For the real world Daniel Whitehall, see Daniel Whitehall.

Daniel Whitehall was a virtual recreation of the real-world person of the same name inside the Framework. A leading figure in the Framework's version of HYDRA, Whitehall became known as a respected figure due to Sunil Bakshi's propaganda.


HYDRA's Recognition

Praised in History

Whitehall History Book

Whitehall is remembered in HYDRA's history

HYDRA organized a parade for Felix Blake because of his Humans First advocacy, an event which Whitehall attended along with Sunil Bakshi and other HYDRA leaders.[1] According to history textbooks, Whitehall's success in the field of science, specifically the discovery of the polio vaccination, led to the foundation of the Whitehall Institute.[2] According to Whitehall's second biography book, announced on The Bakshi Report. Whitehall had a close relationship with the Malick family.[3]


Like everything else in the Framework, the alternate version of Daniel Whitehall was deleted when Aida decided to wipe out the Framework and recreate its content in the real world.





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