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"I figured it was easier to not give a shit. Not caring about anybody, running from all sorts of feelings, worrying about nobody but yourself. Sounds miserable as hell, but easy."
―Curtis Hoyle to Frank Castle[src]

Curtis "Curt" Hoyle is a former Navy SARC who had lost his leg during his service. Following a discharge from his military service, Hoyle set up counselling for other veterans suffering with PTSD, including Lewis Wilson. Having found out that his friend, Frank Castle, was alive following the massacre of his family, Hoyle agreed to assist him with returning to the world, only to get drawn into a new conflict as Wilson was influenced by O'Connor and became a terrorist, which led to Hoyle's life being put in danger. Hoyle's connection with Castle led to him being targeted by his former friend, Billy Russo, who had tried to use Hoyle to kill Castle, only for Castle to save Hoyle's life and in return, Hoyle had convinced Castle to come to therapy sessions in order to begin dealing with all his past trauma.

Despite Hoyle attempting to focus on helping people, he was drawn back into conflict when Russo had escaped his police custody and was attempting to remember his forgotten past, while Castle asked for Hoyle's help in tracking him down and killing him. With the help of Dinah Madani, Hoyle focused on protecting Amy Bendix from John Pilgrim, while Castle then targeted Russo. As Hoyle became more involved, he became disgusted by Castle's desires for violence, having witnessed the kidnapping of David Schultz, as well as Hoyle having also killed Phillip during a mission with Castle, much to his horror. Once Hoyle had completed all of his obligations to Castle by helping him to find and execute Russo, Hoyle then decided to turn his back on his former friend for his own peace of mind.


Navy Life

Training with Cassius

"When I trained as a corpsman, they gave me a goat. I had named my goat Cassius because he was a G.O.A.T., right? You know what they did to that goat? They blew him up. They cut him. Gave him simulated IED injuries. And then they tell you to go out there and save his life."
―Curtis Hoyle to Isaac Lange[src]

Following the footsteps of his father who was a Viernam War veteran[1], Curtis Hoyle joined the United States Navy. When he trained as a corpsman, Hoyle was given a goat which he named Cassius. Cassius was used as a living test dummy for Hoyle to practice healing serious injuries where the goat was subjected to forced abuse that was designed to emulate war injuries from bullets, knife slashes, explosions and the like. Eventually, the wounds put a toll on Cassius and he passed away. While Hoyle was traumatized by this situation, the exercises had served their purpose and Hoyle became a brilliant physician and medic.[2]

Losing his Leg

"You think I woke up in the hospital with a missing leg, full of good thoughts?"
"I'm proud of everything that you've done since then. You didn't feel sorry for yourself. You didn't wallow. You got on with it, yeah? You helped people, Curtis. That's what you did."
"You wanna know why? I'll tell you why. 'Cause every time I'm talking to them, I'm talking to myself"
―Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

During his military service, Hoyle made a strong friendship with Frank Castle and Billy Russo who were serving within the United States Marine Corps. Together with Castle, Hoyle was sent to Baghdad where they dealt with a improvised explosive device that was planted in a local market. Castle was tasked to protect a perimeter while Hoyle treated injured civilians. However, Castle saw a pregnant suicide bomber coming to them but hesitated to shot her. She eventually blew herself up, killing several civilians and blowing off Hoyle's leg, forcing him to use a prosthetic leg from here on. Because of his new disability, the military discharged Hoyle and he returned to New York City, where he had struggled to deal with his new disability but still carried on with his life.[3]

Civilian Life

Emotional Support


Hoyle talking with his support group members

"Got a couple of new faces in here today. Welcome. If you wanna talk, talk. If you just wanna listen, that's all good, too. No judgment here, just brothers and sisters who understand."
―Curtis Hoyle[src]

Having returned back home into New York City, Hoyle then reunited with Billy Russo, who had also who left the Marine Corps and found financial success by creating Anvil. With Russo's financial aid, Hoyle rented a room in St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, where he provided emotional support for the homeless and organized group therapy sessions for any United States Army veterans who needed assistance.[4] Hoyle was approached by Clay Wilson, who then confessed that he needed advice for his son, who returned from Iraq with Posttraumatic stress disorder, as Hoyle agreed to help him.[1]


Hoyle offers his emotional advice to the group

Several months later, Hoyle had reunited with Frank Castle who was presumed dead after his crusade against the criminals who killed his family. Castle claimed that he had abandoned his former life as the Punisher and that he wanted to return to regular life. Hoyle helped him to change his identity and Castle tehn became known as "Pete Castiglione."[5] Hoyle also promised to keep Castle's return a secret, even from Russo, in order to protect him.[6] Hoyle invited Wilson to one of his regular group meetings in the church where Isaac Lange, O'Connor and several newer arrivals were also in attendance.


Hoyle talks to Lewis Wilson about his opinion

Hoyle started his session in what appeared to be his usual way, with a story and an explanation to new members that they were welcome to contribute or were free to choose only to listen in. O'Connor then expressed his point of view that the liberal government was running the United States of America to the ground before he was confronted by Lange. Hoyle stopped Lange, noting that if O'Connor had the right to speak, as they listened to O'Connor express his anger at society. Wilson took the floor to say that he fought for his country yet felt that there was no longer any place for him, which O'Connor supported.

The Punisher Sep 12 Promo 9

Hoyle talks with Lewis Wilson about recovery

Wilson had commented on O'Connor's thoughts with the phrase "sic semper tyrannis," which Hoyle had also recognized as "thus always to tyrants." Wilson explained that this was a reference to the terrible acts of war meaning nothing during times of peace. Hoyle had grown concerned with Wilson's mindset and, at the end of their meeting, he approached Wilson, questioning how he was sleeping, as Wilson had noted that these group sessions and reading was helping him. Hoyle advised Wilson that, while gaining an outsider perspective was good, he would have to look inside himself if he ever wanted to get better.


Hoyle greeting Frank Castle after their meeting

Once everyone had departed, Hoyle continued putting all the chairs away when he was greeted by Castle, who complimented him on the meeting. Castle returned a copy of Moby Dick that he had borrowed from Hoyle, noting that reading had helped him, as Hoyle noted that he had given Wilson the same advice that books helped but did not provide all the answers. While Castle poured coffee, Hoyle explained how Wilson was driving taxis in New York now and that he suspected that he was talking to himself in the mirror, which had concerned him as he noted that these days everyone wanted to be someone else.


Hoyle talks to Frank Castle about his thoughts

Hoyle questioned what it would take to make Castle happy, although Castle insisted that happiness was just a kick in the balls waiting to happen, as Hoyle responded to by questioning if Castle was kicking himself in the balls first. Hoyle then noted that Castle still had half of his life to live, as Castle claimed that he was already dead, although Hoyle insisted that he could still live out a full life as Pete Castiglione, noting that Castle had already punished Ray Schoonover and anyone else responsible for the deaths of Maria and his children, meaning his mission was complete and he was only punishing himself now.


Hoyle makes a crude joke to Frank Castle

However, Castle seemingly refused to acknowledge what Hoyle was saying to him, as he simply thanked him for the coffee and made the move to leave the Church. Before he left, Castle then turned back to Hoyle as he questioned how often he thought about their time in the Marine Corps together, to which Hoyle noted that he thought it all the time, claiming that his conscience was clear. Castle had claimed that the operations he was involved in were different, as Hoyle questioned if Castle was becoming comfortable with the level of emotional pain he was in, before they shared a joke and Castle left the Church.[5]

Frank Castle's Question


Hoyle is visited by Frank Castle in the church

"You wanna know if he got it from me?"
"Look, it's a short list. I'm not saying..."
"Come on, Frank. I would never give you up."
"I know that. I just. Anything. Did something slip?"
―Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

While he was preparing for another meeting at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hoyle was visited by Frank Castle, who seemed to be in distress. When Hoyle questioned what was wrong, Castle had explained that somebody called Micro somehow knew that he was alive, and was coming after him for unknown reasons, as Hoyle had then asked if Castle suspected that he was the one who told Micro that he was in fact still alive, to which Castle had noted that there were not many people who could have given Micro that information.


Hoyle talks to Frank Castle and his problem

Hoyle denied any involved, insisting that he would never give him up, as Castle questioned if Hoyle knew of any possible way that Micro could have found it out, although Hoyle still insisted that he had not seen anything suspicious. Hoyle questioned what Micro wanted, as Castle explained that Micro had claimed to have the answers that he would need, commenting that before he died, Ray Schoonover had mentioned that something he had done in Kandahar had resulted in the deaths of Castle's wife and two children, although Hoyle died this was true, since Schoonover had desperately wanted to stay alive.


Hoyle tells Frank Castle that its not his fault

Hoyle questioned what Castle had been involved with in Kandahar, as Castle finally revealed that he was part of a team that had been recruited by the CIA to perform the interrogation and assassination missions against their enemies, as Castle explained how he carried the trauma of his actions back into New York City and to his family. Seeing the fear in his friend's eyes, Hoyle insisted that these actions he had performed in the Marine Corps were not the reason that his family died, although Castle was still fearful that he might have been part of the reason for their deaths, as Castle then walked out.[7]

Mysterious Hacker


Hoyle watches Micro following his instructions

"Castle has you in his crosshairs right now, buddy. If you shoot me, you will be next."
"Why isn't he here?"
"He decided he doesn't like what you're selling. Frank's in the wind. If you try to find him again, he will visit Sarah."
―Curtis Hoyle and Micro[src]

As part of their plan to get ahead of Micro, Hoyle had then agreed to help Frank Castle in sending Micro on their wild goose chase. Hoyle stayed out of sight and followed Micro's progress from various rooftops, using his sniper scope to ensure that Micro was doing as instructed. Having determined that Micro was safe and doing as instructed, Hoyle called up Castle and had informed him of what car he was driving, before he went to fulfill the next stage of their plan.


Hoyle closely confronts Micro in the Cemetery

Once Micro had been sent into Mount Zion Cemetery, Hoyle followed him there, waiting for Micro to make it to his own fake gravestone as he revealed himself, resulting in Micro drawing his gun and nervously threatening to shoot Hoyle. However, Hoyle remained castle, telling Micro that Castle had his shot lined up to kill Micro if he dared shoot Hoyle. When Micro had demanded to know why Castle was not there himself, Hoyle claimed that he decided that he did not want whatever information Micro had learned of Cerberus Squad, and the Massacre at Central Park, claiming that Castle was gone and would not return.


Hoyle leaves Micro alone at the Cemetery

In order to ensure Micro did as they wanted, Hoyle warned that if he dared try to find Castle, then he would go and visit Sarah Lieberman, although Hoyle was not overly clear about what this meant. Believing that he had done what was needed, Hoyle then lowered his hands and calmly walked away, while the desperate Micro had continued to call after him. However, this conversation was all a distraction, giving Castle enough time to sneak inside the boot of Micro's car, allowing Micro to drive him straight to his Hideout where Castle could capture and interrogate him about whatever Micro's true intentions were.[7]

Billy Russo's Visit


Hoyle getting reunited back with Billy Russo

"It'd be good for these guys to see someone like them who made a second life."
"I'd feel guilty I got out in time. These guys, they got problems that I don't. I'm way too selfish to do what you do."
"There's nothing selfish about this. It means a lot."
―Curtis Hoyle and Billy Russo[src]

While Frank Castle was still dealing with Micro, Hoyle then returned back into St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, where he got the room ready for his next therapy session. While Hoyle had moved all the chairs in position, he was unexpectedly greeted by Billy Russo, who remained silent in the doorway until Hoyle noticed him, questioning why Russo had to be as quiet as a cat, with Russo suggesting he wear a bell around his neck before they happily shook hands.

As Hoyle offered him coffee, Russo handed him the latest check for him to keep renting the rooms for his therapy sessions, which Hoyle jokingly thanked him for. They then sat down and discussed how things were going there, as Hoyle noted that Russo's money helped pay the rent and give the homeless guys coffee and soup while they occasionally discussed being a United States Armed Forces veteran. As Hoyle noted that it seemed to be helping some of them, he then suggested that Russo should stay and see what he was paying for, although Russo noted that he did not need to see and hear that.

Hoyle suggested that it would be good for the attending veterans to see a former Marine who had made a second life after returning from Afghanistan to New York City. However, Russo claimed that he would feel guilty that he got out of the war in time, claiming that he was far too selfish to do what Hoyle was doing, although Hoyle insisted that there was nothing selfish about Russo donating the money he earned through Anvil to help keep the sessions going. Hoyle then asked how Anvil was going, as Russo noted that it was good, while Hoyle teased him about being so successful upon his return back to America.

Hoyle went on to compliment Russo for going onto greater things in life, insisting that he was proud of him, while Russo had insisted that there would always be a job open for him at Anvil if he ever wanted to take it, although Hoyle gratefully refused. Russo then checked that Hoyle would still meet him to visit Castle's grave, which he agreed to, despite knowing that Castle was still alive. While Russo left, he again suggested that Hoyle should work with Anvil, only for Hoyle to note that he also got out of the Navy in time, despite him losing a leg, and Hoyle had no plans on returning back into any kind of combat.[4]

Lewis Wilson's Confession

"We are not the only soldiers to feel let down by the country we serve. I have friends who have been betrayed in ways that you guys can't even imagine. Everything taken from them. A good man risked his life to save mine. And I decided not to throw away that gift he gave me. So I got a job started my second life. And now I take pride in living that life well."
―Curtis Hoyle to Lewis Wilson[src]

As his regulars turned up, Hoyle began his next therapy session, as he listened as Lewis Wilson discussed his experiences in Iraq, as Wilson then explained how he had witnessed enemy soldiers being killed and thought that while he hated them as they were the enemy, he always respected them. Wilson discussed an incident of friendly fire that he witnessed, which was passed off to their media as an enemy ambush, which Wilson felt dishonored those United States Armed Forces soldiers who lost their lives.

Hoyle listened while Wilson explained that he would still dream about the man who lied to their media and turned those dead soldiers into assholes who were killed by the made-up enemy ambush. As Wilson had then questioned what he should do when he could not trust his own superiors, O'Connor spoke up and claimed that he should take matters into his own hands, leading to Isaac Lange again becoming frustrated, although Hoyle insisted that O'Connor should be allowed to speak up, noting that he actually agreed with O'Connor about this subject, much to the surprise of Lange and the rest of their group.

Hoyle explained to the group that his view was that they should take matters back into their own hands, noting that they were not the only soldiers who felt let down by the United States of America, who they had served for, as Hoyle went on to note that he had friends who had been betrayed in ways that they could not even imagine. As he went on, Hoyle explained how Castle, without naming him, had risked his life to save his, and he had decided not to waste the life he had been given, as he got a job when he returned to New York City and began his second life, which he took great pride in living for his friend.

When Lange had then questioned exactly what job Hoyle had gotten upon his return into America, Hoyle explained that he sold insurance, jokingly commenting that his false leg had made for his great selling pitch, which made their group laugh. With that, Hoyle then ended the session as the group began to put their chairs away. While the group wrapped up, Hoyle spoke with two members of their group, failing to notice that O'Connor had taken the opportunity to speak with Wilson, recruiting him further to his own far right mind view, with the intention of exploiting Wilson's vulnerable state of mind for all his values.[4]

In False Mourning

"Why didn't he come to us, man? After Maria and the kids? Why didn't he come to us? He didn't have to be alone. We could've helped him."
"Yeah, he didn't want any help. He wanted to kill every bastard who had a hand in it."
Billy Russo and Curtis Hoyle[src]

That evening, Hoyle had joined Billy Russo in visited the gravestone of Frank Castle, as they drank together, and wished Castle a Happy Birthday. While Hoyle continued maintaining the secret that Castle was still alive, Russo commented that it was good that Castle now had his own gravestone, considering that no body was ever found in the wreckage of Ray Schoonover's Ship, while Russo had laughed about how Castle would have hated them paying tribute to him.

Russo then began questioning why Castle had not come to either of them when his wife and two children had been murdered, noting that they could have helped him take his revenge, to which Hoyle noted that Castle did not want any help, but wanted to kill everybody who had a hand in his family's deaths. With that, Russo noted that he still missed Castle, and claimed that he could see that darkness in him while they were serving in the Marine Corps together, as Hoyle noted how Castle said Kandahar was not like anything else, as Russo then questioned when Castle said this, as Hoyle was forced into lying.[4]

Helping Lewis Wilson

"I don't think you know what you meant. You see, when you look in a mirror, you still see a soldier. And out on these streets, that soldier is invisible to everyone else. If only you'd got something over there, like half your face burnt off or a hook for a hand. That's what you meant."
―Curtis Hoyle to Lewis Wilson[src]

Hoyle was called by Clay Wilson, explaining that Lewis Wilson had another breakdown and had dug a large trench into his back garden, which Wilson was now spending the majority of his time inside. Arriving at the Wilson Residence, Hoyle greeted Wilson and noted how cold it was, although Wilson insisted that it did not bother him at all. When Wilson asked if Hoyle was there to bring him back into therapy, Hoyle explained that it was Wilson's father who called him.

As Hoyle took a seat, he and Wilson then discussed how Wilson had come close to accidentally killing his father when he had a nightmare and fired his gun, nearly shooting his father. Wilson explained that he did not have any nightmares while he slept in the hole, noting that he should have never discharged from the United States Army, as all the heat and noise had never stopped him sleeping. Considering all this, Hoyle advised Wilson that in the United States of America it would rain, unlike Iraq, noting that Wilson should make a moat for the water to ensure that he did not take the risk of drowning in heavy rain.

Hoyle explained how his father served in the Vietnam War, where rain was a constant threat. However, as Hoyle explained how his father dealt with the rain in Vietnam, he was saw that Wilson was struggling to concentrate, as he claimed that Hoyle had gained something while he was overseas, while making a reference to Hoyle's prosthetic leg. While Hoyle insisted that he did not gain anything in Afghanistan, but had only lost a leg, suggesting that Wilson did not have a clear idea of what he was talking about, as he only saw himself as a soldier, but people did not see him as one as he did not have a war wound.

Hoyle once again tried to convince Wilson to return to therapy, noting that the others missed seeing him there, but Wilson had still refused, noting that everybody who went to those meetings was still scared, whereas he was not scared. Wilson then explained that he would be signing up with Anvil in order to get back into combat, as Hoyle was fearful about Wilson returning to combat in his current state of mind and considered contacting Billy Russo about this. Seeing that Wilson was unwilling to discuss these matters with him anymore, Hoyle had regretfully said his goodbyes and then left the Wilson Residence.[1]

Advising Billy Russo

The Punisher Sep 12 Promo 8

Hoyle and Billy Russo discuss Lewis Wilson

"You won't be doing him or yourself any favors if you put him in combat situations. I'm telling you, if I was out there, I would not want that kid watching my six. And a team is only as good as its weakest link, right?"
"And this one would snap?"
"Only a matter of time."
―Curtis Hoyle and Billy Russo[src]

Fearing what may happen if Lewis Wilson was allowed into combat zones, Hoyle had then traveled to the Anvil Headquarters to speak with Billy Russo, as he explained everything that he knew about Wilson, including his experiences in Iraq that he had discussed in therapy, as well as the foxhole Wilson dug out and moved into at the Wilson Residence, having nearly shooting his own father. As they discussed their situation, Russo then suggested to Hoyle that Wilson just needed to get back into the combat situations to feel at peace, since Russo was disappointed by the news.

Despite Russo's enthusiasm for Wilson's skills, Hoyle insisted that it was a bad idea as Wilson would be a danger to his Anvil soldiers, as he noted that he would not want Wilson protecting him if Hoyle was still in the Armed Forces. Trusting Hoyle's judgement on the matter, and with a promise that Hoyle would then look after Wilson if he had snapped following the rejection, Russo agreed to reject Wilson for a place at Anvil. As predicted, Wilson was extremely upset by Russo's rejection, and then chose to point the blame at Hoyle, believing that he betrayed their trust by advising Russo against recruiting him.[1]

Treating Frank Castle

"Blood's not the problem. His temperature is 104. He's septic."
"I've been giving him fluids and antibiotics."
"None of that's gonna do any good until we get that arrow out of him. It's a foreign object filled with bacteria. The body's trying to fight it but can't."
―Curtis Hoyle and Micro[src]

While he was attempting to sleep in his Apartment, Hoyle was then unexpectedly awoken by the sound of knocking at his door. Instead of reattaching his prosthetic leg, Hoyle instead took his gun from under his pillow and used a crutch to get to his door, when he saw that Micro was the one knocking. Micro explained that Frank Castle was dying, having been shot while he was attempting to protect Gunner Henderson, and now they needed Hoyle to save Castle's life.

Hoyle then traveled to Micro's Hideout, where Castle was laid out on the table, with multiple gunshot wounds and an arrow lodged in his shoulder. Wanting to assist, Micro noted that he could donate blood for Castle, although Hoyle then noted that blood was not the issue, as Castle's temperature was rising and they had to get the arrow out of his body before it killed him. As Micro questioned how they would get the arrow out, Hoyle explained that they would pull it out from the other side, questioning if Micro would be alright to help hold Castle down while he did this, since Micro was beginning to look unwell.

While Micro lifted Castle's body in position, Hoyle began cutting into his back so he could pull the arrow through and out, as Hoyle had to ensure that Micro would not lose control during the operation. Being as careful as possible, Hoyle used his tools to reach inside Castle's shoulder and gently pulled the arrow out of his body, all while Micro struggled to not be sick. As he was finishing up the operation, Hoyle cleaned Castle's wound and stapled it closed, as they lay Castle on his back and then cauterized the wound, which had disgusted Micro, as Hoyle offered him a drink of the alcohol to help him relax.

Having finished the operation, Hoyle questioned why Micro had gone after him, which Micro mistook to mean going after Henderson, but Hoyle explained that he wanted to know why Micro had first targeted Castle, noting that it was Micro's fault that Castle was in this state. As Hoyle then questioned if he believed that any of this would make a difference in the long run, Micro explained that he had to believe it would, although Hoyle noted that the only person this would make a difference for would be Micro, questioning what effect it would have on Castle, who already came close to dying for Micro's mission.[2]

Betrayed by Friends

O'Connor's Military Rants

"Why'd you fight, O'Connor? What drove you that day, and all the days after?"
"Just doing my duty."
"Then why are you so angry about it? You did what you were supposed to do, right? As we all did. So why come here?"
―Curtis Hoyle and O'Connor[src]

Hoyle returned into the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church where he hosted his therapy session with the veterans. During their session, Hoyle listened to O'Connor while he had ranted about his experience returning home from the Vietnam War, as O'Connor claimed to have not been treated with the respect he had believed that he deserved for all his service, despite being presented with a Silver Star medal. Hoyle questioned if O'Connor only served to get gratitude.

As O'Connor claimed that anybody who needed a thank you for their service was a coward, Isaac Lange insisted this was not something they needed. Hoyle had then asked O'Connor why he had fought, to which O'Connor insisted that he was merely doing his duty, as Hoyle then questioned why he was so angry about it if he did what he was supposed to do. O'Connor then claimed that he was bothering these other Armed Forces veterans an alternative point of view, insisting he would toughen them up while Hoyle cared, so they could return back to the real world that O'Connor claimed did not care about them.

Becoming frustrated, Hoyle asked O'Connor about Lewis Wilson, as he had not seen him since his rejection from Anvil, as O'Connor had claimed that Wilson was a brave kid who knew the truth, confirming to Hoyle that O'Connor had persuaded him to join with his crusade. However, Hoyle insisted that there was no winning this fight, as he told the group about his time training with Cassius, and how he had witnessed that goat being blown apart so they could all rebuild him repeatedly, comparing that repetition of pain and rebuilding to what O'Connor's views were, confirming that Cassius eventually died.[2]

Lewis Wilson's Return

"Lewis, if you can't see going back into a war zone is about the worst thing that you can do, then I did the right thing."
"Not your call."
"So what, you think I betrayed you? Where was O'Connor when you got arrested? Did you try him? Oh, he didn't come, did he?"
―Curtis Hoyle and Lewis Wilson[src]

Hoyle learned that Lewis Wilson had been arrested by the New York City Police Department during a protest with O'Connor, as Hoyle sent to the police station and bailed him out. As he was setting up for his next therapy session, Hoyle was putting the chairs in position at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church when he saw Wilson was back. While they looked at each other in silence for a moment, Hoyle took a seat before Wilson questioned why Hoyle had bailed him out.

Hoyle noted that clearly Wilson did not want to call his father, so he had come to help him instead, and he had refused to abandon him. However, Wilson questioned why Hoyle had also screwed him over with Anvil by recommending that Billy Russo not hire him, as Hoyle noted that if Wilson could not understand why going back into any combat situation was the worst thing for him, then he believed that he made the right call. As Wilson accused Hoyle was betraying him by speaking to Russo, Hoyle had then noted that O'Connor had left him behind, despite being the real reason Wilson was arrested.

Hoyle had then told Wilson that he had pulled up O'Connor's Armed Forces records, explaining that O'Connor had actually lied about his military history, as he had never served in the Vietnam War or earned the Silver Star, with Hoyle explaining that O'Connor did not sign up for the military until 1977 and never saw combat. Hoyle insisted that O'Connor was a fraud who did not serve like he or Wilson had done, and therefore did not deserve their respect, as Hoyle watched Wilson attempting to process this information. Despite Hoyle inviting Wilson to stay for therapy, Wilson said nothing and instead walked away.[2]

Billy Russo's Questioning

"I'm gonna need some help with this, Billy. What do you mean? Have I been back to the cemetery? Am I seeing ghosts or having flashbacks? What are we talking about?"
"Frank's alive, man. Sorry, I had to find out if you knew."
"And why do you think that?"
―Curtis Hoyle and Billy Russo[src]

As he had completed the therapy sessions at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hoyle began putting the chairs away when he was unexpectedly greeted by Billy Russo. While the two friends had then greeted each other, Hoyle was surprised as Russo then questioned if he had seen Frank Castle. When Hoyle had questioned what he meant, Russo asked if he had seen their friend who he believed was dead, as Hoyle still acted like he did not know what Russo meant.

Hoyle questioned if Russo was talking about seeing ghosts or visiting Castle's grave, until Russo believed that he really did not know what he was talking about, as Russo had informed him that Castle was still alive. Hoyle questioned why Russo believed this, as he insisted that he could not reveal how he had found this out, but he needed to find him, noting that he was hoping that Hoyle had been lying to him this entire time so that he would have a lead on how to find Castle, noting that he had been putting out the unit call on the radio, but Castle had not answered him, as Hoyle still continued to play dumb about this.

Russo then informed Hoyle that he had learned of Castle's survival because Homeland Security had discovered it and were hoping that Russo may have a way of getting to him, also noting that Homeland believed that Castle was hurt following a shootout, as he questioned if Hoyle had any idea of where to start looking. When Hoyle had then questioned if Russo would help Homeland, Russo insisted his priority would be helping Castle, as he could use Anvil's resources to get him out of New York City, insisting he would not fail him. However, Hoyle still kept his promises to Castle and did not reveal his secrets.[2]

Updating Frank Castle

"He said he wanted to help you. That he could help you. Whatever he's offering, if you ask me, you should take it."
"Less people know I'm alive, safer it is for them."
"But what about you? You don't look too safe. You look like a guy that nearly got his ass killed, and you know it. And for what?"
―Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

Hoyle then returned to Micro's Hideout to update Frank Castle about his talk with Billy Russo, while noting how he had been forced to lie for Castle once again, although Castle had insisted that Hoyle did the right thing. During the conversation, Hoyle and Castle heard Russo come onto the radio, still attempting to get into contact with Castle, as Micro noted that he was doing it once an hour, while Hoyle noted how Russo had only wanted to help Castle however he could.

Hoyle had advised Castle to take whatever offer Russo had, only for Castle to insist that the less people who knew he was alive, the safer it would be for them. However, Hoyle also noted that Castle was not safe, considering that he had almost gotten himself killed while trying to protect Gunner Henderson on his own, questioning what it had all been for. When Micro tried to offer an opinion, Hoyle told him to be quiet. Hoyle questioned if he would have to keep lying for Castle, to which Castle advised him to do what he thought was right. Hoyle had walked out of the hideout, as Micro told him not to talk about it.[2]

Altercation with Lewis Wilson

"There's a dead guy in that chair. Seem like he's been there for a while."
"None of that matters now."
"We could still figure this out. It's not too late to do the right thing."
"Oh, I am doing the right thing."
―Curtis Hoyle and Lewis Wilson[src]

Having learned of the multiple bombings across New York City, Hoyle suspected that Lewis Wilson might be responsible, having heard the voice that sounded just like Wilson on Ricky Langtry's Show, threatening Karen Page's life. Wanting to resolve their situation before anybody else got hurt, Hoyle then attempted to find Wilson, first by stopping by the Wilson Residence, as he also called Wilson's phone and had requested that Wilson call him back as soon as possible.

With only his few ideas about where he would be able to find Wilson, Hoyle had then traveled out to O'Connor's Residence, where had he found a terrible stench coming from the inside, as Hoyle responded by breaking down the door to see if Wilson was inside. While he had explored the residence, Hoyle then discovered O'Connor's corpse wrapped in a shower curtain, having been stabbed multiple times, as well as clear evidence of Wilson creating bombs. As he was looking at all of the bombs, Hoyle was then confronted by Wilson, who was clearly breaking down and told him that he should not be there.

Hoyle told Wilson that he needed to come check on him, to see if he needed to talk, before commenting on how O'Connor's corpse had clearly been there for a while. However, despite Hoyle still speaking calmly with him, Wilson still refused to listen as he insisted that none of that mattered anymore. Hoyle insisted that there was still time for Wilson to do the right thing, although he claimed that he already was doing the right thing, while Hoyle insisted that he would not be living there without him. Knowing that Hoyle meant this, Wilson then took a deep breath before drawing his gun and attempting to kill Hoyle.

Reacting quickly, Hoyle grabbed the gun from Wilson's hand as they furiously wrestled for control, with Hoyle hitting Wilson's wrist against the walls and table until he was able to knock the gun out of his grip. However, Wilson proved to be a highly skilled fighter, as he punched Hoyle in the face, knocking him back and managed to avoid several of Hoyle strikes, before they began wrestling each other. While Hoyle attempted to subdue his friend, Wilson dropped onto the ground and tried to gain any advantage by targeting Hoyle's prosthetic leg, until Hoyle had managed to pull him onto his feet to continue the fight.

Gaining the advantage, Hoyle managed to throw Wilson to the floor, as he ordered Wilson to stay down, only for Wilson to kick at Hoyle's prosthetic leg and crawl across the floor to grab it, while Hoyle still attempted to keep him at bay. Hoyle managed to pull Wilson back to his feet and put him into a headlock, before punching Wilson multiple times in the face and throwing him across the room. However, while Hoyle paused to try and ensure that his prosthetic leg was correctly attached, Wilson grabbed a nearby pot and threw it at Hoyle's head, before furiously charging at Hoyle and smashing him into a table.

With Hoyle now lying on his back and at a clear disadvantage, Wilson then took full advantage of the situation as he grabbed onto Hoyle's prosthetic leg and then began pulling it off him, with Hoyle struggling to keep him at bay. Despite all Hoyle's best efforts to push him back, Wilson managed to rip the prosthetic leg off him and had then struck Hoyle across the face with it with some considerable force, before he hit Hoyle in the head multiple times with his own leg, until Hoyle was beaten into submission and knocked unconscious. While Hoyle was unconscious, Wilson tied him up, attaching a bomb to his chest.[3]

Defusing the Bomb

Снимок экрана (6)

Hoyle is left behind with a bomb on his chest

"You think I don't wake up screaming thinking on what I used to be? Wish for it? Shit. I got my ass beat by a kid."
"It's not your fault."
"You ever feel helpless? I have. And I swore I'd never feel it again. But here I am. I'd rather I had died in that last bomb than be sat here, strapped to this one."
―Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

Having been left in O'Connor's Residence unconscious and with the bomb strapped onto his chest ready to go off, Hoyle was eventually found by Frank Castle, who had also been searching for Lewis Wilson. Having just ensured that Wilson was not in the house, Castle then gently woke Hoyle up, ordering him to remain calm as Hoyle had attempted to understand where he was or what had happened to Wilson, while Castle told him to not move before he then carefully removed the gag from inside Hoyle's mouth.

As Castle questioned why Hoyle had gotten involved, he explained that he had only tried to stop Wilson, noting how Wilson had kicked his prosthetic leg off him to win the fight. Hoyle noted that years ago, during their service in the Armed Forces, he would have been able to snap Wilson in two, as Castle told him to take it easy. As Castle then went to get some water to clean up Hoyle's blood before attempting to deactivate the bomb, Hoyle advised him to instead get out of the house and call the New York City Police Department while he could, but Castle had still refused to leave his brother in arms behind.

Castle gave Hoyle some water, while Hoyle complained about how Wilson had beaten him into submission with his own leg, as Castle then attempted to understand what kind of bomb Wilson had rigged. Castle reminded Hoyle of a class they had taken during training, and what they had learnt about Claymores, before they were interrupted as the phone strapped to Hoyle's chest began to ring. Castle picked up the phone and spoke to Wilson, who was surprised to learn that Castle was still alive having seemingly been killed in an explosion, as Wilson also believed that he and Castle had similar mindsets.

However, Hoyle watched Castle take offence to Wilson's comments, as he asked what any of this had to do with Hoyle, to which Wilson explained that he believed that Hoyle chose the wrong side. Castle argued Hoyle had never been on the wrong side of anything, while questioning what Wilson's plan was, noting that if Wilson tried to wait for the police to arrive and blow them up, then he would be killed and make no impact. Castle tried to convince Wilson to let Hoyle go and finally hand himself into the police, as Wilson had then still attempted to compare what he was doing to all of the Punisher's crusades.

Frank saving Curtis

Hoyle and Frank Castle discussing the bomb

Angered by this, Castle argued in his acts of violence he had looked his victims in the eye before pulling the trigger, while he called Wilson a coward who hid behind bombs, noting that Hoyle was a member of the United States Marine Corps, before Wilson hung up the call, as Hoyle questioned if Castle was trying to get them killed by angering Wilson. Castle then spend some time attempting to figure out how to defuse the bomb, as Hoyle questioned if he even knew what he had to do if he understood how it worked, with Castle explaining that he simply could not figure out which wire to cut to defuse the bomb.

Frank and Curtis having a talk

Hoyle and Frank Castle discuss his recovery

Having determined that it was highly unlikely that they would be able to defuse the bomb, Hoyle then claimed that this was supposed to happen, although Castle suggested that Wilson had just hit him too hard in the head. Hoyle went on to claim that he had often wished for any good death, noting that he had not woken up in the hospital after losing his leg with good thoughts. Hearing this, Castle sat opposite Hoyle, expressing his respect for everything Hoyle had done once he returned to New York City, noting how Hoyle had not wallowed in self pity, but had gotten on with his life and had helped other people.

However, Hoyle claimed that the only reason he spoke to the other veterans was to reassure himself, noting how he had often wanted to scream out while thinking about the man he used to be, noting how Wilson had been able to beat him up, although Castle insisted that this was not his fault. As Hoyle then questioned if Castle had ever felt helpless, while noting that he had and he had sworn to himself that he would never feel that way ever again, before Hoyle noted that he would have rather died back in Baghdad with that last bomb, than be in that once strapped to this one, as this one broke him mentally.

Hoyle and Castle were then interrupted as Wilson called them again, as Castle answered the phone and was told that Wilson had called the police, claiming that he did not want to hurt Castle, believing that he was not his enemy unlike Hoyle. When Wilson suggested that he and Castle should work together, Castle pretended to accept, but first demanded to know which wire to cut in order to rescue Hoyle's life, although Wilson still struggled to trust his word. Hoyle had then listened as Castle began telling Wilson about how Hoyle had lost his leg in Baghdad, to try and make Wilson sympathies with Hoyle.

While Castle confessed to Wilson that it had been his job to protect Hoyle and the other soldier, but had failed to kill a suicide bomber who was clearly pregnant, Hoyle had insisted that it had not been like that, but Castle insisted that it was, accepting responsibility for Hoyle losing his leg when the bomber had detonated due to Castle failing to shoot her. This story succeeded with affecting Wilson, as he told Castle to come to the back window so they could look at each other face to face, while Hoyle was still trapped to the bomb. When police sirens came close, Hoyle then begged Castle to make his escape.

Hoyle was forced to listen helplessly as Castle berated Wilson, as he claimed he had only served to get a piece of the action and now he used the flag to justify his actions, while Wilson expressed his anger towards Karen Page, the New York Bulletin and Stan Ori. Castle had challenged Wilson to let him and Hoyle die, as Wilson finally gave in and tell Castle which wire to cut, as he was unwilling to kill two fellow soldiers. Castle was then forced to trust Wilson's word and cut the wire, holding Hoyle as he did, resulting in them successfully defusing Wilson's bomb before Castle had then escaped from the police.[3]

Twisted Friend Visits

"You two are almost exactly alike. There's just one difference. Frank would never betray a brother."
"Yeah, well that's why I'm here, Curtis. I'm gonna make you betray a brother. Where's Frank?"
"So what? You gonna kill me with my own gun?"
―Curtis Hoyle and Billy Russo[src]

Recovering from the injuries he gained from Lewis Wilson, Hoyle had spent time resting in his apartment when he then learned from Frank Castle that he would likely be targeted by Billy Russo, who had been working with William Rawlins secretly, and was responsible for the Massacre of Castle's family. Agreeing to allow Castle to protect him, Hoyle went to sleep when he was awoken by Russo's arrival, as Hoyle went for the gun under his pillow, which Russo had taken.

Turning on a light, Russo greeted Hoyle and noted that he had better days, as Hoyle noted that he had seen Russo's picture on the news, where he had been described as armed and dangerous. Changing the subject, Russo questioned if Wilson had caused Hoyle's injuries, which he confirmed, with Hoyle joking that the scars would give him character, while Russo claimed he would have simply shot Wilson if he was in Hoyle's position. Hoyle then collected his prosthetic leg as he noted how Russo had looked like he was getting ready for action, to which Russo had then noted that he had some scores to settle.

Hoyle questioned if settling scores was why he was in his Apartment, but Russo said that was not the case as Hoyle had not done him any wrongs. Russo had then questioned how long Hoyle had known that Castle was alive, questioning if he knew while they were both getting drunk by Castle's grave, which Hoyle confirmed as Russo expressed his disappointment that one of his friends was trying to kill him, while the other had been lying to him the entire time. Hoyle had noted how Russo had done some bad shit, although Russo noted that he would not come into the church and join in with Hoyle's therapy sessions.

Seeing that Russo had clearly broken down mentally, Hoyle decided to help Castle assassinate Russo, by bringing him to the living room with the offer of a cup of coffee. As they walked, Hoyle insisted that he had kept Castle's secret because Castle had asked him to and he would have done the same thing for Russo, noting that Castle did not want Russo to know to protect him. However, Russo called Castle a son of a bitch, claiming all the blame for the situation was on him, as Russo defended Cerberus Squad's actions, insisting the drugs would have been moved and the Afghans were killing themselves already.

As Russo continued defending himself, Hoyle began opening up the windows, giving Castle a clear view into his apartment, as Hoyle had made the comparison between Castle and Russo, claiming that the only difference between was that Castle would never betray a United States Marine. Russo then told Hoyle that this was the reason he was there, to force Hoyle to betray his brother, questioning where Castle was, threatening to shoot Hoyle into his good leg until he finally gave up Castle's current location. With that, Hoyle offered Russo a cup of coffee, which had tricked Russo to step in the middle of the room.

With Russo now lined up for Castle to gun him down, Hoyle had still remained calm, only for Russo to realize what was happening at the last moment and dive for cover, managing to avoid two of Castle's sniper shots before getting himself out of sight under the window. At the same time, Hoyle knew the danger he was in and also dived for cover behind his kitchen, as Russo furiously began shooting at him, with Hoyle taking a bullet into his shoulder just before he could get behind cover, while the enraged Russo continued shooting at Hoyle as Castle had attempted to line up another shot to kill Russo.


Hoyle attempts to hide away from Billy Russo

While Hoyle attempted to stop the bleeding from his shoulder, Russo had confirmed if he was alive before noting that he was beginning to take this situation personally. However, they were then interrupted as Hoyle was called by Castle who checked to see if he was alright, as Hoyle told him about his wounded shoulder before Castle asked to speak to Russo. Addressing Russo, Hoyle questioned if he would kill him when he tried to pass him the phone, as Russo furiously noted his anger at being lied to. With few options remaining, Hoyle passed the phone to Russo so that he and Castle could make their deal.

With Hoyle still behind cover, Castle attempted to arrange for Russo to let Hoyle go free, in exchange for Castle allowing Russo to walk away, with Russo suggesting that now Castle had all the advantages, he would simply wait for Hoyle to bleed out. Hoyle listened as Castle took the bullets out of his rifle, before he and Russo agreed to meet at Central Park that night for their final showdown. With the standoff over, Russo then got up and walked out, throwing Hoyle his phone and recommending that he call himself an ambulance, as Russo had then insisted that his word still meant something, before leaving.[6]

Frank Castle's Therapy

"You know what, Frank? I've come to the conclusion that you are a shit magnet of the highest order."
"You might be right, Curt. Might be right. You sure about this?"
"I'm sure. It's time. You're safe in here, Frank. We keep each other's secrets. That's the only way this works"
―Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

With Billy Russo now recovering in Sacred Saints Hospital following a brutal disfigurement at the hands of the Punisher, Hoyle was able to return to St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in order to continue with his regular therapy sessions. However, much to Hoyle's considerable surprise, he then found Frank Castle was already there, setting out all their chairs ahead of time, while Hoyle had jokingly commented that Castle was clearly a shit magnet of the highest order.

Hoyle convinced Castle that it was time for him to attend the therapy sessions, promising that all the other Armed Forces veterans would keep his secrets. Despite some reluctance, Castle opened up about his experiences in Afghanistan and returning to New York City. Castle explained to Hoyle that his greatest fear was the silence now that his war was complete.[6] Following this, Castle left New York while Hoyle had visited Russo in the hospital, learning that Castle's beatings left Russo with no memory of his recent actions, believing he and Hoyle were still in service, and that he, Hoyle and Castle were brothers.[8]

Jigsaw's Revenge

Return of Billy Russo

"See, whatever it is that you wanted him to live with, you knocked it clean out of his head. And that's the irony. See, now, everybody but he has to live with what he did. And what you did, too, Frank. You should've put him down for good."
―Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

Trying to live a quiet life, Hoyle began dating Delia Robinson.[9] When Hoyle learned that Billy Russo managed to escape from the Sacred Saints Hospital, he began taking precautions, fearing that if Russo remembered everything that happened to him, then he may target Hoyle. While reading in his apartment, Hoyle heard a knock at his door as he grabbed a gun, only to realize that it was Frank Castle, as Hoyle relaxed and he lowered his weapon, opening the door and commenting on how Castle had clearly given up the peaceful life.

Frank talking with Curtis

Hoyle and Frank Castle discussing Billy Russo

Hoyle went to his fridge to get a couple of beers, complaining about how they could never meet up to go fishing like normal friends, with Castle noting that he did not wish, while Hoyle had suggested they go to Florida where he claimed fishing was easy. As they drank the beers, Castle suggested they use dynamite to fish, with Hoyle noting that Castle clearly wanted instant gratification. As Hoyle placed his gun on the table, Castle asked what it was for, as Hoyle explained his fear that Russo may target him if he remembered what happened, as Castle questioned if Hoyle believed Russo had lost his memory.

Hoyle then noted how Castle had cracked Russo's head open during their last encounter, before then explaining that he was still down as Russo's last of kin, due to Russo having no family, noting how he had seen Russo in the hospital and told Castle how Russo was incredibly skinny, hiding his scarred face behind a mask, noting how Russo had still believed he was in the Armed Forces, and only saw Hoyle as his brother in arms. Still unsure about this, Castle told Hoyle how Dinah Madani believed that Russo was putting on an act, but Hoyle insisted that he was completely convinced that Russo was brain damaged.

Hoyle told Castle that everything that he wanted Russo to remember, about Cerberus Squad and the massacre at Central Park, had been knocked out of his head by his injuries, noting that the irony was that now it was everybody else how had to live with what Russo did, with Russo living in ignorance to his crimes. Hoyle then noted that Castle should have killed Russo when he had the chance, which Castle had accepted was true. Hoyle noted that they they could live an easy life by running from their feelings, he instead wanted a real life which did not include him having to carry a gun inside his own apartment.

Insisting that he wanted nothing to do with their situation, Hoyle told Castle about his relationship with Robinson, and how he wanted to keep her safe from harm, as Hoyle accepted that he had no choice but to be involved now that Russo was free. Castle noted that Russo was running, and since he could not come to either of them for help, they needed to know where he was going, to which Hoyle noted that the last time he was on the run, he did not hide but went to settle his scores, as he questioned who Russo would target, before Castle had realized that Arthur Walsh would be a man Russo may remember.[8]

Meeting Dinah Madani

"Feels like I know you already, even though we never met."
"Yeah, well, the same guy who shot you, shot me. We got a few people in common, I guess."
"Billy Russo."
"And, uh, Frank Castle. Have you heard from him lately?"
"Nah. He's not much of a guy for postcards."
―Curtis Hoyle and Dinah Madani[src]

Continuing his therapy sessions, Hoyle had returned to the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, where he took his gun out from his jacket and then placed it inside his bag for safe keeping. As Hoyle began moving the chairs into position for the therapy session, he was then greeted by Dinah Madani who asked if he was nervous, making reference to the gun, to which Hoyle then claimed that he was just careful, noting that New York City was crazy, as Madani then introduced herself as a Homeland Security agent.

Hoyle had noted that it felt like they knew each other already despite never meeting before, as Madani noted that they had both been shot by Billy Russo, before noting that they had Frank Castle in common as well. Madani questioned if Hoyle had heard from Castle recently, which he denied, questioning if Madani had seen him, which she had denied, although Hoyle knew that Castle saw her recently. Hoyle then asked what had brought her into the church, with Madani explaining that she was desperate to find any new lead with the hunt for Russo, with Hoyle questioning if she wanted to know what she would find.

They were then interrupted once Jake Nelson had arrived in the room with some of the other Armed Forces veterans, as Hoyle insisted that their meeting would still begin soon. Although Madani insisted that she needed to have Hoyle's attention in order to discuss the search for Russo, Hoyle refused, noting that the people who came to these meetings would often feel like they did not matter, and he refused to make they feel that way by forcing them to wait for him. Hoyle invited Madani to join them for the therapy meeting, promising that he would still speak with her about Russo once the meeting was complete.

The Punisher Promo S2 12

Hoyle listening closely to their group's stories

Once their session began, Hoyle listened while Jimbo discussed his experiences with high school and his father, who he described as an asshole, while commented that he had needed to leave Mastic as soon as possible and joined the United States Army to find purpose in his life. When Jimbo noted that he was discharged from the army due to poor eye sight, Hoyle simply noted that he could still appeal his status, which surprised Jimbo. However, they were interrupted by Nelson, who had demanded to know what Madani was doing at their meeting, since Madani had confirmed that she had not served in the military, although Hoyle noted that he had invited her to join them.

However, Madani insisted that Hoyle did not need to speak for her, as she addressed Nelson and acknowledged that their experiences fighting in the military were unique that nobody could understand. Madani went on to discuss her experiences going to Afghanistan to fight battles that the United States of America could never win, and without any knowledge about why. Hoyle listened as Madani made it clear that she knew what it was like to be shot and to hold a corpse in her arms, and what it was like to fight for something you believe in only to have this belief torn apart. Hearing this, Nelson apologised.[10]

Discussing Billy Russo

"It wasn't the war that twisted Billy. It was greed. If I knew where Billy was, I'd tell you."
"Yeah, but would you tell me first, or someone else?"
"I'm not sure I know what you mean."
"No? Look, Curtis, come on. I just want to find a way to end it."
―Curtis Hoyle and Dinah Madani[src]

Once their meeting was over, Hoyle sat down with Dinah Madani as promised, as he noted how she clearly had a lot to say while he had then brought her a cup of coffee, with Madani noted that she had seen Jake Nelson and Jimbo who had been messed up by everything they had done, much like her, questioning how anyone could carry on with their lives. Madani then asked Hoyle about Billy Russo, questioning if he had been a broken man before going into war.

Hoyle told Madani that Russo was the most natural Marine he ever saw, with the only exception being Frank Castle, as he insisted that it was not the war in Afghanistan that twisted Russo, but greed, due to him being offered great wealth and power from William Rawlins upon returning from the war, which he was willing to betray all his closest friends to protect. Hoyle then assured Madani that if he knew where Russo was, he would have told her, to which Madani questioned if Hoyle would tell her first, or someone else, making clear reference to Castle, who was also still searching for Russo, in order to kill him.

While Hoyle denied knowing what Madani meant, she insisted that she only wanted to find a way to end this conflict with Russo once and for all, to which Hoyle questioned exactly how Madani intended to end the conflict. Although Madani had insisted that she wanted to bring Russo to justice with the aid of Homeland Security in order to see Russo behind bars, Hoyle hinted that she wanted to find another way, insinuating that she would use Castle to kill Russo. As Madani did not answer this, Hoyle noted he wished that Castle killed Russo in their last clash in Central Park, which Madani only nodded at.[10]

Living a Positive Life

"Now you can see where you're going, right?"
"Hell, yeah."
"Now you have no excuse not to fill out those papers I gave you, and maybe we can get you out of living in your car."
"One thing at a time, man. Right now, I'm gonna go over there and eat my chilli."
―Curtis Hoyle and Jimbo[src]

Still in fear of Billy Russo seeking his revenge, Hoyle checked himself into a hotel where he had invited Delia Robinson to join him. As they woke up in the morning, the pair decided to have sex again, until Hoyle admitted that he had to get up for his therapy session, which Robinson had allowed. Hoyle invited Robinson to stay at their hotel, although she noted that she missed staying at his apartment and having breakfast with him, with Hoyle still claiming his apartment had a rodent problem they had to deal with.

Returning into the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hoyle had met with their usual ground of United States Armed Forces veterans, as he supplied them with food and support as always. As he poured the food out, Hoyle was greeted by one of his usual veterans, who insisted that he had no new news for him regarding the whereabouts of Russo, which Hoyle accepted as he poured him some food. Hoyle was then met by Jimbo, who noted that the food was better than his own mother made, as Hoyle requested that Jimbo step aside so that they could have a private conversation, much to Jimbo's surprise.

Without saying a word, Hoyle presented Jimbo with a pair of glasses which he knew that Jimbo needed, as Jimbo was beyond delighted to be able to read the board that told them what food was now being supplied. Clearly struggling to deal with being presented with such kindness, Jimbo could then only respond by hugging Hoyle tightly, as Hoyle noted that now that he was able to see where he was going, Jimbo had no excuse left to keep him from filling out the paperwork that he needed to do, so that he could finally move out from his car, with Jimbo promising that he would once he ate all of his chili.[9]

Cornered by Billy Russo


Hoyle being held at gunpoint by Billy Russo

"I wanted to call you, after I found out, to say something. I know you came to visit me once. Would you believe me if I told you that I was sorry?"
"Sorry enough to turn yourself in and pay for it?"
"Oh, I paid already. Don't you think? I'm never going back, Curtis. So anyone who comes at me it will be all or nothing, do you hear me?"
Billy Russo and Curtis Hoyle[src]

At the end of his day, Hoyle walked into an empty car park and then loaded his bag into his car, only to then realize that Billy Russo was behind him, aiming his gun at Hoyle's head. As Hoyle made a slow move to get his gun, Russo warned him not to even think about it, as Hoyle was ordered to take out magazine and eject the round in the chamber, before dropping the gun, as Hoyle turned around while Russo questioned if Hoyle had gotten the gun because of him being on the run, which Hoyle had confirmed.

Clearly distressed by this, Russo lowered his gun, before noting how he had been told that he shot Hoyle, although he insisted that he had no memory of this, as he went on to claim that he had desperately wanted to phone Hoyle to attempt to make his amends for that. As Russo then noted how he knew Hoyle visited him at Sacred Saints Hospital, he asked if Hoyle would believe him if he said he was sorry, to which Hoyle questioned if Russo was sorry enough to turn himself into the New York City Police Department and pay for these crimes in prison, as Russo removed his Mask to show off all his facial scars.

As Hoyle looked at Russo's scaring, Russo claimed that he had paid for his crimes already with these injuries, insisting that he was never going to allow himself to return to prison. Russo warned Hoyle that if anybody then tried to take him back to prison, then it would be all or nothing. Russo had gone on to note that he had heard that Hoyle had been asking questions about him, noting how in his memory, he and Hoyle were still brothers with the United States Marine Corps, which made the situation hard for him to understand, as Hoyle continued to remain calm and silent which Russo furiously threatened his life.

Russo then looked Hoyle in the eye and asked how this happened to him, although Hoyle still remained silent, causing Russo to cry as he raised his gun and screamed in Hoyle's face, demanding an answer. However, Hoyle refused to give up the fact that Frank Castle was the one who had disfigured Russo's face and caused his brain damage, instead claiming that he wished he could tell him. Seeing that Hoyle was not going to give him the answers that he needed, Russo then insisted that he was never going to hurt his friend, before putting his mask back on, and leaving Hoyle alone inside of the car park.[9]

Bailing out Jimbo

"We're gonna find a place for you to crash somehow, all right? Jake's buddy, who was he?"
"Uh, Billy somebody. A Marine, I think. I didn't tell the cops about anyone else who was there. Did I do right, Curtis? I figured it wouldn't help me get my car back."
"No. Sit tight. Look at me. Don't tell them anything, all right?"
―Curtis Hoyle and Jimbo[src]

Hoyle later learned that Jimbo had been arrested by the New York City Police Department following an attack on a tow truck driver who had attempted to take Jimbo's car away. Hoyle bailed Jimbo out of prison as they sat down to discuss what had happened, as Jimbo told Hoyle that the crew he was with jumped into action, noting that Jake Nelson had a friend with facial scars who told Jimbo to go, as Hoyle realized, to his horror, that he was talking about Billy Russo, who was clearly building a crew.

Without explaining that he knew who Russo was, Hoyle had listened while Jimbo told him that he was going to change his licence plate, but had first taken a nap and was arrested as a result. Promising to find somewhere for him to stay that night, Hoyle asked Jimbo about Nelson's friend, who Jimbo had explained was named Billy and was a member of the Marine Corps, confirming Hoyle's suspicions that it was Russo. Jimbo asked if he did the right thing, to which Hoyle had explained that he would not be getting his car back, but assured him and suggested Jimbo not tell the police anything else about this.[9]

Discussing taking Action

"I found Billy. He's rolling with some vets, a couple of them go to my group. He rolled up on me yesterday, he's crazy, you can see it. He said he's never going back inside. So if a couple of cops go to try arrest him, people are gonna die."
"The last few days, I let men live that I should have killed, and it pisses me off."
―Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

With their situation getting worse, Hoyle then returned into St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, keeping his gun on his lap. Hoyle invited Dinah Madani and Frank Castle to rejoin him, as Madani still complained that Hoyle needed to tell her if he learned where Billy Russo was, while Madani had also complained that Castle should have already left New York City as she had ordered him to, as his recent actions had resulted with Brett Mahoney digging into her life, as Hoyle became frustrated by these arguments.

The Punisher S2 Trailer 20

Hoyle discusses how they will kill Billy Russo

As Madani asked Castle about John Pilgrim who had just come after her, Hoyle whistled loudly and told them to sit down and be quiet. As they sat down, Hoyle told Castle and Madani that he had managed to track down Russo, explaining that he had been hanging out with some United States Armed Forces veterans, noting that Russo had threatened his life and was clearly crazy. Hoyle explained that Russo had no intention of returning to prison, meaning that if the New York City Police Department tried to arrest him, then many people would lose their lives as Russo would kill anybody standing in his way.

Castle then expressed his regret over allowing some people to live, promising Madani that he would deal with Pilgrim, although Hoyle insisted that they had to deal with Russo first. Hearing this, Castle accepted that the only way for him to give Hoyle and Madani their lives back, would be if he was able to find Russo and kill him once and for all, which Hoyle accepted.[9] Castle had questioned if Madani would be okay with this, to which she questioned if it would be so easy for Castle to kill Russo, noting how if Castle decided somebody needed to die, then he would kill them without a second thought.

Hoyle listened as Madani called Castle boarder line psychopathic, as Castle had insisted that he would be able to kill Russo and just walk away, bit claimed that this did not mean that it would be easy. When Castle compared the mindset to war not being easy, Madani insisted that this was not Afghanistan where they were fighting an enemy, this was back inside of the United States of America, where things were different, although Castle furiously told Madani to tell that to his wife and two kids, before asking if Madani had gone to the Sacred Saints Hospital with the consideration of killing Russo while he had slept.

As Madani denied considering killing Russo, Castle questioned why they were all still meeting like this, rather than her bringing Hoyle into the Homeland Security Headquarters for official questioning, noting that it was because Madani knew that Russo had to die. Once Castle questioned if Madani brought him to New York City to kill Russo, she denied it, with Hoyle burying his face into his hands out of frustration. Castle had questioned if Hoyle wanted Russo dead, as he noted that it was the only way for it to end, noting that Jake Nelson knew where they could find Russo, as Castle promised that he would end it.[11]

Hunt for Jake Nelson

"You just hate standing still, that's why you're always looking for a fight, any excuse to keep moving. Standing still, more or less, is how life works Frank, in the real world at least. Most people, just looking for a place to be happy standing still in, someone to do it with."
"Yeah, I had that. It's gone."
―Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

Beginning their search for Jake Nelson, Hoyle joined Frank Castle as they went to Nelson's Apartment and broke in, with Hoyle picking the lock while Castle kept his gun raised just in case Nelson was armed and inside. Once Hoyle had gotten the door unlocked, he took out his own gun and they broke inside, both sweeping the area until they confirmed that it was empty. As Castle had then expressed his disappointment at not finding Nelson or Billy Russo, Hoyle noted how unlikely it was that Russo was there.

Once Castle questioned where else they could find Nelson or Russo, Hoyle had then suggested that he knew that Nelson would often be drinking at McFeeney's which they could check out. However, before they left the apartment, Hoyle found evidence that Nelson had been using drugs to cope with the PTSD following his time with the United States Armed Forces, much to Hoyle's disappointment, although he claimed that he was not surprised. With limited options left open to them, Hoyle and Castle then traveled for McFeeney's with the hope that they would see Nelson and Russo while they were drinking.

As they sat by McFeeney's, Castle joked that this was like old times when they would wait outside enemy bases for hours with bad intel, much to Hoyle's annoyance. Hoyle noted that multiple times during their service, Castle had made the same complaints, only for them to get the target, noting that Castle had a concentration problem. Hoyle claimed that Castle was always looking for a fight and was unable to stand still, noting that most people were looking for any way to stand still. Castle noted his wife and two kids were his way of stopping, to which Hoyle then questioned why he gave up after their deaths.

Castle then told Hoyle about his time away from New York City in the aftermath of killing William Rawlins, noting how he had given up on a life of violence and even met a woman, much to Hoyle's surprise. As Hoyle questioned what happened, Castle explained that he had then seen Amy Bendix being attacked, and the woman was shot at during the chaos, due to the orders of Anderson and Eliza Schultz. As Hoyle had noted that these Schultzes were targeting them because Castle also killed their people, Castle insisted that he would not live his life looking over his shoulder, noting how Hoyle had the same attitude.[11]

Kidnapping of Jake Nelson

"If he did that with us, what do you think he's gonna do with you when he's done? And the only person worse than him is gonna be back in here any minute."
"Then why are you here?"
"Because I'm the guy dumb enough to get in between them."
―Curtis Hoyle and Jake Nelson[src]

Having given up with hanging outside McFeeney's, Hoyle and Frank Castle managed to locate Jake Nelson the next morning, as Nelson made his way to his dealer. Hoyle greeted Nelson, pretending to have run into him unexpectedly. As Nelson then questioned what Hoyle was doing there, Hoyle noted that he was with Castle, who had then proceeded to knock Nelson unconscious with a hard punch, before Hoyle and Castle dragged Nelson into their car to drove away.

The Punisher Promo S2 16

Hoyle watches on once Jake Nelson wakes up

Hoyle and Castle took the unconscious Nelson to his Apartment, as they had then proceeded to tie Nelson down to a chair and had also brought Dinah Madani to join them. Once Nelson began to wake up, Hoyle watched on as Castle presented him with the bag of cocaine they had taken from him, although Nelson insisted that they had the wrong guy. Hoyle watched as Castle noted that he knew that Nelson had been in the United States Army and so had been trained to deal with interrogation, as he demanded to know where Billy Russo was, to which Nelson had continued to deny any knowledge of Russo.

Intending to intimidate Nelson, Castle had revealed that he had been the one who disfigured Russo's face, while Nelson still denied ever knowing Russo. When Castle responded by punching Nelson in the face, Hoyle advised him to be smart about their situation, to which Nelson had expressed his disappointment that Hoyle had betrayed his trust. Nelson continued to refuse to break, noting that he knew who Castle was but was unafraid of him, resulting in Castle punching Nelson in the gut, while Madani had warned Nelson of the crimes he could be convicted for if he continued to refuse to give up Russo.

Nelson then recognized Madani from group therapy at the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, while questioning if she had gone there because she was searching for Russo, as he noted that he had rights that Madani was breaking as a Homeland Security agent, but Madani simply denied ever being there to witness the brutality, with Nelson questioning if Hoyle was in bed with the feds. Seeing that Nelson still wanted to fight, Castle responded by cutting his ties and stabbing a knife between his legs, inviting Nelson to use it. Hoyle then watched as Castle subdued Nelson and then stabbed his hand on the table.

As Castle continued torturing Nelson to learn Russo's location, their interrogation was stopped when Madani then demanded to speak to Castle alone, as Nelson asked why Hoyle was doing all this to him, to which Hoyle noted that they just needed to find Russo. With Nelson in agony, Hoyle began performing first aid of his injuries, while telling him about how he, Castle and Russo became friends while serving in the United States Marine Corps, until Russo organised the massacre of Castle's wife and two kids, before shooting Hoyle for getting in the way, while Hoyle carefully removed the knife from Nelson's hand.

Hoyle told Nelson that if Russo betrayed his brothers like that, then Nelson would be in grave danger if he ever decided to betray him as well. Hoyle noted that the only person more dangerous than Russo was Castle, who would be coming back to continue the interrogation soon, as he had insisted that Nelson give him whatever information Castle then asked for about Russo's crew. While Hoyle had finished bandaging up Nelson's injured hand, Nelson then questioned what Hoyle was doing there, as Hoyle claimed that he was a guy who got between Castle and Russo, suggesting Nelson not do the same.

Castle then returned into the room, seeing Hoyle bandaging Nelson's hand as he questioned if they were having fun, to which Hoyle had then claimed that they were just having a heart to heart conversation. Hoyle then stepped aside as Castle grabbed Nelson by the hair and held the knife to his throat, questioning where he should stick it next. With that, Nelson finally gave in, telling the group that Russo's crew were going to attempt to rob the ReadyQuick Check Cashing, telling them that they had been staying in an empty warehouse, confessing that he snuck out to get drugs, as Nelson gave up the location.[11]

Chase of Jigsaw's Crew

The Punisher Promo S2 14

Hoyle and Frank Castle ignoring Dinah Madani

"Get the hell out of my car Frank. Hey, I'm gonna be right here."
"If they see you coming, you're not gonna have a shot right?"
"It's not going to be me they see coming. Just take care of the kid. If something happens, you take her to Madani, you tell her that I said to tell her everything. Just do that for me."
―Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

Having gotten the information they needed out of Jake Nelson, Hoyle had joined Frank Castle as they both left Nelson's Apartment in order to find and kill Billy Russo once and for all. As Hoyle and Castle then got in their car and prepared to leave, they were stopped by Dinah Madani, who then insisted that she could not allow them to do this, noting that she had felt bad for Castle because of everything that had happened with him, but now she had to call Brett Mahoney so that the New York City Police Department could bring Russo to jail, only for Hoyle and Castle to leave anyway.

The Punisher Promo S2 21

Hoyle and Frank Castle see Billy Russo leave

Intending to end the situation once and for all, Hoyle and Castle then drove into Russo's Hideout, as they readied their guns and prepared themselves to kill Russo and whoever else they had found standing in their way. However, just as Hoyle and Castle stepped inside of the warehouse, they witnessed Russo and his crew driving away in order to rob the ReadyQuick Check Cashing, as Castle cursed and the pair of them ran back to their car in order to try and catch up with Russo and his crew before anyone got killed during their robbery. While they drove towards ReadyQuick Check Cashing, Hoyle complained that a gunfight in the streets would become too dangerous for civilians.

Once they arrived outside of the ReadyQuick Check Cashing, Hoyle got his gun ready and prepared to get out of the car and join Castle in the shootout, only for Castle to advise that he stay inside their car, noting that if it turned into a run and gun situation, then Hoyle would struggle due to his prosthetic leg. Annoyed, Hoyle still agreed as he had promised to stay in the car, noting that if Russo saw him coming, then Castle would not get a shot in, only for Castle to reveal that he would be dressed in Nelson's jacket and mask. Before he left, Castle had asked Hoyle to care for Amy Bendix if anything went wrong.[11]

Although Hoyle had initially done as ordered and remained in the car while Castle confronted Russo and his crew, successfully killing Mike and Geno, Hoyle was forced to rejoin the conflict when he had seen that Castle was being shot at by Phillip from a rooftop, while Castle had gotten into Geno's car and given chase to Russo, who was now being assisted by José and the all of remaining members of his crew. While Castle drove down the streets after Russo, Hoyle managed to get onto the rooftop and surprised Phillip, knocking him out with one single punch, before then taking Phillip's sniper rifle for himself.

As Castle and Russo shot at each other in the streets, Hoyle then ran across the rooftops in an attempt to get a better shot and help Castle take down Russo. Hoyle eventually caught up with the pair, as Russo was firing off multiple shots at Castle with a machine gun, as Hoyle lined up a shot to kill Russo once and for all, but hesitated at the last moment. Before Hoyle could shoot Russo, the police arrived on the scene, as Russo then turned away from Castle and began to shoot at the police, vanishing from Hoyle's sniper scope, forcing Hoyle to run back down onto the streets to assist Castle during all the chaos.


Hoyle orders Brett Mahoney to drop his gun

While Russo had escape due to the return of Todd and Bobby along side José, Hoyle had realized that Castle was being chased by Brett Mahoney, who was still determined to take Castle into custody. Hoyle caught back up with the pair just once Mahoney was holding Castle at gunpoint, as Hoyle fired one shot near Mahoney's head as he had ordered him to drop his weapon and let Castle go free. Hoyle pushed Castle to leave, while he had then witnessed Castle knock Mahoney unconscious as Mahoney still refused to give up hunting them down, as Hoyle and Castle left Mahoney behind while they escaped.[12]

Aiding the Punisher

"I told you to stay in the car."
"I did. I did. Until I saw a sniper about to blow your head off. You see, here's the thing, Frank. You keep telling people to stay out of it, but they care about you, whether you like it or not. And I wasn't about to see you die."
Frank Castle and Curtis Hoyle[src]

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Ambush at the Valhalla

"I know I killed a man and shot others. That's what I know. I've held men as they were dying, many men... but never one that I put there myself, not one with my bullet still in him. I never realized how different it would feel."
―Curtis Hoyle to Amy Bendix[src]

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Ambush on Amy Bendix

"I have no quarrel with you, but I also have very little time. So, if they're your friends, and you're thinking of showing them loyalty, of protecting them, it would be better if you didn't."
"Still, I don't know anything about any Castle or girl."
John Pilgrim and Curtis Hoyle[src]

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Liberation of David Schultz

"Senator, do you want me to arrest this man?"
"No, I don't. He's just trying to fix someone else's mistakes. And for what it's worth, Officer, I think that Curtis is just trying to find a way to do the right thing."
Brett Mahoney and David Schultz[src]

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Called by Billy Russo


Hoyle is unexpectedly called by Billy Russo

"Can you promise me that you won't call the cops, at least? Can you do that? Can you do that?"
"I promise, I won't call the cops."
"Look, I know that I probably don't deserve it after what I've done but if you can find it in yourself to be a brother one last time. I don't want to die alone."
Billy Russo and Curtis Hoyle[src]

Once the whole situation with David Schultz was finished, Hoyle finally returned to his apartment to take a nap. Much to Hoyle's surprise, he was suddenly called up by Billy Russo who informed Hoyle that he was dying. Hoyle asked Russo where he was, and Russo replied that he reached the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and at this moment, he was dying from blood loss.


Hoyle speaking with the dying Billy Russo

Russo asked Hoyle to come to the church and help him, however, Hoyle remained silent. Understanding that Hoyle is not going to help him, Russo asked him not to inform NYPD about him what Hoyle then accepted. Russo then asked Hoyle to come and share his last moments, and although he understands that he does not deserve it, Russo did not want to die alone. As Russo hanged up, Hoyle kept his promise, instead, he informed Frank Castle about Russo's whereabouts, so Castle arrived at the church and finished Russo.[13]

End of Russo's Case


Hoyle looking down at Billy Russo's corpse

"What part of this isn't clear to you?"
"Only who fired the bullets. Tell me how it went again?"
"Billy called me. Then I called you."
"That's right. Because you're done being involved with Frank."
―Curtis Hoyle and Brett Mahoney[src]

In the wake of Billy Russo's death, Hoyle called Brett Mahoney and Dinah Madani and told them to meet him at the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. There, they discovered Russo's body, while Hoyle took a moment to close the eyes of his former friend. Mahoney wanted to preserve the crime scene, however, Hoyle insisted that every detail about Russo's death should be clear to him. At first, Mahoney expressed his doubt on the situation, asking who fired those last two bullets.


Hoyle denies knowledge about Frank Castle

Hoyle then explained how Russo called him and then Hoyle called Mahoney, with Mahoney noting that Hoyle was done with Frank Castle. Madani then casually claimed that she could have possibly fired five bullets and kill Russo, stating that the case was now closed. As Mahoney asked about Castle and whether or not he was the one who shot and killed Russo, both Hoyle and Madani had mockingly denied knowledge of Castle, much to Mahoney's frustration, as he walked out of the church.[13]


"I checked you out, Curtis. Everyone says you're a good guy."
Brett Mahoney to Curtis Hoyle[src]
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"You're still the best corpsman I ever saw. Hell, I bet you'd have stitched your own damn leg back on, given a chance."
Billy Russo to Curtis Hoyle[src]
  • Expert Physician: Hoyle has been trained in the ability to perform medical procedures and heal those that have been wounded. In particular, he mentioned being tested to patch a goat during his time spent in the Navy. After nearly escaping a trap and suffering injuries, Hoyle was summoned by Micro to aid Frank Castle, extracting an arrowhead from his body and patching the wound.
"Back in the day, you know, I would have snapped him in two."
―Curtis Hoyle to Frank Castle[src]
  • Expert Combatant: As a member of the US military, Hoyle was trained at close combat. At his skirmish with Lewis Wilson, Hoyle managed to overpower him, however, Wilson used his prosthetic leg to beat him.
"Next time I'm shooting to kill. Get your asses out of here!"
―Curtis Hoyle to Phillip[src]

Hoyle aims a sniper rifle at Jigsaw

  • Expert Marksman: Hoyle is skilled in the use of pistols and sniper rifles. He was close to shooting Billy Russo in the head with a rifle he stole, and fired a warning shot at Brett Mahoney. He later used the same rifle to cover the Punisher as he entered Valhalla. His medical expertise gives him knowledge of where to place bullets for a non-lethal effect, doing so with Phillip.
  • Businessman: To be added



"You gonna kill me with my own gun?"
―Curtis Hoyle to Billy Russo[src]
  • Kimber Warrior SOC: For safety and security precautions. Hoyle owns a pistol that he often keeps underneath a pillow adjust to him during his slumber. This pistol, however, was briefly taken away from him by Billy Russo upon his visit. He continued to use the pistol after Russo's downfall, keeping it aimed while answering the door only to be relieved at the sight of Castle.
  • Remington R25: Curtis stole this gun off a member of Jigsaw's Crew and used it when helping the Punisher fight Jigsaw and his crew.

Other Equipment

"Don't be a wallowing asshole. Before I have to take this fake leg off and beat you to death with it."
―Curtis Hoyle to Frank Castle[src]
  • Prosthetic Leg: Hoyle became the owner of an artificial left leg after losing it in a wartime bombing.


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  • Father




Appearances for Curtis Hoyle

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  • In the comics, Curtis Hoyle was a partner of Frank Castle during the Vietnam War. He then joined and became the second in command of the Rockhouse Operation drug cartel, and was killed by Castle during his eradication of the cartel.
    • In Resupply, Hoyle mentions to Lewis Wilson that his father served in the Vietnam War, which is a nod to Hoyle's original backstory in the comics.
    • Additionally, Billy Russo's role in The Punisher mirrors Hoyle's role in the comics during Rockhouse Operation.

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