"We always do our best to meet our customers' needs."
―Dana to Sarge[src]

Dana is the store manager of Charmont Jewelers who was held hostage by Sarge and his crew during their search for piezoelectric gems.


Robbery of Charmont Jewelers

Window of Opportunity 1

Dana encounters Sarge

"A hero after all. The good news is you won't pay for it. Right now, you're very valuable to us."
Sarge to Dana[src]

As the store manager, Dana was present behind the counter of Charmont Jewelers when Sarge and his teammates arrived to rob the place. Initially, Dana belived Sarge to be a regular customer looking for something very special, but he quickly announced his true intentions, causing Dana to get extremely worried. As soon as Sarge finished explaining his plan, the two security guards of the store were killed by Snowflake, much to Dana's horror.

Snowflake telling Dana not to worry

Dana is threatened by Snowflake

Although Dana was told by Sarge not to try to accomplish anything heroic, Dana attempted to secretly contact alert the authorities. Her move was spotted by Sarge, who decided to spare her nonetheless since they needed her to access the vault. Therefore, Dana was forced to lead Sarge's squad into the vault and was taken inside along with them, with Snowflake keeping a knife on her throat and Sarge instructing her not to kill Dana yet.

Dana did not understand why Sarge and his teammates seemed dissatisfied by what they found in the vault as they searched through priceless pieces of jewelry. Dana was then ttold by Jaco, who had joined them from Sarge's Truck through Spray Paint Transporter, that they were looking for piezoelectric gems. Upon hearing that they were looking for raw crystals, Dana pointed Pax to a drawer where the thiefs found what they were looking for.

Screaming for help, Dana was eventually rescued from Snowflake by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Melinda May, who had found the truck and had reached the vault just like Jaco before. Once Snowflake was defeated, Dana was brought back inside the truck and told by May to flee right away. Despite still having her hands tied up, Dana was able to run away, although she inadvertently alerted Sarge, who saw her escaping, that something was off in his plan.[1]






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