D'Rillians are the advanced inhabitants of planet D'Rill.


During the Search for Leo Fitz, Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons, Piper, and Davis were forced to land on D'Rill after being chased by the Confederacy. Trok and three other D'Rillians intercepted them and boarded Zephyr One, asking them for permission to land. One of the D'Rillians used a facial recognition device to identify Quake. She immediately destroyed their weapons using her powers and all of them but Trok ran away, scared. He attacked Quake, but she quickly overpowered him and threw him on the ground. She and Jemma interogated him on the whereabouts of Enoch's ship before leaving him and countinuing their search.[1]

Notable D'Rillians


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