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For the witch coven based in Salem, Massachusetts, see Salem Coven

"I release you, Nico, from your fear, your bindings that keep you from tapping into your true power. Second obstacle you must remove yourself. To walk with your sisters, you must set your own feet upon the path."
Morgan le Fay to Nico Minoru[src]

The Coven is a group of witches led by Morgan le Fay. They attempted to merge the Dark Dimension with Earth and planned on ruling over this new world thanks to the Staff of One they intended to reclaim from Nico Minoru, who they briefly welcomed among them. However the Coven was eventually defeated by an alliance of the Runaways and PRIDE, and as a result, its leader was banished back to the Dark Dimension.


Morgan le Fay's Return

"Look around you, Tina. I'm protected here."
Morgan le Fay to Tina Minoru[src]

The Coven was a group of witches assembled by Morgan le Fay, which was rendered possible after the enchantress was released from the Dark Dimension thanks to a powerful spell cast by Nico Minoru to get rid of the Gibborim during the Battle at the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant. Using their magical powers, the Coven infiltrated the tech company Wizard[1], whose founder Robert Minoru had been enthralled by le Fay after she healed him while Tina Minoru was trapped in the Dark Dimension[2]. Over six months, the Coven took the reins of Wizard and planned the worldwide distribution of Corvus WizPhones which would enable them to control millions of people around the globe.

The Coven was present at a Wizard gala held at the Essex Tower Hotel, where the witches had established their headquarters, during which le Fay was publicly instated as the new CEO of the company. As Tina burst into the party after she had escaped from the Dark Dimension, several members of the Coven, including Bronwyn, subtly used their magic to prevent Tina to cast a spell against le Fay. Tina was then taken away[1] and incapacitated at the Veritas Gardens Psychiatric Hospital, under the watch of the nurse Nicole, another member of the Coven.[3]

During the party, a ceremony of the witches was secretly watched by Karolina Dean, who was then found by le Fay. Despite Dean's warnings about what she had seen, the Coven was later able to recruit Nico Minoru, as she wanted to get more power in order to be able to release Alex Wilder from the Dark Dimension. Therefore, an initiation ritual was held at the end of the Wizard gala, with Nico being welcomed among the witches, spending the night dancing before they all slept next to each other.[1] In the next day, le Fay agreed to help Nico, but insisted that she needed her to bring the Staff of One to her.[3]

Runaways Interference

"That's quite enough. Turn your attention to them immediately. Use every means at your disposal."
Morgan le Fay to Bronwyn and Cassandra[src]

In the next days, the Coven realized that the Runaways had discovered that the Corvus WizPhones were magical tools of mental manipulation. Morgan le Fay used her powers to remove the video they had recorded on the internet and prevent them from uploading another one, and instructed Bronwyn and Cassandra to deal with the Runaways. While the Coven gained an asset when le Fay was able to enthral Geoffrey Wilder through a Crow Necklace, they lost another one when Nico Minoru tricked Nicole and was able to release her mother Tina from Veritas Gardens Psychiatric Hospital.

The Coven captures the Runaways

Thanks to their magical powers and their thrall Bodhi, Bronwyn and Cassandra were able to successfully capture Chase Stein, Karolina Dean and Gert Yorkes, along with former PRIDE member Dale Yorkes, at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, while Wilder captured Victor Stein and Stacey Yorkes. All the prisoners were detained in a room at Wizard Headquarters. Meanwhile, le Fay thwarted an initiative from Nico and Tina to steal the Darkhold from her, and ended Robert Minoru's life in the process, unaware that he had recorded the content of the Darkhold on his WizGlasses.[3]

The Coven captures Molly Hernandez

Nevertheless, the Coven was not able to keep their prisoners detained for a long time. Indeed, they were confronted by the combined forces of Nico, Cloak and Dagger. Although Bronwyn criticized Nico's choice to betray the Coven for the Runaways, the witches were unable to prevent the teenagers from escaping with their parents, with the Coven's thralls being incapacitated. Nevertheless, the Coven retained Molly Hernandez as another captive, which was more than satisfactory to le Fay who planned on using the girl's power for her plan of world domination.[4]

Grand Ritual

"Your sacrifice for our cause will be remembered for generations to come."
Morgan le Fay to Molly Hernandez[src]

With Molly Hernandez in their control, the Coven was able to enact the final phase of their plan: performing a ritual sacrifice to bring enough power to merge the Dark Dimension to the Earthly Plane. In an attempt to make sure that the Runaways would not interfere with their operation, the Coven had Hernandez make a phone call to them, pretending that she was all right and that she would join them once the night had come.

The Coven sacrifices Molly Hernandez

Under Morgan le Fay's instructions, the Coven gathered on top of the Olympic Grand Hotel, forming a circle around Hernandez. They then began to recite an incantation that caused a bolt of lightning to directly strike the young girl, as the witches were flooded with power coming from this sacrifice, enabling them to start the merging. However, Hernandez was saved by PRIDE, but the Coven chose to let them go as they had already acquired enough power.

The Coven start their invasion

Even after Hernandez was taken to safety, the Coven continued their ritual, channeling energy through the users of the Corvus phones, thus making le Fay incredibly powerful, enabling her to attempt to start the invasion of her army from the Dark Dimension.[5]

Battle at the Hostel

"Well, look what we have here. So many loved ones all in one place. Thank you for making it easy. I promise this will be painful."
Bronwyn to PRIDE[src]

Two members of the Coven, Bronwyn and Cassandra, teleported inside the Hostel to assist Morgan le Fay as she was confronting the Runaways after they cut off her connection to the Corvus phones. However, the witches were unable to get very far. Indeed, Cassandra was quickly knocked unconscious by Chase Stein's Fistigons; as for Bronwyn, although she defeated Stein and located several vulnerable members of PRIDE, she was killed by Alex Wilder who stabbed her in the neck from behind before she could attack.[5]

The Coven eventually lost their leader in the battle, as le Fay was trapped in a circle of magical salt by a future Chase Stein, enabling Tina Minoru to banish le Fay back to the Dark Dimension. Although many witches of the Coven did not take part in the battle against the Runaways, they were thus left unable to complete le Fay's initial plan.[6]





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