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"Guess that hideous crow necklace should have been a giveaway."
Stacey Yorkes to Victor Stein[src]

The Crow Necklace was a magical item in the shape of a crow's skull used by Morgan le Fay to keep those she personally enthralled into submission.


"Morgan put that necklace on me and made me her damn puppet. You of all people should know how it feels for something to take over your body and make you do crazy shit."
Geoffrey Wilder to Victor Stein[src]

An enthralled Robert Minoru with his necklace

Morgan le Fay used the Crow Necklaces to keep control of the people she enthralled to do her bidding. Among those who wore such a necklace was Robert Minoru, who was compelled into falling in love with le Fay, who took advantage of it to take control of Wizard as part of her plan to conquer the world using the Corvus phones.[1] However, this necklace was damaged by Tina Minoru who understood its purpose, thus freeing Robert from le Fay's influence. Robert kept it on to trick le Fay into believing she still controlled him.

Robert Minoru's necklace is broken

However, le Fay soon realized this upon finding Robert looking for the Darkhold. As a result, she dragged Robert over to her by telekinetically controlling the necklace. Once Robert was close enough, le Fay forcefully removed the broken necklace, acknowledging that she might have missed that it was damaged for a long time, and then murdered Robert.

Morgan le Fay gives a necklace to Geoffrey Wilder

Another person who fell under le Fay's influence through a Crow Necklace was Geoffrey Wilder, who had come to le Fay to know his son Alex's whereabouts. Le Fay claimed that she could help him through the necklace which she brought in front of his face, which quickly enthralled Geoffrey. Under its influence, Geoffrey captured Victor Stein and Stacey Yorkes and imprisoned them.[2]

Geoffrey Wilder's necklace is damaged

However, this necklace was broken as well during a confrontation with the Runaways, Cloak and Dagger. Indeed, Geoffrey was violently hit by a Lightforce sphere generated by Dagger, which threw him against the wall, and the shock was enough to crack the necklace and free Geoffrey from the witch's influence.[3] Like Robert, Geoffrey briefly kept the broken necklace upon regaining consciousness, but eventually got rid of it once he was away from the Coven.[4]

Finally, Molly Hernandez was the last person who was given a Crow Necklace by the witches due to being left behind by the Runaways. Unable to defend herself, Hernandez participated in an initiation ritual and made a fake phone call to her friends to lure them into a trap.[3] Hernandez kept wearing the necklace during a ritual in which she was meant to be sacrificed, but she was rescued by PRIDE, and although she attempted to attack Geoffrey, the enthralling was ended by Tina.[4]


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