The Low Temperature Suspension Chamber, or Cryo-Freeze Chamber, is a Chronicom freezer compartment designed to maintain body integrity for long journeys in space.


Used by Leo Fitz

Fitz Cryo Sleep

Leo Fitz is frozen in the chamber

Enoch was sent to Earth by Chronicoms via the Cryo-Freeze Chamber. The capsule was discovered decades ago by the United States Air Force and stored in Blue Raven Ridge In order to make it to the year 2091 to help his friends, Leo Fitz managed to retrieve the capsule from the facility. He then was put in a 74-year sleep, during which Enoch took care of him and put the capsule in his Chronicom Vessel. Fitz woke up eventually and Enoch presented him his plan to save his friends.[1]

Discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D.

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