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"Can you state for the court any preexisting opinion, any at all, that you may hold for the defendant, Frank Castle?"
"You mean the Punisher? I think he's an animal a sick, twisted, venal..."
"...Hero. That's what we should be calling him. Doing the things the cops won't do, Frank Castle is a..."
"...A grotesque insult to the Second Amendment, a fascist without the authority. If you ask me, people like Frank Castle ought to be..."
"...Applauded for putting all the thieves and muggers and rapists in the morgue, where they belong. Let those bastards feel scared walking down the street for a change."
―Cynthia Batzer and citizens of New York City[src]

Cynthia Batzer is a judge who took charge of the People v. Frank Castle, with lawyers Nelson and Murdock going against District Attorney Samantha Reyes in Batzer's courtroom.


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