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"What is this place? Suit Lady, where am I?"
"You're in the most secure facility on the Eastern Seaboard. The Damage Control Deep Storage Vault."
Spider-Man and Karen[src]

The Damage Control Deep Storage Vault is the collection vault used by the Department of Damage Control to house alien and exotic materials recovered after enhanced combat incidents, and is located in Washington, D.C..



The Damage Control Deep Storage Vault was built sometime after 2012, soon after Tony Stark purchased the company to clean up after the Chitauri Invasion.

Locked inside the Vault

Calculating Timer Lock Sequences (Spider-Man)
"Karen, you have to help me override that time lock. Lower the voltage and run it."
"Trial unsuccessful."
"Okay, we're just gonna have to try every sequence."
Spider-Man and Karen[src]

The young vigilante Spider-Man was accidentally locked in on of the trucks headed to the facility after battling the Vulture. When he woke up, he found himself locked in Damage Control vault. Spider-Man spent thirty-seven minutes locked in the facility, learning of his suit's full capabilities. After Karen analyzed a Chitauri power core and informed Spider-Man that it was highly volatile when exposed to radiation, he was immediately galvanized into action, ordering Karen to help him open the door so he could escape and warn his friend Ned Leeds, who was carrying a Chitauri power core on his person.[1]

Known Confiscated Equipment


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