"I used to be a bad seed. Mad at the world for kicking me in the teeth. Felt it was only fair to kick it back. But my grandparents changed all that. They took me hunting, fishing, taught me to say, "Yes, sir," "No, sir." They loved me enough to impose rules. You're gonna learn my rules, 46592."
―Dale Holiday to Alisa Jones[src]

Dale Holiday was a correction captain who operated and coordinated the guardsmen during Alisa Jones' imprisonment.


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Correction Officer

"You must be Officer Dale Holiday."
"Yes, ma'am. Head of security. I'll be handling all arrangements for the inmate while she's here."
Jessica Jones and Dale Holiday[src]
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"What happened to your arms?"
"It's just a rash."
"That's a burn. Is it the cuffs? Are they hurting you?"
"Leave it alone."
"Who did this to you?"
Jessica Jones and Alisa Jones[src]
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Off-Duty Routines

"You attacked me! You attacked me in my home! Self-defense!"
―Dale Holiday to Jessica Jones[src]
Holiday walked home with a baggage in hand. Briefly inside, he changed into his gymwear and began to travel elsewhere. Later, he returned once more and attempted to sneak and subdue Jessica Jones. Despite using pepper spray and a nightstick, he was disarmed and unintentionally killed by his own weapon, his body collapsing to the floor and left bleeding out through his left side.[3]

In an effort to cover her tracks, Jones took Holiday's body to the rooftop and staged to appear as though he willingly committed suicide.[4]


"Dale inherited more than his grandparents' house. He also got their love of trophies. If these were suicides, they wouldn't be on his wall. He likes to hunt."
Jessica Jones[src]
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  • Combatant: Holiday was trained to be able to defend against and subdue inmates in the supermax prison. He was also able to face a trespassing Jessica Jones in his home.


  • Nightstick: Holiday used a nightstick against Jessica Jones after finding her in his house. He beat her with it after blinding her with pepper spray. Unfortunately, Jones managed to disarm him of this weapon and unintentionally killed him with it.
  • Pepper Spray: Holiday utilized a pepper spray bottle against Jones after finding her in his house. It allowed him to blind her as he attempted to subdue her.
  • Bulletproof Vest: Holiday wore a bulletproof vest during Alisa Jones' imprisonment.



  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother
  • Father †



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