"We have a suite set up for occasions like this. I need you to lay low and I need you to keep from drawing any attention to yourself."
Jeri Hogarth to Danny Rand[src]

Danny Rand's Penthouse is a suite in New York City where Danny Rand lived for a while.


Temporary Retreat


Danny Rand tries to sleep at new apartment

While Jeri Hogarth was dealing with the legal case with Rand Enterprises, she provided a suite in New York City for Danny Rand. However, Rand had still felt unfamiliar and uncomfortable by this sort of lifestyle and could not sleep on the bed. He eventually laid a blanket on the floor near a window in order to comfortably sleep.[1]

Attack on Joy Meachum

Danny Rand invited Joy Meachum in his suite where they discussed the purchase of the Red Hook Pier. Rand then asked why Meachum had not questioned the deal, as she explained that her brother's leadership within Rand Enterprises had led to success in the company and that there was no reason to question any of his choices. Meachum then questioned Rand about his time in K'un-Lun and he told her about his training and becoming the Iron Fist.

Rand Hallway

Danny Rand rescues Joy Meachum from the Yangsi Gonshi

Meachum heard the knock on the door and went to open the door, however, she was attacked by the Yangsi Gonshi members who attempted to kidnap her. Rand rushed to the hallway of the penthouse and saw Meachum being dragged away. Rand immediately confronted the Triad members, avoiding their hatchet attacks but while he was fighting, several Triad members dragged Meachum to the elevator. However, Rand managed to stop them, using his Chi to defeat the rest of the Triad members. The Triad members then retreated back to the Golden Sands, while Rand took Mechum to the Chikara Dojo for her safety.[2]


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