For the real-world Daisy Johnson, see Quake
For the Life-Model Decoy Daisy Johnson, see Daisy Johnson LMD
For the Framework version created by Aida, see Skye
"What took you so long?"
"Sorry sweetheart. Traffic was a bitch."
―Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw[src]

Daisy Johnson is a virtual recreation of the real-world person of the same name by Deke Shaw, as a part of the game Remorath Rumble.


Deke Shaw's Fantasy

Daisy Johnson was created as a sexually exaggerated version of the real Daisy Johnson by Deke Shaw in the Framework game Remorath Rumble to play the damsel in distress for him to rescue in a Confederacy ship guarded by Remorath. At the end of the simulation, Johnson slapped Shaw for being late to her rescue and before they could kiss, they were interrupted by Sequoia.

Jaco was later confronted to this simulation as Shaw had lured him into a trap so he could escape. Upon watching on a screen the simulated Johnson flirting with Jaco, Alphonso Mackenzie expressed disgust towards Shaw for this inappropriate recreation of Johnson.[1]


  • Quake Gauntlets: Resembling the real-life version of her, Daisy Johnson also possess a pair of vibration-absorbing gauntlets.





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