"The Daisy Clover dairy opens at 5:00. We need to find that milk truck."
Peggy Carter[src]

The Daisy Clover Milk Factory is one of the distributuion facilities of the Daisy Clover Dairy Farm.


"Let's hope I don't find cheese where the milk is supposed to be."
Peggy Carter[src]

Peggy Carter obtained the address of the Daisy Clover Milk Factory from a bottle of milk that she ordered at the L&L Automat, given that a Daisy Clover truck was used to conceal a full cargo of Nitramene devices at the Roxxon Refinery.[1]

Carter revealed to Edwin Jarvis her intention to visit the factory as soon as it opened, though Carter rejected his offer to take her to the factory, given that he had nearly been killed the last time he accompanied her to a potentially dangerous mission.

Carter arrived to the factory disguised as a City of New York Health Department's inspector, claiming to have a high number of complaints as an excuse to examine all delivery trucks. She asserted her authority to the Foreman of the factory, that allowed her to inspect everything, fearing to be penalized.

Carter started to check the trucks pretending to perform a regular inspection, but she entered each truck without being noticed, in order to use the Vita-Ray Detector and locate the truck that Leet Brannis used to transport the Nitramene, as it would still have a Vita Radiation signature.

Carter was unable to find the truck, but she then realized that one of the truck was missing. The foreman explained that a driver had been sick for two days, and as he used the truck to commute, the truck was not at the factory. Carter demanded to know the name and address of the driver, and though the foreman revealed his name to be Sheldon McFee, the address was unavailable.

Carter had enough information to locate the driver, and left the factory, not without ordering the foreman to put air in one of the tires of a truck while kicking the wheel.[2]


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