.W.O.R.D. agents, as Lewis remarked on how no one had told her the plan. She and the other two then changed into S.W.O.R.D uniforms and headed back inside of the base.[9]

Discovering Project Cataract

Lewis discovers Project Cataract

"I haven't made it through Hayward's last firewall. There's something big here, something that can help us, I know it."
―Darcy Lewis to Monica Rambeau[src]

Not long after they broke back into the base, Lewis hacked into the S.W.O.R.D. database and looked through Tyler Hayward's files. In this, Lewis found a section on Monica Rambeau and discovered that Rambaeu's cells had been rewritten. Lewis looked through the files and found a project code named 'Cataract'. She saw that Hayward had a full map of Westview and a headcount of its residence, before Lewis noticed that Vision was being tracked by Hayward. Once Rambeau and Jimmy Woo agreed that they needed to leave, Lewis stayed behind to break through the final fire wall.[9]

Hex Expansion

Lewis getting absorbed inside of the Hex

"You know, part of me secretly wanted a guest spot on the show, but seriously, that sucked."
―Darcy Lewis to Vision[src]

Shortly, Lewis heard alarms go off and she headed out to find out what had happened. She saw Vision pleading for help after escaping the Hex. Lewis screamed at the S.W.O.R.D. agents to help him, but was promptly reprimanded by Monti and handcuffed to a Humvee, under the orders of Tyler Hayward. Lewis watched as Vision was torn apart bit by bit. When the Hex was expanded, Lewis was abandoned by the agents and became consumed into the Hex.[9]

Lewis as the escape artist

The next day, Lewis awakened in the Hex under the influence of Wanda Maximoff. She was shackled to a circus truck as the escape artist for the circus. Vision headed over to Lewis and asked her about the night before, in which Lewis remarked she had no clue who he was. Lewis released herself and walked away from Vision, who proceeded to follow, trying to remind of her investigation of the Maximoff Anomaly but she only responded she won’t go out with him, until finally agreeing. An exasperated Vision distracted her and released her from the mind control.

Lewis' mind being released by Vision

As she regained her bearings, Lewis remarked that part of her secretly wanted a guest spot on the show only to feel disappointed by the role she was given. Monti rushed over to Lewis and commanded her alongside Vision to get on stage, but when she refused, he grabbed her arm. In return, Lewis punched him in the face. As they climbed into a food van, Lewis responded to Vision's inquiries, admitting she didn't know the status of his children nor the identity of the impostor “Pietro”.

Lewis drives a food van with Vision

As they drove back to Westview, Lewis filled Vision in on the events of the past few years. She told him of the Infinity War and how Maximoff had to kill him, but that sacrifice was rendered meaningless when Thanos rewound time and killed him again. They soon pulled to stop at a red light but as they tried to proceed, with Lewis noting it never rained in Westview, suddenly a work crew pulled up, blocking their way.

While waiting for the crew to finish, Vision asked what he was now if not the A.I. J.A.R.V.I.S. or Ultron's creation. Lewis could only speculate that Maximoff simply flipped a switch and brought him back to life but she was clueless as to why Vision was unable to leave the Hex. Nonetheless, she assured him that the love between him and Maximoff was very real from watching WandaVision for the past week. Lewis' relief as the crew cleared out quickly evaporated as a crossing of school children continued to block the road; she rhetorically asked if puppies were the next impediment. Vision then left by phasing out of the truck and flying off to go meet Maximoff. Lewis said she would meet him there and continued to drive.[1]

Battle of Westview

Lewis stops Tyler Hayward

"Have fun in prison!"
―Darcy Lewis to Tyler Hayward[src]

By the time Lewis arrived into Westview's town square, she rammed the food van into Hayward's Humvee, disabling it. After the Hex was gone, Lewis left before she could be questioned by the FBI and Eastview police, telling Rambeau that "Debriefs are for the weak". [10]


"Why aren't you helping him? Stop! He's coming apart!"
―Darcy Lewis to S.W.O.R.D.[src]
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Darcy Lewis is shown to be very impulsive, evidenced when she tasered Thor upon their first meeting. Despite not being a scientist like her friends, Lewis is the first to notice the "anomaly" that made Jane Foster realizes that Thor was present in the Bifrost Bridge.

When investigating the Westview Anomaly, Lewis was able to understand why Wanda Maximoff was controlling the town and its residents, as she had lost Vision during the Battle of Wakanda before the Snap. When watching the sitcoms of WandaVision, Lewis was very intelligent when picking up their signals and hack into Tyler Hayward's profiles to find out what his motives where. Lewis is also shown to believe in true love where she comforted Vision by telling him that the love between him and Wanda was real due to having watched the sitcoms for several days.


"I thought you were a scientist."
"Political science."
Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis[src]
  • Scientist: Through her work with Erik Selvig and Jane Foster, Lewis acquired some degree of scientific knowledge; Lewis' background is better suited in political science. However, Lewis is skilled in accessing computerized information and noticing inconsistencies that even Selvig and Foster did not see. Sometime after the Battle of Greenwich, Lewis returned to school and gained a doctorate in astrophysics, and was skilled enough in her field that she was enlisted by S.W.O.R.D. to aid in their investigation of Westview.
"I just need to hack into the secure network on the base. Donezo. Now, should be able to access the data on Hayward's devices."
―Darcy Lewis to Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo[src]
  • Expert Hacker: Lewis possesses expert hacking skills, and was skillful enough to hack S.W.O.R.D.'s database and access Acting Director Tyler Hayward's personal files.
  • Escapologist: To be added



  • Taser: Lewis had wielded a taser, which she initially used to stun Thor, when she believed him belligerent, upon his arrival from the Bifrost Bridge. Once Lewis heard that Thor had escaped from hospital, she rearmed the taser, ready to use it against him again.

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