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"Crispus Attucks is like a fortress. I mean, they got concrete walls, cats with machine guns, machetes, dark hallways. One entrance, one exit. It's like a beehive of misery."
Chico Diaz[src]

The Crispus Attucks Complex is a heavily fortified apartment complex located in Harlem, New York City.


A New Hope

"My multifaceted plan for the Crispus Attucks Complex is just yet another way to bring hope to a new generation, to incubate the kind of innovation and creativity and progress that Harlem's famous for."
Mariah Dillard[src]

Named after Crispus Attucks, Mariah Dillard planned to use the complex as part of her plan to revitalize communities in Harlem. Cottonmouth, however, used the building as a secure safe house. Referring to it as "Fort Knox," it was the fallback point for Cottonmouth's crew to transfer his money stashes to in case of emergency.[1]

Raided by Luke Cage

"Where does all that money go?"
"Everywhere you could think. They got drops and stash houses across the city. Apartments, sham businesses, street pushers. I mean, they got it locked in."
"Is there a final spot? A central bank?"
"They got a plan if shit goes down. Everything goes to Crispus Attucks. I even heard they got this locked room, like a vault, right in the middle of the whole joint."
Chico Diaz and Luke Cage[src]
Luke Cage raided several of Cottonmouth's stashes, forcing him to consolidate his assets, totaling around seven million dollars, in Crispus Attucks. Luke Cage then single-handedly raided the complex, calling New York City Police Department attention to the premises. The money was confiscated by the police.[2]


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