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"That's your death, that's not theirs. You do this like this, you're... you're as good as dead already."
"It's who I am. Who I've always been."
Micro and Punisher

Danger Close is the eleventh episode of the first season of the television series The Punisher.


As danger knocks on Sarah's door, Frank takes his quest for vengeance to the next level with some help from an unexpected ally.


Following the incident at the hotel, Frank Castle is standing by a trashcan fire in shock at the betrayal of his best friend. He has flashbacks to times with Billy Russo both in Kandahar and New York City. On the morning news, Russo is interviewed about Castle.

Micro watches the news as Castle makes it back to the hideout. He lets Micro help patch him up but the two argue; Castle doesn't like that Micro went to Dinah Madani on his own, while Micro hates that Castle went after Lewis Wilson and revealed himself to the New York City Police Department.

At the Lieberman house, Sarah, Zach, and Leo see "Pete Castiglione" on the news and realize it is Frank Castle. Leo is convinced that he is not really bad, Sarah wants to lay low, and Zach is furious at the lie.

Madani interrogates Russo at the United States Department of Homeland Security. She is looking for a confession to his murder of Sam Stein, and tries to rattle him with information about Kandahar and William Rawlins. However, it is not until Madani casually mentions that she could wait until Castle deals with him that Russo seems unnerved.

With Castle now known to be alive, Rawlins goes to Marion James and tells her that Frank is a problem for him – and by extension, her. She grants him access to the CIA's surveillance so that he can direct Russo against Castle.


At the Lieberman home, a police officer arrives and says they have received a call on the Castle tipline from the address. However, the police officer works for Russo and Sarah and Zach are taken prisoner. Leo remains hidden, then flees the house.

Castle and Micro notice the kidnapping; Castle calls Leo and convinces her to meet him at a park. However, he tells Micro to go and collect her and finally come out of the shadows. Castle plans to stay at the hideout. If they found the Lieberman home, then he reasons they know about the hideout as well.

James meets with Rafael Hernandez and Madani and gets filled in on Kandahar, Rawlins, and Russo. James believes it is out of their jurisdiction, but they cite that the murders of Homeland Security place it under their authority.

Castle prepares the hideout for combat. At the park, Leo and her father reunite.


Anvil agents arrive at the hideout and Castle takes them out one by one. After killing them, Castle calls Russo. Russo proposes a trade – Sarah and Zach for Castle and Micro.

James confronts Rawlins about the mess they are now involved in. Rawlins plans to burn Russo and plant all the blame on him as long as Castle can be eliminated. Regardless of the outcome, James says Rawlins will resign from his position.

Micro and Leo wait for Castle, but Madani shows up instead. Castle called her to meet them in his place. Russo arrives at the hideout, finding the Ahmad Zubair video playing on a constant loop. A countdown clock is ticking down, reading 18 hours 7 minutes.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Heads Will Roll Tyler Bates Frank Castle begins a large firefight with Anvil agency in Micro’s power station after using a grenade-laden skull of a dead Anvil operative.
Quiet Reflection Tyler Bates Billy Russo contemplates the destruction left behind by Frank Castle at Micro's hangout.
Fated, Faithful, Fatal Marilyn Manson Frank Castle is standing by a trashcan fire in shock at the betrayal of Billy Russo.


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