"Daniel worked downstairs in legal. I didn't know him... very well, but he was always nice, you know. But it's hard to meet people in this city so I asked him if he would have a drink with me."
"You asked him?"
"Like I said he was a nice guy."
Karen Page and Matt Murdock[src]

Daniel Fisher was a employee of Union Allied Construction.


Danny Fisher worked at the legal department of Union Allied Construction. Karen Page of the financial department discovered the company's illicit activities involving money laundering; she tried to inform Fisher of the situation.

Fisher was invited by Page for a coffee in order to tell him about her discovery. Later, Page was drugged and framed for Fisher's death, who was found stabbed in her apartment.[1]

Jennifer Fisher, the widow of Daniel, signed a contract of non-disclosure surrounding his death as she accepted a large sum of money from Union Allied Construction to support their two children.[2]






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