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"You can't stay on top forever, Mariah. You're gonna fall. And I'll enjoy every second when you do."
―Damon Boone to Mariah Dillard[src]

Damon Boone was a political rival to Mariah Dillard who attempted to destroy her political career by exposing her connections to the criminal undertakings of her cousin Cottonmouth. Boone was later kidnapped and murdered by Diamondback to frame Luke Cage.


Boone attended Stanford University in California and moved to Harlem to get involved in politics. Mariah Dillard criticized his background, calling him a carpetbagger, but he still won election to the New York City Council, becoming Dillard's biggest political rival.[3]


"God had me at hello with Genesis. The story of Cain and Abel. When God asked Cain where Abel was after he killed him Cain asked, "Am I my brother's keeper?". See I thought that was some cool shit Wesley Snipes made up in New Jack City. Turns out it's real. So after I kill Luke Cage I'm gonna stand over him and say, "Yes, I am"."
"Why are you telling me all this?"
"Because you're about to meet my mother, Damon. Tell her I love her."
Diamondback and Damon Boone[src]
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Boone is known for his squeaky-clean image, but this doesn't stop him from talking tough with his political rivals. When he is held hostage, he complies with Diamondback's directions to lie to the police rather than risk his own life.


  • Politician: Boone's charisma and his promises to clean up Harlem won him supporters among the public and the press.





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