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"It ain't how you hit the mat..."
"It's how you get up."
Matt Murdock and Jack Murdock

Cut Man is the second episode of the first season of the television series Daredevil.


Murdock makes a near-fatal error while trying to save a kidnapped boy, and finds an unlikely ally when he needs saving himself.



The Masked Man hears the screams of a boy abducted from his father's truck. Murdock attempts to rescue the boy and is beaten terribly, as they knew he was coming. The kidnappers throw him into a dumpster. He is then found by Santino who tells his neighbor, Claire Temple, who is a doctor. They take him to her apartment where she shines a flashlight in the his eyes and notices they don't react. She goes to call 911, but is stopped by the man who wakes up and tells her that the men are coming and will kill everyone in the hospital to get to him. The man then falls unconscious.

Years ago, before Matt Murdock was blinded, he watches his father Battlin' Jack Murdock box on television. When Jack gets home after the fight, Matt waits for him, not going to bed. They discuss the fight and Jack asks his son to stitch up his wounds. Jack shows him the money to Matt's surprise who asks how he got so much after he lost. Jack replies saying it doesn't matter, as long as he fights.

Murdock wakes up later to Temple asking him how a blind man in a mask can be found in her dumpster, to no answer. She asks him for his name, but doesn't give it, so she names him "Mike".

After his accident, a young Murdock wakes up in the hospital. His father tries to calm him down, but all Murdock could say is that he couldn't see.

Murdock wakes up again, but this time because his lung has collapsed. Temple saves his life once again. She asks him for an explanation, he tells her about the boy and what he tried to do. Murdock plans on going after the boy again. He cuts off the conversation because he hears a man on another floor. He says he smells the man's cologne as well, which confuses Temple.

Fogwell's Gym .PNG

After Murdock was blinded, he stayed in Fogwell's Gym as his father practiced. One day, two thugs came into the gym and spoke with his father; Roscoe Sweeney wants him to take a fall during the next match against Carl Creel so he could win a bet. Not knowing that Matt is listening, Jack originally refuses, but when his son's future is threatened, Jack tells them that he would lose.

When the thug gets to the door. Temple opens it up she finds the man dressed as a cop asking if she's seen a man in a mask. She tells him no, so he leaves. Murdock tells her he didn't buy the lie. He then takes a fire extinguisher and drops it down the stairwell which hits the man at the bottom. They take him up to the roof and tie him up. Temple questions Murdock about his intentions, but ultimately thinks he is on the right side.

Meanwhile, Karen Page cleans up the office when she hears Foggy Nelson singing to himself, unaware of her presence. They go to a bar and get drunk to ease Page's fears about New York City. They go to Murdock's apartment and cause a ruckus which awakens his neighbor. As they leave, Page says they should go home, but Nelson protests.

The thug, Semyon, wakes up and the Masked Man interrogates him. Semyon tells him that the kid will be sold, just like the rest. Angry, the Masked Man tortures him. Taking a knife and sticking it right above his eye socket, Semyon tells him where the boy is. He then cuts Semyon down and throws him over the roof. When Temple asks if he's alive, the Masked Man responds saying he'll live. Temple is told to relocate because the Russians who beat Murdock for upsetting their schemes in the sex slave trade will come for her. Temple tells the him where she will be in case she must stitch more of his wounds.


On the night of the fight, Jack chooses his ego. He calls a friend named Ed and asks them to put in a bet on him winning. He tells them to send the money he will win to an account under the name Matthew Murdock. He then calls Matt's mother, telling her to look out for their son. After beating Creel, he runs into the locker room, trying to make a quick exit. He then hears his name chanted in the ring, he pauses for a moment, embracing it one last time. He is later found dead in an alley.


At the building where the boy is being held captive. A thug, goes in and gives him food. The Masked Man enters the hallway prepared to fight. He engages the men, using bounded ropes on his knuckles to make his punches harder. He is out numbered, but is able to get back up after many hits. Growing tired, he uses the wall to push himself at the men with more strength. After defeating all of them, he enters the room, taking off his mask to keep the boy from getting scared. He then walks out with the boy in his arms.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Swim Surfer Blood
No Matter What You're Told Broken Bells
The Pirates of Penzance: 1. Pour, Oh Pour the Pirate Sherry D'Oyly Carte Opera Chorus, George Cook, Isidore Godfrey & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Battlin' Jack Murdock John Paesano
Hallway Fight John Paesano
  • Daredevil fights his way through a hallway of armed Russians.



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