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"It's an ancient ritual in which the heart of the dragon is transferred from one person to the other through the art of Tebori. The old-school tattooing, Yakuza thing. These women... they were experts."
Walker to Misty Knight[src]

The Crane Sisters are a trio of tattoo artists in New York City.



"Call themselves the Crane Sisters. Work at a tattoo shop out in the Iron Triangle. Davos tracked them down through his connections in organized crime."
Joy Meachum to Misty Knight[src]

The Sisters were sought by Davos to perform a ritualistic tattooing, given specific measurements, tools, and instructions on what he desired to have on his body. With the Ceremonial Needles and the Tibetan Singing Bowl, they gathered the necessary ingredients and tattooed the Steel Serpent symbol onto Davos' body.[1]

Daughters of the Dragon

"On top of assault charges and kidnapping, Davos is wanted for a whole slew of dead Triad. And you three are accessories."
"That's bullshit."
"We don't want to book you. But we do need to know exactly what you did to our friend."
Misty Knight and Avalon[src]

Upon finishing a tattooing on a client in their shop, they were visited by Misty Knight and Colleen Wing.[2]

Colleen Wing

"I thought you were full of shit when you came to the shop. Turns out you want some ink after all, huh? What you thinkin'?"
Avalon to Colleen Wing[src]

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  • In the comics, the Crane Daughters were the descendants of the Crane Mother who were trained in K'un-Zi martial arts and sacrificed their Chi to the Steel Phoenix to fight the Iron Fist.


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