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"Serrated blade."
"Czech military issue."
Misty Knight and Walker[src]

Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is a country in Europe. On January 1, 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully dissolved, with its constituent states becoming the independent states of Czechia and Slovakia.


United States Army had an encounter in Czechia with the local military. One of the Czech soldiers managed to injure Sergeant Mary Walker with "demon knife," but it didn't stop her from killing him.[1]

Ethan Johnston, a residence of Afterlife was teleported to Prague, Czechia by Gordon. In Prague, Johnston would start a backpacking trip through Czechia. Soon after Johnston was dropped off HYDRA agents traveled to Czechia and kidnapped him for experimentation.[2]

Mysterio's Campaign

Peter Parker speaks with Quentin Beck in Prague

In the summer of 2024, Peter Parker and other students from Midtown School of Science and Technology went on a trip to Europe and visited Prague. At the Carlo IV Hotel, Parker recieved a phone call from Soren, who was impersonating Maria Hill, asking him to meet them at their hideout. Parker told Ned Leeds he had to leave and left the hotel. He arrived at the hideout and was reprimanded by Talos, who was impersonating Nick Fury, for mishandling his usage of E.D.I.T.H.. Parker apologized and left the hideout to be alone. He was joined by Quentin Beck who tried to cheer him up.

Peter Parker realizes he has to leave the State Opera

When Parker returned to the hotel, he, along with his classmates, learned from their chaperones, Roger Harrington and Julius Dell, that they would be going to the State Opera. After arriving at the Opera, Parker was notified by "Fury" to go to the Carnival of Lights where the next Elemental was scheduled to appear. When Parker left, Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, and Betty Brant followed shortly after.

Spider-Man tries to fight off the fire Elemental

The Carnival was interrupted as the Molten Man, a hologram created by illusion technology wrecked havoc on the festivities. Leeds and Brant were on top of the Ferris wheel and were unable to get off, but fortunately Parker in his Stealth Suit was able to rescue them. During the fight, Quentin Beck arrived and pretended to sacrifice himself in order to get rid of the Elemental. Afterwards, "Fury" and "Hill" arrived and Fury spoke with Parker about stepping up his responsibility to be a superhero.

Quentin Beck is given the glasses from Peter Parker

Afterwards, Beck invited Parker to join him at a bar. However, unbeknownst to Parker, the bar was another illusion used by the B.A.R.F. technology. Parker entrusted Beck to have the glasses, much to Beck's delight as that was his plan. After Parker left, Beck removed the illusion to reveal a secret hideout where he and other former Stark Industries employees had gathered. He told them about the next plan now that he had the glasses.

Peter Parker learns Quentin Beck is a fraud

When Parker returned to the hotel, he found out that the group was leaving the next day. Upset by this, he asked Jones to go on a walk with him outside. During the walk, she revealed that she knew his identity as Spider-Man and showed him a piece of projector that she had picked up earlier. When Parker touched it, a hologram was produced, and they realized that Beck was a fraud. They went back to Parker's room, where he suited up, and then were joined by Leeds. Parker told them to cover for him as he had to leave Prague that night.[3]


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