"Saw you on TV the other night. Buried alive. Now that's what I call style."
―Dapper Dan to Luke Cage[src]

Daniel Day, also known as Dapper Dan, is a famous tailor known in Harlem.


Top-Tier Tailor

Mike Tyson

"He whooped Mitch Green's behind, didn't he?"
"Mike Tyson is a real nice guy, man."
Bobby Fish and Dan[src]

One of Dan's customers was Mike Tyson, and he came to know him as a very nice person. Bobby Fish learned over time that Dan had recanted his story about Tyson's match against Mitch Green so many times that he was sick of it.[1]

Luke Cage

"A tailor?"
"That ain't no tailor. That's Dapper Dan himself."
"Dapper Dan?"
"Said you needed a suit, that's why I had you come here. And I figure... Pop would want you to come to his memorial correct, so I used a little bit of money to have my man Dap do you right."
Luke Cage and Bobby Fish[src]

Before Pop's funeral, Dan arrived at the shop to prepare some tuxedos for Cage to wear, as requested by Bobby Fish. While Cage was trying on the tuxedo he mentioned how he saw him on television buried alive at the Destruction of Genghis Connie's just the previous night. Cage then chatted with Dan and Fish about Mike Tyson. Dan was then hugged and thanked by Cage before he left the shop.[1]

John McIver

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Mariah Dillard

"I need to introduce you to Dapper Dan."
"Oh, I know Dap. The last Dap suit I had, your cousin messed up."
Mariah Dillard and Luke Cage[src]

Dapper Dan became acquainted with Mariah Dillard, as she referred him to Luke Cage after seeing him in a disheveled state. Cage then retorted by saying that Cornell Stokes' goons ruined his last suit designed by Dan.[2]





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