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Dachau is a city located in southern part of Germany.


The 14th of September, 1935, Doctor Abraham Erskine, his wife Greta, and their sons Klaus and Marlene, boarded a train to Geneva in hopes of avoiding a group of anti-semitic laws known as Nuremberg Laws that Adolf Hitler would approve the following day in Nuremberg.

Upon arriving to the German/Swiss border, the train was stopped by Johann Schmidt, who was looking for Erskine in order to coerce him into turning his research to them, a project that increased the molecular density of cellular fibers through synthetic proteins of his own devising.

In order to ensure Erskine's cooperation, Schmidt threatened the lives of his wife and sons, that were sent to a concentration camp in Dachau.

In 1937, a typhus outbreak in the camp killed thousands of inmates, including Erskine's family. Their death was kept secret to Erskine to continue using his family as leverage, until agent Peggy Carter of the British Secret Intelligence revealed it while rescuing Erskine in 1940.[1]


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