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"If Wong has any trepidation to proceed on this matter, then it serves you more to heed his instincts rather than insult him."
―Daniel Drumm to Kaecilius[src]

Daniel Drumm was a Master of the Mystic Arts of Kamar-Taj who was charged as the protector of the New York Sanctum. However, when a former member of the Masters of the Mystic Arts named Kaecilius betrayed them, he targeted the Sanctorum with his Zealots. Although Drumm attempted to protect the building, he was soon defeated and executed by Kaecilius.


Fellow Master of the Mystic Arts

Retrieving the Dark Scepter

"We've been called in to assist in tracking down this relic. This is a situation where the involvement of more than one Master is deemed prudent."
"Maybe so, but it is unnecessary."
―Daniel Drumm and Kaecilius[src]

Drumm and Tina Minoru assist Wong and Kaecilius

Daniel Drumm and Tina Minoru, two Masters of the Mystic Arts, arrived at the Kamar-Taj to assist Wong and Kaecilius track down the Witch who had stolen a powerful relic. Drumm told Kaecilius that Wong's trepidation should be a sign to be careful and heed his instincts rather than just insult him. When Kaecilius asked why they were not doing their other duties, Drumm told him the situation proved serious enough that more than one member of the Masters of The Mystic was needed to subdue the thief. Kaecilius refused, however, and claimed that he could handle the thief himself. Drumm, Wong, and Minoru later arrived to find an unconscious Kaecilius, who had been beaten by the thief and had underestimated the Staff's power.

Later at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the group confronted the thief and after a grueling battle with their combined efforts, they were able to overpower her and claim the Scepter; with Drumm and Wong putting it with all the other mystical objects at the New York Sanctum.[3]

Training with Kaecilius

Drumm training alongside Kaecilius

"I can't remember the last time a landed a blow on you... be careful Kaecilius. I feel as if you're letting your distractions get the better of you."
―Daniel Drumm to Kaecilius[src]

Drumm listened to Kaecilius' concerns about the Ancient One not sharing her knowledge to the other Masters of the Mystic Arts during a training session, but Drumm told Kaecilius that it's not for the Masters to question the Ancient One's methods, but only to protect Earth from the forces that lie beyond.[4]

Reunion with the Ancient One

Drumm with Tina Minoru, the Ancient One and Sol Rama

As the Master of the New York Sanctum, Drumm had a meeting with the Ancient One, Tina Minoru and Sol Rama in Kamar-Taj about the Sanctums that they were currently guarding. The Ancient One stopped the meeting as Karl Mordo wised to talk with her about Stephen Strange, a newcomer at Kamar-Taj, who wished to be trained as a sorcerer of the Masters of the Mystic Arts.[2]

Training the Sorcerers

Drumm trains sorcerers

Some time later, Drumm, as well as Masters Tina Minoru and Sol Rama were present during an exercise which involved novice and intermediate sorcerers at Kamar-Taj, who wished to expand their skills in the martial arts and casting magical spells. He assisted many students in perfecting their skills and continued to assist other fellow Masters at Kamar-Taj including the Ancient One, Wong, Hamir, and Karl Mordo in recruiting and training new additions to become sorcerers of the Masters of the Mystic Arts.[2]

Attack on the Sanctums


Drumm fights the Blonde Zealot

"Daniel, I see they made you the Master of this Sanctum."
"And you know what that means?"
"That you will die protecting it."
Kaecilius and Daniel Drumm[src]

Drumm armed himself in an attempt to guard the New York Sanctum from the Zealots. Moments later, Drumm encountered Kaecilius and a couple of his Zealots entering the Sanctum. Before fighting his former fellow master, Kaecilius noted that as Drumm was the guardian of the Sanctum, he would inevitably die soon while protecting the Sanctum.

Drumm is defeated and killed by Kaecilius

Suddenly, Kaecilius summoned his scythe daggers, preparing to fight his former friend. Drumm then engaged Lucian Aster and the Blonde Zealot in a fight, resulting in him being fatally wounded by Kaecilius, who drove his dagger into Drumm's abdomen. His defeat was witnessed by Doctor Strange, who soon made his presence known to the Zealots, before Kaecilius delivered the fatal blow to Drumm, finally killing him.[2]


"His body was in the hall. Master Drumm was in the foyer."
"He's been taken back to Kamar-Taj."
Doctor Strange and Karl Mordo[src]

Sometime after the Battle at the New York Sanctum Drumm's body was brought back to Kamar-Taj after Strange's battle with Kaecilius and Lucian Aster as noted by Karl Mordo, who bowed his head down in respect upon mentioning his name. After Kaecilius' campaign ended, Doctor Strange became the new guardian of the New York Sanctum.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: As a member of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Drumm possessed profound knowledge in the ways of magic. This helped him rise to the rank of master of the New York Sanctum.
    • Eldritch Magic: The form of magic that Drumm was most knowledgeable in was Eldritch Magic which can help him conjure shields and weapons to fight against any enemies.
      • Spell Casting: Through the magic, Drumm could cast spells to help him in battle and in general.
      • Portal Creation: Drumm was able to conjure portals while in possession of a Sling Ring.
        • Dimensional Travel: Drumm could use these portals to travel anywhere that he could picture.




Other Equipment


  • New York Sanctum: Drumm was the master of the New York Sanctum and guarded it from the Zealots, when he was killed by them.






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