"You like my Biggie photo? Me too. You know what draws your eye when you look at that? The crown. Wanna know why? 'Cause everybody wants to be the king."
―Cottonmouth to Shameek Smith[src]

Cornell Bertram Stokes, also known as Cottonmouth, was the owner of Harlem's Paradise and the leader of the Stokes Crime Family. His criminal lifestyle began to unravel due to a failed weapons sale, causing him to track down those who were responsible and confronting Luke Cage. Due to all Cage's actions, Stokes' entire organization was put at risk due to the threat of Diamondback taking over while he lost all his money. Despite all of Cottonmouth's best efforts to keep the business running, he soon enraged his cousin Mariah Dillard who then murdered him and took over his criminal empire.


Early Life

Family Vacations

"She left you, and there you were, wrapped in a blanket in a basket. Mama Mabel put you in my hands that very day."
Mariah Dillard[src]
Little Cottonmouth

Stokes playing inside a pool while in Jamaica

As the unwanted son of Jazmine Stokes, the infant Cornell Stokes was dropped off at the home of Mama Mabel, where he was cared for mainly by his cousin Mariah Dillard.[3] Mabel and Pistol Pete took Stokes and Mariah on their trip in Kingston, Jamaica. While he played in pool, Mabel and Pete discussed their situation with Gwen McIver.[2]

Becoming Cottonmouth

"Damn, Cornell, you just playing that, like, out of thin air like that? You don't need to, uh, write it down?"
"I just see it in my head."
Peter Stokes and Cornell Stokes[src]

Stokes grows up on the street alongside Pop

Stokes proved himself to be a great pianist and wanted to pursue a career. But with Mama Mabel basically running the neighborhood of Harlem and being head of the family crime business, she wanted something different for Stokes. Instead he was encouraged to go out in the street with Pop and Fredo Diaz, beating people up to steal cash, becoming notorious enough that they were once photographed by Jamel Shabazz. When Stokes lost three of his teeth during a fight, he gained the nickname of Cottonmouth, a name that he despised from the start.

One night, Stokes played his piano while Pistol Pete complimented his talent, noting that he really should be going to a school like Juilliard School to pursue his passion. Mama Mabel however made it clear that she did not support his talent and instead told him to keep quiet so that Mariah Dillard could continue with her studies. They were interrupted by the arrival of Pop and Donnie who brought cash and a stolen watch to Mabel, inviting Stokes out to join them on the street to continue their work, only for Pistol Pete to insist that he stay and continue to practice on his piano instead.

Disappointed Young Cottonmouth

Stokes plays the piano for Mama Mabel

However Mabel told Pop he could leave but confronted Donnie on the fact that he had been selling drugs on the streets of Harlem, the one aspect of crime she refused to get involved with. Donnie insisted that he was only trying to help her organization, noting that Salvador Colon was making a lot of money selling crack which they could get involved with. Stokes listened as Mabel furiously confronted Donnie before using flower cutters to cut off his finger, before ordering Dillard to return to her room and Stokes to stay and watch the violence, in her mind to turn him into a man worthy of her.


Stokes is comforted after committing murder

Mabel then ordered Stokes to take Donnie downstairs in the basement and deal with him, despite Pistol Pete's objections. Stokes went downstairs and alongside Pete, beat and stabbed Donnie to death as punishment for dealing with drugs outside of their mob. He returned upstairs from the basement with blood on his hands where he returned to his piano, his hands visibly shaking from his first kill. Mama Mabel comforted him with a hug as she put her hands on top of him, making it clear that she was proud of her own grandson for murdering Donnie for her and protecting the family.[1]

Executing Pistol Pete


Stokes tells Mama Mabel of his uncle's deals

"You know the rule, baby. Family first. Always."
"Yes, ma'am."
Mama Mabel and Cornell Stokes[src]

Returning to the house, Stokes was confronted by Mama Mabel who explained that while he was gone, a punter had attacked one of the prostitutes named Sister Boy. When Stokes joked that she should have defended herself, Mabel slapped Stokes for being disrespectful, Stokes then revealed that Pistol Pete had taken him to an audition before stopping off at Spanish-Harlem to meet with Salvador Colon while Stokes had spoken with Domingo Colon, seemingly revealing that Pete was betraying Mabel's organization as well as their close family.


Stokes aims his gun at his uncle Pistol Pete

Mabel confronted Pistol Pete in their living room for betraying her to the Colon's mob family, with Pete noting that he was trying to make a deal that would help them rule New York City and that this entire criminal empire should have been his if he had been able to marry Mabel instead of his brother marrying her. When Pete noted that Mabel always had a plan for these situations, she revealed that Stokes was standing behind him, threatening Pete with a gun much to his horror. Mabel then ordered Stokes to force Pete outside of the house to be executed for his betrayal against them.

Cottonmouth kills pete

Stokes is forced to execute Pistol Pete

Pete desperately tried to reason with Stokes, reminding him that he was not built to be a murderer and that he should be pursuing the musical career that he had been supporting for all these years. Mariah Dillard then stepped out and told Pete that he deserved to die for what he had done to their family and to her, with Mabel keeping him calm before Stokes fired two shots into Pete's chest, killing him. While Stokes looked at the corpse of his uncle in horror, Mabel took the gun away from him and reminded him that family always came first with them, leaving Stokes as a cold hearted killer.[1]

Carrying Uncle

"You were the only Stokes that I could actually count on. Oh, I remember your laugh. You introduced me to Nina, Stevie, Sly, Curtis. Bought me my first Casio. 'Play what you feel inside, baby girl. Play what you got inside. Your song is your truth.'"
Tilda Johnson[src]

Stokes was in good relationships with his niece Tilda. He always did care about her and used music to steer her away from crime. He told her about musicians like Nina Girado, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone and Curtis Lee Mayfield, and bought her her first Casio. Stokes usually said her that she must to follow her own interests and choose her way by herself.[4]

Running Harlem

Selling Hammer Guns

Cottonmouth plots

Stokes overlooks Harlem's Paradise

"Nah, what I sell is pure. This is the kind of shit that can blow a hole in a battleship, but it's light enough to hold in your hand. Trust me Domingo, you can bribe someone's day permanently with this shit. Top of the line, the crème-de-la-crème, this that grade A, military, Justin Hammer level shit. A hundred large per case, ten cases, a cool mil, whole sale, brand spanking new, no serial numbers, because my connector's nice like that."
―Cottonmouth to Domingo Colon[src]

In the wake of the eventual death of Mama Mabel, Stokes took control of the Stokes Crime Family and Harlem's Paradise while also building himself a new career as a criminal who more or less ran all of Harlem's criminal activities. Becoming one of the biggest crime boss in Harlem, Stokes established relations with multiple criminal organizations, such as Yardies, Macoute, Korean Mob and Cuban Mob, and also befriended mysterious weapons dealer, Diamondback who even gave Stokes the Biggie Smalls poster as a present. During this time, Stokes overlooked the quality of Harlem's Paradise, ensuring that they kept the best quality of service and the best music acts they could find. He also ensured that he kept the most beautiful women around him at all times while he still overlooked the club and listened to the music.


Stokes enjoys music with Mariah Dillard

One night Stokes was visited by Mariah Dillard, who commented that the performing Raphael Saadiq was very impressive. When Dillard noted that she should not really be in the club with her cousin, Stokes explained that Colon's Gym was prepared to make a donation both to his organization and to her own political campaign. While Dillard noted that the true power remained in politics, Stokes claimed that while her campaign slogans got her reelected, it was "niggas" like him to get the city running as it was, despite Dillard's hatred of that word and what it represented.


Stokes strikes a deal with Domingo Colon

The pair were then joined by Domingo Colon, who Stokes ordered a bottle of champagne for as they prepared to make a deal that Colon and Stokes wanted as both Pistol Pete and Colon's uncle had both been close friends. While Colon thought they're deal was a get out of jail free card, but Dillard refused to accept this, noting what had just happened to Wilson Fisk, but Stokes ignored her and explained he would be selling Colon assault rifles designed by Hammer Industries and stolen by Diamondback, a deal that Colon happily agreed to by offering Stokes a firm handshake.

CMouth deal Cage

Stokes makes an offer to Luke Cage

As the meeting continued, Luke Cage arrived to deliver champagne to the table alongside Candace Miller. As Cage tried to leave, Stokes grabbed his arm and asked what had happened to Dante Chapman, whom Cage claimed was ill and had not come into work. Stokes then offered Cage a job as a personal bodyguard due to his size, but Cage refused as it would involve using a gun. Once Cage had left with Millar, Stokes was informed by Tone that the gun deal had been attacked and his money had been stolen by Chapman and some others, leaving several of his own men dead.[5]

Hunting Thieves

Cottonmouth unamused

Stokes speaks with Shades

"I slapped you like a little bitch, I'm not the kinda man to use a closed fist on a woman. Where's my money?"
"I... I didn't..."
"Ah ha, only thing worse than a thief is a damn liar. Where's... My... Money?!"
―Cottonmouth and Shameek Smith[src]

The next day while inside Harlem's Paradise, Stokes was forced to defend the events of the night before to the furious Domingo Colon, who believed it was an inside job. While Tone tried to learn more what had happened, they were interrupted by Shades' arrival, who had announced he was now out of Seagate Prison and working for Diamondback. Shades asked if the hit was an inside job before questioning how he and Diamondback could sort the situation out.


Stokes meets with Mariah Dillard

Seeking assistance, Stokes found Mariah Dillard as she was giving an interview about her hopes to improve Harlem, ensuring that Zip and Sugar stayed close to her. Once they were alone, Dillard confronted Stokes for getting too close to her and endangering her political reputation before demanding that she get her money as quickly as possible. When Dillard questioned how the deal went down and if anything had gone wrong due to Shades' arrival, Stokes noted that she did not really want to know what had happened and did not tell her the details which she always preferred.

Tone CMouth Shades

Stokes is informed of the inside job

Stokes then returned to Tone and Shades, who noted that Dante Chapman was correct that the heist was planned with Shameek Smith and Chico Diaz's assistance. Shades questioned if they were any closer to finding their targets but Tone claimed they were not. Needing to find them as quickly as possible, Stokes ordered Tone to send a message out to their allies to find them, with eventually led to Smith being tracked down to a strip club within New York City where he was spending all Stokes' stolen money on lap-dances with the various strippers who had called Tone to inform on him.


Stokes plays music while his models listen on

Stokes later returned to Harlem's Paradise where he had his various models, who were stripped down to their underwear, listen to him while he played some soft music on his keyboard. While Stokes still relaxed in his office with his models and his music, he sent Tone and Shades to collect Smith under the concept that Domingo Colon's own people were looking for him since the heist and Stokes now wished to protect him from any harm, which was a lie as he simply wished to interrogate the man who had stolen his money from him while also losing his Hammer Industries guns in order to find the rest and repay Dillard to keep that scandal quiet and pay back anyone else he owed money to, to protect his own organization's safety.

King Cottonmouth

Stokes questions Shameek Smith

With Smith now tied up in his office, Stokes confidently walked up to him and began a conversation about the poster of Biggie Smalls that he had hung up in his office, noting that it was the crown that drew people's attention. Stokes then proceeded to slap Smith as he demanded to know where his money was now, noting that he was slapping him because he viewed Smith as a little bitch and he did not wish to then punch a woman, explaining that Dante Chapman had exposed him in the heist before his death and now they wanted Chico Diaz's location to get the rest of his money back.

Angry Cottonmouth

Stokes beats Shameek Smith to death

The defiant Smith promptly spat his own blood in Stokes face, which he only laughed at as he wiped the blood from his face. Stokes however only laughed and noted that he could now hit him like a man. He then dragged Smith off of his seat and pinned him to the floor before repeatedly punching him in the skull until he had beaten Smith to death in front of Shades and Tone, beating him so hard that his face was almost unrecognizable. With Smith now dead, Stokes ordered Tone to dispose of his corpse and locate Diaz in order to recover the money.[5]

Dealing with Luke Cage


Stokes arrives in Pop's Barber Shop

"Big man, you work here too? This brother's got more jobs than a Jamaican. What's your name again?"
"Luke, Mm, old school. Biblical."
―Cottonmouth and Luke Cage[src]

Fully aware that Chico Diaz worked for Pop, Stokes made a trip to Pop's Barber Shop where he requested a shave from his friend. As he sat down in the chair, he requested Pop use a razor rather than his clippers, as he felt that a razor would prove Pop to be skilled at what he did as they discussed the luxury of free time. Stokes then noted young people wanted everything too fast and would lie, cheat and steal to get what they wanted, clearly referencing Shameek Smith's recent robbery.


Stokes notices and laughs at Luke Cage

When Luke Cage accidentally broke his broom, Shades spoke to him and asked about Diaz, claiming that he used to cut his hair for him and he wanted to reconnect now that he was out of Seagate Penitentiary, although Cage claimed that Diaz had gone. Stokes asked if Cage worked there as well and mocked him for doing so before getting up. Just as Stokes was leaving, Cage insisted that he pay for the shave, so Stokes had Tone pay Pop the full amount of money he owed while Stokes left giving Cage a dirty look for the insult aimed against him.


Stokes gives Mariah Dillard her money

Stokes then travelled to the Crispus Attucks Complex to deliver Smith's money to Mariah Dillard, which Dillard noted was not nearly enough money to cover her deposit. Dillard reminded Stokes that she had stolen the money to fund Harlem's Paradise before Stokes had made a failed gun deal with Domingo Colon which had endangered them all, making the point that the situation was his fault alone. Despite this however they remembered that they were still family and loyal to each other, so Stokes promised he would repay her in full very soon as promised so they could both return to their work.


Stokes mocks Luke Cage's efforts

While back at Harlem's Paradise, Stokes and Dillard enjoyed drinking together when they were confronted by Luke Cage, so Stokes ordered Tone to check him for weapons. Once Cage was proved to be unarmed he was invited to speak and explained that Pop wanted to set up a meeting for the safety of Chico Diaz, who was now hiding out at Pop's Barber Shop, promising that Stokes' money would be returned and Diaz would leave New York City forever. Cage reminded Stokes of his and Pop's history, so Stokes agreed before firing Cage who claimed he had already quit the job that morning.[6]

Tone's Mistake


Stokes and Mariah Dillard discuss Chico Diaz

"Tone promised to pay you for finding Chico, right?"
"That right? Okay... You can collect your money from Tone downstairs, Mr. Barrett. I assume that completes our business."
―Cottonmouth and Turk Barrett[src]

Once Luke Cage had left, Stokes spoke with Tone who then volunteered to track down and assassinate Chico Diaz as he had been informed of his location by Turk Barrett, but Stokes ordered him not to, promising to deal with the situation himself in the morning. Stokes then spoke with Mariah Dillard who claimed he was wasting his life by living as this gangster, although Stokes argued that such power as he had obtained was exactly what their ancestors had died for. Stokes then claimed that only thing people remembered more than the black martyrdom was the black money.


Stokes is informed about Pop's death

When Tone and Shades returned to Harlem's Paradise, Stokes invited them onto the roof to explain what had happened, with Dillard joining them all. Tone explained that he had gone to Pop's Barber Shop to find Diaz and fired into the shop to kill him and collect the money that had been stolen. Shades noted that Tone should have waited for Diaz to come outside and to his horror, Stokes learned that not only had Diaz survived, but Pop had been killed in the crossfire, which Tone showed no remorse for as he viewed it as a casualty of war which needed to happen to reclaim the cash.


Stokes moments after executing Tone

They were interrupted by the arrival of Turk Barrett who demanded to get his money from Tone for finding Diaz for him. Stokes, still distraught from learning of Pop's death, threw Tone from the roof onto a car, killing him and ordered Barrett to collect his money from Tone's corpse. As Barrett left, claiming he was going back to Hell's Kitchen where it was safe. Stokes then returned the money to Dillard who claimed to not be okay with witnessing her own cousin committing murder right in front of her before Stokes spoke privately with Shades about his regret for Pop's death.

Cottonmouth Mourns Pop

Stokes mourns the death of Pop

Despite having now gotten much of his rage out of his system by murdering Tone, Stokes returned to his office inside Harlem's Paradise and looked at the photograph that Luke Cage had given him earlier that evening. Looking at the image of himself and Pop as young men growing up together in Harlem, Stokes openly weeped as he mourned the death of one of his oldest and closest friends who he had spent so many years protecting from the criminal underworld that Pop's had managed to escape from and build himself a new life helping all of those in need.[6]

Buying a Coffin


Stokes watches a report on Pop's death

"Step off, before you get hurt."
"Why? I'm just getting started."
"Good to know; how's the job search coming, dishwasher?"
―Cottonmouth and Luke Cage[src]

While in his Harlem's Paradise office, Stokes watched a news report about the shooting within Pop's Barber Shop, in which it was described how the shooter had attacked the shop and killed Pop in the crossfire. As Stokes drank his cup of tea and watched the report, the reporter, Megan McLaren described how Pop had been a figure of great respect within Harlem and had protected the young people of the city as well as well known celebrities inside his shop for many years.


Cottonmouth looks to buy a coffin for Pop

With Pop now dead and needing a proper funeral, Stokes went to the funeral home intending to buy a top quality casket for his old friend. When Stokes arrived he found Luke Cage was already speaking to the funeral home's director, Joel Spurlock, about buying a coffin and was explaining that he did not really have the funds to buy the coffin he felt that Pops deserved. Stokes entered the room and explained that it was already being taken care of and that he would be paying for the coffin himself to honor Pop's legacy however he could. Cage however noted that the coffin should fit the man's character, hinting that one paid for by Stokes was not good enough.

Cottonmouth laughs

Cottonmouth laughs at Luke Cage's threats

Once they were alone, Stokes explained that Pops would not have wanted any drama between them, but Cage argued that Pops really would not have wanted blood money to pay for his casket. When Cage reminded him that they had tried to make peace, Stokes then explained that it was Tone's doing and that Tone was now dead. When Cage claimed that this did not matter as he still blamed Pop's death on him, Stokes threatened Cage before laughing in his face and asking how the job search was coming, he then walked away while reminding Cage he was a dishwasher.

Cottonmouth Bribe

Stokes bribes Joel Spurlock to hide Tone's body

Stokes then spoke with Spurlock and explained that Pop was his friend and therefore deserved the best that money could buy. Spurlock agreed before changing the subject and asking what he should do with the corpse of Tone, who Stokes would only say that he had to let go and that nothing humbles a man quite like gravity. Stokes ordered Spurlock to deal with Tone's corpse in the usual way, by cremating it and leaving no remains to be found. Once Stokes handed him a handful of cash, Spurlock claimed that he did not see any corpse there with them in the first place.[7]

Losing his Money

Cottonmouth aint it a sin

Stokes watches Charles Bradley perform

"You don't want to be in my face right now, Mariah!"
"If anyone should be breaking shit, it should be me! They hit my office, my office!"
"They took damn near every penny I got!"
―Cottonmouth and Mariah Dillard[src]

Stokes then returned to Harlem's Paradise where he took his usual seat in his office and watched as Charles Bradley performed on the stage. While Stokes poured himself a drink and watched Bradley's performance, enjoying the music and the money it brought in, he was unaware that Luke Cage was going to his various safe houses, attacking his men and ensuring that the police took possession of his cash.


Stokes discusses security with Mariah Dillard

Having learned this, Stokes had Mariah Dillard's office reenforced with steel barricades and more armed guards to ensure that Cage could not get inside. Stokes met with Dillard in the park as she expressed her own hatred for the situation. The pair argued about using her office as a main base and if Dillard was really a criminal or legitimate politician as she had convinced herself she was, with Dillard arguing that the only way to save Harlem was to do it all legally, noting all the work Mama Mabel had done to serve a greater good of their dear city which they were dedicated to.

Stokes Domingo Threat

Stokes is threatened by Domingo Colon

When Domingo Colon entered the Harlem's Paradise to speak with Stokes, Zip had confronted him but was told to stand down. Stokes accused Colon of being the one who had attacked his safe houses, but Colon denied all this, instead disrespectfully taking a chocolate bar and then dropping the wrapper onto the floor. Colon explained the concept of a plover bird and compared Stokes to the plover picking food out of his teeth before asking how Diamondback felt about the new situation. Colon demanded a full refund and then declared war once Stokes refused him.

Cottonmouth 3

Stokes unleashes his furious rage

Despite the steps he took, Stokes' main safe house was still hit and he had seven million dollars stolen from him, putting him into a rage as he began destroying his own office with a baseball bat while Mariah Dillard tried to talk sense into him. When Dillard argued that she should be the one to be truly angry as it was her own office that was hit and therefore her reputation was on the line, this enraged Stokes even more as he called her Black Mariah, causing her to throw a bottle at his head but just missed while Stokes continued yelling that the stuff in the office was for him to break.


Stokes furiously insults Rafael Scarfe

They were interrupted when Zip entered and informed Stokes that Detective Rafael Scarfe had just arrived to speak to him. Dillard made it clear that she was horrified that the New York City Police Department had come there, but Stokes was not concerned as he already had Scarfe on his own payroll. Seeing Scarfe downstairs, Stokes pointed his baseball bat down towards the Detective and then questioned what was the use of having a police officer on his payroll if he could not get any new intel in time. Scarfe however claimed he did have intel to give to Stokes, demonstrating this by then crudely grabbing at his own crotch.

Cottonmouth Scarfe

Stokes is given an update by Rafael Scarfe

Detective Scarfe informed Stokes that he had killed Chico Diaz and recommended that they deliver the body to Joel Spurlock to dispose of as usual. Scarfe then explained that he had now discovered that the person responsible for attacking the safe houses and stealing all of Stokes' money was in fact Luke Cage and due to a tracker on his partner Misty Knight's phone, he had been able to discover Cage's home address within Harlem. Upon hearing this news, Stokes then decided it was time to end Cage's attacks against him and then left the club in order to go pay Cage a personal visit himself.

Cottonmouth Firearm

Stokes attempts to kill Luke Cage

With the information given to him by Detective Scarfe, Stokes tracked down Cage to his home above Genghis Connie's, which was owned by Connie and Jin Lin. Taking a position on a rooftop across the street, Stokes saw that Cage was downstairs speaking with Mrs. Lin and prepared an RPG to kill his enemy. Firing a single shot, Stokes caused a massive explosion in the room Cage and Lin were in which caused the entire building to collapse on top of them. Believing his job to be complete, Stokes left, but a few hours later, Cage pulled both himself and Lin out.[7]

Luke Cage's Challenge

Taxing the People of Harlem

Cottonmouth instructs

Stokes gives his men their new orders

"This dishwasher thinks he can prove Harlem don't need me. Let's see how bad he really wants to wear the crown. You hit the boulevard and squeeze 'em hard, and when they start crying, talking about why? Why? You tell 'em to go talk to Luke Cage down at the barbershop. They're paying the Luke Cage stupidity tax."

Back inside Harlem's Paradise, Stokes listened as Jidenna performed his music to the empty space for Stokes' approval. Stokes returned to his office with his supporters where he was informed by Darrell Mitchell that he was officially broke, despite still owning the Paradise due to it being left to him by Mama Mabel. Mitchell then noted that the people of Harlem were talking about how Stokes had lost his power and were supporting Luke Cage, who had managed to survive the earlier bombing of Genghis Connie's.

Cottonmouth Executes

Stokes shoots Koko in the head

When Koko spoke out by saying that he had been reading up on the politics and history of hip hop with had allowed him to come to the conclusion that maybe they should leave Cage alone, but this only angered Stokes who shot Koko in the head before ordering Zip to steal money to replace their cash. Shades warned this would not work and attempted to remind him why Diamondback had sent him to the Paradise in the first place, but Stokes ignored him and told him men to tell people that Cage was robbing them before telling Zip to contact Joel Spurlock to dispose of Koko's corpse.


Stokes looks over the money collected

As Stokes looked over the money collected by Zip and his men, which included wads of cash and various other expensive items that were stolen, Shades recommended that he let this whole situation go as it was making him look weak and recommended that he instead sell Harlem's Paradise, which Stokes refused as he felt the club was far too important to himself and Harlem. Shades continued to remind Stokes that if he did not make the right decision now, he would soon lose everything, but Stokes just insisted that the club was his own reputation, blood and legacy and for that reason he would never sell it no matter what.

Cottonmouth stare

Stokes and Shades greet Luke Cage

Stokes then noticed that Luke Cage had entered the building to speak with him. Stokes and Cage began exchanging insults as Stokes warned the vigilante that taking control of Harlem would prove to be expensive for him, although Cage insisted that he did not want Harlem, he just wanted Stokes to leave it alone. Stokes told him that he did not know anything about what he was talking about and then ordered Zip, Sugar and Amos to attack Cage, only to watch as they were all very easily defeated, with Cage even surviving several gunshots to the chest without even reacting.

Cottonmouth Threatens

Stokes declares war against Luke Cage

As Stokes came downstairs, Cage calmly explained that if a rocket did not kill him then bullets would not either. Stokes then declared war on Cage, only for Cage to note that he did not have enough people working still for him to stop him while also making it clear he knew Shades from their time at Seagate Penitentiary. As he left the club, Cage ordered Stokes not to use his name anymore, when Stokes asked why Cage did not answer and just walked away before Stokes confronted Shades about how exactly he knew Cage, demanding to know the details.[8]

Luke Cage's Weakness

Power of Judas

Stokes sees the Judas Bullet's power

"I don't need Diamondback to handle my problems. How much for the damn thing? [...] Per bullet? [...] For real? [...] God damn it, Diamondback can front me, I'm good for it."
"He ain't gonna front you a dime, you've made too many mistakes."
―Cottonmouth and Shades[src]

As they rewatched the CCTV footage, Shades explained that Luke Cage's real name was Carl Lucas and that he was supposed to be dead before he had returned now bulletproof. As Stokes demanded a way to kill Cage, Shades showed a video of the Judas Bullet which had been designed by Hammer Industries using Chitauri metal recovered from the Battle of New York, Stokes expressed his delight at the bullet's power and asked how to get one.

CMouth Refuses

Stokes allows Diamondback to loan him cash

When Shades explained exactly how much the bullet would cost, Stokes realized he was unable to afford it, and therefore his only option was to consider hiring Diamondback to kill Cage for him, with Shades noting that if that happened, Diamondback would take over Harlem. Refusing to allow this to happen, Stokes decided that he would return the Hammer Industries guns back to Domingo Colon's people and sort out that situation so Diamondback would lend him the money he needed to get the Judas and finally kill Cage once and for all and go back to his work in Harlem.[8]

Pop's Funeral


Stokes sends a text to Rafael Scarfe

"They never caught the shooter, but I have faith that he is rotting in the depths of hell. I miss Pop, I promise you, with all my might, that even though we are being attacked from both sides by foreign interlopers, strangers with arcane abilities, I promise you, I'll stay true to what we have right here."

As Stokes arrived at the church to attend Pop's funeral, he sent a text message to Rafael Scarfe to see if he had collected the Hammer Industries guns as instructed. While listening to Pop's son's speech, Stokes did not notice Aisha Axton was considering killing him, although she did not as Luke Cage sat beside her and destroyed the gun.


Stokes gives his tribute to Pop at his funeral

When Bobby Fish called out to the attendees and invited anyone to speak, Stokes stood up and took the stand. Addressing the large crowd, which also included Misty Knight, Stokes explained how he had grown up with Pop while living with Mama Mabel, noting how he got his nickname from the sound that his fists made. Stokes went on to vow to protect Harlem from criminals, noting that Pop's killer Tone had never been found, but not mentioning that he killed him. His speech soon drew the support of the crowd to all applauded him.


Stokes listens to Luke Cage's new threats

Stokes then watched as Cage took his place on the podium and gave a speech giving his own memories and views on Pop, telling the people that he also was doing what he believed Pop would have wanted, to protect the people and find the good in them and telling the people to stand up to a bully. With the people back on Cage's side, Stokes then left the church with Shades, only to become face to face with Cage, who mocked Stokes for failing to unite the people, only for Stokes to tell him that the war was still going and laughing at Cage's many insults.[8]

Rafael Scarfe's Betrayal


Stokes secretly meets with Rafael Scarfe

"Think about how you want to spend the rest of your life, detective."
"Shit, man, your juice is water since Luke Cage punked your peacock ass."
―Cottonmouth and Rafael Scarfe[src]

Just outside of New York City, Stokes met up with Detective Rafael Scarfe to take back the Hammer Industries guns promised to him. Although Scarfe promised to give Stokes back the guns, he revealed that he had decided to bribe him for some extra money, reminding him that if he did not get his situation sorted with Domingo Colon then his organization was finished while also noting that all his money was currently in police lock up where Stokes could not get to it.

Cottonmouth Scarfe struggle

Stokes fights Scarfe after being insulted

When Scarfe insulted Stokes by reminded him that his current reputation had now gone downhill ever since Luke Cage turned up, Stokes lost his temper and punched Scarfe before fighting him for his gun. Stokes then quickly disarmed the Detective and managed to shoot him twice, once in the leg and once in the gut. The now bleeding Scarfe hid behind his car while Stokes ran out of ammunition and laughed at the wounded Detective before getting back in his car and leaving in case he was seen, but not before promising to beat Scarfe to death soon.


Stokes is berated by Mariah Dillard

Returning to Harlem's Paradise, Stokes informed Mariah Dillard that he had shot Scarfe, only to be berated for such a foolish act against a cop, although he insisted that he could not allow Scarfe to rip him off and that it was Scarfe's gun that was drawn. Dillard made it clear that if Scarfe survived the shooting, then everything that Stokes had built would soon come crashing down around him and she would not allow him to bring her down with him, while Stokes insisted that Colon would soon be finally getting the guns promised to him before Shameek Smith had stolen them.


Stokes and Dillard discuss killing Luke Cage

Changing the subject, Dillard asked about Luke Cage, although Stokes insisted she should be focusing on her interview with Thembi Wallace. Dillard however told Stokes that he should reconsider selling Harlem's Paradise as the people of Harlem were still talking about what had happened at Pop's funeral. Dillard told Stokes that he had to kill Cage, but when he insisted that Cage was bulletproof, Dillard was not phased and suggested that they either drown, poison or even burn him to kill him which reminded Stokes of Mama Mabel's tactics.


Stokes is contacted by Perez

Needing to ensure that the situation with Rafael Scarfe was dealt with as quickly as possible, Stokes contacted Lieutenant Perez at the New York City Police Department, questioning if he had had anything to do with Scarfe attempting to rip him off. Perez insisted that he did not know what had happened and noted that his fellow police officers were scrambling to find Scarfe, at which point Stokes gave him his new orders to find and execute Scarfe before he could expose his whole organization to the police and have Stokes arrested for shooting him in the gut.


Stokes learns Rafael Scarfe is alive

Stokes was contacted by Perez who informed him they had tracked Scarfe to Pop's Barber Shop where he had been found and helped by Luke Cage. Since Perez clearly did not know how Cage and Scarfe had come into contact, Stokes reminded him that if Scarfe went to the police, not only would he be going down, but he would be taking down half of the whole police force with him. As Stokes threw his phone in a rage, Zip then entered and asked where Shades was before asking for a promotion, with Stokes noting that the last time Zip had stepped up, it had not gone well. Stokes ordered Zip to send out a hit on Scarfe.[9]

Arrest and Release


Stokes is arrested by Misty Knight

"See, that's the problem with a bitch. Once they get their mouth on a bone, they can't let go."
"We'll see who's somebody's bitch when your ass is in prison."
―Cottonmouth and Misty Knight[src]

Despite Stokes' best efforts. Rafael Scarfe got to the police in time to expose his organization before dying from his wounds. With his criminal activities down proven, Stokes was arrested by the New York City Police Department while still inside Harlem's Paradise, with Scarfe's own parter Detective Misty Knight putting on the handcuffs and watching as Stokes was escorted out of the building and to jail to await his sentencing for his many crimes including murder.[9]


Stokes is freed by Benjamin Donovan

While he was being held by the police, Benjamin Donovan from the Donovan and Partners arrived to defend him. While they sat discussing the case together, Stokes mimed playing the piano to keep himself relaxed. When they were eventually confronted by Detective Knight and her superior Priscilla Ridley, Donovan made it clear that there was no evidence presented against Stokes other than Knight and Scarfe's testimonies, both of which could easily be questioned due to one being personally affected by the other's death.

Cottonmouth and Misty

Stokes is threatened by Misty Knight

As both Stokes and Donovan prepared to leave, they were confronted by Misty Knight, who questioned if by their language they were calling her a dog, but Stokes insisted that it was just a turn of phrase. Before he left however, Stokes stood face to face with Detective Knight and made an insulting remark which did compare her to a dog, at which point Knight promised that she would sooner or later see that Stokes found himself in prison where he belonged, a statement which made Stokes laugh out loud as he walked out and leaving Knight furious at his victory.


Stokes shares a look with Luke Cage

As Stokes left the police station, he found himself surrounded by members of the media who were there desperately asking for a statement regarding why he was arrested, but he chose to ignore them all as he made his way to his car in order to return to Harlem's Paradise. As he stepped into the car, Stokes caught eyes with Luke Cage who was watching him from across the street. Seeing the man who had helped try to arrest him watch his own failure unfold, Stokes could not help but smile and he sat down in his car and drove away from the police station as a free man.[1]

Calling Diamondback


Stokes celebrates his new freedom

"All he has to do is show up, and hoods scatter like roaches with the lights on! Guns, drugs, all street traffic is a mess right now because of him! Niggas act like he can walk on water. I'm done talking Shades, tell Diamondback I need to holla at him."
―Cottonmouth to Shades[src]

Taking back his office in Harlem's Paradise, Stokes laughed out loud as he watched the news reports on his own arrest and freedom, noting how Mariah Dillard would be furious while he was celebrating how he killed Rafael Scarfe and got away with it while Zip found the Hammer Industries guns and returned them to Domingo Colon, ending their war before it even began and restoring peace to his organization after such a chaotic time, putting himself back in control despite everything going wrong for him.


Stokes decides to call Diamondback

Stokes then asked Shades how, now that he had sorted out his issues, he could get his own hands on the Judas Bullet, although Shades then informed him that he could not which only angered Stokes more as he insisted that he could get no criminal work done as all his men ran in fear as soon as Luke Cage came close to them. Wanting nothing more than to kill Cage, Stokes ordered Shades to get in contact with Diamondback and ask for his help. Once Shades had left, Stokes collected the very gun that he had once used to kill Pistol Pete and held it to the mirror.


Stokes invites Luke Cage over to talk

Seeking to sort out the business, Stokes called Pop's Barber Shop where he spoke to Bobby Fish before the phone was handed over to Cage. Stokes suggested to Cage that they arrange a parlay to sort out their differences, requesting that he come to Harlem's Paradise so that they could speak in private. As Cage reminded him that their attempts at parlay had not previously worked out so well, Stokes insultingly called Cage a dishwasher once again before laughing out loud and hanging up the phone, leaving Cage to make his mind up as quickly as possible.[1]

Final Meeting with Cage


Stokes thinks back to his own past life

"Gave a speech at a church, knocked down a few doors in the projects and now you Harlem's Captain America? Nigga, please. How they gonna feel about their folk hero when they find out he ain't nothing more than a goddamn criminal? You act like you better than me, you ain't better than me."
―Cottonmouth to Luke Cage[src]

While Stokes was waiting for Luke Cage to arrive, he sat in his office in Harlem's Paradise and played his keyboard to keep himself relaxed, thinking back to his time under the leadership of Mama Mabel and how she had shaped him into the gangster and killer he was now by not allowing him to pursue music and forcing him to murder Donnie and Pistol Pete to turn him into the cold blooded killed she desired in her crew, changing his life forever.

Luke confronts Cornell

Stokes bribes and mocks Luke Cage

Before long Cage arrived and complimented Stokes on his musical skills before noting he had never seen him without Zip or other bodyguards. Cage then informed Stokes that he intended to bring him to Misty Knight where he wanted him to confess to all his crimes, including the murder of Rafael Scarfe among others. Not intimidated, Stokes made it clear that he knew Cage was really Carl Lucas and used this information to blackmail his enemy as he threatened to send him back to Seagate Penitentiary, laughing in his face as Cage considered his options and questioned Stokes' commitment.


Stokes offers Luke Cage an ultimatum

Stokes only mocked Cage more as he compared him to Harlem's own Captain America before making it clear that in his view they were both common criminals. Stokes then explained that he owned Cage now, because he could easily reveal his true identity to the police and expose him, sending him back to Seagate to continue his sentence. Stokes made it clear that he wanted Cage to not only stop stealing all of his money and disrupting his organization, but if he ever had use for a bulletproof man, he would be calling on his services.


Stokes has a meeting with Shades

With Cage having left to consider his situation, Stokes listened to D-Nice rehearsal before being joined by Shades. Stokes apologized for his earlier actions, with Shades accepting as he knew what stress Stokes was under at this time. Stokes explained what had happened between him and Cage, only for Shades to explain this was not what Diamondback wanted from the situation, although Stokes was not bothering, insisting that Cage would not run as was feared but would fall in line behind him as instructed, although Shades still remained nervous.[1]

Fatal Push


Stokes mocks and insults Mariah Dillard

"You know damn well what that woman made me do, I was 14 years old."
"Uncle Pete betrayed us."
"Uncle Pete was the only one who ever had my back. Mama Mabel was always sheltering you, protecting you and for what?"
―Cottonmouth and Mariah Dillard[src]

While playing his piano, Stokes was visited by Mariah Dillard, who ordered him to finally finished the Luke Cage situation as her political career was in serious risk of falling apart due to the actions of Cage. When Dillard furiously reminded Stokes that they were family and brought up Mama Mabel, Stokes became angry, thinking back to all the ways that Mabel had destroyed his life by pushing him to be a gangster rather than a musician.

Cottonmouth Falls

Stokes being pushed by Mariah Dillard

This had led them to an argument regarding Pistol Pete, who Mama Mabel had forced Stokes to execute when he was fourteen years old, although Dillard argued that Pete deserved to die as he had raped her. Stokes had still insisted that Mabel had always protected Dillard while forcing him to commit murder, with Dillard arguing that she had always been protecting him, when Stokes accused Dillard of flirting with Pete and requesting sex, she snapped, first slapping Stokes before hitting him hard with a bottle and pushing him straight through of his own office window.


Stokes is murdered by Mariah Dillard

Stokes fell from his window and landed hard onto the floor of Harlem's Paradise, badly hurting his back and cutting his skin on the shards of glass, while Dillard continued to scream that she never wanted to be raped by Pete. As Stokes attempted to crawl away despite the amount of agony he was in, Dillard caught up with him and grabbed a microphone stand and then proceeded to beat Stokes on the face with it, eventually crushing his skull and killing him.[1] His corpse was later beaten even more by Shades to frame Luke Cage for the brutal murder of Stokes.[10]


Framing Luke Cage

"Even if Carl Lucas is exonerated, Luke Cage is now wanted for the murder of Cottonmouth."
"I'll tell them the truth. Diamondback killed Cornell and Damon Boone. You'll go free."
Luke Cage and Mariah Dillard[src]

Despite becoming public enemy number one as a result of Stokes' murder, Luke Cage was eventually exonerated but Candace Miller, the closest thing to an eyewitness, was murdered by Shades before she could testify, robbing Misty Knight of a case against Mariah Dillard. The murder was ultimately pinned on Diamondback, who had been attempting to frame Cage for his crimes ever since Stokes' murder.[11]


"I'm all about the old school and all that. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth kinda thing. Fire and brimstone. See back then, do someone wrong, wasn't no begging nor pleading. Just took care of it. Handled your business."
"What about turning the other cheek?"
"Jesus saves. I don't."
―Cottonmouth and Pop[src]

Cornell Stokes was a calculating individual who firmly believed that power came through money and violence. Unlike his cousin Mariah Dillard who seemed to respect the suffering that the black community in the United States of America had to go through over the course of history to achieve equality with the whites, Stokes thought the real goal of that struggle was to achieve power. For that reason he was intensely proud of his club, Harlem's Paradise as no other black man was able to run such a successful club before, thinking it be another fraction that would go down as his infamy, he refused to sell it, even when he needed said money desperately. In spite of that Stokes had no concern referring to himself and other black people as "niggas", inferring he does not care so much about black rights as his cousin did but rather gaining power and dominion over everything.

Having been raised by the most notorious criminal in Harlem, his grandmother Mama Mabel, Stokes was also raised to be the perfect gangster and kept the family business alive even after Mabel's death by successfully running her crime gang. Thinking his legacy to be measured in either blood or power, Stokes demanded the respect he felt entitled towards, seeking to gain this by either reputation as the reputable owner of the most successful club or the most feared crime lord. However, Stokes was unwilling to take responsibility for his own actions despite this desire for legacy, instead using his connections within the police and morgue to avoid any legal altercations and his own arrest even though many of Harlem's residents, including the police knew that Stokes was already a brutal criminal but could not react due to the amount of evidence that he was able to make disappear. However after Luke Cage and Diamondback began dismantling his crime empire, he began losing his composure and behaving more rashly despite being cautious about his criminality beforehand. Refusing to be disrespected by Cage, he was willing to risk financial bankruptcy by buying the Judas Bullet to kill him, despite being reminded by Shades that his empire was now in too much shambles to pay. Stokes lived the lifestyle of a classic gangster, with Cage noting he surrounded himself with beautiful models in his private club box.

"You were the only Stokes that I could actually count on."
Tilda Johnson[src]

Despite his vicious and ruthless personality, Stokes was not completely heartless. To some degree, he loved his family due to being raised by Mama Mabel in the importance of family first, even though his uncle was his first victim for betraying Mabel, he was implied to feel deep regret over this and Peter did wish Stokes to have a better future than just another criminal in the family. He also did care about his cousin, Mariah Dillard but simply teased her too much to the point where she eventually killed Stokes in a blind rage when he pushed her too far. Stokes also had a good relationship with his niece Tilda Johnson, using music to try to steer her away from crime as his uncle - her biological father - had done for him, which proved successful. Tilda, in turn, felt that he had been the only loving and genuinely reliable Stokes and, despite his criminality, the only Stokes she did not resent, to the point that she was devastated that her mother had killed him. Due to their history, Stokes had a close bond with Pop even if they went down different paths as they got older. He planned to secretly fund the repair of his barber shop after his hit on it and killed Tone when he discovered that Pop was killed in the shooting. Later on, he cried over this news and payed for Pop's expensive casket.

Because of his former desire to become a music artist, Stokes played jazz in his office quite frequently, as he himself implied that that was his true desire and was forced into crime by his family. He also hated his criminal alias, "Cottonmouth" and was warned by many to not call him by that in his presence as it would lead him to become more violent and even kill whoever did. Stokes had a habit of laughing with a slight rasp when amused. He seemed to be somewhat insensitive towards others especially about their identity. He has referred to blacks as "niggas", police as "pigs", certain women as "bitches" and has twice made a joke regarding a stereotype he has against Jamaicans. He also seemed to be insensitive towards women such as claiming his cousin Mariah Dillard invited her abuse, he told Mama Mabel that the female prostitutes should learn to defend themselves against abusive customers instead of relying on their bodyguards, and had no problem calling Misty Knight a "bitch" straight to her face. However, he did have enough sensitivity towards transgender people to not misgender Sister Boy even though Mabel had. Despite some of his female workers being afraid of him such as Candace Miller, he spent some time playing music for his female models to entertain them.


  • Expert Tactician: Stokes used a rocket launcher to shoot Luke Cage, believing he would die, and was able to obscure his involvement by making the incident appear to be a gas explosion. When he discovered Cage's vulnerability to the Judas Bullet, he instantly realized this bullet's potential and planned to order some despite his financial difficulties. Upon learning of Cage's past as Carl Lucas, he used this knowledge to blackmail Cage into working for him. While Cage refused to work for him, he did almost leave Harlem to prevent his past from coming to light, which would've still achieved Stokes' ultimate goal of getting rid of Cage.
  • Marksman: For the years of his criminal life, Stokes learned about utilizing firearms. Using his marksman skills, Stokes managed accurately shot Koko in the head, destroy Genghis Connie's with a rocket launcher and shot Rafael Scarfe from his own sidearm.
"Even though I hate your ass, I gotta admit you got talent. You could have been somebody."
Luke Cage[src]
  • Musician: Stokes was an accomplished keyboardist. In his youth, he demonstrated a proficiency for music, being able to play compositions by ear. He considered music his true passion, and his uncle, recognizing his potential, took him to auditions and tried to steer him away from the criminal lifestyle. Had his grandmother not forced him to abandon his dream, Stokes' life would have undoubtedly turned out much differently. Even after fully immersing himself in the family business, he continued to play, especially when he was feeling contemplative.




Cottonmouth holding the Stokes' Revolver

  • Stokes' Revolver: Stokes was given an ornate Smith & Wesson Model 64 by Mama Mabel, who explained how he should kill his uncle Pistol Pete due to his betrayal. Pete was cornered and Stokes aimed at him with the gun. Pete tried to appeal to his nephew who, despite his hesitation, shot twice at Pete, killing him. Stokes kept the revolver for many years, as a memento of what he was forced to do.
  • Smith & Wesson SW1911SC: Stokes kept this handgun by his desk, and took during a meeting with his men to kill Koko shooting him in the head, angered at his proposal of leaving Luke Cage alone and focus on their dealings elsewhere.
  • Glock 19: Stokes managed to obtain Rafael Scarfe's sidearm when an argument with him escalated into a confrontation. Stokes and Scarfe tried struggled for control of the handgun, and Stokes ended up grabbing it, and shot Scarfe a couple of times, hitting him in the stomach and legs, and severely injuring him before leaving him behind.

Stokes preparing to fire his rocket launcher

  • FIM-43 Redeye: Stokes took this rocket launcher to a rooftop in Harlem, stalking Luke Cage in order to kill him inside his house. As he spotted Cage inside Genghis Connie's, Stokes fired a rocket, destroying the restaurant and making the whole building collapse. However, Cage was able to survive the rocket blast, saving Connie Lin shielding her with his body.


"This place is my reputation. My blood. My legacy."

Stokes and his cousin upstairs of his club

  • Harlem's Paradise: Following the death of Mama Mabel, Stokes was finally given the ownership of the Stokes Crime Family's club in the heart of Harlem. From here, Stokes had maintained the illusion of being a legitimate businessman by having several high end musical performers play while he conducted illegal dealings with Domingo Colon as well as Rafael Scarfe. From the club, Stokes attempted to find solutions to deal with Luke Cage and was eventually killed by his own cousin, Mariah Dillard, who had knocked Stokes out of his office window before brutally beating him to death.






Appearances for Cornell Stokes

in chronological order:


  • In the comics, Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes was a heroin trader that wanted to recruit Luke Cage for his organization when Cage was framed by Willis Stryker.

Behind the Scenes

  • According to Cheo Hodari Coker, the attitude of the rapper Biggie Smalls, a friend of Coker, was a strong influence for this version of Cottonmouth.[12] Coker has also compared Stokes to Simon Adebisi from Oz, Stringer Bell from The Wire and Rowan Pope from Scandal.[13] Another influence Coker has named is Suge Knight, stating that he envisioned Stokes and Mariah Dillard as "if Maxine Waters and Suge Knight were cousins".[14]
  • Stokes' demise drew criticism from some viewers, who were disappointed by the character's exit halfway through the first season of Luke Cage. Mike Colter responded during an interview on ESPN that it was felt viewers could get tired of the character if he were the villain of the whole season, and that perhaps Mahershala Ali's performance made the character unexpectedly more compelling.[15]
  • Brandon McClary was a stunt double for Mahershala Ali in the role of Cottonmouth.


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