"This is a Confederacy. All voices are equal."
"Though Crixon is often considered the most wise amongst us."
Estella and Taryan[src]

Crixon was the Astrans' representative within the extraterrestrial alliance known as the Confederacy. He was absorbed by a newly empowered Glenn Talbot during a Confederacy meeting.


Joining the Confederacy

Along with five other extraterrestrial species, Crixon became a member and co-leader of the Confederacy, an alliance meant to unify forces against more threatening enemies like the Mad Titan Thanos. Crixon was among the ones who struck a deal with HYDRA, demanding Inhumans and Gravitonium in exchange for the Confederacy's protection over Earth.[4]

Unexpected Newcomer

"The fact remains, there is simply no place for a Human amongst us."
"Your mistake is thinking I'm still Human."
―Crixon and Glenn Talbot[src]
Crixon - Astran

As a Confederacy meeting was summoned by Qovas, Crixon joined his fellow leaders in the Confederacy meeting room. He then saw the arrival of Qovas along with the Human Glenn Talbot. Crixon asked Qovas who Talbot was, considering him an intruder. As Talbot announced that he intended to renegotiate the bargain struck with HYDRA, Crixon refused to hear him out, stating that the deal could not be altered.[4]

Absorbed into the Gravitonium

15-Talbot Absorbs Crixon

Crixon is absorbed into Glenn Talbot

Crixon refused to welcome Talbot into the Confederacy, claiming that they could not afford to break the tradition in favor of a simple Human. When Talbot asked whoever led the Confederacy, Taryan explained that although all voices were theoretically equal, they considered Crixon the wisest among them. Crixon insisted that they could not make Talbot a member of the Confederacy. To that, Talbot replied that he was no longer a Human. Then, Talbot used the Gravitonium contained in his body to attack and absorb Crixon.[4]


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