Dan Hartlett is an employee of the Roxxon Corporation who was turned into a Terror. However, he reverted to normal when Cloak and Dagger absorbed the leaking energies infecting New Orleans.


As an employee of Roxxon Corporation, Hartlett and a colleague of his went to inspect one of the valves that had been installed by the company in a swamp near New Orleans which had begun to heat up. Hartlett and his colleague were unable to determine the cause of the heating, let alone stop it, and as they were approached by Mina Hess, they were affected by a violent outburst of Lightforce and Darkforce, which caused them to turn into Terrors. Upon seeing Hess, Hartlett immediately started chasing her, causing her to flee.[1]

Hartlett chased Hess down to her house, where she was able to hide in a closet. Initially, Hartlett was unable to find her and began to wreak havoc in the residence, smashing the windows and damaging the furniture. He then grabbed a cleaver and violently attacked the door of the closet where Hess was hiding, causing her to scream in horror. However, before he could reach her, Hartlett's attention was caught by Tandy Bowen, who knocked him unconscious.

Eventually, Hartlett was stopped being a Terror and return to normal when Cloak and Dagger put an end to the Terror in New Orleans, causing everyone who had been affected by the energies to be normal again.<refname="C&D110">Cloak & Dagger: 1.10: Colony Collapse</ref>





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