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"I'm not one of you."
"There's no shaking what's in the blood."
―Daimon Helstrom and Loman[src]

Daimon Helstrom is a demon-human hybrid and the brother of Ana Helstrom. Helstrom is also a professor of ethics at Gateway University who moonlights as an exorcist. In his battle against a hidden world, Helstrom is determined to root out demons, including his father, as they arise.


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Early Life

Son of a Serial Killer

Daimon Helstrom and his sister Ana were born to Victoria Helstrom and a demonic serial killer named Marduk Helstrom. Daimon attended school where Louise Hastings taught, although he often got distracted during Bible studies classes.[4]

Kidnapping of Ana Helstrom

Marduk Helstrom decided he was going to bring Ana Helstrom to torture and kill several people with him, although Ana did not want to go. So, Ana hid in a corner in the basement while Helstrom attempted to defend her. However, Marduk used a special dagger to wound Helstrom, who laid on the floor panting in pain. Helstrom watched as Marduk pushed his mother to the ground and approached Ana.[4]

Family Reunion

Archer Cavallo's Exorcism

Daimon Helstrom was contacted by email sent to exorcise Archer Cavallo, and found Gabriella Rosetti talking to Cavallo's father. Cavallo led Helstrom and Rosetti inside the house and attempted to introduce them to his wife, who expressed her apathy while holding a bottle of alcohol. Rosetti explained Archer's symptoms, and Helstrom went upstairs looking for him after getting water from the restroom. He told Rosetti and Cavallo not to follow him into Archer's room. He sensed the lack of demonic presence in Archer's bedroom and then entered, aware that he was faking.

Cavallo chanted in Latin, and Helstrom responded sarcastically. Cavallo tried to demand food, although Helstrom doused Cavallo in water from the bathroom, claiming it was holy water. Cavallo began writhing in pain and pretended to have been saved until Helstrom revealed the ruse. Helstrom attempted to make Cavallo admit his deceit to his parents, apologize, and clean his bedroom, although Cavallo tried to get Helstrom to leave. Cavallo attempted to punch Cavallo, although Helstrom stopped him and ignited a fire using his demonic abilities, which convinced Cavallo to listen.

As Helstrom left the Cavallo house, Rosetti and Cavallo's parents demanded to know what happened. Helstrom explained that Cavallo was lying and mocked the Cavallo's parenting techniques. Helstrom defends himself, explaining that his time was wasted and that he cannot offer emotional support. Rosetti explained that the Cavallos simply wanted hope, but Helstrom said that everybody is. He then gave a suggestion for driving back as he left.[4]

Visiting Mother

The next day, Helstrom taught about Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development, when he found Louise Hastings outside of his lecture hall. Although he was temporarily distracted, he resumed and finished his lesson.

After class, Hastings apologized for distracting Helstrom, and they joked about his tendency to get distracted as Hastings' student. Helstrom complained about Gabriella Rosetti's lack of experience, although Hastings defended Rosetti and asked him to give her a fair chance. Helstrom explained that he wanted to continue working with Hastings, although she suggested telling Rosetti that demons truly existed, which Helstrom refused to do. Hastings then told Helstrom that Kthara had orchestrated an escape which resulted in the death of a security guard. Helstrom told Hastings that he would be covering the guard's funeral expense and walked away from Hastings.

Helstrom went to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, where Ellis showed him and Gabriella Rosetti footage of Spivey visiting Kthara before breaking out the two patients. Helstrom told Rosetti that the patient being visited was his mother, Victoria Helstrom, although he refused to allow Rosetti to enter his mother's room with him. He entered the room and told her a story about when he was younger in order to coax out his mother. However, it did not work, so Helstrom confronted Kthara about the symbol she showed Spivey to manipulate him, and Kthara refused to cooperate, so Helstrom left, frustrated.

Helstrom told Rosetti and Hastings what happened with Kthara, and Rosetti began asking questions which Helstrom could not answer, causing Helstrom to get annoyed. Rosetti asked to see Helstrom's mother alone and verify that it isn't theater, which offended Helstrom as Hastings verified that Kthara was indeed dangerous. Rosetti became frustrated with Helstrom, so she left to write a report for Archbishop Terrazi. Hastings scolded Helstrom for his treatment of Rosetti, and Helstrom admitted to treating her poorly. Hastings listed Rosetti's merits, and Helstrom expressed his disappointment in not being able to help his sister, who had sworn to never return to Portland. Hastings said it might be better that way, causing Helstrom to leave, upset. In his car, he texted his sister, who didn't respond. He went to a tattoo artist and attempted to get a tattoo, although his skin immediately healed whenever she tried. He told her to keep trying as he reflected on his sister's kidnapping.[4]

Feeling Remorse

The next day, Helstrom returned to the Cavallo Residence, where he watched Archer Cavallo and his father go into the father's car together. While watching them, he called Gabriella Rosetti to apologize for the way he treated her the previous night, although she did not answer. Helstrom reflected on his behavior while Cavallo and his father got into the car.

He returned to Gateway University, where he had his students taking an exam and wrote the symbol he found in Kthara's room on the wall repeatedly. He stayed long after the test ended, although the paper interrupted him when it suddenly got consumed in a fire. He returned to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, where Louise Hastings told him that Rosetti had stolen her ID badge and visited Victoria Helstrom. Hastings and Helstrom ran into her room and found Kthara attempting to kill Rosetti. Helstrom attempted to exorcise Kthara to no avail. However, his mother managed to resume control of her body long enough to warn Helstrom and the others to flee, which they did, despite Helstrom's desire to be with his mother.

Helstrom and Hastings explained demons to Rosetti, and Helstrom then explained the meaning of Kthara's ideogram - "consumption." Rosetti commented on Kthara's nature, and Helstrom simply reminded Rosetti that she was the one who wanted to learn about demons. He drank the alcohol that had been poured for Rosetti and left.[4]

Reunion with Ana Helstrom

Helstrom getting reunited with Ana Helstrom

"I though maybe you might have softened over the years, but no, you're incapable of that.?
"And you're incapable of moving on."
―Daimon Helstrom and Ana Helstrom[src]

Helstrom went to his Jeep, when he found that Ana Helstrom had take a trip to Portland. Ana asked Helstrom for confirmation that their mother was dead.[4] Helstrom took her to a local restaurant, where they briefly discussed Ana's love of biscuits, and the two ordered their meals. Ana explained to Helstrom that she was there because him reaching out likely meant that their mother's health condition was worsening, which Helstrom confirmed, expressing hope that they could exorcise Kthara together. Helstrom tried to convince her, although Ana complained about their mother's apparent favoritism toward Helstrom. Annoyed, Helstrom asked for the true reason for Ana's visit, and was told that she wanted to talk to her mother in case she really was dying. Ana revealed that she wanted Helstrom to grant her alone time with their mother, and Helstrom was hesitant to do so, although he eventually allowed it.

However, Ana recklessly attempted to coax out their mother, eventually slapping her. Helstrom arrived at Saint Teresa's and scolded her, ignoring Gabriella Rosetti as he passed her. Ana tried to defend herself, but the two continued to argue. He nearly compared Ana to their father, prompting the argument to get worse. Their combined powers began shaking one of Hastings' coffee mugs, causing her to get nervous. She stopped their fighting and yelled at both of them, and Rosetti explained that a man had been possessed and needed Helstrom's help. The two left, as Helstrom told Hastings to keep their mother sedated and Ana not to go near her.[2]

Exorcism of Alex Tilden

While Helstrom and Gabriella Rosetti drove to help Alex Tilden, Rosetti asked about Helstrom's sister. Helstrom explained that she did not have the same nurturing environment growing up as him. Rosetti also asked about the source of their demonic powers, which Helstrom explained was their father, who was worse than Kthara. Helstrom attempted to explain to Rosetti that prayer would not help exorcise anybody, and Rosetti posed a theory that if a person was a man of faith, then prayer might work, despite Helstrom's protests. He asked whether Rosetti was up to the job of stopping real demons, and Rosetti explained that she had already seen the worst of humanity while working with the Talitha Kum.

Helstrom and Rosetti arrived at the site of the car crash, where they met with Father Sean Okamoto. Okamoto explained that when he tried to deliver Tilden's last rites, the demon possessing Tilden bit the priest and attacked him with a car mirror. While Okamoto explained that Tilden should have already died, Helstrom approached the car crash. Rosetti joined him, and Helstrom sensed that the demon possessing Tilden was old and strong. Rosetti asked to keep him alive, but Helstrom explained that it was impossible since the demon was the only thing keeping him alive. Helstrom explained that only older demons born of flesh can mark people for possession, and that being possessed by a lesser demon can take a toll on a person, killing them. While Helstrom investigated Tilden's body, Rosetti looked at the driver of the car Tilden was in, although the demon used his abilities to throw the body towards the window, scaring Rosetti. The demon laughed about it to Helstrom. Magoth explained that he caused the crash because he enjoyed it and tried to kill them with part of a truck, but Helstrom deflected it.

"Tilden" mocked Rosetti when he learned that she was new to working with demons, and Helstrom stood up for her. However, the demon revealed the he, like all demons, knew Helstrom as a traitor and said that his name was Magoth. Helstrom demanded to know who marked Tilden, but Magoth interrupted when revealed that Tilden's family had arrived. Rosetti, having surmised that Magoth was once human, pled with him to let Tilden say goodbye to his family. However, Magoth only momentarily pretended the ploy worked before revealing that Tilden cheated on his wife with various prostitutes. He also revealed that Ana Helstrom had become a murderer.

Helstrom clears a path through the flames

Rosetti attempted to use prayer to give Tilden enough strength to resume control over his body, and when Helstrom saw that it was working, he grabbed Magoth's mark so to hurt the demon, who lit a fire around them in hopes of distracting them. While Rosetti continued praying, Helstrom cleared a path through the fire. He noticed the flames get stronger, as Magoth grew more powerful, and rushed back over to Tilden's body. Before he could exorcise Tilden, Magoth warned Helstrom that the demon who marked him was very strong and would be coming, and Helstrom exorcised the demon from Tilden's body. This took a told on Helstrom and caused the fires around him to go out.

Helstrom watched as Rosetti and Okamoto expressed their condolences to Tilden's family, and Rosetti joined him in his car. Helstrom asked Rosetti what she told the family, and Rosetti said that she only said what they needed to hear. Rosetti expressed hope that the family would get closure, and Helstrom explained that not everybody receives that.[2]

Victoria's Return

The next day, Helstrom visited Victoria Helstrom at Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, where he learned that after Ana Helstrom's conversation with Kthara, Victoria had managed to regain control of her body for the first time in years. He was excited to learn that she was lucid enough to be rambling and ask for Ana. Helstrom called Ana to tell him the news and convinced her to stay in Portland and help him get their mother back.

Helstrom and Ana visited their mother, who began asking them whether they had fun playing in the snow. Daimon suggested that the three of them build a snowman some time, but Victoria said that if their father saw them outside, he would be angry and there was not enough time. Victoria had a breakdown and Ana planned to leave, but Kthara had suddenly returned and said that their father was back, revealing to Helstrom that Ana had never told him, despite her already knowing. Helstrom tried to explain that their dad had been cremated, but Kthara explained that he had unfinished business, which Gabriella Rosetti and Louise Hastings determined referred to Zoe Richards, a young girl who had supposedly escaped their father. Although Ana did not believe this, they decided to warn Richards, and Ana suggested using her as bait to draw their father out.[3]

Helping Zoe Richards

While in the car, Helstrom, Ana Helstrom, and Gabriella Rosetti discussed their plans for approaching Zoe Richards. Ana began flirting with Rosetti, although Helstrom cut her off. When they arrived at the Richards Residence, Richards answered the door and refused to talk to them, changing her mind a moment later. She welcomed them into her home and told them about the house's history, having been built by her grandfather. Richards began to recount her story, when Ana became uncomfortable and asked to use the bathroom. Suspicious of Ana, Helstrom followed her upstairs and found her in Richards' bedroom. Ana said that somebody else was present, and Helstrom suggested that what Kthara had said to her was making her paranoid, upsetting Ana. She stormed downstairs and, despite Helstrom's protests, began intensely questioning Richards, not believing that she lived alone. Upset about Ana's behavior, Richards demanded that they leave.

Helstrom and Ana Helstrom discuss Zoe Richards

Once they were outside, the two continued fighting, and Ana became upset that Helstrom did not appear to trust her. Helstrom asked for more, and Ana said that she remember what happened to Richards, and that their father burned her alive. She stormed off, ignoring Helstrom as he called out for her.[3]


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Powers and Abilities


"He's special. We both are."
Ana Helstrom to Victoria Helstrom[src]
  • Cambion Physiology: Due to his heritage, Helstorm is part demon and part human, granting him supernatural abilities. He has physical attributes similar to his sister Ana Helstrom, as well as powers unique to him.
    • Superhuman Strength: Due to his demonic heritage, Helstrom possesses greater strength than a normal human being. He is able to fight alongside the bodies possessed by true demons.
    • Superhuman Durability: Due to his demonic heritage, Helstrom's body is much more resistant to physical damage than the body of a normal human being. He is capable of withstanding force impacts and falls that would kill a normal human.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his body's resistance, Helstrom can be injured. However, his metabolism enables him to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue with greater speed and efficiency than that of a human.
    • Telekinesis: Helstorm possesses incredible telekinetic abilities, one of his most prominent powers. He generally uses this ability to paralyze possessed humans before exorcising them. Helstrom is also capable of sending an adult human flying through the air and moving huge objects, like a large fan. Despite being a half demon, Helstrom's telekinetic abilities proved to be great enough to surpass those of a true demon. However, he has implied that he requires concentration to perform telekinesis and keep objects and/or people suspended.
    • Fire Manipulation: Helstrom possesses the ability to generate and control fire. He was able to use this ability to create a circle of fire around him and Archer Cavallo, control the flames of other demons and ignite his father's dagger with flames which he can use to exorcise demons.
    • Exorcism: Helstrom can exorcize spirits that are demonic or ghostly in origin from their hosts. When using this ability, a purple flame appears around his target.


  • Expert Combatant: To be added
"Ego veni ut vitam habeant et abundantius habeant.[5]"
―Daimon Helstrom to Archer Cavallo[src]
  • Bilingualism: Helstorm speaks English and Latin.



Helstrom wielding his father's flaming dagger

Other Equipment








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  • In the comics, Daimon Hellstrom is the half-human, half-demon son of Marduk Kurios. Since his father was often mistaken for Satan himself, Hellstrom was often called the Son of Satan in the past. Daimon also married Patsy Walker and was a member of the Defenders.


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