"Dante was one of my kids. [...] Just like those kids playing over there. You know, that's how you get 'em on your side. Sweepin' up hair. Runnin' errands. Lettin' 'em hang out, play video games. Anything is better than what's waiting for them out there on the street. They want a way out but they have too much pride to ask for help."

Dante Chapman was a bartender working at Harlem's Paradise.


Dante, alongside Chico Diaz and Shameek Smith, robbed an arms deal between Cottonmouth and Domingo Colon. Dante used inside knowledge of the deal to learn the location of the meet at a junkyard. During the confrontation, all of Cottonmouth and Domingo's men were killed. Dante began to freak out, knowing that Cottonmouth would realize it was an inside job because he had called in sick to work that day. Shameek shot Dante, reasoning that he would tell Cottonmouth who robbed him. As Dante lay dying, he got word to Tone about who was responsible for the robbery.[1]



  • Mossberg 500 Cruiser: Chapman wielded one of these shotguns during an ambush at a junkyard together with Shameek Smith and Chico Diaz in order to hijack a weapons sale between Domingo Colon and Cornell Stokes, in order to seize the money. As one of the gangmembers tried to reach for his gun, Smith, Diaz, and Chapman started to shoot at Stokes' and Colon's men, killing them all.



  • Mother



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