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"A hard drive?"
"It's all the research our team's ever done, downloaded off the plane and encrypted for safekeeping."
Antoine Triplett and Skye[src]

Coulson's Team Hard Drive is a device used by Coulson's Team to store all the data from their missions.


"The 0-8-4 specs, Asgardian weaponry, portal creation, Donnie's weather machine. If they get their hands on Gravitonium in the Fridge–"
"It's below the Fridge. No records."
"Okay. But on the off chance we'd give them the designs to weaponize it. The drug from T.A.H.I.T.I., sir? All here. If HYDRA's really about to seize this plane..."
"We should wipe the system."
"I'm backing it up on this hard drive to keep our edge."
Grant Ward, Phil Coulson and Skye[src]

During the HYDRA Uprising, as Victoria Hand redirected the Bus to the Hub, believing that Coulson's Team were HYDRA sleeper agents, Coulson's team believed that Hand was the Clairvoyant. Grant Ward convinced Phil Coulson that the information contained on the Bus was too valuable to fall into enemy hands, so Skye created an encrypted Hard Drive to hide the files. When they infiltrated the Hub, Skye handed the Hard Drive to Ward for safety.

Unknown to all, Ward was a sleeper agent and worked for John Garrett in the Centipede Project.[1] He presented the Hard Drive to Raina, letting her know that the blood work of Coulson and Skye was inside, so that she could synthesize GH.325. Raina's subordinates could not access the Hard Drive,[2] so Garrett sent Ward to rejoin Coulson's team in Providence to get the pass codes or Skye herself.[3]

Ward kept trying to talk Skye into accessing the Hard Drive, but something else would keep distracting her. Finally, Ward boarded the Bus with her, under the pretense that she was needed on a mission; he did not know that she knew that he was a HYDRA agent and she wanted to know his objective.[4]

Skye told Ward that the Hard Drive's encryption was location-based and that she needed to go to Ruthie's Skillet to unlock it. While there, Skye attempted escape, only to be captured by Deathlok. He tried to access the Hard Drive with one of his USB ports, but could not. Then he forced Skye to reveal that the encryption was actually altitude-based and the files were opened.[5]

Afterwards, the Hard Drive was given to Raina, whose scientists synthesized one vial of GH.325. Meanwhile, Skye developed a tracking program for the Hard Drive in order to find Garrett.[6]

Skye implanted the program in the Barbershop Headquarters' computers and found Garrett in New Mexico, starting the Battle at Cybertek.[7]


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