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Two different versions of the Crimson Dynamo Armor have appeared in video games inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

"Prepare the Dynamo."
Valentin Shatalov[src]

The Crimson Dynamo Armor was an armored suit created by A.I.M.. It was worn by General Valentin Shatalov.


Valentin Shatalov formed a partnership with A.I.M. and asked them to build him a Crimson Dynamo armor to best and defeat Iron Man. The Roxxon Energy Corporation's Tesla facility contained a Tesla tower which generated electric energy, a vast source of power for the suit.

As Crimson Dynamo, Shatalov fought Iron Man when he entered the Tesla facility. By destroying the tower's power projectors, Stark was able to weaken Shatalov's suit. War Machine then grabbed Shatalov from behind and held him in place, allowing Stark to make a critical hit, killing him.[1]


The Crimson Dynamo Armor had the capability to control electricity. It had various repulsor-type weapons systems.

"He is called the Crimson Dynamo. A former Russian military officer who stole his government's prototype battle armor."
Crimson Dynamo[src]

The Crimson Dynamo Armor was an armored suit created by the Russian government. It was stolen by a rogue military officer.


The man known as Crimson Dynamo stole a suit of armor developed by his government. He claimed that this was not an act of betrayal, but that the Russian government had betrayed its citizens.

He made a deal that if he helped A.I.M. deal with Iron Man, he would be given the Extremis technology A.I.M. wanted to steal from Stark Industries in order to help him seize power in his country. He fought Iron Man twice, but each time he had to retreat over his armor suffering damages.

When he was guarding A.I.M. operations in China, Iron Man faced him once more, and the extreme damages suffered during the battle caused the Crimson Dynamo suit to explode and kill him.[2]


The Crimson Dynamo Armor had various repulsor-type weapons systems.


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