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|image = Cottonmouth Profile(1).jpg
|image = Cottonmouth Profile(1).jpg
|real name = Cornell Stokes
|real name = Cornell Stokes
|alias = Cottonmouth<br>Thing One<br>Charlie Mack<Cornell Cottonmouth
|alias = Cottonmouth<br>Thing One<br>Charlie Mack<br>Cornell Cottonmouth
|citizenship = [[United States of America|American]]
|citizenship = [[United States of America|American]]
|affiliation = [[Harlem's Paradise]]
|affiliation = [[Harlem's Paradise]]

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Cornell Stokes, also known as Cottonmouth, was the owner of Harlem's Paradise, a nightclub in New York City. His criminal ongoings began to threaten Luke Cage's world, making them unexpected foes.[1]


At a young age, Cornell was a great Pianist and wanted to peruse a Career. But with Mama Mabel basically running the neighbor of Harmel and being head of The family mob, she wanted differently for Cornell. One night she forces Cornell to kill a young thug in the basement, for dealing with drugs outside of her mob. He returned upstairs from the basement with blood on his hands where he returns to his piano. Mama Mabel comforts him with a hug as she puts her hands on top of him. Next, Mama Mabel confronts Uncle Phil (her late husband's brother) for making a deal with the Puerto Rican mob. She forces Cornell to lead him outside at gun point. Mariah comes out and starts shouting at Uncle Phil, until Cornell shoots him twice, killing him


  • Expert Tactician: To be added
  • Expert Musician: To be added






  • In the comics, Cornell Cottonmouth was a heroin trader that wanted to recruit Luke Cage for his organization when Cage was wrongly accused of drug trafficking with heroin stolen from Cottonmouth by Willis Stryker.

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