"Costel! He went in the market. Costel!"

Costel is a child who lived in Sokovia and who was trapped during Ultron's final attack on its capital city, Novi Grad. Hawkeye and Quicksilver combined to save his life near the end of the battle.


Costel, a native of Sokovia, went to the market. He watched as the Iron Legion came to Novi Grad to warn people against HYDRA's assault on the city during the Avengers' Attack on the HYDRA Research Base in the mountains above. As citizens threw rocks at the robots, Zrinka ran to him in a protective manner.

When Costel went to the marketplace again days later, he became trapped as Ultron sought to destroy the city of Novi Grad in his attempt to exterminate humanity. The Avenger Hawkeye heard his sister crying out for Costel before he saw him trapped by debris. Costel was pulled from the rubble.

Ultron, firing bullets from the Avengers' Quinjet, approached the position where Hawkeye was carrying Costel. The boy was covered by the archer to protect him from the assault. When Hawkeye unrolled from his protective ball, he and Costel had learned that Quicksilver had taken the bullets in their place, quickly dying of the enormous number of gunshot wounds he had sustained due to this selfless act. The boy was then reunited with his sister aboard the Helicarrier.[1]






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