"Place smells like dog shit!"
"There's a pot calling the kettle. Someone get this man a drink."
Nesbitt and Cullen[src]

Cullen was a member of the Kitchen Irish who was a close friend of Nesbitt and supported his plans to retake New York City's crime rings when Wilson Fisk was arrested. However Cullen was shot and killed by the Punisher alongside several other mobsters before they could begin their plan.


Kitchen Irish

Massacre at the Burren Club

"The Russians are dead, the Chinese they turned tail and ran leaving the drug trade ripe for the taking, the Yakuza have gone silent."
"Piss on 'em"
"Piss on 'em all!"
Nesbitt and Cullen[src]

Cullen listening closely to Nesbitt's speech

Cullen was among the members of the Kitchen Irish who were called to the Burren Club for a meeting. Once their leader Nesbitt finally arrived, Cullen hugged his friend and joked with him, before ordering Grotto to bring him a drink. Cullen then took his seat with the others and listened as Nesbitt gave a speech in which he claimed that it was time that the Kitchen Irish retook their place as the criminal leaders of New York City now that Wilson Fisk was locked away inside Ryker's Island. When George tried to take another drink, both Nesbitt and Cullen stopped him.


Cullen gets gunned down by the Punisher

As Nesbitt listed how the Russian Mafia were defeated, Madame Gao had fled and the Hand had gone silent, Cullen claimed that they should piss on them all. He didn't see that Nesbitt had grabbed a wine bottle and was seemingly about to hit him with it. However, a bullet fired by the Punisher hit the Irish leader in the forehead and killed him, before the room erupted in a hail of bullets. Cullen drew his gun and fired back but he and Thomas were shot and killed with almost everyone else there. As the noise stopped, Cullen's phone began to ring in his bloodied pocket.[1]



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